Glock 17 Review & Price

Glock 17 Review & Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Glock 17 Review

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Technical Data

  • Calibar
  • System
    Safe Action®
  • Barrel Length
    114 mm | 4.49 inch
  • Trigger Pull
    28 N
  • Mag. Capacity
    Standard: 17
    Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33
  • Weight
    with empty magazine
    705 g | 24.87 oz
  • Weight
    with loaded magazine
    915 g | 32.28 oz
  • Weight
    without magazine
    625 g | 22.05 oz

All law enforcement professionals must be familiar with the Glock 17 handgun. In many cases, this is probably one of the most common handguns in use today. This piece will review the history of the Glock 17, what makes it a great weapon, and ways to improve its performance to strive for greatness in a law enforcement setting. Here we will put Glock 17 Review in detail. The history of the Glock handguns dates back to around 1959 when Gaston Glock was building truck bodies of steel and producing plastic windows. To create a weapon that would be affordable but offers high performance, he started working on what became the very first Glock firearm: the Model of 1963 (referred to as the Prototype). In 1985, the Glock 17 received the Austrian military designation P80. Shortly after, it was adopted by law enforcement agencies in Norway and Hong Kong. In 1988, the Glock 17 Gen2 was released.


Table of Contents

Features of Glock 17

Originally designed for military uses, the Glock 17 is a 9mm handgun made of polymer and stainless steel. It has an open-top slide design which provides better ejection. The barrel and magazines are cold-forged from steel, while the slide is precision milled. Despite its size, the Glock 17 has an ergonomic design that enables it to be easily carried by law enforcement professionals. It also includes a larger magazine release button that is easier to access when wearing gloves.

Grip and Textures

One of the Glock 17‘s best features is its ability to adapt to almost any hand size. With its built-in interchangeable grip panels, it has three options for different-sized hands. The pistol also features textured plastic or polymer surfaces on its frame and backstrap. These surfaces aid in gripping the gun while firing and make it more difficult for an opponent to disarm. The addition of a rough texture also decreases the amount of time necessary to wipe off prints and other identifiers. On its side, the Glock 17 features a rail mount that can be used to attach tactical lights and laser pointers. The Glock 17 is one of the most accurate handguns on the market. It has a very low center of gravity, and its design includes a trigger safety that prevents it from firing unless pressure is applied directly to this area.

Grip and Textures of Glock 17

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism is one of Glock 17’s most impressive features. It allows for a smooth and quick release with little to no recoil or distance between shots. This helps offset any issues related to accuracy caused by the lack of a top slide as it reduces the time necessary for resetting. However, the trigger is still quite strong and requires a significant amount of force to pull. Additionally, because of its lack of safety or decocker, this gun does not have a double-action mechanism that slows its firing speed. Instead, all shots are fired in single-action mode.

The Glock 17 is designed with simplicity in mind. As such, it easily fits the hands of most shooters and does not need to be broken in like other handguns. As previously stated, this gun does not need decocking. It has a very light trigger pull at around 5 pounds.

Glock 17 Trigger Mechanism

Slide Stop Mechanism

The Glock 17 is easy to adapt to various types of ammunition and needs. It features a larger slide stop lever than many other handguns – an advantage for those who use it for home defense purposes. The Glock 17 has a slide stop mechanism that is located on the left side of the model. This type of mechanism was specifically designed to lock the slide in place when empty or prevent it from moving forward when there are no cartridges left.

Glock 17 Slide Stop Mechanism


When it comes to aesthetics, the Glock 17 is slightly larger than most handguns, but this does not have a negative impact on its performance. It weighs between 600 grams and 1 kg. Despite being made of polymer, the Glock 17’s frame is incredibly sturdy, which contributes to its overall ability to withstand damage and maintain accuracy even when used against tough targets. It is virtually indestructible and has been known to withstand water, mud, sand, ice, and even being run over by a truck without any damage occurring.

Glock 17 Aesthetics

Size and Dimensions

When compared to other handguns, the Glock 17 is larger than most. For example, it measures 8.03 inches in length and 1.26 inches wide. However, many consider its height to be average or slightly above-average when considering similar models. The model’s size makes it difficult for smaller shooters to handle because of insufficient grip. However, it is still within the standard size required by law enforcement officials and can be used for almost any task, including home defense.

Line of Sight

The average line of sight for a Glock 17 is 6.50 inches. This value changes depending on whether the model uses steel or polymer sights significantly shorter than Polymer Generation 4 sights by around 0.20 inches. The steel models have a line of sight that is 0.63 inches shorter than other types of sights, making it more difficult for those with small hands to handle the model properly.

Line of Sight of Glock 17

Trigger Distance and Safety

The trigger distance on a Glock 17 handgun ranges from 72 mm to 74 mm. This value primarily depends on the type of model being used. The steel version has a trigger distance that is 2 mm longer, while the GNS is 7 mm shorter compared to other models. Additionally, this gun does not have any safety mechanisms aside from its firing pin block, making it easier for shooters to misuse or mishandle the weapon accidentally. This means that shooters need to be careful when carrying a Glock 17 in public because it can very easily fall into the wrong hands.

Overall, the Glock 17 is a compact and durable handgun made of high-quality materials and built with simplicity in mind. It has a light trigger pull, lacks range due to a decocker, and has a large slide stop mechanism. However, it is easier to use than most firearms as its lack of safety mechanisms can be handled without extra caution.

Glock 17 Trigger Distance and Safety

Advantages of Glock 17


The Glock 17 can easily take a steady diet of higher pressure rounds (which other handguns cannot because the slide will bulge or burst), such as 124 gr. 9mm Parabellum with a bullet weight of ~9.4 g (124 grains). It has an excellent service life and durability despite being put through a lot of stress.

Reliability and Durability

Superb durability compared to most other handguns on the market; we’re talking about a nearly indestructible gun.

Very reliable and rugged, with a lean design that is easy to disassemble/reassemble. Very few fitted parts – two pins hold the trigger mechanism housing in place. All parts are easily accessible and simple to replace.

Low Maintenance

It only requires a quick wipe-down after use. One day armorer course for field stripping and reassembly. Despite that, it requires little maintenance or cleaning.

Combat Accuracy

It fits the hands of the user very well and has excellent combat accuracy due to its low front-end weight, which is necessary for stability during aiming and firing. This makes it easy to use in most tactical situations such as self-defense or law enforcement.

Production in Five Generations

Continuous production in five different generations and widely used by the military, law enforcement agencies, and civilians in various countries. Due to its excellent durability and reliability, it is easy to use under harsh conditions such as heavy rain or mud. This model has been continuously improved after decades of testing by professionals who require firearms for self-defense or law enforcement.

Use by Law Enforcement

Extensive use by police officers has resulted in significant product improvement. Therefore, this model is easy to handle and can take a lot of stress, making it an excellent choice for home defense or law enforcement applications.

Low Parts Count

There are very few fitted parts in the gun which means that it is easy to maintain and does not require much time for disassembly/reassembly. It also has a low parts count compared to other handguns on the market, making it simpler to train with or handle during daily use. This also makes it easier to fix if something goes wrong with the gun.


It has a corrosion-resistant finishing due to its chemical bonding with the metal. However, the black color can fade away, making it look old and ugly compared to other handguns on the market.


It is fitted with factory and aftermarket sights, making it easy for users to aim and shoot quickly during tactical situations. Sights can be easily installed without any problems.

Disadvantages of Glock 17

Deadly Weapon

Glock 17 is not a sporting weapon. It is designed for combat and has no safety mechanisms or decocker, which means that it can be accidentally fired even if the operator pulls the trigger without thinking. Furthermore, this gun lacks a magazine disconnect which makes it easy to fire when loaded. This can cause severe damage if mishandled by the user and is a major risk for an accidental discharge, leading to death.

Another downside is that belt-fed belt models must be decocked manually before disassembly, and the slide cannot be racked like other handguns (without using a holster). Furthermore, it requires double and triple checking of conditions before releasing the firing pin as there are no visible indicators. If this is not done, the gun can fire as it does not lock back like other handguns on the market.

Poor Safety Mechanisms

Glock 17 has a trigger that must be pulled to decock and performs double action when reloading (meaning that the hammer must be cocked first before firing). This means that there are no external signs to show that the weapon is safe.

This can be dangerous for civilians who are not familiar with handguns and can lead to accidental discharges even when trying to unload the gun. It also needs at least one hand to operate, making it difficult to do so under stressful situations such as combat or self-defense.

After Market Accessories – Glock 17

After-market accessories are available for this model. Therefore it is possible to improve the weapon if required. However, it is difficult to add anything new since the weapon has been around for nearly half a century. Although accessories are available on the market, they must be carefully selected from trusted brands, or else they may affect the gun’s performance and can decrease its lifespan. Here are some of the accessories that you can use to improve your gun:


This model has factory and aftermarket sights for users to choose from. Factory sights can be easily installed and removed if required and give the user a clear view of the target during tactical situations. However, they are not adjustable, so you may need to purchase new sights if it does not meet your requirements.

Aftermarket sites allow users to customize their weapon by adding red dots, scopes, or other tactical accessories. This allows the user to get a better shooting experience and improve their aim during combat.

Magazine Extenders

This model has small grips, which can be uncomfortable for people with larger hands. To overcome this problem, you can use aftermarket magazine extenders (grip extension) to increase the grip size and make it more comfortable for people with large hands.


Glock 17 has factory and aftermarket holsters for users to choose from, which makes it easy to carry and store their weapons when not in use. Factory holster can be easily installed (if necessary) or removed and usually come with a belt clip that can hold the gun securely.

However, not all holsters will fit this model, so users must carefully check reviews before purchasing one. 

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Recommended Holsters for Glock 17


In conclusion, the Glock 17 is a great model used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is easy to operate and use, which makes it suitable for beginners and experienced shooters alike.

When you buy this product, make sure that you carefully check the features and functionality of this handgun before placing your order. Some models may not function as described, so reading reviews from other users is important before purchasing a new model.

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