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The Glock 31 is a .357 caliber, a high-capacity variant of the ever-popular Glock 22. The Glock 31 is similar in design to other super-compact Glocks, with polymer frame construction and accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers. In this Glock 31 review and price article, we will explore the features of this gun in detail.

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The Glock 31 was introduced as a high-capacity alternative to the original Glock 22. It was originally designed for the Italian military, who were looking for a gun that could handle the powerful cartridge.  Currently, Glock 31 is popular among law enforcement officers and civilians alike. It offers superior firepower in a small, lightweight package. The .357 SIG cartridge is more powerful than the 9mm round, yet it is still manageable for everyday carry.

Features and Specifications - Glock 31 Review

Originally designed for military uses, the Glock 31 is a powerful and versatile handgun. With its double-stack magazine, the Glock 31 can hold up to 15 rounds of .357 SIG ammunition. It also features a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories such as lights or lasers. Despite its size, the Glock 31 is a powerful weapon. It is just as accurate and reliable as other Glocks, yet it offers better firepower than most pistols in its class.

Grip and Textures

The Glock 31 has a standard Glock grip, which most shooters find comfortable and easy to use. The grip is textured to facilitate a firm hold, even when firing rapidly. The texturing on the grip ensures that the gun will not slip out of your hand, even in wet or icy conditions. The texturing also ensures that the gun has good traction, which improves accuracy. 

Glock 31 Price and Review Grip and Textures


The Glock 31 comes standard with white-dot sights, which makes it easy to aim in all lighting conditions. The sights on the Glock 31 are fixed and do not adjustable. However, there is no need for adjustable sights, as the white-dot sights are accurate enough for most shooting situations.

Trigger Mechanism

The Glock 31 has a typical Glock trigger, which is both smooth and responsive. The trigger pull is about 28N. The trigger pulls the weight of 28N usually giving shooters more control when firing rapidly. The pull is smooth and not spongy as it is with some pistols. It relies on trigger safety for preventing accidental discharges. This makes the gun easier to use by users who are accustomed to guns lacking manual safeties.

Glock 31 Price and Review Trigger Mechanism

Slide Stop Mechanism

The slide stop mechanism on the Glock 31 is a standard Glock design. It is easy to use and reliable. The slide locks open when the magazine is empty, which makes it easier to field-strip and clean the gun. The slide stop allows you to lock the slide open or release it with your thumb. It is easy to reach, making it easy to release the slide with either hand.

Glock 31 Price and Review Trigger Slide Stop Mechanism


The Glock 31 is designed to fire the .357 SIG cartridge. This cartridge offers superior firepower and accuracy than most other pistol cartridges. It also delivers more energy than the 9mm round, making it a good choice for self-defense or law enforcement applications. The Glock 31 is available in both standard and extended magazines sizes. The standard magazine for this gun can hold 15 rounds, while the extended version can hold 16 rounds. Due to its power, the Glock 31 is more accurate at long ranges than most other subcompact handguns.

Magazine Release Buttons

There is one magazine release button on the left side of the gun. It is large and easy to access, making it a good option for shooters with limited mobility in their hands.

The magazine release button is designed to be easy to use, even when your hands are wet or icy. It can also be activated with your thumb, making it possible to reload the gun one-handed.

Glock 31 Price and Review Magazine Release Buttons

Size and Dimensions

The Glock 31 measures 8.03 inches in length, 5.47 inches in height, and 1.26 inches in width. It weighs in at 23.28 ounces unloaded. Due to its size, the Glock 31 is a good choice for concealed carry or home defense. The Glock 31 is a powerful .357 SIG handgun that offers shooters superior firepower and accuracy.

Line of Sight

With the Glock 31, you can line up your sights quickly and easily because they are white-dotted. This makes it easier to aim in all lighting conditions, including bright sunlight.

Trigger Distance and Safety

 Glock pistols have a smooth trigger with a pull at around 28 Newtons. This pull is shorter and lighter than on most other handguns which makes it easier to fire rapidly. 

The gun relies on Trigger Safety for this, which is standard on all Glocks.  This helps make the gun easier and safer to use for users who are already familiar with firearms that do not have manual safeties.

Glock 31 Price and Review Trigger Distance and Safety

Advantages - Glock 31 Review


The Glock 31 is designed with some safety features, including trigger safety and manual frame-mounted safety. These are standard on all Glocks and are useful for people who are not familiar with guns that have additional safeguards on the grip or slide.  The frame-mounted safety feature prevents accidental discharges if dropped. It also makes it safe to carry the gun without a manual thumb safety. 

Ease of Use

The Glock 31 is also easy to use, with a simple design that does not require any special knowledge or training. The gun is easy to field strip and clean, and all the controls are easy to reach and operate. 

Powerful Cartridge

The .357 SIG cartridge offers more power than most other handguns, making it a good choice for self-defense, law enforcement, or hunting applications. The Glock 31 is also available in an extended magazine size, which can hold 16 rounds of ammunition. This makes the gun more versatile and able to handle a wider variety of situations.

Reliability and Durability

The Glock 31 is a reliable and durable gun that can handle extended use without any problems. It has been tested in the most extreme conditions, and it continues to perform well. 

Barrel Length

The barrel on the Glock 31 is 4.49 inches long, which makes it a good choice for concealed carry or home defense. With its short barrel and lightweight, the Glock 31 can be easily carried in a holster or bag.

Low Parts Count

Glock pistols are designed with a low parts count, meaning that few things can go wrong with them. This makes them reliable and easy to maintain.

Standard Glock Design

The Glock 31 uses a standard Glock design, which means that it is easy to use and reliable. It also has several features that make it easier to use.

Takedown is Easy

Takedown of the Glock 31 is simple. This makes it possible to clean and maintain your gun without using specialty tools.


The slide on the gun is designed to move smoothly and not get caught on anything. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the gun. The Glock 31 is also coated with a tough finish that helps protect it from scratches and corrosion.


The Glock 31 is accurate, with a maximum effective range. This makes the gun suitable for hunting or self-defense. This also makes it easy to use in most tactical situations.

Use by Law Enforcement

The Glock 31 is used by law enforcement agencies around the world because of its reliability and power. It offers shooters superior firepower and accuracy. With its lightweight design, it can be easily carried and used in several situations.

Disadvantages - Glock 31 Review


The Glock 31 comes with a price tag of around $650. This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually in line with the prices of other high-quality handguns on the market. When you consider all that this gun has to offer, the Glock 31 is definitely worth the price.

Style of Shooting

The Glock 31 is designed like other Glocks, which means it has a double-action trigger that’s heavy on the pull. This may be an inconvenience for those who prefer guns with lighter triggers or single-action triggers.

Aftermarket Accessories - Glock 31 Review

Manual Thumb Safety

While the Glock 31 does not have a manual thumb safety, some shooters prefer guns that do. Luckily, aftermarket accessories like this are available for the Glock 31. This is a personal preference and does not affect the performance of the gun.

Pistol Light

The Glock 31 does not come with a built-in light, which can be an inconvenience for shooters who want one. There is an aftermarket option is available and fits on the front of your slides. This helps you see and identify your target in the dark. A light kit is also available for the Glock 31, which offers an accessory rail for attaching a high-output flashlight.


Custom grips are available for the Glock 31 that provide shooters with more control, especially if they have larger hands. These are easy to install and can be found at most gun stores.

Sound Suppressor

Sound suppressors are available for the Glock 31. These attach to the barrel and help reduce muzzle noise, allowing you to take more accurate shots in a tactical situation.


The standard sights on the Glock 31 have luminescent dots that glow when exposed to light. This makes them easy to see in low-light conditions. However, some shooters prefer sights with a different style or color. There are several aftermarket sight options available for the Glock 31.

Magazine Pouch 

A magazine pouch can attach to your belt or pocket, which allows you to carry additional magazines for your Glock 31. This gives shooters the option of carrying two magazines instead of just one.

Slide Carrier Stop

This accessory reduces friction between the slide and carrier stop when it comes time to rack the slide back. This reduces the amount of wear on the slide and prevents the gun from jamming.


The Glock 31 is compatible with several different holster styles, including belt holsters and inside-the-waistband holsters. This makes it easy for shooters to carry and conceal their handguns.

Holster for Glock 31

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Belt Loop and Paddle Holster For Glock

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This holster is designed to fit the Glock 31 and offers several features that make it a good choice for shooters. It’s made from tough, durable materials and can withstand extended use.  The holster also has a paddle attachment that makes it easy to put on and take off. It’s also adjustable, so you can get a good fit. The design of the holster allows you to draw your gun quickly. It also includes a locking system that helps secure the weapon in place.



The Glock 31 is a solid choice for shooters who want a high-quality handgun. It offers a comfortable grip and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to shoot, even for people who are not used to shooting guns. If you want a gun with great accuracy and power, this may be your best bet.  If you plan on purchasing this handgun, make sure you check its features and functions before making a purchase. In this way, you will ensure that you’re getting a product that fits your needs. You can use this Glock 31 Review article to make an informed decision. 

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