Glock 26 Vs 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Glock 26


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Glock 26 Vs 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Two prevalent variants of the Glock lineup are the Glock 19 and the Glock 26. Both are essentially sub-compact handguns, which makes them ideal for concealed carry. The standard capacity of the Glock 19 is 15 rounds, while its little brother, the Glock 26, has a 10 round capacity. A few factors to consider when choosing between Glock 26 vs 19 are price, capacity, and concealment. We will explore these factors in detail to give you a better understanding of both firearms discussed.

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Introduction to Glock 19

The Glock 19, the larger of the two models, is a semi-automatic pistol. It is widely used by various law enforcement agencies and military forces worldwide. According to Glock itself, the G19 is the most popular handgun it makes. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because it’s a standard-issue sidearm for many law enforcement agencies.

Introduction to Glock 26

The G26 is Glock’s sub-compact pistol that uses the exact locked breech mechanism found in full-size Glocks. Like most other Glock pistols, it has a trigger safety, integrated frame rail for mounting lights or laser sights, and an ambidextrous magazine release button.

Features of Glock 26 Vs 19

Glock 26 and Glock 19 are prevalent guns primarily because of their compact size. The main attraction about the Glock 26 vs. 19 is that they belong to one of the most trusted gun brands in the world. The Glock 19 vs. 26 debate goes back and forth depending on the viewpoint of the people involved. Some firearm experts choose to go with the G26, while others go with the G19. Both variants will always give you accuracy, reliability, and outstanding performance. However, there is a world of difference between them in terms of features that we will explore further.


The G26 is about 8 ounces lighter than the G19. This lightweight feature gives it an edge when doing concealed carry.

Weight Of glock 19

G26 is also smaller and easier to conceal, although the difference isn’t big enough for you to notice.

Weight Of glock 26


The length of the G26 is 4.49 inches, while its bigger brother, the G19, has a length of 5.04 inches. The overall length doesn’t matter much anyway because you will always carry them concealed unless you buy one for home defense. However, it may be an issue if you are planning to do competitions with these guns. The G19 is a bit longer than the G26. This feature may not be a disadvantage for most people because it will still fit your hand perfectly and allow you to reach the trigger without adjusting your grip comfortably.

Length Of glock 26 vs 19

Barrel Length

The barrel length of the Glock 26 is 3.42 inches, while that of the G19 is 4.02 inches. It may seem like a big difference, but it isn’t as much as you think. Most people will find the shorter barrel length to be more convenient for everyday use. The extra few millimeters don’t make a lot of difference in shooting. The slightly longer barrel of the Glock 19 allows it to produce more incredible muzzle velocity than the G26. It means that your bullets will go further and hit harder–which is particularly important if you use them for home defense.

Barrel Length Of glock 26 vs 19


The Glock 26 has a standard capacity of 10 rounds, while the G19 has 15 rounds. It won’t be an issue for most people because you will probably only carry one extra magazine or two at maximum anyways. However, if you plan to do any competitions with these guns, this may pose an issue.

Price and Warranty

The Glock 26 is the cheapest of the two, while the G19 costs just about $100 more. You can negate this price difference if you are planning to buy accessories for both guns. Nonetheless, it is still something that you should consider when choosing between Glock 19 vs. 26. Of course, being a Glock, both guns come with their legendary limited lifetime warranty.


Glock 19 has a standard rear sight, while on Glock 26, there is a more sophisticated Novak style rear sight. Both have pros and cons, but the more popular one is the standard sight on the Glock 19. The rear sights on Glock 19 are standard, while the G26 has Novak style adjustable rear sight. The problem with most factory set sights is that they don’t work well with most people. However, if you know how to adjust it correctly, this will not be an issue. Some shooters prefer having an adjustable rear sight so they can set it depending on different lightings.

Sights Of glock 26 vs 19

Magazine capacity

Glock 26 has a 10 round magazine capacity, while on Glock 19, it is 15 rounds. Capacity is directly proportional to the weight of your gun, which means that 20 rounds on G26 will make it heavier than G19. For concealed carry purposes, ten rounds are more than correctly. You also need to consider that G19 uses the classic high capacity double stacked magazine, which is longer than G26’s single stack magazine. That said, both can take up to 30 rounds of magazines with some minor fitting adjustments.

Magazine Capacity Of glock 26 vs 19


Most shooters prefer the Glock 19 as a home defense gun. It is probably because of its larger grip and the longer barrel and sight radius. It is more comfortable to hold and shoot than smaller G26–both in weight, size, and length. For concealed carry, most people prefer Glock 26 because it is easier to hide and lighter. Some shooters prefer having a longer barrel and sight radius for more accuracy, while others prefer a shorter, lighter gun that they can easily hide. It may be due to personal preference, but it will also depend on your intended use. For example, if you want something for home defense, Glock 19 is better than Glock 26 because it is more accurate and has a better grip. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will provide easier conceal carry, G26 is better than G19 because it isis lighter and shorter.


The larger grip of the Glock 19 makes it easier to hold and shoot accurately. Its longer barrel also contributes to increased accuracy (provided that you are not wearing high capacity magazine).

Trigger Pull    

The trigger pull on both models is pretty much the same: 5.5 lbs of pressure for a single action and 4.4 lbs for a double-action shot. The trigger pull is one aspect that has been criticized on some G26 models as it feels spongy due to the connector bar having too much spring tension causing it to extend further than most other pistols with such short trigger bars. Since this is a safety issue, Glock now offers replacement parts for those with models that exhibit this problem.

Trigger Pull Of glock 26 vs 19


Glock 19 has better ergonomics, especially if it is equipped with an extended slide release and magazine catch. In addition to this, you can add a better grip texture on the Glock 19. On G26, most people feel that its round butt is not very attractive. It does not fit the grip when you hold the gun in your shooting hand. Some shooters feel that G26’s ergonomics are better because it is lighter, but this will depend on your preference.

Trigger Reset

Glock 26 has a shorter trigger reset which is very helpful when firing accurately. You can pull the trigger, but it will not fire because you are in the middle of a follow-up shot with a reduced trigger reset. This feature allows for quicker and more accurate firing.

Concealment Factor

While both models are compact, the G26 can be seen as more of a pocket pistol. It carries ten rounds in the magazine compared to 15 rounds of its bigger brother. The shorter barrel length makes it ideal for carrying around in your waistband with little chance of printing (printing occurs when the outline of an object is visible through clothing) even while wearing tighter clothing. The G26 is an excellent choice for those who want something compact and easy to conceal for everyday carry. However, if carrying concealed is not your priority and you want more rounds than the standard 10 round magazine can provide, then go with the G19. If you are looking at concealed carry purposes and want to save some money, go for the Glock 26. However, if the home defense is your priority, consider getting the G19 because of its larger magazine capacity.

Concealment Factor Of glock 26 vs 19

Best Holster for Glock 26 Vs 19

The Glock 26 and Glock 19 is considered to be subcompact handgun. Its smaller size makes it more comfortable for users with small hands to hold and shoot accurately. An added advantage of their compact size is that they can easily fit inside most concealed carry holders such as the ankle, back, and shoulder holsters. For those of you who are looking for the best holster, this is it.

Aomago Belly Band Unisex Holster for Concealed Carry Fits Glock 26, 19

Aomago Belly Band holster is one of the most comfortable holsters that you can buy. It measures 9 x 12 inches, and its wide elastic band secures your weapon firmly. It also comes with a bonus magazine holder and an extra pocket for snacks or other small items you would need during the day. It is very comfortable because it does not cover your midsection. It means that you don’t feel the weight of the gun while wearing this belly band. The band can fit around 32 inches to 58 inches. It helps to keep the gun concealed as well as provides additional comfort. The material is made of neoprene which is very flexible and durable. This material also makes it ideal for people who are constantly moving at work and going to the gym.

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Aomago Belly Band Holsters for Conceal Carry with Extra Mag...


When used by an experienced shooter, Glock 19 can provide solid home defense when needed, even in stressful situations, because of its reliability and consistency when firing multiple rounds. However, just like other firearms, you need to train and practice regularly to become proficient enough with the pistol.

Yes, it is easier to conceal without printing (when the shape of an object appears through clothing) even when wearing tighter fitting clothing because of its shorter barrel and smaller grip. It is also lighter due to the use of polymer material.

 No, it does not have a slide lock as compared to the G19. However, if you purchase an aftermarket replacement barrel for your G26 (available on Amazon) with rear slide serrations, you can get the ‘slide lock’ functionality on your Glock 26.

The shorter barrel and smaller grip of the G26 make it less accurate than its bigger brother, the Glock 19. However, most users still find it accurate enough for most self-defense situations, primarily when used by an experienced shooter. You can always use a laser sight or flashlight if you need more accuracy for your Glock 26

 While some shooters prefer more accuracy for self-defense, most users of the G26 say that its more compact size makes up for this lack of accuracy. However, any shooter should train and practice regularly to become proficient enough with the pistol carry.


The Glock 19 vs. 26 debate will continue until the end of time. The G26 is lighter than the G19. This feature gives it an edge when doing concealed carry because of its compact size. On the other hand, the Glock 19 has a longer barrel giving it an edge in accuracy for target shooting purposes. They both have their pros and cons; however, we hope to give you a clear idea about which one is better for your tailored needs. Make sure to weigh their advantages and disadvantages carefully before committing to either option, as they will last you a lifetime.

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