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Glock 43X Review

A Comprehensive Guide

Glock 43X
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Glock 43X Review

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Due to the ever-increasing need for handguns that offer both small, comfortable concealment and combat accuracy, Glock continues to improve upon their already extraordinary line of pistols. Glock has now come out with a new compact frame option: the Glock 43X review

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This gun is available in 9mm and can be purchased in either a matte black or dark earth finished slide, and the frame is available in the same colors. The Glock 43X is designed to fit into any lifestyle while allowing you to use your gun for sport shooting, tactical purposes, and daily protection.

Features of Glock 43X

Grip and Textures

The grip of the Glock 43X is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. The frame has texture on both sides that provides good gripping power in any circumstance and enhances comfort by preventing your hand from sliding during hot days when you may sweat more than usual.   The contour of the grip feels very natural in your hands, and when you use it for long periods, the gun feels like an extension of your body.  Many shooters who test-fire the Glock 43X report that they feel like it doesn’t take effort to control, even when shooting rapidly.


This is a good indicator for someone who wants to use their pistol in combat or competition if you want it for home defense. The Glock 43X has the same grip size as that of a compact-size Glock 19, making it great if you’re looking for something easy to conceal and carry throughout the day.  The grip is also available in 3 sizes, meaning that this pistol will fit virtually all people who want to use it. The built-in beaver tail provides stability when firing. 

Glock 43X Grip and Textures

Trigger Mechanism 

The trigger pull is designed to be similar to other Glock models to minimize distractions and inconsistencies. This trigger pull measures 24N and is smooth with a short travel distance; the reset is also short. The pull will feel slightly different if you switch between shooting this gun and another Glock pistol, but the transition should not be difficult to make since this trigger has less resistance than other models. It allows you to shoot repeatedly very quickly without straining your finger, so it’s great if you’re looking for a weapon that can be used for competitive shooting. In addition, the trigger safety prevents any accidental firing due to sweat or other factors that may cause your finger to slip onto the trigger. 

Glock 43X Trigger Mechanism

Safety Mechanisms

The safety mechanisms on this gun are no different than on other Glock models. The Glock 43X has a hammer drop lever that allows for a single-action-only function, which means the trigger must be pulled for the gun to fire. This can be advantageous to some shooters since you cannot accidentally pull the trigger if your safety is on, and it also gives you a very light trigger pull if you choose to use the safety. The 43X also has no magazine disconnect safety and is designed to fire without a magazine inserted into the magazine well.


If your magazine is removed accidentally or for any reason during an active confrontation, there should be no need for concern because the gun will still fire; the magazine acts as a temporary block between the firing pin and primer. The 43X also has an internal drop safety, so if you drop your gun from any angle, the trigger will not be able to hit against a hard surface to discharge around or accidentally eject a chambered cartridge.

Glock 43X Safety Mechanisms

Magazine Capacity

This gun comes standard with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. Still, those who live in areas that restrict magazine capacity laws may be able to purchase a +2 magazine extension for this Glock as well. However, the 43X is not priced as a subcompact pistol and cannot conceal the full-length 9mm magazines.

Glock 43X Magazine Capacity


The slide measures 6.06 inches with a width of 0.87 inches, slightly larger than some Glocks on the market but great for those looking for a little extra comfort during use. The Glock 43X features a stainless-steel slide with an nDLC finish along the length of the slide for extra durability and corrosion resistance. The gun is designed to withstand heavy amounts of firing without wearing out quickly, so the harder metal will make this pistol suitable for frequent target practice or self-defense purposes.


A benefit of a stainless-steel slide is the high resistance of corrosion which makes this gun suitable for use in different climates or environments. The slide also features cutouts around the iron sights on the rear of the slide for better visibility when aiming. In addition, the 43X has an extended beavertail that provides extra stability when firing and allows shooters to acquire a more comfortable purchase on the grip of their weapon. The 43X has a front serration that allows you to press check this pistol without putting your finger in the path of the ejecting cartridge. 

Glock 43X Slide


Glock 43X gun comes with three night sights; the front sight is orange and has a tritium vial in the second ring, which will glow green when exposed to light. The rear sight is yellow and has two glowing vials for visibility during nighttime shooting. The standard 43X also has plastic factory sights if you choose not to use the standard tritium and yellow sights. The rear sight is also adjustable by using a screwdriver and hex key.


So you can move the rear sight back and forth to find your perfect zero-in range if you’re trying out different ammo or want to be able to change from long-distance shots to close-quarter combat ranges quickly. Since Glock does not include any key or tool for this purpose, you’ll need to supply your own and be aware that the sight may depart from its factory setting when moving it with a screwdriver.

Glock 43X Sights

Carry Case

This gun comes with a hard-sided case similar to other Glock models and an owner’s manual. The box this gun comes in is not suitable for long-term storage or travel because the GLOCK logo on the outside of this box will rub off if it gets wet, which means you’ll need to find a separate case for carrying and storing your gun.

Line of Sight

The Axiom GLOCK 43X Tactical polymer line of sight is 5.24 inches from the front of the barrel to the rear and 4.19 inches from the left side to the right. The steel line of sight is 5.2 inches from the front of the barrel to the rear and 4.19 inches from the left side to the right. The Glock 43X Gen5 line of sight measures 5.16 inches from front to back and 4.17 inches from the gun’s left side to the right side. The bore height of this gun is measured from the top of the forward edge of the slide to a point on the frame that intersects with an imaginary line dropped perpendicularly from the rear sight. 


The Glock 43X has an overall length of 6.50 inches with a width of 1.10 inches and a height of 5.04 inches.  The 43X weighs 18.70 oz. Unloaded and without a magazine, it weighs only 16.40 oz and 23.07 oz with a loaded magazine, which means the gun is lighter than many other subcompact pistols. The barrel length of this gun is 3.41 inches, and the trigger pull of a factory-stock Glock 43X has a weight that averages 5.5 pounds. 


However, it doesn’t shoot as accurately at long distances compared to similar pistols with longer barrels. Therefore, it may not be ideal for self-defense purposes unless you’re within 20 yards of your target. However, it’s lightweight enough to carry in your purse or a holster for comfortable concealed carry purposes, making it an excellent gun for a younger shooter. 

Glock 43X Aesthetics

After Market

The 43X has a standard Picatinny rail to accommodate additional after-market accessories such as lights, laser sights, and other tactical equipment. In addition, the 43X also has a flared mag well that allows for the easier insertion of magazines into your weapon. This gun does not have any front serration on the slide, making it harder to press check without touching exploding cartridges, and this gun does not include a tool or key for adjusting the sights. The Glock 43X is an ideal pistol for anyone interested in concealed carry self-protection and who wants a lighter and slightly smaller weapon than the standard compact Glock model; those with small hands find it difficult to grip a larger gun and those who have difficulty racking the slide.


It’s also an excellent option for anyone looking for a lightweight concealable firearm that’s easy to carry as well as accurate enough at close distances for self-defense purposes. This firearm might be too small for comfortable shooting for those with large hands or those interested in using their Glock 43X as a primary weapon. Finding a holster that fits this gun can be challenging, but it will work with all Glock 43X Gen5 holsters.  There are a few concealed carry options available from Fobus, but you will need to buy the specific holster for each Glock model because each holster is molded for a specific gun. There are also universal holsters that can accommodate multiple models of handguns, and other companies make high-quality custom leather holsters that work well with the 9mm Glock 43X.


For the 43X, several companies make durable nylon holsters in most colors with reinforced stitching for fast draw capabilities. This gun also works well in most Glock 43X Gen 5 holsters, and some companies even offer affordable custom leather models with the correct cut for this firearm. Ankle holster options are available if you prefer to keep your handgun concealed at the ankle instead of on your hip. No matter which holster you choose, make sure it’s designed explicitly for Glock 43X Gen5 handguns because it has a few different design features compared to previous models.

Advantages of Glock 43X


Glock handguns have a reputation for being one of the safest, most reliable handguns on the market because they don’t rely on manual safeties. Instead, these guns are designed to be carried with a round chambered and will not fire unless the trigger is intentionally pulled.

Familiar Platform 

Since this gun is part of the Glock family, it’s designed with similar characteristics to other Glock models like the 42, which means that most owners of this gun will not need to spend much time learning how to operate their weapon before they can use it in an emergency.

Common Parts

Glocks are compatible with common parts like sights and mag releases because the platform is familiar to its users. Because this gun can use these common parts, it’s easy to find replacement parts for your Glock 43X if something breaks or you would just like a new sight or mag release.

Front Cocking Serrations 

Glock pistols have relatively smooth slides, making them a little harder to rack when compared to other models like 1911s or Smith & Wessons.  However, the 43X has front cocking serrations that make it easier to slide your hands up and down the barrel and pull back on the slide when loading and unloading.

Disadvantages of Glock 43X

Unique Magazines

The 43X comes with a specific model of Glock magazines that holds ten rounds of 9mm ammo. In addition, the 43X’s unique mags have a pinky rest which prevents your hand from slipping when you shoot. Unfortunately, after-market magazines may not fit properly in this gun and therefore could interfere with proper function.

Unique Holster

The 43X’s unique magwell makes it harder to holster your weapon, and therefore you may need a custom holster that has been designed for this specific model. The 43X is different than other Glocks because it does not have any front serrations on the slide and therefore also lacks the standard cut-out in the holster that allows for a front cocking serration.

Larger Than Competitors 

The 43X is more significant than similar pistols in its class because it has a pinky rest on the base of the magazine, which makes it slightly longer and harder to store discreetly. This gun weighs 26 ounces unloaded (about an ounce more than the 42), making it uncomfortable and harder to conceal.


Is the Glock 43X better than the 43?

No. The 43X is a slightly modified Glock 43 with a difference in grip size and the mag well. The 43x has a larger grip than the 43, which makes it more difficult for concealed carry.

Is the Glock 43X snappy?

The 43X has a snappy recoil that is not much different than other Glocks. However, this gun’s longer barrel does give it some advantage for long-distance shots.

Is the Glock 43X easy to conceal?

The 43X is heavier and longer than other Glocks, which makes it more difficult to conceal. However, this gun does have a lot of common parts with the 43, which makes it easier to find after-market holster options.

Can you pocket carry a Glock 43X?

No, the Glock 43X is too large for pocket carry. However, smaller Glocks like the 42 are more suitable for pocket carry.

Is Glock 43X double stack?

No.  The Glock 43X uses single stack magazines.


The 43X is a great gun, but because it’s larger and has a unique magazine, holster, and mag well, many shooters may be better off buying a Glock 43 before investing in the 43X. The 43X is similar to other Glocks, but it has unique characteristics that make it harder to store and more expensive. If you are looking for a Glock with a longer barrel, I recommend the 43X over the 42. However, for most shooters, the 43 will do just fine. We hope you find this Glock 43X helpful review.

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