Glock 43 Holster

A Glock 43 Holster provides protection for a single stack 9mm Glock 43 pistol. The pistol weighs less than a pound and has a small frame, which makes it easy to conceal. This gun is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse but big enough to handle daily carry easily. It’s also great for home defense, as the large magazine capacity allows you to shoot multiple rounds before reloading.

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Best Holster for Glock 43

Best Holster for Glock 43

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There is a wide selection of holsters for a Glock 43 in the market. The most common features for most of these holsters are a built-in retention device such as a trigger guard thumb break that prevents the gun from being snatched from the holster and a cut to allow an individual to access their weapon easily. It depends on your preference, but some great options in the market cost very little yet offer good performance.

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