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 The CZ Shadow 2 review reveals that it is a handsome-looking firearm that comes readily equipped for duty use with suppressor height night sights and threaded barrel. The CZ Shadow 2 is the next step in improving on what many consider to be one of the best polymer-framed, hammer-fired handguns on the market.

CZ Shadow 2

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CZ Shadow 2

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The CZ Shadow 2 is accurate and reliable with an impressive trigger and smooth action. Also, the grip feels good in the hand. Overall, it has great ergonomics that shooters of all sizes can get behind; this is mostly because it’s got interchangeable backstraps. The CZ Shadow 2 also comes with the smallest backstrap installed.

No doubt, the CZ Shadow 2 lives up to its name and is a worthy addition to anyone’s gun safe and/or holster. No other manufacturer has been able to produce this fine hammer-fired gun for the price.

Features and Specifications of CZ Shadow 2


One of the most important factors when choosing a handgun is how it feels in your hand. The CZ Shadow 2 has interchangeable backstraps that will fit any size hand and come with the smallest backstrap installed. This gives the shooter a consistent grip on their firearm, which aids in accuracy and performance. 

When you’re shooting for fun, this probably isn’t such an issue, but if you’re using your gun for defense purposes then consistency is everything. It’s not going to do any good if you have a great shot lined up only to realize at the last second that your grip was off by just a little bit because of improper sizing or placement of backstraps.

The texturing on both sides gives you plenty of places to hold onto the firearm as well. Whether you’re using your thumb and index fingers or a full three-finger grip, it won’t matter as there’s plenty of grip area to use. The CZ Shadow 2 ships with anodized Aluminum grip panels that look great. These can be easily changed out if you want to experiment with different grips.

CZ Shadow 2 Grip

Magazine Release

One of the nice additions to the CZ Shadow 2 is the oversized magazine release. This makes it easier to use than other handguns that have smaller buttons. It’s easy to reach without having to break your grip on the firearm, which means you can change out magazines faster in a self-defense situation if needed.

You’ll find that the magazine release is located at the butt of the gun rather than being integral with it. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking your grip to drop the magazine, but also means you’ll have to re-adjust your grip after dropping it. The magazine release on CZ Shadow 2 is quite large compared to other pistols. This makes it easier to use without breaking your grip on the firearm. While this isn’t ideal, most shooters will only use the magazine release in the heat of competition when they’ll be much more likely to break their grip anyway.

CZ Shadow 2 Magazine Release

Sights CZ Shadow 2 Review

One of the best features of this firearm is the night sights. They’re easy to acquire and make it much easier for those with failing eyesight to hit their targets downrange. These are also great for anyone who wants to be able to shoot their firearm accurately in any lighting conditions, whether you’ve got enough light or not. 

The rear sight has a flat front and rounded back that allows the shooter to see their target more easily, even when in low light conditions. This is important because it gives you something to focus on rather than just watching the gunfire. This helps with accuracy, though many shooters choose not to rely on this feature and rely instead on their iron sights.

The fiber optic front sight is bright enough to be visible even in extremely bright light conditions, so you’ll never have trouble getting an accurate shot off at the range or when your life depends on it. No other firearm manufacturer has been able to accomplish this, which makes CZ Shadow 2 stand out from the competition.

 Luckily it’s easy to change out sights on this firearm, so if you ever need or want to switch them you can easily do so. CZ itself makes the front sight, which is very easy to change out and replace if desired. This also means that you can customize your firearm to meet your own needs, such as fitting it with a taller or shorter front sight depending on your specific shooting conditions.

CZ Shadow 2 Sights CZ Shadow 2 Review


The CZ Shadow 2 is a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) firearm. This means that you’ll need to cock the hammer of the gun before each shot when in double-action mode. The trigger pull is long, but smooth and consistent which will aid in accuracy when it matters most.

In single-action mode, the trigger is much lighter and will give you more control over your shots. Many shooters find this easier to use when practicing at the range, but it won’t be as useful in a self-defense situation where adrenaline is pumping through your veins and there’s no time to think about anything except pulling the trigger.

The CZ Shadow 2 trigger itself is easy to control and easier to use than most other firearms on the market today. It comes with a trigger pull that’s 5 lbs lighter than that of its predecessor, the CZ Shadow, which gives you a great deal of control. While this isn’t something you’ll necessarily see in a self-defense situation, it is very useful when practicing at the range or target shooting.

CZ Shadow 2 Trigger


The CZ Shadow 2 has a durable frame made from steel, which means it can withstand more wear and tear than other firearms currently on the market. This is an important feature for anyone who plans to use their firearm in a self-defense situation because you won’t have time to worry about something going wrong with your gun. 

CZ Shadow 2

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CZ Shadow 2


The safety of this firearm is ambidextrous and can be easily accessed by both left-handed and right-handed shooters. This means that you don’t have to worry about fumbling around with your firearm if it’s dark or your hands are shaking from adrenaline. 

Safety is important for obvious reasons, but it’s especially important in a self-defense situation where split-second decisions can determine whether you live or die. The safety is also easily accessible from a firing position, which means that no matter what your position is when you’re firing your gun you’ll be able to keep yourself safe.

There is no decocking feature on the CZ Shadow 2, which some shooters find useful for self-defense situations. While you can keep your finger on the trigger, this firearm is extremely reliable and will only go off if you intend it to.

CZ Shadow 2 Safety

Aesthetics CZ Shadow 2 Review

The CZ Shadow 2 has a bit of an aggressive look to it due to the large muzzle device and sharp angles. This is not only attractive but functional as well. It gives you more real estate to use when gripping the firearm which means you won’t have any issues with inconsistencies. 

You’ll notice that the CZ logo on the slide is mil-spec, which most people aren’t aware of. The letters are crisp and beautifully rendered, with the “S” being in a serif font that’s bolder than the rest of them. This makes it easy to read at pretty much any angle with no loss of quality.

CZ seems to have taken inspiration from World of Tanks when designing the CZ Shadow 2 and it certainly shows. Not only is the ammunition capacity large (10 rounds per magazine to 26 rounds) but each shell has a unique look to it. When you eject the magazine, it sticks out from the firearm by about an inch and a half before popping free.

CZ Shadow 2 Aesthetics CZ Shadow 2 Review


The aftermarket for the CZ Shadow 2 is impressive, to say the least. The gun has been out since 2017 and there are already a plethora of parts available, ranging from custom grips to magazine extensions.

The majority of replacement parts for this firearm are simple drop-in assemblies, meaning you don’t have to spend time on modifications or adjustments. All you have to do is pull out your old part and click on the new one. The number of parts available for this gun means it’s highly customizable, so if you want a specific grip size or something else unique, chances are someone sells it.

The popularity of the CZ Shadow 2 means that holster options are plentiful and easy to find. The 1911-style grip angle makes it ideal for quickdraw holsters (the most common type) but can be somewhat difficult to find holsters for, as not all manufacturers make them. 

The White Hat Holsters Triton is precisely molded around the CZ Shadow 2 for a snug fit. There’s no wiggle room inside the holster, which is great because it means you don’t have to worry about adjusting your grip to compensate for more/less of the firearm being covered up by leather or Kydex. 


Cleaning the CZ Shadow 2 isn’t too much of a hassle. The gun comes apart into five larger parts and is then divided into two smaller halves. There’s a large polygonal structure inside that can be accessed simply by popping out the top half of the firearm and sliding it forward. This makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, as you don’t have to worry about anything falling out when you’re tending to it.

The gun comes apart into two larger subassemblies, which are then broken down into smaller sections. This makes for easier cleaning but does increase the number of parts you have to manage when doing so. It’s not a huge issue but it can be somewhat difficult if you aren’t familiar with this type of break-down process.


The CZ Shadow 2 gives a satisfying clack when the trigger resets. This is due to the firing pin block, which prevents it from reaching full-cock before dropping down into its final resting place.

There’s a bit of takeup on the first shot since the hammer spring is so light but subsequent shots have no noticeable difference in pull weight. The reset is crisp, too, with just enough resistance to be reassuring without being tiring to the trigger finger. The CZ Shadow 2 has a long double-action trigger pull but fires very quickly once you’re past that stage due to how much the trigger resets. The gun features an overtravel stop which prevents the trigger from taking an extra step and putting it into a higher stage of pull.

The sights on the CZ Shadow 2 are pretty large, boast a thick white outline, and feature fiber optic lighting in both the front and back sight. The rear sight is adjustable for windage via two screws but doesn’t come out unless you use a tool to do so. The CZ Shadow 2 is easy to shoot at range due to how well it’s suited towards precision shooting. It has a long sight radius but doesn’t feel unwieldy or awkward to wield, although the size of the grip can be somewhat off-putting to shooters with smaller hands.

CZ Shadow 2 Shooting

Advantages of CZ Shadow 2


The CZ Shadow 2 is a highly customizable firearm, thanks to how many parts are available through CZ and other manufacturers. This gun can be modified in several ways, including adding custom grips or magazine extensions for competition shooting.

Highly Accurate

This gun has the accuracy needed for precision shooting but also feels comfortable to hold at range due to its generous sight radius. The wide grip is easy to manage and makes holding the firearm very stable, especially during longer-distance shots.

Highly Concealable

Due to its slim width and low-profile design, this gun can be worn under a variety of clothing without attracting too much attention. 


The Shadow 2 is also extremely lightweight, which means the bulkiness people associate with firearms isn’t an issue. The low weight makes it perfect for shooters who want a gun they can easily carry without sacrificing accuracy, comfort, or ease of concealment.

Large Magazine Capacity

The CZ Shadow 2 comes with a standard 10 round magazine, which can be swapped out for larger capacities till 26 as desired.

CZ Shadow 2

New and Pre Owned
CZ Shadow 2’s In Stock

CZ Shadow 2

Disadvantages of CZ Shadow 2

Difficult Assembly

The CZ Shadow 2 takes some time to break down and reassemble while cleaning it due to its numerous parts. 

Heavy Double-action Trigger Pull

The CZ Shadow 2 has a very long trigger pull when in double-action mode, which makes it difficult to shoot quickly without practice. The reset is also at the back of the trigger and has a little bit of play to it, which can make precise shots difficult.

Difficult To Maintain

The complicated take-down process for the CZ Shadow 2 increases the amount of time you spend cleaning it, which can make regular maintenance less convenient.

Trigger Reset Is Too Long

The trigger on the CZ Shadow 2 has an overtravel stop but still takes too much time to reset, which contributes to how heavy the double-action pull is. The reset itself also tends to stick for a moment after firing before snapping back into place.


 No, the CZ Shadow 2 does not have a decocker.

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The price for a new CZ Shadow 2 can range from $900 to over $1600 depending on the components you want.

Yes, this gun can be modified in several ways.

The CZ Shadow 2 fires very precisely due to its generous sight radius and low recoil, but the heavy double-action trigger pull makes it difficult for shooters used to other firearms.

No, the CZ Shadow 2 is lightweight and easy to carry.

The take-down process for this gun is complicated and requires some tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s harder to keep clean than other guns.


The CZ Shadow 2 is a great firearm for shooters who want the accuracy of a long-barreled gun without sacrificing concealability. The low weight makes it comfortable to carry while still maintaining pinpoint precision thanks to its generous sight radius. There’s no reason not to add this gun to your collection if you’re a firearms enthusiast. Hope this CZ Shadow 2 review has been helpful.

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