How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

How often should you replace your mattress?

You might have owned the mattress you have at home for a while and are wondering whether it is time to replace it or not. However, this might be obvious to figure out because when you find that it is quite unbearable to use the mattress or that you are having sleepless nights-then it might be time up for the mattress. This might just be the ideal time to get a new mattress and enjoy a nice and relaxing sleep.


A mattress should be able to provide you with a comfortable sleeping time that is provided from the way it is designed. It should be dense enough and not affected by either wear and tear for it to guarantee that you won’t have one of those long sleepless nights.

While the lifetime of a mattress might not be exact, you can always tell when it is to let it go and get a new one. At that point, the mattress might not be able to hold your weight and you should notice this when you start losing sleep.

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A very worn out mattress might affect you negatively since you will not be able to catch sleep at night. This will result in you being rather and unusually tired all through the day. You might realize that you fall asleep on your working table or even at other points all through the day. To avoid this, it is wise that you buy a new mattress and be able to enjoy those rich and refreshing nights sleeping which should prepare you for the day.

While the wear and tear of the mattress are obvious features on a mattress that will show that you need to get a replacement for your mattress some other features may not be easily seen. For instance, your sleeping arrangements might change significantly or even your sleeping patterns would differ from how they were maybe a month ago. Either of this would demand that you get a new mattress so that you can normalize your situation once more.

how often should you replace your mattress

Similarly, dust mites and some allergens might form and accumulate on your sleeping mattress and this would make it a poor decision to continue using the mattress. Either of these will not affect only the mattress that you sleep on but also other beddings that you sleep on. If your mattress and beddings have been infested with dust mites and allergens, you are not guaranteed a restful sleep.

Allergens accumulating on a mattress might make it unhealthy for you to use the mattress anymore. If you are affected with allergies or some respiratory conditions that are provoked by allergens, then you should avoid such beddings and mattresses like a plaque. Sooner or later, your condition will be adversely affected when your senses come across the allergens, you might be attacked with a respiratory complication or even an allergy which will make it uncomfortable for your sleeping time altogether.

What are the set guidelines for the replacement of a mattress?

On a general note, mattresses can last for up to 8 years of being used. Meaning that you can use the mattress you just bought for not more than 8 years before you start noticing any signs of damage on its features-either the covers or even the internal parts of the mattress. You should also know that how often you use the mattress may affect the lifespan of the mattress.

You should know that if the mattress you own is used regularly, it might get worn out within less than the set 8 years of usage. There will be simply too much pressure exerted on the mattress and this will wear it out extensively.


Similarly, the weight on the mattress also determines how long the mattress can be used. If you frequently place heavy loads over the mattress, then there are high chances that the rate of wear and tear on the mattress will be increased. This is because the weight exerted on the mattress counts to increase the rate of wear and tear on the same mattress significantly.

On a normal basis, your mattress might not last up to the set 8 years of usage due to several factors. Some mattresses may also outlive the 8 years because of several factors. For one, there is a high-quality type of mattress that is designed to withstand harsh conditions and will not be affected by wear and tear greatly.

Some quality mattresses are designed with features and technology that enable them to hold heavy weights for quite a long time. Therefore, it would take much longer before you need to replace such mattresses. You should know that there are mattress types that can last for much longer than the inferior types that are sold in the market today.

The high-quality mattresses are not only able to last for much longer than the inferior types but are also able to provide you with seamless comfortability when you sleep on them. You should be able to notice the difference thanks to the features they are designed with that guarantee high quality whenever you use them for long.

How long do mattresses last? Mattresses last for different time intervals and this depends on the type of mattress that you own. This also determines how often you should replace your mattress for awesome sleeping time.

The different types of mattresses that should provide you a comfortable sleeping time are discussed below;


There are mattress types that are designed with an innerspring which contains coil support systems that will work to make your experience with them a unique one. Unlike the other type of mattress, comfort is guaranteed when you sleep on them any time of the day. The col support systems brought about by the innerspring helps to spread your weight evenly through the whole mattress.

how often should you replace your mattress

Therefore, for whatever weight of the load that is placed on this type of mattress, weight is distributed evenly all through the entire surface. This makes the mattress reduce the effect of weight that causes wear and tear at one point on the mattress. For this type of mattress, they have the capacity of lasting for as long as 10 years when you use them.

If the innerspring is two-sided, the mattress can last much longer than the 10-year mark. You just have to flip it over after a few years of using it so that the wear and tear are distributed much more evenly.

Unlike the conventional mattress types that are affected with wear and tear caused by the weight on the mattress. The weight is exerted on specific points of the mattress-mainly the center and this causes the wearing out of the mattress. Such types of mattresses may not even be reliable for use after six years of usage.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses come in a variety of densities and are also manufactured from a variety of materials. Either of these options will determine the way the mattress holds weight. For some memory foam mattresses that are manufactured with tough materials, they can hold heavy weights quite comfortably.

The best memory foam mattresses can last for as long as 15 years of being used which is guaranteed by their highly advanced design. Some types may be able to last longer than the 15 years that is quite common if they are subjected to appropriate care.

Latex inclusion in the design of the mattress

The mattress that you own will be able to last longer depending on the type of latex that it is manufactured from. You can either get synthetic or organic mattress types. The best latex mattresses may last to up to 20 years of being used before they are reliable for use. Some may even require replacing the mattress after close to 25 years which shows how durable the best option of latex mattresses is.

A hybrid type of mattresses

To get the hybrid mattresses, manufacturers fuse the design of the foam and innerspring type of mattresses. On their design, their base contains a layer of foam, a coil support system (as in the innerspring mattress type), and also another layer of foam that is found at the top.

how often should you replace your mattress

However, these types of mattresses may not come close to the durability levels of most types of mattresses. They may last shy of the 8-year mark that is common for the durability of most mattress types. If you want to get the best lifespan from a hybrid type of mattress, you should go for one which has the best grade for the base foam for the mattress.

Similarly, the type of coils used for the coil support system of the mattress should also guarantee its ability to hold the weight. The best type of hybrid mattress can last and surpass the 6-year mark that is common for most types of hybrid mattresses.

Signs that will tell that it is time to replace your mattress

As indicated above, there is no specific time that will tell that you need to let go of the mattress that you own. However, some signs will show that the mattress you own is not able to perform as it should and you need to buy a new one altogether. The following signs will tell when it is wise to get a replacement for your mattress;

●   Wear and tear on the mattress; you might notice signs of wear and tear on the mattress if you see sagging of the outer clothing on the mattress, lumps forming along the surface of the mattress and also if you can feel coils on the fabric or surface of that particular mattress

●   Springs that are quite noisy; if you notice unusual noises from the mattress that sounds like the squeaking of the springs when you sleep and roll over the mattress, this will show that the coils are worn out and are not an incapacity to support the weight on the mattress as they did before

●   Stiffness of the muscles; if every time you wake up from a nap or sleep from your mattress and you notice your body feeling sore or stiff, then the mattress might be the issue. The mattress isn’t able to support your weight and provide you with a comfortable sleeping time

●   You can notice when your mattress mate moves; new mattress have the capacity of reducing motion transfer, but it loses this ability when it gets older. Therefore, for the old type of mattresses, you can notice when your partner moves or turns on the mattress and this will make you lose sleep.

●   Worsening of respiratory-related conditions; allergens and dust mites accumulate on your mattress and they trigger your allergies and asthma conditions. Your respiratory illnesses worsen and this makes the mattress unbearable for you to sleep in. at this point, you should consider replacing the mattress altogether

●   You exert more weight on the mattress you are using; if you have gained weight or have to share your old mattress with a partner or friend this will affect the condition of the mattress significantly. The mattress may not be in a position to hold more weight at that point and this will make it wear out at a much faster rate. You should be able to notice that sleeping on the mattress is not as comfortable as it was before

Bottom Line

You should know that a significant time of your day is spent sleeping on your mattress. Similarly, catching a good sleep at night is important for your general health and also to make you wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the activities of the day. It also prepares you for a productive day at work and also at school.

You will need to replace the mattress you own at one point in time so that you are guaranteed an awesome sleeping time. A new mattress-and the best quality-should be able to help you sleep much comfortably thanks to the effective features you get from a new mattress. This will help you have a refreshing sleep at night and even catch an awesome nap at any time of the day.

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