Glock 34 Vs 17

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Glock 34


Glock 34 Vs 17

Specification Comparison and Reviews

In this article, the Glock 34 vs 17 will be discussed. These are two handguns that are highly similar in function and form but vary significantly in size.

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The Glock 17 and the Glock 34 are great handguns for home defense, shooting competitions, and concealed carry. Glock pistols are renowned for being extremely reliable, durable, accurate, and reasonably priced. There are many factors to consider, so read on to see which one is right for you.

Features of Glock 34 Vs 17

Grip and Textures

The Glock 17 is a full-size handgun while the Glock 34 has a slightly larger frame. The Glock 34’s grip features an extended beavertail and offers extra room for the shooting hand. If you have larger hands, it might feel more comfortable to you than the standard grip of the Glock 17, or if your hands get fatigued easily, the extended grip might be a good option. The Glock 34 also features a rough texture on the grip that provides superior traction in wet or sweaty conditions.


The texturing is located only in the grip areas where your hands will touch when you are holding it, making it much more comfortable to hold and shoot than other models. The standard model does not have the same texture, but it does still offer a comfortable grip. The grooves on the side of the 17’s grip allow you to grasp the firearm better when shooting with only one hand. Both of these models have interchangeable backstraps, so if the standard grip doesn’t quite fit your hand perfectly, you can simply change it out for one that does.

Size and Weight

After extended use, it can be quite a pain to carry a full-sized handgun. This is where the Glock 34 shines, as its slightly larger dimensions make it more suitable for concealed carry. The increase in size also makes shooting at both short and long distances much more accessible. The Glock 17 features an improved weight distribution that helps keep it from feeling front-heavy, while the Glock 34 retains the standard weight distribution. This makes no difference when shooting, but might be more comfortable for you to hold all day if you have a more petite frame. The Glock 17 and 34 are similar in size and weight, so neither should cause much of a problem.


The Glock 17 is 8.03 inches long and weighs 24.87 ounces unloaded, making it the smaller of the two pistols. The Glock 34 measures slightly more significant than another model at 8.82 inches long and 25.27 ounces unloaded. The height is the same for both of these models at 5.47 inches tall, and the width is with the slighter difference of 0.04 inches. The Glock 34 is the larger of the two handguns, but not by much. It has a few minor differences that might make it more comfortable for you to shoot or carry regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

Glock 34 Vs 17 Size and Weight

Stopping Power

When it comes to handguns, you deal with a lot less stopping power than with rifles or shotguns. Considering either of these models for home defense, this is not a huge issue as they both have enough rounds per magazine to neutralize an intruder. The Glock 17 has slightly more stopping power because the 9mm round is more significant, but the Glock 34 has a longer barrel to make up for its smaller round. The Glock 17 fires a 9mm bullet from its 4.49-inch barrel, while the Glock 34 aires a 9 mm from a slightly longer 5.31-inch barrel.


The increased stopping power of the larger bullet might be enough for you if you are looking for home defense. If you plan on shooting targets or hunting small games, then having more ammunition might be better for you. The Glock 17 and 34 have the same magazine capacity of 17 rounds and can be extended to 33 rounds using an extended magazine. You will be able to get more shots in before having to reload.

Safety Features

These handguns have an internal safety that prevents the firearm from firing without a magazine in place, and the Glock 34 has an additional set trigger safety. The standard model Glock 17 features three internal safeties; one to keep it from inadvertently firing, one from firing on semi-auto by accident, and one to block the trigger. The Glock 34 also features three internal safeties, but they are slightly different. The first one prevents the gun from firing without a magazine in place and has been moved to the top of the grip so it can still be activated when you pull down on the slide.


The second safety is an additional set trigger safety, so if someone were to grab your firearm and pull back on the trigger, it would not fire. The Glock 34 and 17 both have an improved safety feature that you might like if you prefer to carry a fully loaded firearm. The increased number of safeties makes these models slightly safer when carrying cocked and locked.

Glock 34 Vs 17 Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Having a well-placed slide lock is essential when you are trying to load or unload your handgun. You will have to release the slide on top of the Glock 34, so it has moved the magazine release in line with the trigger guard for easier access. The location of both controls remains unchanged on the Glock 17, which was one of the easiest to operate. The slide lock and magazine release are placed in almost identical locations on both models of the Glock, which makes them easy to use regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

The only difference is that the slide release was moved from underneath the frame to above the 34 models. If you like shooting a compact handgun, you might want to look for a model with a slide release on the left side of the frame. This is not a safety issue as they can still be used by pushing it from above, but some people will have an easier time using the slide release that has been designed to work with their dominant hand.

Glock 34 Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The triggers have been improved on both of these models as it has been moved back and now features a more oversized trigger guard. The standard Glock 17 trigger will require you to pull the trigger straight back, but with the 34 models, you can choose whether or not you would like to use the newer pivoting trigger mechanism. The main change on these triggers is that they are smaller to accommodate the larger trigger guard.


The Glock 17 trigger is still long, but it’s much shorter than on previous models, so you get fewer accidental shots fired when your finger rests on the trigger guard. The Glock 34 has a pivoting trigger design that some shooters like and some don’t. If you prefer the standard straight-back trigger, then this might be an excellent option for you. You can also adapt your shooting style to the newer trigger mechanism because it’s lighter than the standard one.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil and muzzle flip is more manageable on the Glock 34 than it is on the 17. The recoil is less noticeable so that you can get back on target faster, and with fewer shots, strong side slows fire will be possible without pain in your wrist. The Glock 34 has a slightly heavier frame than the 17, but the larger slide design makes it possible to shoot faster without as much muzzle flip. The added weight does not make as much difference as you might think, as the 34 still weighs less than a pound more than the 17, but the slide has been redesigned and is now made from stainless steel instead of carbon steel.


The Glock 34 and 17 both do an excellent job at reducing the recoil when you are shooting at a rapid pace, but they still have more kick than similar handguns with the same caliber. Shooting strong side slow fire will be much easier on your wrist if you choose to carry one of these models because it won’t hurt as much after you take a few rounds down.


These models can be concealed in the same type of holster, but the Glock 17 is easier to conceal. The shorter length and height combine with a slimmer design, making it ideal for people who want something easy to carry all day long without wearing bulky clothing. The 34 model is longer than the 17, which gives you the option of shooting 9mm caliber rounds without worrying too much about over-penetration.


The increased size also makes it practical to use if you are looking for a larger pistol that can be used outdoors or in-home defense situations. The one size fits all approach can be a benefit or a hindrance depending on the user. It’s easier to conceal either of these models, but if you need something longer and heavier to shoot outdoors, it might not be ideal for your needs.


Both models have been highly reliable, but the Glock 34 has improved under heavy use. The longer width and a slightly heavier frame make it a better choice for people carrying all day long because it can still be comfortable even if you are wearing something tight or with minimal padding. The Glock 17 has been known sometimes to feel uncomfortable wearing something tight because it still has a small handle.


The 17 is easier to conceal, but the 34 will be much more reassuring in the long run if you need a handgun that will operate flawlessly without any issues at all under heavy use. If having an easy to conceal gun is your top priority, then go with the G17. If you want something more comfortable to carry all day long, then go with the G34.


Both models hold well under heavy use, but the Glock 34 is more durable than the 17. The 34 is made from a heavier material. It also has a longer life expectancy than the 17, so it’s easier to see yourself carrying this model for twenty or thirty years without needing to replace it. The G17 also has a long life expectancy, but not as long as the 34. You can expect to get more use out of this model since it is lighter. Still, the more extended width and slightly heavier frame make it a better choice if you are highly active or plan on using your handgun for heavy-duty scenarios that require reliability under all conditions.

After Market Accessories - Glock 34 Vs 17

There is a wide variety of aftermarket accessories and parts available for the Glock 17 and 34, but not all are created equally.  Some parts may fit a G17, but they won’t always be a perfect match for a G34, so you need to pay close attention when shopping.


The original Glock sights are made of plastic, but the higher-end models come with metal sights that offer better durability and improved accuracy. Some people prefer to keep their Glock simple without adding extra parts, which is why the essential plastic sights work well for most users. You can also choose to install custom night sights or other aftermarket types of sights. It’s all up to you and your personal preferences, which is one of the main reasons these models are so versatile in aftermarket parts and upgrades.


The G17 is known for having a unique frame that can install a laser sight easily. You don’t have to remove any parts, just screw the laser into place, and you are ready to go! The G34 does not have this option, but you can still use an aftermarket laser if you know what you are doing. The Glock 34 is a bit more complicated to install, but it offers better results if you are looking for something that will improve accuracy. The laser options for the G34 are also more robust than what you will find with other models. It can take a lot of punishment without having any issues, so it still has an advantage even though you have to take more time and effort into adding this option.


You can install a tactical flashlight on either model, but the smaller size of the G17 makes it easier to go with this setup without having any problems. This is one of those features that you don’t have to use all day long if you don’t want to, so it’s still easy enough to conceal even if you have something large and bulky attached to the front of your handgun. You can also install a flashlight on the G34. Still, you can do it with aftermarket parts, and there are also some universal accessories that you may be able to use if you know how to modify them appropriately.


You can install custom grips to give yourself a better grip or add some slip resistance when it gets wet or sweaty. Some people add deep grooves to the grip, making it easier for you to maintain your hold if you are struggling or starting to lose traction during longer sessions. The bottom line is that both models will benefit from customizing the grip, so you have more control over how it feels when shooting under different conditions. It’s something to consider if you plan on using the gun for self-defense, sometimes in adverse conditions.

Magazine Pouches

You may want to invest in a custom magazine holster or pouch if you plan on using this handgun for concealed carry. It’s going to give you more options when it comes to holstering the weapon and putting it away, but also another way of carrying extra magazines. Extra mags are always a good idea since they can come in handy during an emergency if you find yourself facing off with several opponents. With the right holster, you can also attach your extra magazine to your belt, so it’s easy to get your handgun reloaded on the fly without having to risk re-holstering. This is especially useful for carrying multiple weapons since you don’t have any time to waste when numerous threats are present.


You can easily find a holster to fit either model, which is one of the reasons why Glock handguns are so popular. The Glock 17 has been out for a more extended time, but it still fits in holsters meant for the G34. It’s not an exact match, but you can find holsters that do the job, and it’s still easy to conceal either of these handguns even though they are more significant than some of the other options. The G17 is also compatible with holsters designed for the G22, so you can choose from several different choices without worrying about finding an exact match.


If you run into any issues with a specific model, there are plenty of other options to choose from that will work just as well or even better if they match your needs and preferences. It’s essential to find the right balance of cost versus performance versus durability when it comes to choosing an aftermarket accessory for your Glock 34 handgun. Here is an example for both of the models, Glock 34 and 17:

CYTAC OWB Paddle Holster

The CYTAC OWB Paddle Holster is an outstanding product used with Glock 34 and Glock 17. The holster has a skidproof stripe, which prevents the holder from sliding around on surfaces. The paddle holster can be adjusted to fit all sizes of handguns. It also has an adjustable retention pressure, so the gun will not fall out when turned upside down or shaken hard.


The CYTAC OWB Paddle Holster is a Level II Retention holster designed for concealed carry but can be worn anywhere. The OWB paddle holsters are made of military-grade polymer materials and will not break or wear over time. When you draw your weapon, the retention system automatically locks onto the trigger guard, so there is no need to adjust your grip while pulling your gun.


The two models are pretty similar, but the G34 has more customization options. The only difference in the model is at the end of the barrel where it says “Glock 34,” which you can cover up if you prefer.

A laser sight can be beneficial for beginners since it makes the weapon easier to use. They’re not very expensive, and they work on most handguns, so upgrading your Glock is a good idea if you plan on using yours for self-defense purposes.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you can afford the accessory, then go ahead and invest in one that matches your specific needs.

If you have the right holster, it doesn’t matter what you plan on using your handgun for. Whether it’s a Glock 34 or 17, they both have a purpose and can be used for self-defense or concealed carry.


The Glock 34 vs 17 are both powerful weapons that can take down your opponent with a single shot. They’re famous for good reason since they’re affordable, durable, and easy to use, although you’ll have to customize the grip if you want better control over the gun. If you plan on carrying it as a self-defense weapon or using it as a concealed carry piece, then it’s a good idea to get a holster that will give you access to extra magazines.


That way, you can reload on the fly without having to put the weapon away if necessary. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what model of Glock 34 or 17 you buy, as long as they’re appropriately customized to fit your needs and preferences. ThatS way, you can enjoy the weapon for years to come without having to worry about it ever failing you.

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