How to Adjust Steering on a Zero Turn Mower?

We have countered a lot of people frustrated with the steering adjustments even if you have the best zero turn mower.

Maybe because it doesn’t have a steering wheel, instead it has two levers that can only be pulled and pushed to perform all the functions. 

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This makes it difficult for the ones who only have a hand on experience with steering wheels.

To make this uncomplicated, here, we will be enlisting all the steering adjustments that can be made on a zero-turn mower.

Steps to Adjust Steering on a Zero Turn Mower?

Steering Lever Height

The height of the lever should be adjusted in a manner where you can reach both the levers with ease.

Push the levers towards yourself as much as you can. If it lies on your thighs that means the steering levers are properly adjusted according to your height or not.

 There is a need of adjusting the lever height when they are stuck in between before reaching your thighs or if they can be moved more towards yourself even after reaching your thighs.

For doing this, you have to uncover the handlebar and then you will see some mounting holes.

You have to move the handle up and down continuously until it comes in alignment with the mounting holes.

Cover the handlebar again with the hardware covering and you are successful in adjusting the steering levers height.

Steering Lever Width

The width of the steering levers is the sum of the horizontal length of both the levers.

You can adjust and tighten that as well.

For doing this you have to lose the hardware of the lower control arm.

After that, you have to find out the eccentric spacer of your mower and you need to lose the hex bolt attached to it.

Once the hex bolt is loosened, you can now adjust the eccentric spacer according to your needs. Just rotate the spacer for both the levers and you are done.

Aligning the Levers

If the levers are not aligned on the same line, then maybe you may suffer from inappropriate turns and movements.

Both the steering levers should be aligned on the same line. For doing so loosen the nuts of the levers first and then put them on the straight line.

Check if the ends of the levers are able to meet at the same point or not. Once it is done you have to retighten the nuts immediately so that the levers do not lose their position again.

Overall Adjustment

Adjusting the length and width of the steering levers is the basic and most common. But I am pretty sure that many of you would like to know how to adjust the steering completely.

Adjustment is required when you face issues such as loosened nuts, unfirm grip, tighten movements, etc.

For a complete adjustment of the steering, you must notice that each of the lever arms has 3 bolts in total. You have loosened all of them.

Once this is done, you have to move the lever right and left continuously and then adjust the levers according to your own wish.

Make sure after adjustment is complete all the bolts are properly tightened with a wrench socket.

What is the need of adjusting the steering on a zero-turn mower?

You may require to adjust your mower’s steering due to the following reasons-

  1. While driving straight, if you feel that it is turning left or right by itself. This happens when the steering nuts become loose and move in any direction.
  2. If the steering is stuck or jammed in between while you are mowing the lawn. You try very hard to push it but it does not obey your commands and in the end, if you have turned the mower off and restart it.
  3. Even when you are moving backward in a straight direction and it slightly bends towards the left or right.
  4. Tires also play an important role in the movement of the steering levers. If they are not inflated properly then your mower may turn towards a different direction again and again.

Every mower has a different set of instructions for inflating the tires. You must check the label first and note the amount of pressure that the tires require.

Check the pressure in the tires through a pressure gauge. It should be exactly the same as the label of that model suggests. And if it’s less or more than you may either require to inflate it or release some extra pressure out of it. 

Is this method of adjusting the steering applicable to all models of zero-turn mowers?

Yes, by using this method you can adjust the steering of all similar models like the Husqvarna, Troy Bilt, Toro, and Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers.

Final Words:

Whenever you feel that the steering is not behaving the way it should be, never ignore this and fix it as soon as possible.

We hope that we were able to put all of the basic information that you may require to adjust the steering of your zero-turn mower.

Also note, before starting, always go through the user’s manual first for better understanding and knowledge.

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