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Glock and Sig Sauer are competitors, and both produce single stack 9mm pistols. Glock has the 43x, and Sig has the P365. They’re considered very similar guns in many ways, but they serve different purposes for different shooters. Of course, both are good options if you’re looking for a concealed carry pistol. Here is an article comparing the Glock 43x vs P365 if you’d like to read more about it.

Glock 43x

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Features and Specifications - Glock 43x Vs P365

Grip and Textures

When shooting the Glock 43x and P365, you’ll notice one of the first differences right away: grip texture. Both pistols have very aggressive textures on their grips to prevent slippage, but Sig’s texture is more indentations while Glock’s are small circular bumps. Both feel great for extended periods, but the Sig grips have a little more cushion for your hands. 

Grip and Textures of Glock 43x

The Glock 43x grips are better for concealed carry, while the P365 textured grips are better suited for extended shooting sessions at the range.

Another difference between these two pistols can be seen in how they’re held. The grip on the Glock is slightly larger than that on the Sig P365 but does not extend quite as high up on the gun. This means your grip is slightly higher, and there isn’t as much of a beaver tail on the Glock.

Grip and Textures of Sig P365

Materials and Ergonomics

Another difference between the Glock 43x vs P365 is materials. While both are great guns, Sig uses higher quality, corrosion-resistant material in their frames. This means your Sig gun will be able to sit in a holster or a pocket for long periods without any damage to the finish. The Glock 43x is no slouch for material, but the P365 has a slightly better grip and more corrosion resistance.

Both guns feature different textures and ergonomics. The Glock 43x is designed with similar features that you’ll find in other Glocks: large magazine release button, small slide lock lever on the left side of the gun, and ambidextrous slide stop. The Sig P365 has a more ergonomic grip with finger grooves, no external safety (although it does have a chamber loaded indicator), and much smaller controls than the Glock 43x.

Material and Ergonomics of Glock 43x vs P365

Finger Placement

Sig Sauer pistols tend to have better ergonomics than Glock pistols. This is because the slide lock lever on Sig’s guns is on the left side of the gun instead of being in front of it like some Glocks. The idea is that you can release the slide lock without shifting your grip. Sig is the way to go if you have small hands because you won’t have to adjust how you hold your pistol. However, if you’re right handed and want to carry ambidextrously, the Glock 43x could be a better option.

Magazine Capacity Difference

The Sig Sauer P365 has two more rounds per magazine compared to the Glock 43x. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in reality, it is. A gun with fewer rounds in the magazine means you’ll have to reload more often when practicing at home or carrying concealed. The Sig also has an extended magazine for 10 more rounds than the Glock.

Sig Sauer guns tend to have slightly higher magazine capacities than most other brands, so that you might notice a lot of Sig pistols with larger magazines than other brands. Similarly, law enforcement generally issued Glocks for high-capacity magazines because they’re such a dependable gun manufacturer. However, there isn’t a right or wrong answer here when it comes to magazine capacity.

Trigger Differences

The trigger action felt very much the same between these two pistols, but there is a difference in trigger options. The Glock 43x comes with a standard 5.5 lb connector, while the Sig P365 variant has a LEM or SAO option. The trigger mechanism on the Sig P365 is longer and lighter but doesn’t offer traditional safety.

Trigger Differences of Glock 43x

One of my favorite features on Glock pistols is their standard 5.5lb trigger. This gives you more control than heavier triggers but will still give you enough weight to prevent accidental discharges. The Glock 43x trigger feels great for both concealed carry and home defense use. On the other hand, you can get an SAO or LEM trigger on your Sig pistol that is much lighter and easier to pull.

Trigger Differences of Sig P365

Caliber Differences

When you look at the specs of these two guns, you’ll notice that they’re both in 9mm. However, Sig P365 pistols are much harder to find in .380ACP because the gun is designed to use. The .380 model never really took off with consumers, and there weren’t many being made or sold.

The 9mm is a much more common firearm caliber, and most firearms manufacturers will switch production to the most popular caliber for a particular gun.  There are fewer models in 9mm, but it’s easier to find compatible magazines and accessories for your firearm.

Sig P365

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Sig P365

Slide Differences

The Sig Sauer P365 has a stainless steel slide with a Nitron finish made by Sig, while the Glock 43x is a polymer with a nitrated barrel. The tough steel of the P365 slide gives it better corrosion resistance and more durability for dropping or rough handling. However, both pistols are designed to be easily field stripped without detailed disassembly.

Slide Difference of Glock 43x

The P365 and Glock 43x have front and back serrations to give it a more aggressive look and aid in racking the slide. Serrations on pistols are purely cosmetic, but they can make a difference when you’re trying to rack the slide for loading or clearing malfunctions.

Comparing these two pistols is an interesting option for people who want a slim everyday carry gun. The Sig P365 is more compact, but some people find it too wide for easy concealed carry.

Slide Difference of Sig P365

Size and Weight Differences

You can find the dimensions of each pistol on their product pages. The Sig Sauer P365 is a little bit larger, but both pistols are extremely thin and lightweight.

The weight difference between these two guns isn’t all that significant when you’re talking about just 2 oz. However, even an ounce here or there can make a huge difference when you’re carrying it for hours. The Glock 43x weighs in at just  18.70 oz with its standard magazine, while the Sig P365 weighs slightly heavier than that at 20.7 oz.

Rates of Fire

Both the Glock 43x and Sig P365 can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger, but that doesn’t mean that they’re just simple pistols. You should always use proper techniques to ensure safety when handling any firearm.

The Glock 43x is a pistol with very good ergonomics allowing your hand to grip it properly. With the full-size grip, you can get higher rates of fire with less fatigue. The Sig P365 is designed for maximum concealability, so its ergonomics aren’t fantastic when you’re trying to use it in a rapid-firing situation.


Aesthetics are personal preference, but you can see the difference between these two pistols. The Glock 43x has a smooth polymer grip that doesn’t detour from its simplistic form. However, Sig P365 has ergonomics similar to the Sigsafe series of guns with an extended beavertail and altered trigger guard.

Both pistols have a forward and rear serration on their slides to give them a more aggressive look and a bit of additional grip when racking the slide.

Reliability and Durability

 Both of these pistols are extremely reliable and durable. They both handle a wide range of ammunition with no malfunctions or stoppages of any kind, so reliability shouldn’t be a concern whether you’re using the gun for concealed carry, home defense, or just target practice.

The Glock 43x is made from tough polymer while retaining durability that’s comparable to steel. The Sig P365 has a strong and durable stainless steel slide with a reinforced polymer handle.

I prefer the durability of the Glock 43x over the Sig P365, especially when I’m spending my own money on a firearm instead of police department money. With proper care and cleaning, your Glock will last for many years without any worry of corrosion or other damage. The Sig P365, however, does have a steel slide that ensures the pistol stays functional through many years of abuse.

Reliability and Durability of Glock 43x vs Sig P365

Accessories Differences

The Glock 43x comes ready to use with a standard capacity magazine, but the Sig P365 doesn’t come with one. You’ll have to purchase one separately or use 10 round magazines for concealed carry and practice.

You can get lasers and lights for both pistols, but accessories like holsters are more plentiful for Glocks than they are for Sig Sauers.

When it comes to concealed carry, both of these pistols are excellent choices, but they have different features that make each pistol shine in certain situations. The Glock 43x is a reliable, durable, and easy-to-shoot gun for close-quarter combat. The Sig P365 is an il for people who move around a lot because of its easily concealable design and extended capacity.

Here are some of the accessories available for both of these guns.


Both of these pistols come with standard sights, but you can get night sights for both weapons. There are also red dot and reflex sight options available. However, some of the reflex sights require an adapter that doesn’t include the Sig P365. 


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of holsters available for the Sig P365 right now. A few fit the pistol, but a majority of them aren’t worth your time. Also, many holster makers won’t have holsters available for the Sig P365 until they’ve been on the market for a while because the gun is relatively new.

The Glock 43x has an abundance of holsters available in both inside and outside the waistband styles. There are also several options for ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, or other off-body carry methods to suit your needs. 


There are lasers available for both of these pistols. Remember, though, that lasers don’t come standard on either of these pistols and will add a little bit of cost to your total purchase.  

Laser Sights for the Sig P365 are made by Leosam and come with a bulky mount that attaches to the trigger guard. You can also get lasers for Glocks, of course. Both lasers will fit into more holsters than you would expect because they’re often no bigger than your average light laser combo. 

Extended Magazines

The Glock 43x will take all of the standard capacity magazines made for a Glock pistol. The Sig P365 will only accept 10 round standard capacity magazines in most states but only 17 rounds in California.

Both pistols have several aftermarket options when it comes to magazines. You’ll find nearly every capacity option possible for Glock magazines, but Sig’s offerings are much more limited. 

These pistols have a drop free magazine design, so you may not even need aftermarket magazines for your carry weapon.


Both pistols have a smooth grip, but you can purchase textured versions for either gun. It’s not necessary to purchase these upgraded grips, but they’re useful if you don’t like the texture of your stock firearms.  

You can also purchase different grip options that will fit into both firearms. For example, you could get a rubberized grip for the G43x and SilencerCo’s Osprey suppressor if you wanted to go with an aftermarket silencer for your Glock 43x.

Magazine Loader

You can get a Glock 43x magazine loader for your carry pistol if you like to load your magazines with one hand. The Sig P365 doesn’t come with a standard capacity magazine, so you won’t need to purchase a loader for either gun.   

Training Gear

Both of these pistols can benefit from training gear for dry fire practice or using snap caps. You’ll find adapters to make your Glock 43x click like an M&P firing pin, but nothing quite like that for the Sig P365. 

You’ll also need to purchase a holster if you want to use your Glock 43x for training purposes. A few holsters are available for the Sig P365, but not nearly as many as you would see from Glock.

Glock 43x

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Glock 43x


The main issue with the Sig P365 is that it uses a MIM-made firing pin. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s very uncommon for firearms to use these types of parts because they can be much weaker than machined steel parts.

If you don’t shoot your gun enough, then the MIM pin will be much more likely to break than a standard machined steel firing pin. This is why MIM parts are often reserved for very inexpensive pistols and shotguns.

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Yes, the Glock 43x is a great concealed carry pistol. You might find it too big for some people to use as an everyday carry gun, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for something bigger than a subcompact system.

The Glock 43x is an excellent carry pistol. It’s reliable, has a high magazine capacity, comes with standard white dot iron sights, and it’s easy to handle no matter what size your hands are.

Neither weapon is better; they’re just different carry guns for different people. The Glock 43x has a standard capacity magazine, and maybe a bit easier to find holsters made specifically for your gun because the G43x has been around for a while. 


You should pick up whichever pistol you think will suit your needs better. It’s not necessarily true that one is better than the other; they’re just different pistols for different people.  

And that’s everything you need to know about Glock 43x vs P365. So, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article! Thank You for reading us.

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