FN 509 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

FN 509


FN 509 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The FN 509 vs Glock 19 comparison is a great talk of gun enthusiasts. They are both semi-automatic handguns tested repeatedly and remain popular among shooters because of their durability, accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and cost. The FN 509 is a full-size, lightweight polymer pistol similar to the FNS series of handguns. The double-action trigger gives it excellent accuracy and low recoil for improved control when firing multiple rounds. It has a 10 or 17 round capacity in 9mm caliber with a 4.0-inch cold hammer-forged alloy steel with a black nitride finish.

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The Glock 19 is the most popular of the Glock series of handguns. It’s compact, extremely reliable, and simple to use. The frame is made from polymer reinforced with stainless steel inserts, ensuring durability even in tough conditions. The magazine has the option for 9mm caliber or .40 S&W calibers. This gun comes with a 15-round standard capacity in 9mm caliber and has a 4-inch barrel. These are both great handguns, but they are very different in some ways.


These differences make each firearm excel at one thing over the other. The FN 509 was created with comfort and concealability in mind; it is, by all means, an everyday gun. The Glock 19 was created to be a duty weapon; it would be used for self-defense or police work. FN 509 comes in two forms – standard and carry, while Glock 19 doesn’t have any variations besides size difference. FN 509 has more adjustable features than the Glock 19, allowing the shooter to meet their individual needs.

Features of FN 509 Vs Glock 19

Grip and Texture Difference

The FN 509 is all black, except the takedown lever. The grip has a deep-cut front strap texturing for improved hold, especially when used in wet conditions. It also features checkered side panels intended to give better control when shooting under various weather conditions or tactical gloves. 

Grip and Textures of FN 509

The Glock 19 comes in standard black and has a smooth surface. The texture is such that it’s comfortable to hold, even with sweaty palms or while wearing gloves, but it also offers plenty of grips when used bare-handed.

Grip and Textures of Glock 19

Size and Dimension Difference

The FN 509 measures 7.4 inches in overall length, 5.56 inches in height, 1.35 inches at the narrowest point, and weighs 26.9 ounces with the magazine loaded to capacity. It has a width of 1.4 inches at the widest part of the grip, which tapers down to approximately 0.98 inches at the base of the grip. The Glock 19 is shorter at 7 inches in overall length, but it sports a slimmer profile and weighs about four ounces less than the FN 509 with its magazine fully loaded. The width of the grip is 1.26 inches at its widest point – which is up near the top, where it tapers down to 0.98 inches at the base of the grip.

Size and Dimension Difference Of Fn 509 Vs Glock 19

Safety Features

The FN 509 has three separate external safeties that can easily be reached with either hand – trigger safety, manual keyed, and an automatic firing pin block. The pistol also has a magazine disconnect safety identified by a red dot on both sides.

Safety Features of FN 509

The Glock 19 has two safety features – a striker status indicator on the rear of the slide, which is visible even when the gun is facing away from you. The second safety feature is the trigger safety that’s built into all of their handguns.

Safety Features of Glock 19

These are both great firearms that come with many safety features to ensure they’re safe to use. It’s just a matter of preference when it comes to which safety features are preferred.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release Difference

The FN 509 has a slide release on both sides of the gun, but it also comes with an additional magazine release that’s easily reached using the middle finger without having to adjust your grip. The trigger guard is undercut to allow shooters to use their entire hand when gripping the gun.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of FN 509

The Glock 19 has a single release on the left side of the gun and has a slight indent in front, which is where you can place your thumb to help get a better grip. The magazine release is easily reached with the tip of your index finger, even when holding it properly.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Glock 19


The FN 509 has a three-dot low-profile system. The rear sight is adjustable for windage while the front sight is not, but it’s got serrations to help reduce glare and comes with contrast inserts that are very easy to see in any lighting conditions.

Sight of FN 509

The Glock 19 has a large U-shaped notch on the rear, which is very easy to see, and it has a single dot on the front sight. It also comes with white contrast inserts and multiple shapes of front sights to accommodate personal preference and lighting conditions.

Sight of Glock 19

These both come equipped with standard 3-dot sights that can be easily adjusted for windage. However, if you’re picky about your sights, you should consider this.

Trigger Difference

The FN 509 has a 5.5-pound trigger, while the reset is very clean and distinct. The take-up stage is also very smooth (which allows for proper trigger control) until it reaches its breaking point, which releases the firing pin with an audible and tactile reset. The Glock 19 has a 5.39-pound trigger pull, which is pretty common for striker-fired handguns. However, it’s heavy – the reset isn’t as clean, and you’re likely to experience some creep through the take up stage before it hits that breaking point. These come stock with similar trigger pulls at around 5.5 pounds that have a clean reset. However, the Glock 19 has a slightly lighter trigger that makes it easier for accurate shots.


Both of these handguns are pretty large, but the FN 509 is slightly smaller. This gives it an edge in concealability, with its size being 1.36 inches at its widest point. The Glock 19 is 1.26 inches at its widest point, which isn’t bad considering it’s got a 4-inch barrel. When comparing these handguns sides by the side, the FN 509 has a noticeably slimmer design for a double-stack magazine.


The Glock 19 has a noticeably thicker grip, but it also comes with a more standard 4″ barrel that’s slightly more accurate at longer distances. As much as the FN 509 is slimmer in design, it’s still not small enough to conceal easily. The Glock 19 might be thicker, but its shorter barrel makes it easier to carry concealed in a holster, which is something to consider when looking for a handgun you’ll be using every day.


The FN 509 comes with a loaded chamber indicator, making it easier to see and recognize if there’s a round in the chamber. It also comes with an ambidextrous slide catch and magazine release, making it significantly more accessible for left-handed shooters. While both of these handguns come standard with striker-fired actions, they’re both very reliable and durable handguns. The FN 509 is a fantastic gun. However, it’s most useful when used in a CQB scenario. While the Glock 19 isn’t as great in close quarters combat since its barrel length can affect accuracy, it has a higher magazine capacity, so you’re able to get off more shots during a gunfight.


Both of these handguns come standard with the reliability you’d expect from Glock and FN, so you can’t go wrong either way in terms of which one to choose when it comes to overall reliability. FN 509 comes in with the title in this comparison because it’s got a few more options that make it better than the Glock 19 for a standard CQB defense situation. If you’re looking for a handgun that’ll do well in both close-quarters and medium range, the Glock 19 is the way to go. 


The overall durability of the 509 is great. However, it’s not going to compete with a Glock. FN makes great handguns, and their overall quality is apparent when you use this specific model. However, Glock is the standard for modern handguns, so there’s no surprise they have an edge in durability. Both of these handguns are pretty durable and reliable. However, the FN 509 just isn’t as great if you’re looking for a defensive handgun that can take some abuse. You can expect it to work well, but e your best bet is to contact FN customer service if you run into any trouble.


The FN 509 has a full black finish that tends to show smudges more than the Glock 19, which has more grey/silver two-tone. FN’s 509 is one good-looking handgun, especially when you get it in the flat dark earth color. However, it doesn’t even compare aesthetically to the Glock 19. Yes, FN makes great guns, but they’re not the best-looking handguns you’ll come across. For aesthetics, Glock is the way to go. It’s got a more standard two-tone color scheme that doesn’t show smudges as easily, and it looks good doing it.

Aesthetics of FN 509 Vs Glock 19


You’re not going to be disappointed with either of these handguns; however, the FN 509 is more expensive than the Glock 19. There’s not much price difference, but you can expect to pay about $100 more for the FN 509 since it’s $699, whereas the Glock 19 is below $600.

After Market Accessories - FN 509 Vs Glock 19

The Glock 19 is a more popular handgun, so there are a lot of aftermarket accessories for it. While the FN 509 doesn’t have as much available, you can expect to pay about twice as much for third party upgrades. The Glock 19 comes with an accessory rail on the frame, allowing lights and lasers to be added as aftermarket accessories. Here are some accessories to consider when looking for an aftermarket upgrade to the FN 509 and Glock 19:


The FN 509 comes standard with the Tritium and Fiber Optic Sights which are great. However, they can be a pain when in low light conditions. The Glock 19 has its standard sights, which may need to be upgraded depending on your preference. Both of these handguns come with different sight options, so it’s up to you whether you want to spend extra for night sights or standard ones. If you want to upgrade on either handgun, like red dot sights, holo sights, and more, there are some sights to consider.


The FN 509 comes standard with a rail for mounting and is compatible with most compact and subcompact weapon lights. Glock 19 with the new MOS (Modular Optic System) version of the handgun does away with the accessory rail and allows you to use standard Glock optics. Both of these handguns are pretty good when mounting a flashlight, but it’s up to you which one works best for your needs.

Sling Mounts

The FN 509 comes with QD swivel points that allow for easier use of pull-the-dot (push-button) sling clips. The Glock 19 has no QD points and instead features threaded holes on the rear of the receiver. It’s helpful to have a sling point on your handgun if you ever need to transition from long range/threats and close range responses. You can’t go wrong either way.

Laser Grips

Laser Grips are extremely helpful when it comes to hitting your target. Both handguns come with mounting points for these types of lasers, which allow you to aim more effectively. You can choose between the Red dot laser or the Green Laser t if you want an aftermarket accessory for your pistol. There’s also frickin’ laser beams if you want to go all in.


There’s a lot of holsters on the market for these handguns, but some are better than others. Some important considerations include where you carry (hip or appendix), comfort, and ease of draw. There are many good holsters out there for both handguns, so it’s up to you to choose which one works best for your needs. The Glock 19 wins the aftermarket accessories category because it’s a more popular handgun, and there are many accessory options.

Magazine Extender

The FN 509 comes standard with a 17 round capacity magazine, while the Glock 19 can come with a standard 15 rounds. The FN 509 is compatible with larger mags of 21 or 30 rounds, while the Glock 19 is stuck at 15, 17, and 33 round magazines for aftermarket options. Some people say that they do not need a mag extender, but some people want to squeeze every bit of firepower they can get out of their handgun. It’s up to you if you want an aftermarket mag extender for your handgun or not, but there are some good ones out there.

Magazine Pouches

The FN 509 is compatible with a lot of different magazine pouches, especially the Magpul Speed Pouch. The Glock 19 does not have as much versatility when it comes to magazine pouches. It’s important that whatever handgun you choose has the right mag pouch to go with it, depending on your preference for concealment.



The FN 509 Tactical is a more versatile handgun with higher quality night sights. The Glock 19 comes with an accessory rail out of the box, which you might prefer over the aftermarket options on the FN 509. Consider getting an aftermarket mag extension or laser grip for your new handgun if you need more flexibility. 

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