Glock 21 SF Holster

The Glock 21 SF is the perfect firearm for any situation. It’s lightweight, easy to conceal with a Glock 21 SF Holster, and packs a punch with its .45 caliber rounds. It was designed for military and law enforcement agencies. You can use your finger to pull back on this trigger quickly, so everything feels fluid and natural when you shoot it. You can easily reach content at the top of this magazine with just one hand without adjusting your grip or switching hands. 

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Do you need a holster for your Glock 21 SF? If so, we have the perfect holster for you. We’ve designed these holsters to be comfortable and easy to use. You can adjust them in seconds without any tools or complicated instructions. The retention is also adjustable, so you can find the right balance between ease of draw and security while carrying. And if concealability is important to you, we’re sure that one of these models will fit your needs perfectly.

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