Glock 48 Vs 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Glock 48


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Glock 48 Vs 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The Glock company is known for building high-performance, reliable guns at a relatively low price. There are many variations of their pistols, and this article will cover the review of Glock 48 vs 19.

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Features of Glock 48 Vs 19


Glock 48 was designed for shooters who prefer the feel of a single stack magazine over the double-stack magazines found in other Glock pistols. The shorter trigger width puts less stress on your finger when pulling the triggers, making it more comfortable to shoot with one hand. The Glock 19 was developed as a compact version of the original Glock 17 pistol with 33% less depth and 30% less height. Glocks are renowned for their durability, ease of use, accuracy, and affordability. Glocks are made out of polymer plastic rather than conventional metals or carbon steel, making them more economical to produce.

Grip and Textures

Glock 48 grip is shorter than that of Glock 19, but it is still ergonomically designed. It has a smooth texture and small finger grooves in the front, which help you to grip it more securely when firing. The textured backstrap has just enough traction to prevent the gun from slipping out of your hand when firing.

Glock 48 Grip and Textures

Glock 19 has a rough texture with finger grooves in front to help you grip it more securely. It is made of hard plastic, which gives it a coarse feel. The textured grip prevents the gun from slipping out of your hand when firing.

Glock 19 Grip and Textures

Magazine Capacity

Glock 48 has a single stack magazine with 9mm Luger rounds, whereas the Glock 19 comes with double-stack magazines which hold 15 rounds. You can also buy extended magazines that carry 17 rounds for Glock 19. The advantage of having fewer cartridges is that your gun will be lighter and smaller than using double-stack magazines. 

Glock 48 Magazine Capacity

The advantage of using double-stack magazines is that you can carry more ammunition. A disadvantage of having too many rounds in your magazine is that your pistol grip might become slightly bulky, making it more difficult to carry concealed.

Glock 19 Magazine Capacity

Trigger Mechanism

Glock 48 is a single action pistol with a trigger pull of 5.5 lbs, which is very similar to Glock 19. The advantage of using a lighter trigger pull weight is that it reduces the risk of pulling your gun accidentally when you do not want to fire it. The disadvantage of using a pistol with an extremely light trigger is that it might get pulled when you are not expecting it. This can be dangerous because you are still holding the gun at that point. Glock 48 is a striker-fired pistol, whereas Glock 19 is a double-action/single action pistol with a pull of 5.39 lbs for the first shot and 4.5 lbs in subsequent shots. The advantage of a double-action trigger is that you can rest assured you will have a very light trigger pull when firing the gun after the first shot. 

Glock 48 Trigger Mechanism

The majority of unintentional discharges occur during the “double-action” phase. If your Glock 19 pistol gets accidentally dropped on its muzzle, there is a chance that it might fire due to inertia from the drop. Glock 19 is a hammer-fired pistol, whereas Glock 48 is a striker-fired pistol. The hammer of the Glock 19 helps you to gain leverage and control as you cock your gun with your thumb before firing. The trigger pull on a Glock 19 is heavier than that on Glock 48 during the first shot, but the subsequent pulls are lighter. This gives you more control during the first shot, but lighter trigger pulls for subsequent shots.

Glock 19 Trigger Mechanism

Size and Dimensions

Glock 48 is a lot smaller and slimmer than Glock 19. It weighs just 18.48 ounces, whereas Glock 19 weighs 21.16 oz. The length of the slides on both Glocks are almost identical at 6 inches, but Glock 48 is 3/4 inch shorter from the top part of its slide to the grip. The difference in size means that Glock 48 will be easier to carry concealed, whereas it might get slightly bulky in your pocket when carrying a gun inside the waistband.


Glock 48 is 7.28 inches long, 5.04 inches high, and is 1.10 inches wide at its widest point, whereas Glock 19 is 7.36 inches long, 5.04 inches high, and is 1.26 inches wide at its widest point. The Glock 48 has the same height and shorter width as the Glock 19, making it easier to conceal on your person inside the waistband or in an outer garment such as a shirt or coat.


Glock 48 has factory Shield RMSc miniature reflex sights, whereas Glock 19 has factory non-adjustable sights. The advantage of having factory sights is that you don’t have to try and fit aftermarket sights onto your gun yourself. 

Glock 48 Sights

The disadvantage of factory sights is that you might not like the sight picture’s color, size, or configuration, but this can be easily remedied by replacing them with a third party.

Glock 19 Sights


Glock 48 has a smaller and more efficient slide profile than Glock 19. The difference is that the width of the top of the slide on Glock 48 is 0.87 inches shorter than that on Glock 19; this makes it easier to conceal and prevents you from unintentionally hitting your sights against objects during drawing reholstering. Glock 48 has the standard Glock serrations, which are horizontal and present on both the front and rear sides of the slide. The advantage of having standard Glock serrations is that your pistol will be compatible with other accessories like holsters and grips.


The disadvantage of having standard serrations is that they might snag and tear up during field stripping and cleaning. Glock 19 has hexagonal profile serrations on the rear sides of the slide. The advantage of having hexagonal Glock serrations is that they aid in grip and manipulation, especially when wearing gloves or having sweaty palms. The disadvantage of having standard Glock serrations is that they might snag during drawing and reholstering.

Line of Sight

The Glock 19 has a long line of sight than the Glock 48, which means that you might have trouble getting a proper, clear, and precise sight picture. It is often recommended to get a taller front sight for your Glock 19 to compensate for the difference in sight height. Glock 48 has adjustable rear sights that allow you to adjust the elevation, whereas the Glock 19 factory sights are height adjustable. The difference comes in when you consider that Glock 48 can get aftermarket adjustable sights if it is important for you to have them and allows more room for error.

Recoil and Shooting

Glock 48 has a reduced recoil compared to Glock 19. The reduced recoil makes for a more accurate and faster follow-up shot due to less muzzle flip. Glock 48 has a longer barrel length of 4.17 inches, whereas Glock 19 has a shorter barrel length of 4.02 inches. The longer the barrel, the more accurate your shots will be due to better velocity and less muzzle flip since there is more weight forward in the gun. Glock 48 has a better grip and handle than Glock 19, which means you will get a better and more secure grip. The increased surface area of the handle also gives it an advantage over smaller pistols like Glock 43 and 26. Overall shootability is slightly superior in the case of Glock 48 due to reduced recoil and lighter trigger pull.


Glock 48 is more aesthetically pleasing and has a nicer appeal than Glock 19. The slightly different profile of the slide makes it look somewhat sleeker and cooler. The biggest difference in aesthetics comes with the sights because you get to choose from a variety of factory designs and colors for your Glock 48, like RMS miniature reflex or Trijicon sights. In contrast, the Glock 19 has fixed factory non-adjustable sights.

Advantages of Glock 48 Vs 19


Glock 48 has superior reliability than Glock 19 because its dimensions are closer to the original shape, making it more compatible with holsters.


Glock 48 has superior durability due to its stronger materials like aluminum alloy and steel, making it more resistant to scratches, impacts, and corrosion.


Glock 48 has superior concealability than Glock 19 because its dimensions are shorter and lighter in weight, therefore letting you carry it in concealed spaces like under your shirt or small purses and bags.

Speed And Accuracy

The reduced recoil allows for a faster follow-up shot and accuracy, making it easier to get a headshot.


Glock 48 is more cost-effective than Glock 19 because you can upgrade or change its sights, whereas the factory sights on the latter are not height adjustable and therefore require replacement with aftermarket parts.

Disadvantages of Glock 48 Vs 19

Magazine Capacity And Reload Time

The magazine capacity of Glock 48 is 10 rounds, whereas the magazine capacity of Glock 19 is 15 rounds. The lower the magazine capacity, the more time it takes to reload your firearm during an emergency.

Availability And Concealability

Availability and concealability depend on handgun dimensions, making Glock 19 a better option because it has a smaller size and a shorter grip. It is also lighter in weight, which makes it easier to carry in concealed spaces.

After Market Accessories - Glock 48 Vs 19

Availability of aftermarket accessories depends on the handgun’s profile, which is why Glock 19 has a better chance of having more variety for you to choose from. However, Glock 48 has a sleeker profile that will be more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the most common aftermarket products for Glock 19 and Glock 48:

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights help you shoot accurately and quickly at short and medium ranges. They also allow you to shoot without having to line up the backsight with the front sight under certain conditions, making it easier for shooters who wear glasses or those who need corrective lenses.

Laser Sights

Laser sights project a red laser dot onto the target, which allows you to shoot with higher accuracy and speed because you don’t have to line up the sights on your pistol.

Magazine Base Plates

They change the shape of your magazine and make it more comfortable for your grip and handling.

Barrel Extensions

Increase the length of your barrel, which reduces muzzle flip, gives you better accuracy, and makes it easier to shoot your firearm.

Upgraded Tactical Sights

These are usually designed for Glocks with factory non-adjustable sights that need an upgrade because they aren’t suitable for self defense purposes.

Tactical Lights

They help you identify threats in low light conditions, which means you can avoid dangerous situations during the night.

Extended Slide Catch Lever

These are designed for shooters with large hands or those who wear tactical gloves because it is easier to access the lever with their support hand. This allows them to drop the magazine without shifting their grip on the handle, making it easier for them to reload fast in an emergency.


Glock 48 has a better selection of grips because it is smaller and fits in all kinds of different grips designed for Glock 19.


Glock 48 has a better selection of holsters because it is smaller and therefore fits in all kinds of holsters designed for Glock 19.


Glock 19 has a more practical magazine capacity and grip size, making it better for concealed carry and self-defense scenarios against 2 or more assailants because you can shoot longer without reloading. It also has a wider selection of aftermarket accessories for you to choose from.

Glock 48 has a better selection of holsters because it is smaller and fits in all kinds of holsters designed for Glock 19.

Glock 48 takes 10 round single stack mags, which are not compatible with Glock 19.

No, the magazine capacities of Glock 48 and Glock 19 are 10 rounds and 15 rounds, respectively.

Glock 48 is designed for concealment and ease of handling. It is more cost-effective than Glock 19 because you can upgrade it with aftermarket accessories like laser sights, red dot sights, holsters, grips, and magazines that are not available for the latter.


Glock 48 and Glock 19 are both easy to custom, but the latter is better for concealment. Since both firearms appeal to different types of shooters, you should test them out at a firing range before making your decision.  However, the Glock 48 is a little bit superior in terms of accuracy. It’s no doubt that Glock 48 is less expensive than 19. If price isn’t an issue, go for the old model, but if you’re on a budget, get yourself a Glock 48.

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