Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Electric lawn mowers can be a very good purchase for many people. If you like a light weight mower and dislike hauling gasoline home in your automobile, owning one of these mowers could fit your needs.
Many places that sell mowers now have some type of electric mower.

The following five reviews may get you started in your hunt for the best machine for your needs.

1. Black and Decker 18 Electric Mower LM 175
This mower has a high consumer rating, is small and can be purchased for around $160. It is cordless and has a grass clipping bag. The mower can be purchased or reviewed at Amazon.com.

2. 20″ Homelite Cordless Electric Mower
This mower actually mows very well, but consumers have had some problem with quality of plastic. Overall consumers seem pleased with the mower which costs around $300. It is quiet and cordless.

3. MowJoe Electric Lawn Mower
This mower can be purchased at Walmart for around $160. It is very affordable, nicely made and has a 14 inch cutting width. The mower is said to work very well on small lawns.

4. Earthwise 20 12 Amp Electric Mower
This mower is a couple inches wider than many electric mowers and is said to be worth the extra money. It can side discharge, mulch or bag. It is said to work well. The price for this mower is about $320.

5. AMP Rider Electric Mower 91600200
This riding mower can be found at Home Depot or certified Ariens dealers. The mower costs under $4000 but is maintenance free. No gas or oil needed. Customers who appreciate and want a “greener” mower, yet want a rider because of larger mowing areas, seem to be very pleased with this mower.

This review is probably a beginning in your process for buying an electric mower. I would make a trip and personally look at, touch and push the mower before purchasing. I’d also ask about maintenance and support services if any should ever be needed. Ask specifically about the battery – how long it runs per mowing and how long the actual battery should last.