How do birds find bird feeders?

Bird has a strong sense of sight and hearing, they use it to find their food while flying. Birds always looking for food, so sometimes they find a feeding station on the area they frequently visit. They also use their hearing to find food, for example, they need water. They listen for the sound of water, water-dropping near a feeder is another way birds find feeders. There are ways birds can find your feeders.

Tips on how your bird feeder finds by all kinds of birds

  • Feeder Location – The location of the feeder plays an important role in how birds find feeding stations. Most birds spot feeders while flying.
  • Local Bird Knowledge – Make sure you know what kind of birds are common in your location. Various birds use different ways to find feeders.
  • Types of Feeders- There are three different ways that birds eat at the feeders. Other birds feed on the ground, others above the ground, and others eat both places.
  • Timing – Usually, feeders can be placed at any time of years for birds to find them because not all birds migrate.

Best Bird Feeders that Bird can easily find

3 Best Bird Feeders

1) Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/Cardinal Ring

Roamwild PestOff Red Squirrel Proof Cardinal Bird Feeder Mixed Seed Sunflower Heart Version - RED - 3LBS Seed Capacity – 20.5”x7.5”x7.5” (w/Hanger)
584 Reviews
Roamwild PestOff Red Squirrel Proof Cardinal Bird Feeder Mixed Seed Sunflower Heart Version - RED - 3LBS Seed Capacity – 20.5”x7.5”x7.5” (w/Hanger)
  • ALL METAL RED CARDINAL DESIGN - LARGE 3LBS CAPACITY - 21”x8”x8” (w/hanger) - NOT JUST A 100% SQUIRREL PROOF CARDINAL BIRD FEEDER - ALSO BABY SQUIRREL PROOF, red squirrel proof, chipmunk proof bird feeder, and LARGE BIRD PROOF. Unwanted guests cannot feed so it SAVES you money! Roamwild Warranty Included.
  • WEATHER PROOF & WATERPROOF – KEEPS SEED DRY & FRESH – The bird feeder has a built in weather guard to keep the seed fresh and dry to prevent seed clogging. Seed clogging is a common problem with other weight activated bird feeders that have no seed protection.

Once you buy this product the company will provide you a lifetime service your feeder for free. It includes a cardinal ring to attract Northern Cardinals. A sure squirrel proof because the weight of an adult squirrel will automatically close the shroud denying them access to the seed. A patented seed ventilation system that keeps the seed fresh longer attracting more wild birds. The adjustable spring that controls which size birds will feed on your squirrel buster.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made of chew-proof materials
  • With six ports


  • Expensive
  • Ports tend to close when large birds land on it.
  • Swings a bit when hanging

2) Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

More Birds Jug Hummingbird Feeder, Glass Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors, 5 Feeding Stations, 23 Ounces
6,909 Reviews
More Birds Jug Hummingbird Feeder, Glass Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors, 5 Feeding Stations, 23 Ounces
  • NECTAR CAPACITY: Holds 20 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar
  • FEEDING PORTS: Features five flower shaped feeding ports to accommodate multiple hummingbirds

With this bird feeder is sure to attract many birds to your backyard. It provides you with plenty of enjoyment as birds congregate on the circular perch. With its innovative design, it allows the seed to evenly dispense into the seed tray and stops dispensing once the tray is full. When the birds continue eating from the circular perch, the seed replenishes into the tray so it remains consistently full.

how do birds find bird feeders


  • Lightweight build
  • Sure-Lock lid that deters squirrels.
  • Has a 360º perch.


  • Tends to spill seeds.

Three Bird finders to consider

1) Wild Bird Seed Feeder Hanging Food Dome Mesh House

Wild Bird Seed Feeder Outdoor Decorative Garden Metal Hanging Food Dome Mesh House
311 Reviews
Wild Bird Seed Feeder Outdoor Decorative Garden Metal Hanging Food Dome Mesh House
  • Constructed from durable steel. Functional stylish design allows Birds to eat from multiple positions.
  • Attractive red color brings many birds to your backyard adding natural landscaping scenery to your home sweet home.

Made from durable steel, functional design that allows birds to eat from multiple positions. With an attractive red color that brings many birds to your backyard and adding natural landscaping scenery to your home. With an easy to open and close cap plus a base design that makes it easy to refill seeds and clean bird feeder. You can hang this bird feeder anywhere with its top ring that fits to hook on the tree, hanging pole, decks stand and in many ways. It can hold up to 4pounds of seed with revolutionary pre-drilled holes on a dome base for airflow that helps the seed to stay fresh longer.

how do birds find bird feeders


  • Made from glass craftsmanship.
  • 4-lb. The capacity of seeds.
  • The design allows airflow that helps keep seeds fresh.


  • A bit difficult to take apart and put back together when filling it.
  • Seeds tend to spill during refills.
  • Birds can’t reach all of the seeds.

2) More Birds Big Gulp Hummingbird Feeder

No products found.

The color red is the favorite color of the hummingbird, it will attract them with red top and base. This feeder can hold 40 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar. It has 7 ports with a flower design that allow them to feed a more hummingbird. With a built-in ant, moat stops ants in their track to prevent them from reaching the precious nectar. It is easy to clean by hand with warm soapy water.


  • Made from a glass bottle.
  • Affordable price with beautiful.
  • Attractive design and color.


  • The holes are too small for the birds.

3) Wild Bird Feeder with 2 Metal Cardinal Ring

Made of durable metal all the feeder parts and a remarkable 100% chew proof, waterproof, rustproof and UV stabilized material. Can perch all kinds of birds which can feed up to 15 birds at one time with two pounds black oil sunflower seed. No need for tools to install and easy to dismantle which allows for easy cleaning and filling. Good ventilation for the seed to keep fresh longer. It has a drainage hole around the bottom tray for easy flow of waters.

how do birds find bird feeders


  • Affordable price with more birds to feeds.
  • With attractive design.


  • Small birds can’t feed.


Finding your feeders by all kinds of birds depends on the place and the kind of feeder you have. It is important to place your feeders on the right location and the right seed in it. Birds’ eyesight is strong though they don’t have a sense of smell. Make sure what kind of birds usually flying on your community and buy the right feeders that they will attract.

Facts and Questions:

How long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?
Usually, it takes one to two weeks but still depends on the location of the feeder, the kind of seeds, and the kind of feeder you use. If you <a href="">place the right feeder</a> and seeds on the right location they will surely find it in less than a week.
How do I get birds to come to my bird feeder?
One way to attract birds in your area is to spread some seed on the ground beneath the feeder. Birds use their sight to find food, so as you spread some of the seed they can find your feeders. Make sure that the food you put is quality food because they are not attracted to junk seed.
Do birds remember where feeders are?
Birds use their eyes which is the most important way birds find feeders. If they find and recognize the food inside the feeder, they will eat there. There are feeders in neighboring yards, birds sometimes recognize the feeder itself as a food source.

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