How Much Bigger Is A King Than A Queen ?

Mattresses are one of the most overlooked materials that contribute to our general well-being. A good, spacious and plush mattress provides support for your spine and prepares you for a productive day’s work. These mattresses come in different sizes, however, the most luxurious of them all are the king sized and queen sized beds.

The king and queen- sized are the answer to the problem as regarding space for individuals especially couples. The space that they provide and their features have made them the most sought after bed sizes all around the world. Sadly, people often face difficulties in determining how much bigger is a king than a queen.

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King mattresses have the same length of 80 inches with the queen, however, the king mattress provides more sleeping room with a whole extra 16 inches in width. This extra sleeping room for most couples means more space for even their children and pets. The major drawback though is that it takes up too much space in the bedroom.

If you want a mattress that is affordable, comfortable and takes a little space, the queen sized bed is the best choice for you. It fits perfectly into your bedroom and creates ample space for your wardrobes and other furniture. However, it’s difficult for it to fit into a really big room.

Choosing the right mattress between the king and queen could be a very overwhelming task because of the wide range of brands and diverse features of these beds. Not knowing the differences in length between these beds could lead to a major disappointment for buyers especially on the basis of price, room and personal preferences.

Top 4 Mattresses Of King And Queen Sizes

Here are the top 4 mattresses of king and queen sizes that we recommend for you based on research, usage and awesome reviews. We provide you with the dimensions, weight and brand so that you would easily make your choice.

1. Savile Row No.1 Premium Innerspring Mattress (Queen)

Savile Row No. 1 Premium Innerspring and Memory Foam Hybrid Euro Top 14.5 Inch Luxury Mattress, Queen
188 Reviews


  • Dimensions: 80L x 60W x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 113 pounds

“Best of both worlds” is the mantra that best befits the savile row no.1 premium innerspring mattress. It’s hybrid nature makes it combine memory foam, innerspring coil technology and gel all in one mattress. It has an exquisite stretch-knit fabric that makes it almost a sad thing to put a sheet over it. 

To solve the problem of constant heat while sleeping is an issue that this bed solves. It disperses every possible heat and makes the sleeping surface very comfortable in order for you to get a sound and blissful sleep. The bed texture also moves between the range of medium and firm.

Savile row mattresses are the handiwork of the notable and incredible savile row brand tailors. They are popular for their luxurious and high quality products like their mattresses that provide comfort and support for sleepers. Their designs speak of elegance, class and top notch style even in mattresses.

The height of this mattress is unmatched by all other mattresses in this range. With its 14.5 inches height, you can even make use of this bed before you get a frame or foundation. What good is a great foam if it doesn’t consider your financial constraints? Savile row does that for you.

This bed has innerspring coils that are wrapped separately and move independently which makes the bed super-dense for the support that your back needs. Its gel memory foam also contributes to the awesome support it gives. This mattress comes highly recommended by doctors and chiropractors for its features that pays attention to skeletal issues.

how much bigger is a king than a queen

2. Sweet night 12 inch  Ventilated memory Foam (King)

Sweetnight King Mattress, Breeze 12 Inch King Size Mattress, Medium Firm Ventilated Memory Foam Mattresses for Deep Sleep, Supportive & Pressure Relief with CertiPUR-US Certified
3,302 Reviews
Sweetnight King Mattress, Breeze 12 Inch King Size Mattress, Medium Firm Ventilated Memory Foam Mattresses for Deep Sleep, Supportive & Pressure Relief with CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Solve Your Sleep Problems – Sweetnight King mattress designed with 3 layers of zone system, gives you medium firm feeling, keeps body properly aligned pressure relief & heat dissipation. Help to relief back pain, tossing & turning.
  • Sleep Cooler- This King mattress is made from gel Memory Foam which helps to dissipate body heat. Our breathable foam has millions of open cells acting as airway chambers, enhace breathablilty, allow maximum airflow for temperature regulation.


  • Dimensions: 76L x 80W x 12 inches
  • Weight: 98.9 pounds

If you are looking for a mattress that suits all sleeping positions, this should be your top choice. Sweet night 12 inch ventilated memory foam is the best fit for those who sleep on their stomach, side, back etc. The bed type does not focus one sleeping position while neglecting the others but rather it pays attention to all.

Do you have a sleeping partner that keeps tossing and turning? Does this act upset you and disturb your sleep? Get this mattress to bid farewell to this problem as this mattress reduces the effect that tossing has on the bed motion. 

It uses a breathable foam that has millions of open cells which act as airway chambers. Apart from that, the bed also provides steady edge support that helps you not to roll off the bed or sag while sleeping. This bed is great for sufferers of back pain as it has 3 layers of zone system that helps in the proper alignment of the spine.

This king size bed is made of 3 inches of memory foam, 5.5 inches density foam and 3.5 inches of unique airflow foam. These foams contribute to its steady and reliable support that it gives the body. With this mattress you get the best undisturbed sleep that your money can ever buy. 

Apart from all its wonderful features, Sweet night 12 inch ventilated memory foam is certified by Certipur US as an hypoallergenic foam which is void of any harmful substance. Some foams have substances like mercury which is harmful to the health but not the Sweet night foam.

how much bigger is a king than a queen

3. Zinus Italian Made 12 inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress (Queen)

Zinus Italian Made 12 Inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Made in Italy / OEKO-TEX Certified / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Olive Oil Infused Memory Foam / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
219 Reviews
Zinus Italian Made 12 Inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Made in Italy / OEKO-TEX Certified / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Olive Oil Infused Memory Foam / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • PREMIUM, WITHOUT THE PREMIUM PRICE- A bed with the added finesse of an Italian masterpiece, this mattress features premium pocketed springs, olive oil-infused foam and a luxurious soft quilted cover, giving you everything you need for a “buona sera”
  • SOFT & SUPPORTIVE LAYERS – Made with 4 inches of olive oil-infused memory foam, comfort and support foams, along with 8 inch premium pocket springs for motion isolation and edge support; ideal for back and stomach sleepers and average to plus-sized weight individuals


  • Dimensions: 80L x 60W x 12 inches
  • Weight: 79.4 pounds

Could you ever imagine getting skin care, anti-aging, smooth recovery features and comfortability all in one mattress? Well this is no longer in your imagination, Zinus Italian Made 12 inch Olive Oil mattress is a reality and it is available for you. It is a masterpiece from Italy, the very country that gave us delectable pizzas- this mattress is just as “yummy.” It is an olive oil infused mattress that moisturises your skin and even reduces the presence of stretch marks!

Zinus Italian Made 12 inch mattress uses the Icoil pocketed innersprings that reduces movement and allows for a floaty feel. These pocket springs are 8 inches which provides adequate motion isolation as only the springs in the particular area would be affected. It solves the problem of transfer of motion that traditional innerspring beds have.

This mattress made in USA comes with high praises from Oeko-tex, it is certified as it measures up to Europe’s standards and has been confirmed to be free from harmful substances. It also has handles that are convenient on both sides which makes it easy to carry especially because of its lightweight.

The essence of this bed is to mainly keep you fresh, forever young and make you have brighter purposeful mornings. It is great for both old, young, couples, master bedrooms and even guest rooms.

how much bigger is a king than a queen

4. Revel Custom Cool Mattress Featuring All Climate Foam (King)

Revel Custom Cool Mattress (King), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Made in the USA with a 10-Year Warranty, Amazon Exclusive
748 Reviews
Revel Custom Cool Mattress (King), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Made in the USA with a 10-Year Warranty, Amazon Exclusive
  • Mattress dimensions – 80″ W x 76″ L x 12″ H | Feel: Medium-Firm
  • Remove packaging within 72 hours, and allow an extra 48-72 hours for proper decompression


  • Dimensions: 80W x 76L x 12H
  • Weight: 97.3 pounds

Revel Custom cool mattress comes as a solution to the change of texture of beds during different seasons. The Innocor brand which is the manufacturer realised that during summer beds become too soft and too hard at winter. So they made a bed that had the same feel even during winter and summer. That is just some great stuff right there!

This mattress is a triple layered mattress with 12 inches of hypoallergenic memory foam mattress in it. The first layer consists of 2 inches of revel all climate cooking gel, the second layer is a 4 inch support layer that has airflow channels that aids breathability. The last layer is made of a 6 inch long-lasting durabase foam. 

Providing support and comfort for all body types, sleeping positions and in any season is what this brand prides in. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, Revel custom cool mattress has got you covered. It is void of bias or discrimination of any size but is made in a fit-for-all manner that makes it a perfect choice for any home. Also, with its size, a whole family’s sleeping experience becomes more restful.

It is certified by CertiPUR as totally harmless to all. A great, wonderful and unforgettable night’s sleep is what Revel custom cool mattress offers you. The brand believes that a wonderful sleeping experience is not complete until a good morning after, this is what this mattress gives you.

how much bigger is a king than a queen


What is better depends largely on the size of the room, the furniture available and the level of bed space that the buyers need. The king bed is great for master bedrooms with ample space that needs to be filled with something as wide as it is. Also, if your kids prefer sleeping with you on your bed, a king sized bed would be your best choice.

The queen bed, however, would look ridiculous in a very large bedroom because it would be too small. This size of bed is usually great for guest rooms rather than the master bedrooms. Your choice is determined largely by what you need in your house.

Most new couples easily go for the queen sized bed because they still cuddle a lot and snuggle while sleeping. Due to the bodily intimacy they do not need too much bed space for themselves.

However, couples who are married, especially with kids, begin to go farther apart on the bed with children in the middle. They mostly go for the king sized bed because they know the need all the space that they can get. 

Also, aged couples go for beds that can support their body systems properly like the Zinus bed which would help them look and feel younger. This category have to choose a bed size that is best for them and that assuages best any possible body pains.

Yes. The bed is big enough for two individuals who are either sleeping partners or couples. However, others who love space would consider it too small for them to move as they wish on the bed. But for couples who are on a low budget that prefer not to spend so much on a bed, the queen is just fine for them


By reading this article, you can slash your research time on mattresses by more than a quarter.  This article features mattresses with the perfect specification that makes for deep and restful sleep. Though they have different feels, they all in their different ways, provide the support that the body needs when sleeping.

If this is your first time trying out this type of mattress, I understand that you could have your fears. There is actually no reason to panic or be skeptical about these mattresses because they come from reliable brands that pride themselves in providing just what you need. High quality materials, US certification and a wonderful track record are what these products so be rest assured you are making the best decision by choosing to buy one of these mattresses..

End your back and body pains today with our top choices, choose mattresses that would give you the greatest satisfaction ever. The best part is that you have a long warranty time which means you do not have to change your mattress for a long time while still getting the sleep and rest that your body deserves. 

Are you still wondering if the prices are not too much? They give you the value for your money and make every single dollar count. Based on customer reviews, all the listed products score a minimum of 4.0 rating in the value for money that they give.

The reason we earn money is to give ourselves the comfort that we deserve. Buying either the king or queen mattress would be a life changing move for you as you get the most luxurious comfort that your money can buy. These beds are an upgrade from the regular kind of beds that make you and your sleeping partner to always collide on the bed. Choose these beds to put an end to all that.

Get your back alignment problem solved with just the right mattress that helps properly position your spine. You do not have to spend so much on drugs or medical care, just choose for yourself a bed that would help you save your money. Now you know just how much bigger a king is than a queen!

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