Glock 23 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews


Glock 19

Glock 23 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Glock is a well-known global company that is famous for making handguns. Two of the most popular Glock handguns are the Glock 23 and Glock 19, which provide high stopping power and quick follow-up shots. However, there are several differences between these two models, which make them suited for different types of people. Here in this article, we will provide a detailed comparison between Glock 23 vs Glock 19.

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Introduction to Glock 23

Glock 23 is a model, medium-sized handgun with a barrel length of 4.01 inches long and the capacity to hold ten rounds in its magazine. It features three-dot sights with front blade sight and white outlined rear sight, allowing the shooter to align with a target for accurate shots quickly. This gun weighs 21 ounces without a loaded magazine and has a width of 1.18 inches, a length of 6.42 inches, and a height of 5.40 inches. This gun has become very popular because of its polymer frame with accessory rail and three internal locking devices, which have been created to prevent accidental discharges.


The black color matches the matte metal slide well and is available in two variants: compact and full-sized. Furthermore, its lightweight design ensures that you can carry it comfortably for extended periods. What makes this gun perfect for self-defense and law enforcement professionals is that it has a very light recoil that ensures faster target acquisition. This pistol comes with standard features such as superior ergonomics, simple maintenance, and ease of use. Other than that, it has an internal striker mechanism that serves as the pistol’s operation system.

Introduction to Glock 19

Glock 19 is a semi-automatic pistol that is chambered in 9mm Luger. It was designed to be an all-around pistol – not too big, not too small, but just suitable for most purposes. It’s easy to conceal and perfect for police use as a backup weapon due to its size and efficiency. Glock 19 is another model in the Glock line, which is considered a reliable firearm that can provide high performance for all types of users.


This model has a barrel length of 4 inches long and can hold 15 rounds in its magazine. This handgun weighs 23 ounces without a loaded magazine, features three-dot sights with front blade sight and rear white outlined sight for quick target acquisition. This Black handgun has become famous for militaries, law enforcement agencies, and security departments worldwide because of its high performance and accuracy.

Features of Glock 23 Vs Glock 19

Glock 23 vs 19 is a battle for those who love guns. Both Glock 19 and Glock 17 are widely used as police, military, security guards’ pistols. Often people ask which is better? But it depends on what you’re looking for. The main differences between the two guns are how much ammunition they hold, their size, and their weight. Both are very comfortable to use; it’s just a matter of what you prefer. Keep in mind that you’ll be paying for all extra options like night sights, extended magazines, etc., so it should be easy to decide which options are worth their price. Depending on your style and needs, I’m here to help you understand between 23 and 19 and take the best home. Now we will discuss these differences in detail for better understanding.


To begin with, the magazines on each of the weapons are different in capacity and size. The Glock 19 holds 15 rounds in a magazine, while the Glock 23 only holds ten rounds in a magazine, thus giving it an edge in firepower. People have loved this model for its versatility and power compared to other guns, which is why police officers prefer using it. Glock 23 has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, while Glock 19 holds 15 rounds in one magazine, three more than Glock 23. That’s why people prefer using these semi-automatic pistols because it lets you load enough ammo in the gun to ensure that you are always prepared for anything that comes your way. The more prominent magazines on the handguns also give them an edge over other weapons that are being used right now.

Glock 23 Magazines

Also, the magazine on Glock 23 holds ten rounds while the magazine of Glock 19 holds 15 rounds which is why people prefer using these pistols for everyday use. The larger magazine capacity also gives you the advantage of having more shots at your disposal before you have to reload or run out of ammo which is why having a lot of ammo loaded in the gun is very important. Glock 19 vs. 23 is a battle of bigger capacity and faster reloading time vs. smaller magazine size with faster drawing speed when it comes to magazines. I’m sure some people have already made up their minds, but that’s not going to stop me from telling you guys which one is better.

Glock 19 Magazines


If you’re trying to conceal a firearm, it’s best to have a gun with a small size so you can easily maneuver around and not be noticed by anyone with a concealed weapon license. So that’s why people prefer using Glock 23 over Glock 19 because the smaller size gives them an edge in concealing this handgun inside their clothes. Glock 23 is a Glock model in the compact category.


It is a bit smaller than Glock 19, but it weighs almost the same. The design of this weapon makes it very popular among law enforcement officers and security guards because of its small size, which enables concealment easier. This compactness allows you to conceal your pistol on your body without worrying about it being noticed, because especially when you’re out and about.


The Glock 23 is smaller than the 19, which makes it easier to conceal. If you don’t want your gun to be too obvious, the G23 is a better choice.

Glock 23 Size

It weighs less than its older brother by 0.5 pounds, so if weight is essential for you, this might sway your decision in favor of the 23. Keep in mind that the 23 has an average capacity of only six rounds, so if you’re facing multiple assailants, your chances may not be too great.

Glock 19 Size


The Glock 19 is a little heavier than the Glock 23 when loaded. It’s also taller and thicker,so you would have to adjust how you hold it depending on what you prefer. The extra weight also gives a better recoil control to this gun, but it’s still very manageable.

Ambidextrous Controls

The Glock 23 has ambidextrous controls, while the Glock 19 doesn’t. This feature won’t make a huge difference for most people, but if you’re a lefty, that’s something worth considering. The ambidextrous controls allow for a comfortable grip when shooting from the left or right hand. This feature gives the gun an edge over others that are not ambidextrous friendly because this feature makes it more versatile, allowing you to use it comfortably without any strain. It’s easier for you to point and shoot, giving you an edge over other guns that might not be as comfortable for left-handed shooters.


The Glock 19 is a more reliable handgun than the Glock 23. It has a better round capacity, and it’s also easier to conceal.

Shooting Performance

The Glock 23 has a better shooting performance than the Glock 19. It is also of higher quality than its younger brother, so it also has better shooting performance than the Glock 19.

Glock 23 Shooting Performance

The larger size gives you a steadier grip and more accuracy when firing, which is perfect for target practice or when in a situation that requires accuracy.

Glock 19 Shooting Performance


The Glock 23 is the safer gun between the two because it doesn’t have the finger grooves on the front of the grip. It can be an issue considering that some people get irritated when their finger is in the grooves while holding the gun.

Glock 23 Safety

It’s also easier to shoot with both hands when using the Glock 23 because of its more comfortable grip, which makes it easier to control while shooting.

Glock 19 Safety


Both guns have a rail, but while the Glock 19 has multiple ones for different scopes and sights, the Glock 23 only has one.

Automatic Trigger Safety

The Glock 19 also has multiple safeties that are easy to use. It has a firing pin and chamber and an automatic trigger safety which can stop you from accidentally discharging your weapon.

Glock 23 Automatic Trigger Safety

If you’re not familiar with this gun, knowing where the safety takes time to master it. It may be confusing at first, but it’s easy to use for several years once you get used to it.The Glock 23 doesn’t have a firing pin safety, but instead, it has a mechanical firing pin safety which has a spring-loaded plunger at the rear of the gun.

Glock 19 Automatic Trigger Safety


The Glock 23 is narrower than the 19. And it’s also shorter, so some people find it more comfortable to hold and shoot. The 19 can be a little more difficult to conceal if you’re left-handed since the slide release will hit your thumb when firing left-handed. But this won’t happen if you’re right-handed.

Aftermarket Parts

The popularity of Glock 23 and Glock 19 makes the aftermarket parts very easily accessible. You can get extended magazines for each gun, night sights, laser aiming devices, etc. The only drawback is that you’ll pay more for these options compared to buying them separately for other guns (since they’re often used). The significant advantage of the Glock 23 is its smaller size, which makes it more concealable.


You can also get extended magazines for this gun, which will give you a bigger ammunition capacity in case you have to face multiple attackers. The 19 is easier to handle with 19 rounds. So, it comes down to your personal preference and what you plan on using the gun for. If size and weight are essential for you, go with the Glock 23. Otherwise, we recommend choosing the Glock 19 as your first choice between Glock 23 vs 19.


Both models are available from the manufacturer with the same versatility of customization options. You can choose from different sizes, calibers and even customize your version of a G23 or a G19 using all kinds of accessories.

Which One to Get?

If you want a gun that’s easy to conceal and won’t be noticed in your pants or a coat pocket, the G23 is a good choice. However, keep in mind that the lower capacity might not be enough if there is more than one assailant – but it would still be better than nothing. If you want a more solid gun and with greater accuracy, the G19 is suitable for your needs. Keep in mind that it’s slightly bigger and heavier, but this also gives it better recoil control.

After Market Accessories - Glock 23 Vs Glock 19

After-market accessories are available for both Glock 23 and Glock 19. You can get holsters, extended magazines for each gun, night sights, laser aiming devices, etc. A good holster is essential for anyone who owns a gun. You can use a holster to conceal your weapon, help you draw it quickly in an emergency, and hold it securely when you’re not using it. A good holster will fit the particular gun you own and allow it to be drawn quickly when needed. These holsters can be used in various ways, from shoulder holsters under a jacket to an ankle holster beneath your pants. In general, the two most popular styles of holsters are the inside waistband (IWB) and outside waistband (OWB). The main difference between the two is where they are worn on your body.

Pole Craft IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit

It is an excellent holster for Glock 19 and 23. It can make sure to provide complete protection for your gun and be protected from elements such as dirt, sweat, grease, and scratches. The holster is an IWB type that is a custom fit for Glock 19 and 23. You can use it in any position you desire, including appendix carry. It features positive retention of your Glock 19 or 23 that is adjustable. This holster can keep up with your high level of activities. If you like outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and jogging, this holster is right for you. It has a sweat guard to protect you and the weapon from perspiration and other environmental factors that may damage them.


It has an adjustable retention feature, which lets you adjust how tightly the weapon is held in place. It gives you a full firing grip on the gun when it is holstered. This holster is made up of durable  Kydex material, which makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting. The holster also has a full sweat shield, which protects you from getting poked or irritated by your gun when it’s in the holster.  It is easily adjustable with different carry angles for your convenience. It also has a firm grip that’s great for concealed carry.



Are you are a true Glock enthusiast and confused between Glock 19 vs 23. Are you confused about which one is better? Well, it depends on what you want to do with it. We’ve covered the Glock basics, but if this article has piqued your interest and you’re interested in learning more about these guns or how they compare, we have tons of more information for you to explore. We hope you found this article to help understand the differences between Glock 19 and Glock 23. As mentioned, there are many similarities and a few key differences that make one of these pistols better for different applications than the other. Ultimately, it’s up to you which pistol will work best for your needs.

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