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If you’re looking for a reliable and effective concealed carry weapon, the Glock 30 might be just what you need. This handgun has a long history of use by law enforcement and civilians alike and is sure to serve you well in any situation. Let’s get started with the Glock 30 Price and Review and learn more about it.

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In the late 1990s, the Glock 30 was introduced as a compact .45 caliber pistol. Designed for people with smaller hands, the Glock 30 is also lighter and shorter than other pistols in its class. This gun is perfect for concealed carry and also has low recoil, making it easy to shoot.  The Glock 30 is very reliable and accurate and can be used for self-defense or target shooting. This gun can hold up to thirteen rounds and has several safety features that are essential for daily use. Below you will find more information about this weapon.

Features and Specifications - Glock 30 Review

It is designed for  concealed carry. The Glock 30 is a small and lightweight .45 caliber pistol. It’s perfect for those with smaller hands or who need a lighter weapon for concealed carry. This gun has a ten-round magazine capacity, and also features Glock’s Safe Action system which makes it very safe to use. It also has low recoil, making it easy to shoot for anyone.

Grip and Textures

The grip on the Glock 30 is relatively small but still allows for a good grip on the gun. It features an integrated beavertail, that helps prevent the gun from sliding up into your wrist during use. This helps ensure that you will always have a good grip on your weapon. The Glock 30 comes with an integrated polymer frame that features built-in finger grooves.


These provide a more comfortable grip and also help you to maintain a solid grip on the gun even when your hands are sweaty or wet. This handgun is also designed with texture on the front and back straps of the handle to allow for better gripping. This is especially important when firing a .45 caliber weapon, as the recoil can be quite strong. On its side, the Glock 30 has the traditional Glock rails which allow you to attach a light or laser for better aim.

Glock 30 Grip and Textures

Trigger Mechanism

The Glock 30’s trigger mechanism is also the same as other Glock pistols. It has a 28N trigger pull, which is relatively light for a handgun. This makes it easier to fire accurately, even in stressful situations. The Glock 30 is an excellent choice for concealed carry and self-defense. With its lightweight and compact design, accuracy and reliability, and its safe and easy to use trigger mechanism and safety features, it is a great option for any user.

Glock 30 Trigger Mechanism

Slide Stop Mechanism

The Slide Stop Mechanism on the Glock 30 is a traditional Glock design. It is made of metal and is located on the left side of the gun. It is used to hold the slide back when the last round in the magazine has been fired. This mechanism can be easily operated with your thumb, and helps keep the gun from jamming when you need it most. If the slide does get jammed, it is easy to disengage and use to release the magazine. The Slide Stop Mechanism also serves as a reloading aid. To reload the Glock 30, you can simply press the Slide Stop Lever to release the slide and then insert a new magazine. You can also use the Slide Stop Lever to lock the slide open for inspection or cleaning.

Glock 30 Slide Stop Mechanism


The Glock 30 is designed to use .45 ACP ammunition. This ammo is powerful and reliable, and perfect for self-defense situations. It also has a low recoil, making it easy to shoot for anyone. Glock offers a variety of ammunition for the Glock 30, including defensive rounds, target rounds and practice rounds. These can be purchased in bulk, and are very affordable.

Magazine Release Buttons

The Magazine Release Button on the Glock 30 is located on the left side of the gun, just behind the trigger. It is easy to operate with your thumb, and can be used to quickly release the magazine from the gun. It can be quickly used to release the magazine from the gun when firing. This way it allows you to keep your index finger on the trigger, and makes it easier to fire accurately. If you need to quickly reload your gun, instead of racking the slide you can simply press the button to release the magazine. Then replace it with a full one and keep firing without having to take time to rack the slide. This feature is especially useful for shooting in stressful situations .

Glock 30 Magazine Release Buttons


The Glock 30 is designed in traditional Glock style. It features both front and rear slide serrations that provide a sure grip when racking the slide, which makes it easier to load or reload your weapon rapidly. The Glock 30 also has a traditional polymer frame and the same small beavertail as other Glocks. This allows it to sit comfortably in your hand, even for long periods of time, without causing any skin irritation or slipping either. The frame comes with a built-in accessory rail. This lets you easily attach accessories like flashlights without having to use any tools or special mounts.  The Glock 30 is available in both matte and shiny finishes, so you can choose the look that best suits you. It also comes with interchangeable backstraps to better fit your hand.

Glock 30 Aesthetics

Line of Sight

The line of sight makes it easy to keep your target in the center without having to worry about aiming too high or too low. The sights on the Glock 30 are fixed, and not adjustable. However, they are very accurate and easy to see. The front sight is a white dot, while the rear sight is a U-notch design. The rear sight has a horizontal bar in the middle, which makes it easier to aim because you can quickly line up your target in the center. This also helps prevent accuracy issues caused by aiming too low or high.

Glock 30 Line of Sight

Size and Dimensions

The Glock 30 is the smallest and lightest .45 ACP Glock that is available. It measures 6.97 inches in length, 4.80 inches in height including the magazine and 1.38 inches in width. It weighs just 20.28 ounces unloaded, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The Glock 30 is also very easy to conceal. It can be easily carried in a pocket, or inside a waistband holster. It is also comfortable to carry in this way, and will not cause any noticeable printing. It is very compact, which makes it perfect for those who need a gun that is easy to conceal and carry.

Trigger Distance and Safety

The trigger pull on the Glock 30 is short and light, which helps prevent accuracy issues. It also has a safety that comes built into the gun that prevents it from firing when dropped or mishandled. Trigger pull distance for the Glock 30 is 2.85 inches, which makes it easy to fire quickly. The trigger itself is smooth and rounded, which makes it easy to pull without accidentally pulling it too far and firing a shot you did not want. Users report that trigger pull is smooth from the beginning to the end of its movement, which makes it even easier to fire quickly . For safety purposes, the Glock 30 has a drop safety that activates when the gun is dropped. This prevents the gun from firing even if it is dropped or mishandled, and makes it perfect for tactical situations.

Glock 30 Trigger Distance and Safety

Advantages - Glock 30 Review


Glock 30 weighs 30.16 oz which is almost half of what other full sized .45 ACP pistols weigh.

Stainless Steel Slide

The Glock 30 has a stainless steel slide that makes it very durable and helps prevent rusting or other corrosion.


The grip on the Glock 30 is very ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for users of all different hand sizes to hold.


The size and weight of this pistol make it perfect for those who need a gun that is easy to conceal and carry. Easy to conceal and carry.


This gun is available in both matte and shiny finishes, the Glock 30 can be customized to fit your individual style. It also comes with interchangeable backstraps to better fit your hand.

Quick Reloads

The Glock 30 magazine holds 10 rounds, which makes it easy to reload quickly during a tactical situation.

Disadvantages - Glock 30 Review

Limited Capacity

The Glock 30 only holds 10 rounds in its standard magazine, which may not be enough for some users.

Prone to Jamming

Some users have reported that the Glock 30 is prone to jamming, especially when using certain types of ammo.


The price of this handgun  ranges from $550-$700, which may be a little too expensive for some users.

Aftermarket Accessories - Glock 30 Review

There is a wide variety of Glock 30 accessories that are available to customize your handgun. These include sights, barrels, triggers, slides and more. You can also find holsters and grips for the Glock 30 that will fit your individual style.


The Glock 30 is available in both a matte and shiny finish, depending on your preference. It also comes with interchangeable backstraps to better fit your hand size.


Glock 30 aftermarkets also include grips that can be added to your handgun. that can be added to your handgun. These include curved triggers, skeletonized triggers and more.

Magazine Extender

If you have larger hands, there are Glock 30 aftermarkets that include magazine extenders. These extend the grip on your gun to make it easier for users with larger hands to hold.

Mag Pouches

There are also a variety of Glock 30 aftermarkets that include different types of pouches and speed loaders. These accessories can give you quick access to your ammunition during tactical situations.

Gun Safe

You can also find a variety of gun safes that are designed specifically to fit the Glock 30. Use these safes to protect your handgun from theft or damage during storage, transport or long periods of inactivity.


Sights are another popular aftermarket for the Glock 30. You can find a variety of different sights that include night sights, fiber optic sights and more.

Customization Kit

If you want even more aftermarket options, there are also kits that include several different Glock 30 accessories. These attach easily to your handgun and allow you to customize it exactly how you like.


There are a wide variety of holsters available for the Glock 30. This includes traditional and IWB (inside waistband) holsters in different shapes and sizes. Users should carefully examine reviews before purchasing a holster, since not all will fit this model. This IWB holster is perfect for fast handgun concealment. This holster is made of high quality cowhide and has a thickness of at least 0.1 inches. The IWB leather holster has double reinforced stitching, which means that it is more durable than other holsters on the market today and double sutures are used at the front and rear ends of the suture. The holster is sturdy and will protect your pistol well, plus it’s comfortable to wear. Plus, our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty make it a risk-free purchase. There are many different aftermarkets for the Glock 30, so you will have no problem customizing your handgun to fit your individual style.


What are aftermarket?

Aftermarkets are accessories that can be attached to a specific gun model in order to customize it. These accessories include triggers, slides, barrels and more. Aftermarkets generally allow users to personalize their guns through different colors or styles of the same part. 

What is the magazine capacity of Glock 30?

The magazine of the Glock 30 has a capacity of 10 rounds. It is also compatible with 9 and 13 round magazines.

What are the dimensions of Glock 30?

The overall length of this handgun is 6.97 inches, while the width is 1.38 inches and the height is 4.80 inches. The gun weighs 30.16 ounces before it is loaded with ammunition.

Is the Glock 30 easy to conceal?

The size of this handgun makes it very easy to conceal. It is small, lightweight and compact so it can easily be hidden under clothes or in a holster.

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All in all, the Glock 30 is an excellent choice for those who need a handgun that is small, light and easy to conceal. It has a short trigger pull distance and safety that prevents it from firing when dropped or mishandled. Among the best all-around handguns, the Glock 30 is a great choice.  With its high level of reliability, durability, and customization, it is the perfect pistol for any shooter. We hope you found this Glock 30 Price and Review helpful. 

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