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Glock 19X Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Glock 19X
Glock 19X logo - ballachy

From $ 588

In this article,  we will be discussing Glock 19X price and reviewThe Glock 19X is a pistol of exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and performance. This gun brings the firepower to your side in an almost magical way. 

Table of Contents

The Glock 19 was among the most popular handguns for concealed carry and police work. For a long time, it represented a perfect balance between firepower and concealability. However, Glock has decided to go one step further with its fantastic Glocks by introducing the 19X, the first-ever “Crossover” pistol. It is not an upgrade of the 19, as one may initially think. The 19X is a brand new pistol that was built on the frame of Glock 17 (full size 9mm).

Features and Specifications - Glock 19X Review

Grip and Textures

The Glock 19X features a new, interchangeable backstraps design that allows users to select between three different grips sizes. These new ergonomically designed modules are interchangeable to fit the size of your hand.  Another element that separates the 19X from its predecessors is that it has no finger grooves. There is also an undercutting at the top of the trigger guard for a higher hold and greater control which makes it easy to grab your Glock 19X in any situation. The design of the Glock 19X allows for a smooth grip and gives you great control over your firearm. The unique thing about this model is that it has an extended barrel and a flared magazine well. 

Glock 19X Review Grip and Textures

Size and Dimensions

The Glock 19X is a full-size pistol made to be durable and tough, with the same ruggedness that you expect from all Glocks. The dimensions of your gun are 7.44 inches in length by 5.47 inches tall by 1.30 inches wide.  The gun’s weight with an unloaded magazine is 24.83 ounces and 31.39 ounces with a loaded 15-round magazine. The total capacity of the standard magazines is 15 rounds, but you can use Glock 19X large frame magazines that have a maximum capacity of 17 rounds or 33 rounds with extended baseplates. The 19X is a little heavier than its smaller versions but still, it is a compact pistol that adjusts more to your hand and can be easily concealed in a holster or even a waistband.  It has the same 15-round magazine capacity as its predecessor, perfect for range training or everyday carry.

Glock 19X Review Size and Dimensions

Stopping Power

Being full-sized, the Glock 19X has excellent stopping power that lets you make your mark when it counts. With a caliber of 9mm x 19, this gun is powerful enough to handle any task at hand effectively. This firearm has an improved design over standard pistols like the Glock 17 and 18.  It comes equipped with an extended barrel and a flared magazine well which increase the accuracy of your Glock 19X. The gun’s dimensions and the loaded weight also help you save ammo and spend fewer rounds on each target, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of users, including beginners.  The 9mmX19 is the standard NATO caliber; this means that you can easily stock up on rounds and use them in most other handguns available on the market.

Safety Features

The Glock 19X is equipped with an improved firing mechanism that produces smaller and lighter triggers than its predecessor, the Glock 17.  It comes with a double-action trigger that lets you pull the trigger to shoot or hold it down for greater accuracy. The Glock 19X has three safeties that can be used interchangeably throughout your shooting experience.


The first is the trigger safety, which will only let you pull your weapon if pressure is applied to this first; the second is the firing pin lock, which disables the firing pin until you intend on using it; and finally, there is an integrated trigger safety that prevents unintentional trigger movement. Safety has always been a major concern when it comes to handguns, but the Glock 19X shoots very accurately with your ammunition of choice, so you can rest assured knowing that your firearm is safe.

Glock 19X Review Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Glock 19X has a slide stop that comes with this gun to allow you to release the slide without using your thumb. This is an excellent feature for beginners who are still mastering their grip on their Glock 19X pistol. Additionally, the magazine release button is near the grip, so you can easily access it when reloading your weapon. Due to the unique design of this firearm, you do not have to press the magazine release button with your thumb; instead, you can use either your index finger or your middle finger. The magazine release is large enough for you to access it easily but not too prominent that it would affect your aim.

Glock 19X Review Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil of the Glock 19X is minimal, thanks to its design that lets you grip your weapon comfortably.  The ergonomic grip helps absorb some of the shocks and lets you shoot with ease. It also has a low slide profile which minimizes muzzle flip during shooting, making it easier for beginners to maintain accuracy throughout their shots. This gun has the same firing mechanism as the Glock 17, which makes this an excellent firearm for beginners and seasoned persons alike. The Glock 19X can help you determine how well you shoot under pressure because of its low recoil.

Glock 19X Review Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Trigger Mechanism

The double-action trigger of the Glock 17X means that you can easily load your ammo with precision and fire.  It has a short reset, which is very helpful for firing multiple shots quickly or simply target shooting. Combined with the compact size of this handgun, the accurate aim is guaranteed whether you are using it for self-defense or target practice.  The trigger mechanism of the Glock 19X is perfect for both beginners and seasoned shooters alike.

Glock 19X Review Trigger Mechanism


The Glock 19X is currently priced at $550 to $600. If you are looking for a 9mm pistol that has an extended barrel and magazine, the Glock 19x is an excellent choice. As a high-quality firearm, the Glock 19X is manufactured with the standard Glock quality that lets you use this gun for years without any problems.  The price of this handgun is very competitive as well, making it a great option if you want to experiment with different targets types without worrying about your budget.


The Glock 19X is a lightweight pistol with the ideal weight and size to make this gun concealable. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around, which means you will not have any problems bringing it with you wherever you go. One of the most important aspects of owning a handgun is how well-concealed it is, and the Glock 19X is one of the most concealable guns on the market today. With a manageable weight of 31.88 ounces, this weapon will be comfortable enough to keep your arms from tiring out quickly.


The Glock 19X is designed with only the finest materials that are known for their reliability. This gun has passed torture tests to ensure its durability and functionality under different circumstances. No matter how many rounds you fire, the Glock 19X will be able to handle it with ease.  It is one of the most dependable handguns on the market that can seamlessly transition from self-defense to target practice. The long barrel and extended magazine of the Glock 19X make it easy to pack as much ammo as you need and fire as quickly as possible.


The Glock 19X is manufactured with the finest materials, so you can use this weapon for years without needing to worry about it deteriorating. Because of its polymer frame, you do not have to worry about rust or corrosion, so that you can bring your gun with you even during bad weather.  Its durability also helps maintain its resale value, unlike many other handguns that lose their value as soon as they are used.

Aftermarket Accessories - Glock 19X Review

As one of the best handguns on the market, the Glock 19X’s popularity has led to a wide range of aftermarket accessories that you can add for extra functionality. To add more power and precision to your handgun, you can purchase slings and holsters from different manufacturers.  You can also find magazine extensions and sights that are specifically designed for the Glock 19X. These accessories are easy to install, so you can personalize your handgun based on what you need to use it for.


Certain sights will allow you to choose between different levels of brightness depending on your needs and preferences. For example, some sights might even be designed to glow in the dark so you can continue firing even after it gets dark.  You can also find sights with different features for fast target acquisition so that you can aim easily and quickly. You can even buy fiber optic sights for this handgun, making it even easier to aim in different lighting conditions. For self-defense purposes, you might want to bring a weapon light with you so you can see what’s in front of you in the dark.  You can also mount lights on your Glock 19X that are brighter than the standard lights that come with the gun.


Lasers can help you target your shot more easily, which will give you better accuracy and precision.  A red laser is the most common option for self-defense purposes as it’s easier to see than a green laser. A red laser is also easier to use at night because of its brightness, so it has an advantage over green lasers. However, green lasers can rival red lasers to maintain accuracy and precision at longer distances.


You can also use a flashlight with your Glock 19X to see what’s in front of you at night.  Flashlights are crucial for handguns because they allow you to keep shooting even after the sun goes down. However, using a flashlight is more complicated than using other accessories mentioned above, so it might take some time to get used to it. You can also choose between different builds for your flashlight, depending on how you want it to work. For example, you can buy flashlights mounted on pistols or ones that are separate from the firearm completely.  You might even be able to buy flashlights that have integrated laser sights, so you don’t need to add any more accessories.


Grips can make it easier for you to aim at your target, which gives you the best chance of firing accurately and quickly.  Different gun manufacturers might also have their unique designs, so you might even be able to find a grip that will work specifically with your Glock 19X. You can even find aftermarket grips designed to make your Glock 19X lighter so you won’t feel as tired when firing. You might also be able to purchase different kinds of stippling on the grip, depending on how much traction you need for your handgun.  For example, some gun owners like having a smooth grip, but extremely wet conditions can make it hard to grip a handgun with a slippery surface. In those cases, you might want to buy a grip that includes some stippling so you will have a stronger hold on the handgun.


You might also be able to find aftermarket silencers for your Glock 19X, which will let you shoot without making as much noise. For example, some silencers are attached to your handgun so you can aim with the added weight. However, it might take you some time to get used to firing a handgun with an attached silencer because it’s heavier. Other types of silencers come separately from your handgun itself.  These are usually easier to aim because they’re lighter, but it might be harder to find one that properly fits your firearm.


You can also buy extra magazines for your Glock 19X that will let you shoot it more quickly. You might find this accessory useful if you’re in a situation where you need to fire many bullets before reloading. However, keep in mind that some magazines might be incompatible with certain gun models, so make sure you do some research before buying a new magazine. There are also different magazines to choose from, including ones with standard capacities and extended capacities. Extended capacity magazines hold more bullets, giving you the advantage in a self-defense situation because you’ll have more rounds to shoot without reloading. However, standard capacity magazines might be easier to handle if you’re not used to firing handguns with many bullets.

Magazine Pouches

You might also be able to buy magazine pouches that help you carry your extra magazines with ease.  These accessories attach to your belt so you won’t have to worry about losing track of your magazine. It’s easier to find magazine pouches than it is to find other tactical gear, so most gun owners with multiple magazines usually have a pouch for each one of them.  A pouch lets you move around more freely while still having quick access to your ammunition. However, if you’re trying to conceal your Glock 19X and carry it in a concealed holster, then you might need to buy a smaller magazine pouch that is easier to hide.  These small pouches will hold one or two magazines and hang them off of your belt.  


When you buy your Glock 19X, it comes with a holster that allows you to bring your weapon wherever you go easily. However, this holster might not be comfortable enough for you, and it might not allow you to draw your weapon quickly if needed.  You can find holsters designed specifically for handguns like the Glock 19X, which will be much more comfortable to wear. For example, some Glock 19X owners like having a holster made with neoprene because it’s much lighter than other materials. You might also find holsters designed to hold your firearm close to your body so it won’t print through your clothing.


Printing is when your firearm or accessories make an outline that can be seen through your clothes, which might give away the fact that you’re carrying a weapon. However, it’s important to remember that some holster designs are better for certain kinds of clothing than others.  If you’re wearing tight-fitting clothing or if it has many layers, then you might want to find a holster that will keep your firearm close to your skin. Here is an example of  a holster that is worn close to the skin :

Pole Craft Glock 19X Holster

This Pole Craft inside the waistband holster for the Glock 19X is made of .08 Kydex material.  It has a very smooth draw and comes with adjustable retention. It is extremely comfortable and fits all belts up to 1.75inches in width. It is great for the range, but you will need another holster to carry it concealed.


Is Glock 19X a good carry gun?

Yes, it is a very reliable gun and has many features perfect for concealed carry. It has an added grip safety, so the shooter has to pull the trigger to fire intentionally.

What's better Glock 17 or 19?

Both are excellent guns, but it comes down to preference. Glock pistols have a very simple design, so they’re easier to handle and shoot than other handguns. 9mm is also a very easy caliber to control and can be shot a lot without causing much fatigue or wearing out your hand.

How much is a new Glock 19X Gen4?

A new Glock pistol can range from $500-700 dollars depending on where you live, the condition of the firearm, and what kind of accessories you already have.


The Glock 19X is an excellent choice for someone who wants a reliable handgun for concealed carrying. It’s lightweight and compact, so it won’t be heavy to carry in your pocket or on your belt. Although the 9mm round might not have as much power as other calibers, it has proven accurate when shot from a handgun. If you get a chance to shoot the Glock 19X, you will notice that it has very little recoil and can be easily fired. In this Glock 19X price and review article, you learned all about the advantages that this gun has to offer. You can buy yours today,  and you will be able to take it wherever you go.

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