Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses?

An adjustable bed mattress can be tuned to the body by adjusting it to conform to the body’s pressure points. They can give a sufferer of chronic pain the ability to change their sleeping position to the one that offers the minimum amount of pain and is most comfortable for them. It ensures that they have a deeper, longer, and more restful sleep during the night.

A standard mattress is not always the best or most comfortable mattress for people, especially if they suffer from back pain or arthritis. It is often recommended to such people that they use an adjustable bed mattress, which can be adjusted to find the best position for their body.

The more modern versions of adjustable mattresses give the user the ability to pump the bed with an electric device to select the correct level of firmness. Others have the capability of providing heat and massage to make yourself even more comfortable and relaxed.

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Comfort and health benefits of adjustable beds

The good thing about adjustable bed mattresses is that they are not just perfect but also provide lots of health benefits. Since these mattresses are resistant to body impression and dust mite free, the person can find the most relaxed position and posture and thus get a good night’s sleep. Also, such beds have no toxic or harsh chemicals, which is another aspect of making them very appealing to users. Some health benefits of an adjustable include:

  • Improve digestion
  • Relieve chronic arthritic pain
  • Provide support for injury recovery
  • Lessen back pain
  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms
  • Reduce heartburn and acid reflux
  • Reduce leg swelling
  • improved posture
  • lessen back and neck pain
  • better blood circulation

What mattresses go with adjustable beds?

There are several aspects, which affect how you choose the best adjustable bed mattress for an adjustable bed. Some of the critical elements, which determine these factors include those of physical needs, health, height, weight, preference of comfort, as well as the kind of existing mattress you have.

There are three suitable mattress types for adjustable bases:

1. Memory foam mattresses

No mattress is quite as flexible as memory foam. They provide excellent body and adjustable contouring without sacrificing any support. they match the shape of the base, They flex easily, and they don’t sacrifice any of the comforts while doing so

2. Latex mattresses

These are 100% natural rubber, also highly popular to offer surface contouring. Latex is durable and flexes easily back into shape.

do adjustable beds damage mattresses

3. Air mattresses

These also work well as their air chambers always work independently from one another and generate a perfect fit for your personalized adjustments as well as your body shape and size.

Do you need special sheets for an adjustable bed?

The answer is definitely “yes.” Most doctors tend to recommend the following mattresses for a solution to the various sleeping ailment

Foam or coil mattresses

foam or coil mattresses conform to the natural curves of the spine. It also helps to reduce any chances of circulatory problems happening.

Orthopedic mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are basic mattresses designed to help people conquer their back problems and pains. These kinds of mattresses provide an extra amount of back support. In such orthopedic beds, you can change the body positions with a simple button touch with very little difficulty. In this manner, the user can regulate various postures as well as locations. 

do adjustable beds damage mattresses

Users of these mattresses can also adjust the bed as soon as they feel uncomfortable in a particular position. Some benefits and features of these orthopedic mattresses include:

  • Resistance to body impression
  • Hypoallergenic free of dust mites
  • Teflon protection and a quilted cover
  • The orthopedic beds are also fire safe and have no harsh chemicals
  • It can hold a capacity of 220.5 pounds of the bodyweight



An adjustable base mattress should be as flexible as possible. The adjustable base has several moving parts, which makes the cushioned contour to the bottom, to fit as snuggly to the plate as possible. Do not buy an adjustable bed if you have an interest in rigid mattress.

Size and weight

Adjustable bases are complicated, and they have movable parts, electric motors, and joints. The weightier it is, the more stress it will put on the plate, potentially damaging it in the future. Not only should you contemplate your mattress, but you should also take good maintenance of the base as well.

Consider the size that suits the base perfectly, a tight fit. Smaller or over-sized, may risk damaging the mattress while operating the base.

Can you use a normal mattress on an adjustable bed?

Considering the points, as mentioned earlier, the explanation and benefits of an adjustable bed and mattresses, it is obvious that a flexible option most likely won’t damage any bedding you have. Still, you may have a less than comfortable experience without the use of the right kind.


Mattresses that are a bit rigid side tend to wear out a lot faster when fixed with an adjustable base. They simply can not withstand the continual changes in shape, and they don’t fit properly to the bottom. All of this decreases its lifespan, increases stress on the mattress, and making it less durable.

An innerspring mattress will stretch with any adjustments you make, but they can generate painful pressure points and less than merciful surfaces. Because of this, they are not considered well-suited with adjustable frames.

Are adjustable beds good for side sleepers?

Amazingly, lots of people sleep on old-style beds and put up with discomfort daily. They wake up with aches and pain every day, but they never get around to doing anything about it. You do not have to keep distressed from your old mattress. There are tons of adjustable beds to choose from, and as a side sleeper, you can get one that is specifically customized to your needs.

3 Greatest Adjustable Beds

1. Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress with Adjustable Luxury Adjustable Bed Base, Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring

Whisper quiet base with distinct ergonomic head and foot elevations; programmable settings for lounge, TV/PC, and zero-gravity positions; 3-speed different dual head and foot massage; easy to use a wireless remote with preset and programmable settings and for further convenience two USB ports are built in the base to charge your electronic devicesTop of Form


2. Classic Brands Relief Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Reflexology, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports, Twin XL, Black

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, Twin XL, Black
9,795 Reviews
Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, Twin XL, Black
  • “Best-rated adjustable bed base” – New York Magazine, The Strategist, March 4, 2021
  • Enjoy lifestyle and health benefits with the Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed/Ergonomic Bed with programmable elevation positions, head and foot massage, USB ports, and wireless remote


  • Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 103 pounds
  • Enjoy health benefits with the Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed with programmable elevation positions, wireless remote, USB ports, and head and foot massage
  • Programmable settings for TV/PC, zero-gravity positions, and lounge.
  • Foot elevation is 50 degrees, and head Elevation is 65 degrees
  • 3-speed different dual head and foot massage so you can unwind, ease and soothe your body
  • Adjustable mattress friendly- ideal for use with latex, air mattresses, and memory foam, and is easy to assemble and conveyed directly to your door
do adjustable beds damage mattresses

3. Zinus Jared 14 Inches Metal Adjustable Bed Frame Base

Zinus Jared 14 Inch Metal Adjustable Bed Frame Base / Mattress Foundation with Remote / Head and Foot Incline / Ergonomic Positioning for Better Health and Relaxation / Easy Tool-Free Assembly, Queen
438 Reviews
Zinus Jared 14 Inch Metal Adjustable Bed Frame Base / Mattress Foundation with Remote / Head and Foot Incline / Ergonomic Positioning for Better Health and Relaxation / Easy Tool-Free Assembly, Queen
  • Made with heavy-duty durable steel frames and wires | Compatible with any memory foam mattress and low to medium profile spring mattresses | Mattress is not included
  • Product dimensions | 80” L x 60” W x 14” H | Weight – 86.2 lbs. | Clearance space – 13”


  • Dimensions: 80.2 x 59.5 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 86.2 pounds
  • Strong and Durable Steel. Designed to enhance your sleep and relaxation
  • Use the added remote to enjoy customizable positioning that can reduce the discomfort of back pain, arthritis joint pain, and leg swelling
  • Enjoy convenient positioning. Gone  are the days of buttressing yourself up with extra pillows
  • Independent head and foot incline quality allow positioning that can promote free breathing and better digestion
  • Heavyweight steel frame structure with quiet movements for durable mattress care and undisturbed relaxation while sleeping with your partner
  • Transported to your door and easily grouped in 10 minutes; well-matched with any memory foam mattress and low to average profile spring mattresses
do adjustable beds damage mattresses


When looking for a flexible bedding option, you need to be sure to pay consideration to the type of mattress you aim at using with it. Innerspring mattresses are best avoided due to the discomfort that may be caused when they are flexed. Materials that move easily and provide contouring, such as memory foam, latex foam, and blends, are generally sought to allow you long term use of a favored sleep surface.

An adjustable bed does make a big difference. When you sleep on an old flatbed, your body is not properly supported. There is a lot of rigidity, and the curves in our body do not align correctly with the mattress. That is why you experience so much discomfort at times. Sleeping this way for years on end will lead to chronic health problems. Circulation and posture are important for a healthy lifestyle, so it makes sense to switch to a new bed before things get any worse.

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