How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress?

How much should you spend on a mattress?

The mattress you own determines the quality of sleep you get at night or even the nap that you have during the day. Whenever you lay down on the mattress, you expect to get the best resting time for the entire period you lay on the mattress. Therefore, it would be ideal to spend just the right amount on getting a new mattress so that you get the best quality of mattress for your rest.


An excellent choice of mattress should be able to not only provide you a good and comfortable sleep but should be able to protect you from effects caused by a worn-out mattress. A worn-out mattress might affect you in many ways, some of which are explained below;

●   Stiffness of your muscles every time you lay on the mattress

●   Complications, when your allergies and asthma is provoked-which, is caused by allergens and dust mite building upon the mattress

●   Uncomfortable sleeping times caused by wearing out of the mattress

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For the best quality mattress that you can use, the big question is “How much should I spend on a new mattress?” The price will help land on the highest quality of mattress that will not only guarantee a comfortable sleeping time but also durability of the mattress as you use it.

A mattress quality can not only be seen on the physical components of the mattress but also through its price. You will notice that the best type of mattresses are sold at the top-tier prices while the ones at the bottom-tier are not ideal types of mattresses. They might not be able to withstand harsh conditions like weight and also wear and tear and thus you will soon have to go back and buy a new mattress altogether-this might be costly in the long run.

how much should you spend on a mattress

You can decide to break your bank and opt to buy a high-quality type of mattress that is quite costly and this would be an excellent choice in the long run. What happens is that the mattress will have the ability to sustain harsh conditions and thus be reliable through a longer period than some other types of mattresses. Therefore, it will take much longer before you have to spend your money on the purchase of a new mattress.

How much should I spend on a mattress? You can get a mattress whose price ranges between $200 and $1500. Either of these promises a whole significant difference in performance when you use them for your sleeping. However, these are just the common type of mattresses-they are not that advanced rather they offer basic performance. You can refer to these as the budget types of mattresses that will not cost any more than $150.


There are also premium types of mattresses that you can go for. Such types of mattresses are sold for as much as $5000 and not less than this set price. For these types of mattresses, they are highly advanced and guarantee a whole new type of experience when you use them. They can sustain harsh conditions and if subjected to utmost care, they may last even much more than the 20-year mark.

Mattress companies design different types of mattresses that you can enjoy sleeping on. They are not only comfortable but they also guarantee the best experience considering you take care of them regularly. For a memory foam mattress type, you might have to pay much more than any ordinary mattress because they are quite comfortable and have the capacity of withstanding harsh conditions.

Different price ranges for a variety of mattresses

Less than $200

For this price, you may not get the highest quality of the mattress, which means you could as well get a used mattress. The warranty for the mattress types within this price range may not be that significant in any way.

$200 to $500

The quality of the mattresses within this price range is basic and just good. You could also get a queen size mattress. Examples of a high-quality mattress you can get at this price are the innerspring types of mattresses and the memory foam mattresses.

$500 to $800

Within this price range, you get some of the best there are in the market. The high-quality ones that may make you not want to leave your bed for work or school. Here you get latex type of mattresses that are of better quality than the memory foam mattress and also more durable.

how much should you spend on a mattress

$800 to $2000

If you have a few dollars to spare, these types of mattresses are worth going for. They are the premium type of mattresses that you can get in the market at any time. They are of high quality, have the best warranties and a variety of options that will make them not only comfortable but also highly durable. The hybrid types of mattresses that comprise both the innerspring and the memory foam technology are found in this price range.

What you should consider when shopping for a mattress?

If you are ever shopping for a mattress and you get a wide variety of prices for different types of mattresses, you might be confused altogether. The variety of mattresses range from as low as $200 and up to $5000. In most cases, you could also get an average quality of mattress for as much as $1000.

The biggest question is how much an excellent choice of a mattress should cost so that you get the best type to take home. You should be keen so that you don’t even waste a single penny of yours to get a mattress type that would not be worth it.

You should always prefer the premium mattress types as opposed to the lower quality types of mattresses. They are highly advanced and are designed to offer you nothing less of comfort when you use them even for very long periods. The premium types of mattresses are also able to sustain harsh conditions such as wear and tear and will only need replacement after more than ten years which is good timing for you to save for another premium type of mattress.

However, some types of premium mattresses are not that extensive in what they offer. The premium on them might just be a tag that misguides buyers to pay hefty prices for them while they are not even that much comfortable that those on the lower price tier. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to compare different mattress types that are sold at different prices so that you get to settle on the best one for you.

Why would you need to purchase a new mattress?

You might have noticed that your old mattress may not be as it was before, it may appear to be worn out and the coils and springs within might be quite noisy. For instance, you might notice squeaky noises from the mattress and this will make your sleeping time to be interrupted quite often. This might indicate that you need to do away with your old mattress and instead buy a new one.

You will need to buy a new mattress to avoid the consequences of sleeping on an old one all through the night. For instance, an old and very worn out mattress might affect you in such a way that whenever you wake up your muscles are rather sore and stiff. Similarly, if you doze off unusually during the day-even after you retired to bed early-it might just be because you do not have the best sleeping time at night. This may affect your daily activities and you might not even be able to get enough work done- and this might even make you lose your job.

how much should you spend on a mattress

Similarly, if you want to use the bed with a partner or a friend that is moving in, you might have to buy a new mattress altogether. The old mattress that you own might not have the capability of withstanding the weight of both of you and this might severely affect the mattress that you own. A new mattress will just need to be bought so that you can continue having comfortable nights for both of you.

Bottom Line

Buying a mattress is a sort of investment just as buying a house as you would be using the mattress for long periods. That is why you will need to be keen so that you select the best type of mattress you can get at a price you can afford. You can also decide to go out of your budget so that you can get a better mattress in the market-the best comes at a price.

An excellent choice of a mattress might be costly and this would be worth going for if you have compared its features with the features that other types of mattresses offer. This would not only make you have those comfortable sleeps but will get a mattress type that should be able to last long enough before you can get a new mattress altogether. 

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