FNP 40 Holsters

The FN Herstal FNP 40 is a semi-automatic double-action pistol that has been designed for law enforcement and military use. It’s the perfect conceal carry gun with  FNP 40 Holsters. It’s chambered in .40 S&W, which means it can hold 10 or 14 rounds depending on the magazine size. The trigger pull on the FNX is quite long but smooth and consistent throughout its length of travel. This firearm features an overall length of 7.25″. It weighs 27.5 oz., so it’s lightweight enough to carry all day long without feeling weighed down by your gun belt.

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We offer a variety of holsters that are designed specifically for different types of weapons and lifestyles. Our products are made from high-quality materials, and they come with features like adjustable retention levels, quick draw capabilities, and customizability options. You can even choose between our standard model or one that comes equipped with an active retention system that ensures maximum safety at all times.

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