Do guinea pigs sleep?

You may have noticed that your guinea pig barely shuts its eye and you’ve been wondering if guinea pigs sleep. The answer to the question “do guinea pigs sleep?” is yes. Guinea pigs sleep.

guinea pigs

Actually, guinea pigs do not sleep much. Guinea pigs may sleep for between 30 minutes and to 4 hours, either with their eyes closed or opened. They sleep in such a way that you will think they are dead.

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How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Sleeping?

Sometimes, guinea pigs sleep with their eyes closed in their cage and most of the time they open their eyes. Whether your guinea pigs close their eyes or not, it is vital to make sure you understand your guinea pigs sleeping habits.

There are ways to know how long do guinea pigs sleep in their cage. One way to know if your guinea pigs like to sleep is that you’ll find your guinea pig curled in different sleeping posture in its cage. Many times, guinea pigs won’t be active when they are asleep in their cage.

Do guinea pigs sleep?

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Many times, it’s fascinating to find guinea pig sleeping with their eyes open. This seeming contradiction to how guinea pigs sleep with their eyes wide open has stirred up questions among pet owners. Some wonder whether or not they have eyelids in the first place which makes them unable to close their eyes like other pets such as dogs, cats etc.

Let’s go to the root of the matter here. By design, guinea pigs are prey animals and that has always been the situation that makes them unable to sleep comfortably with their eyes closed.

Of course, it’s possible to find guinea pigs sleeping with their eyes closed but only if the environment is safe and quiet enough. You should get a guinea pig cage if you want to see your guinea pig sleeping.

Do guinea pigs sleep?

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep In The Dark?

Guinea pigs can sleep in the dark. They may not be sleeping while they close their eyes but the day and night time does not hinder them from sleeping. Give your guinea pig enough decorum at night and you may find them sleeping with their eyes closed.

guinea pigs

Whether or not they close their eyes, it’s nothing to worry about. Guinea pigs can be sleeping in the day and night without needing any extra light. This does not mean that you cannot add some lighting to your guinea pig cages but if they want to sleep, light is not a thing to consider even though it is night. Guinea pigs would still sleep peacefully.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Held?

You already know by now that guinea pigs are by design, a prey animal. One of the effects of their existence is that they feel frightened even by we humans and holding them in your hands can cause them to want to wiggle their way back to the ground where they feel more secure.

guinea pigs

Many people start by petting them and with time they can get used to their hand., They then attempt to hold them. If this doesn’t happen, don’t feel bad. They are only trying to survive.


Study their body language. Many times, your pet looks dead even with wide-open eyes. Sometimes, you’d find them to be exceptionally quiet.

Guinea pigs sleep at night. Although because of their sleeping habits, it is not certain if they spend much of the night sleeping.

Yes, guinea pigs can sleep with their eyes open. This makes it look like your pet isn’t sleeping at all.

By design, they are prey animals. They sleep often and in little time as an adaptive measure to ensure safety.


Sleep is an essential need for health, even to your pets. Understanding that your guinea pigs need sleep is also important so you don’t get to interrupt them every time they desire to take a rest. Your guinea pigs can sleep for between 30 minutes to 4 hours a day.

If you notice your guinea pig cannot eat then you may need to get vitamin c administered in their diet. Each time you see your guinea pig sleeps either with their eyes open or with their eyes closed, make sure you stay quiet. Even though they don’t have all the time in the world to sleep, they will cherish decorum for the little time that is made available for them.

One sign that guinea pigs show while sleeping is that it may flap its ears when sleeping. When you take note of this, don’t wake it up. Hopefully, you get your guinea pig to like sleeping with both eyes closed as you practice cooperation with your pet.

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