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Glock 42 Review
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The Glock 42 is a new firearm aiming to make the user experience of handguns better. It aims to be reliable, accurate, and simple. Glock has certainly made headway in all three of these areas; however, some downsides keep it from being amazing. So let’s read the Glock 42 Review in detail.

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The Glock 42 is ideal for self-defense or concealed carry because of its size and weight. It’s small enough to conceal in any situation, even in cooler weather when wearing layers. The firearm comes with two magazines which allow for extra rounds in case one malfunctions during use. If you want something that will always work without fail, this might be it.

Features of Glock 42

Trigger and Shooter Experience

The Glock 42 is a single-action only firearm that has a five pound trigger pull. The trigger itself has very few complaints. It is nice and smooth, with no grit or sponginess whatsoever. Due to the design of the gun, there’s no way for it to be lightened, so take your time and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. The Glock 42 Review will be summarized as “a good trigger experience”. With a 5lb trigger, it is understandable that this pistol has a bit of a jump – but it’s not too bad at all. Considering the short barrel and single-action only trigger, the recoil is very manageable and easy to control.

Glock 42 Review Trigger and Shooter Experience

Grip and Textures

The grip of the Glock 42 is polymer, with checkered panels to provide a better grip when you’re holding it. It has a large beavertail that lets you get your hand up high, close to the bore. There are also some nice molded grooves on both sides towards the front of the gun that feels great against your fingers. The frame of the gun doesn’t have any other major features besides the texturing, but that’s fine.


It does seem to be a bit thinner than most Glocks, but it wasn’t too big of an issue for me since I was only shooting .380 ACP rounds anyways (which are relatively light). The slide is very similar to other models, with the same grooves and serrations. The rear sight of the Glock 42 is adjustable for windage, but unfortunately, there’s no front sight, so you may have issues when attempting to use this gun at closer distances.

Glock 42 Review Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

This gun is very small. Some manufacturers are calling it a pocket pistol, but I’d say it falls more under the category of “sub-compact”. It’s about the size of your palm, with an incredibly thin frame that makes for easy concealment. The gun’s overall length is only 5.94 inches long, and the barrel length is just over 3 inches. The height of the gun is a measly 4.13 inches tall, not including the sights. It weighs in at about 13 ounces, which is more or less average for a pistol of this size.  It’s very lightweight and easy to carry around, but you may find it heavy enough to mess with the handling characteristics depending on your preference.

Glock 42 Review Size and Weight


The Glock 42 holds six rounds of .380 ACP in its magazine, with one round already chambered. It’s incredibly easy to load this gun since the mag release is just a button you press on the side of the frame. You can completely shoot out all your ammo without ever removing the magazine. This reduces the stress on your magazine release and makes it much easier to load. The only downside is to reload since there isn’t a release on the other side of the gun for the slide. You have to pull back on the slide yourself, which can be a bit fiddly.


This also means that you have to remove your loaded mag before you can start loading again. Since the gun only holds six rounds, its capacity is pretty low compared to other sub-compacts out there. This isn’t an issue if you’re using this pistol for home defense or concealed carry since people generally only load one mag on their guns anyway. But if you want a quick reload on your backup gun, it can be a pain to load more than one at a time.

Glock 42 Review Capacity

Slide and Barrel

The Glock 42 has a very nice slide and barrel design, with high grip serrations on the front of the slide. The gun itself has some grooves cut out for better grip texture – something we all know and love from Glocks – but they aren’t as pronounced as other models like the Gen4s. The slide and barrel of the Glock 42 are pretty standard, with a few key differences. The gun itself has no fully-enclosed guide rod as most other Glocks have.


It does have one, but it isn’t covered by metal from muzzle to breach – meaning that there’s a gap between the leading edge of the slide and the front of the barrel. Even though it’s polymer, the frame makes up around 50% of the gun’s weight, which is something you don’t find in most Glocks. I guess they had to do this to make the weapon function without a guide rod and metal slide since it doesn’t manage recoil as well.

Glock 42 Review Slide and Barrel

Reliability and Maintenance

The Glock 42 is a very simple gun to clean and maintain, which is why it’s perfect for new owners. All you have to do is field strip the weapon ( then press this button on the side of the frame while pulling back on the slide, then release ), put some lube on all moving parts, reassemble it, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to take out the trigger assembly or anything like that to remove the slide, which reduces the chances of spring popping out and getting lost during cleaning. It’s a pretty streamlined process that you can learn how to do in just a few minutes.

Concealability and Durability

The Glock 42 has a very nice and sleek design that makes it perfect for concealed carry. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, which helps with precision since you don’t feel much recoil as other pistols. This gun was designed for small-handed people, but even those with average sized hands should use it with minimal difficulty. This gun has a lot of polymer in its design, but it’s made from extremely hard and durable stuff.


It can take a beating if you drop it on the ground or use it as a hammer without any problems (just kidding, don’t ever do that). The polymer is incredibly strong, and this pistol feels like it could last a lifetime. The Glock 42 has amazing durability and is incredibly reliable thanks to its polymer frame and simple design. You can expect this gun to work for you for years down the road with very few problems, if any at all. Just remember to keep it clean and lubed.

Advantages of Glock 42

The gun has a very sleek and attractive design that makes it perfect for concealed carry.


The polymer frame saves weight, which contributes to the recoil reduction of the weapon and its durability.


Maintenance is easy on this model, as you can simply strip it down without taking out any screws or doing anything complicated.


It’s a pretty accurate gun, and you can shoot it quickly once you get used to the shorter trigger pull.

Disdvantages of Glock 42

The capacity is very low compared to other sub-compacts that hold about twice as many rounds in their standard magazines.


You have to put six tiny rounds into one magazine and then load them all at once, which can be a pain if you’re in a tight spot and need to reload quickly.


The grip isn’t as good as other Glocks because the grooves aren’t as deep or pronounced. This means that those with bigger hands might adjust their hold on the weapon to get a better shot.


The trigger pull is shorter than other Glocks, which might be a problem for those with arthritis or who have problems pulling the trigger of other firearms.


The slide doesn’t have as much metal as you would see on other Glock models like the Gen4 series. This means that there’s less metal to help reduce the recoil and take a lot of damage.

Aftermarket Accessories of Glock 42

The Glock 42 is a very simple gun to customize, but there are a few aftermarket accessories you can buy for it if you want to add some flare. For example, you can buy a laser sight to mount under the barrel – but make sure it has a rail specifically for this device. It’s pretty small and compact, so there aren’t too many aftermarket sights or holsters that fit it well.


There are a few Glock 42 sights that you can buy for this gun if you want to get the best accuracy. This includes 6-inch replacement barrels, night sites, and other types of optic sights. Just make sure that any sight accessories are specifically made for the G42. This is because even though it’s a pretty popular pistol, there aren’t that many aftermarket accessories made for it yet.


The G42 has pretty nice grips, but you can always try out different types of accessories to make the gun more comfortable. Most people like having textured or rubberized grip panels that are designed specifically for this gun. Just keep in mind that some aftermarket parts may not be as durable or reliable as the original ones, so do your research before buying anything.


There are some lasers sights you can buy that have an integrated flashlight, but if you want your accessory for your G42, make sure it has a rail. You’ll need to make sure the holster you buy for this gun is designed to accommodate light because only some of them do.

Laser Grips

Laser grips are one of the best accessories you can add to your gun because they could save your life in a dangerous situation. If you’re going to buy this for your G42, make sure that they have a rail specifically designed for this gun, and get a holster made to accommodate a laser sight.

Extra Magazines

One of the best accessories you can buy for this gun is an extra magazine because it typically only comes with one. Make sure you buy a high-capacity magazine and not just any old brand because having extra ammo could mean the difference between life and death.

Magazine Pouch

You should always carry a spare magazine with you at all times, but this can be difficult if you don’t have a holster that accommodates it. Make sure the gun comes with a rail if you want to attach a light or laser sight – and then get a holster that’s designed for these accessories. It’s also important to make sure the holster is made for the gun itself.

Magazine Loader

If you tend to shoot a lot and want to save your thumb some pain, get a magazine loader. These aren’t too expensive and can make shooting more enjoyable when using high-capacity magazines.


Most holsters are designed to fit the Glock 17, so if you want one for your G42, make sure they are specifically made for this gun. Even though this is a subcompact model, you can still buy larger holsters with a pocket for the G42. Again, it’s best to get one designed specifically for this gun because holsters are one accessory you don’t want to skimp on. There are a lot of accessories you can buy for this gun, but most of them are pretty pricey. However, if it’s something you feel will make your life easier, make sure to get it because it could save your life someday down the road.


Is Glock 42 a good carry gun?

Yes, because it’s so small and compact. It’s the smallest gun Glock makes right now, but it also has some of the most reliable features you can find.

Can a Glock 42 shoot 9mm?

Yes, it can because this gun is chambered for 9mm caliber rounds. It’s a pretty small gun, so typically. You want to use lower caliber rounds in it.

Why is the Glock 380 illegal in US?

Because the .380 ACP cartridge is too small to be used in all states, if you’re trying to purchase this gun, it’s best to check the laws for your state before buying it online.

Which is better Glock 42 or 43?

It’s pretty much a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing between these two guns. They have the same size and weight, but one shoots .380 ACP while the other shoots 9mm. They both have different accessories you can buy for them, so keep that in mind before making your final choice.

What's the smallest Glock?

G42 is the smallest gun Glock produces right now, but they have smaller models in the history of this company. Some of their older guns were even more compact than this one, so if you want something really small, be sure to check out some of these along with the G43.

What is the strongest Glock?

Right now, G42 is the strongest Glock. This gun has the most reliable features and accessories you can choose from – although it’s not as strong as some of their previous models like G30 or G20.

Let’s read the comparisons of Glock pistols to find what should you buy: Glock 42 Vs 43 and Glock 42 Vs LCP. Also see review of Glock 43.


Glock 42 is one of the smallest and most reliable guns you can buy right now. If you like its design but aren’t sure if it’s worth getting, try to find it at a local gun store so you can personally test fire it to see what you think about this handgun. It’s a pretty small gun – but don’t let that extra weight fool you. It has some of the most reliable features you’ll find in a gun today. If you’re looking for something small but powerful, this is what you should buy. Thank You

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