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CZ Shadow 2 Review and Price

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CZ Shadow 2 Review

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The CZ Shadow 2 is a very popular gun, and it has been out for quite some time. Our CZ Shadow 2 review will provide you with all the information you need to know about this handgun to make an informed decision when purchasing one. We’ll talk about its features, specifications, pros, cons, and more. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the CZ Shadow 2.

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CZ has been manufacturing high-quality guns for a long time, but one of its best is the CZ Shadow 2.  This handgun is lightweight, thin, and very sturdy. It’s chambered in 9mm Luger and has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds, making it better than many other handguns available on the market right now. The CZ Shadow 2’s accuracy is unmatched, and it shoots very smoothly. This handgun has a smooth trigger pull that you’ll enjoy shooting. Additionally, this handgun is very easy to maintain and clean, which makes it perfect for any gun owner who wants to keep his firearm well-maintained at all times. Furthermore, the frame quality of this handgun is very impressive, and it has a price that makes it affordable for the vast majority of people. Let’s start with the most important thing, its price

Price of CZ Shadow 2

This handgun has many things to love, including its durability, ergonomics, functionality, accuracy, and more. However, there are also a few downsides to owning this gun, including its price. The CZ Shadow 2 has a high price tag. It’s not going to be the cheapest option on the market, but it is also far from the most expensive. The new CZ Shadow 2 is roughly between $1,200-$1,299. If you look for a gun with similar features, you will have to spend around that much. The price of the gun is always a good topic of discussion. In the case of the CZ Shadow 2, its price can vary depending on where you purchase it from and how much the seller wants for the gun. Now that we know the price, it’s time to look at its features.

Features of CZ Shadow 2

Many features make this handgun one-of-a-kind, and we’re going to take a look at some of its most important ones.

Grip and Textures

The most impressive feature of the CZ Shadow 2 is its ergonomics. It has a grip that is adjustable, but not in the way you might think. You can adjust the angle at which the gun sits when it’s in your hand. This is important because you won’t always be holding it at the same angle, and it’s nice to know that you can adjust the gun to fit your hands. The best feature of this handgun is its grip, and it’s great to see a pistol with such an ergonomic design. Many different models offer grips of many colors of passion like blue and red. Its blue aluminum grips are very popular and come with an additional cost. Another great feature is its aggressive checkering on the grips. This isn’t like other handguns on the market that have rough grips just for show. This gun has textured grips on the front, back, and sides of the frame. You can easily get a proper grip, thanks to these textured surfaces. The CZ Shadow 2 is one-of-a-kind with its grip and textured surfaces.

Grip and Textures of CZ Shadow 2

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the gun are two important things that you will want to know about before purchasing. This steel frame handgun is 8.5 inches long, 1.3 inches wide, and weighs 47 ounces. Most models have a magazine capacity of 17 rounds, while the magazine floor plate is aluminum.  That’s a pretty standard size and weight compared to other handguns on the market. The size is perfect for most people in terms of how it feels. With almost 3 pounds, it is somewhat along with the heavy pistols, but it offers more punch than polymer service pistols. Another important factor about this gun’s size and weight is that it helps with accuracy. The more you hold a handgun, the more accurate you can be with it. It might sound odd, but this gun is easy to hold and shoot, so you can become more accurate than you would with other guns. The size and weight of the CZ Shadow 2 are impressive, but it’s not perfect for everyone.

Size and Weight of CZ Shadow 2

Stopping Power

You might not think that stopping power is an important feature for a handgun, but it is. Anyone who carries a concealed weapon wants to have the best stopping power possible. The CZ Shadow 2 has the impressive stopping power to put down any threat you face. You just need to know where to shoot your target, which is important no matter what gun you are using. The stopping power of this handgun makes it an excellent choice for people who are looking for a concealed carry gun.

Stopping Power of CZ Shadow 2

Safety Features

The safety features of this handgun aren’t going to be a selling point for everyone, but some people want that extra security. The CZ Shadow 2 is a single-action/double-action pistol having an automatic safety that prevents it from going off when you don’t want it to. This is a great safety feature and a good reason this gun is so popular. Another safety feature that you will get with the CZ Shadow 2 is a firing pin block. This means that even if the gun fires when it’s dropped, it won’t go off. You don’t have to worry about accidents taking place when this handgun is nearby. It also features the safety notch on the hammer post. It is meant to prevent the gun from firing if it’s dropped. This feature can be useful, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Some people prefer having multiple safety features, while others don’t care about that.


It comes down to your preference and what you want out of your gun. The ambidextrous safety on the CZ Shadow 2 is another great feature. It has dual thumb-slide safety, where both of your hands can reach it. You aren’t limited to just using one hand with this handgun, and that’s an important factor if you are ever in a difficult situation. If you need to use your gun with your other hand, this is a very convenient feature. Many people look for accurate pistols with ambidextrous safety features, so it’s good to see this gun includes them. The safety features of the CZ Shadow 2 are impressive and make it one of the best handguns on the market.

Safety Features of CZ Shadow 2

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop is one of the most important parts of any gun, and it’s good to see that this handgun has an impressive design. You can lock the slide back by using the slide stop when you want to make sure no rounds are in the chamber. This is another feature that some people consider essential, while others don’t care about it. The adjustable magazine release is also an important feature for many people. If you want to switch out the magazine in your gun, this one makes it easy to do so. You can press down on the magazine release with your thumb and easily swap out magazines when necessary. The slide stop and magazine release are great features that make this handgun even better.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of CZ Shadow 2

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger of this gun is extremely versatile. It has a single-action/double-action trigger with an undercut trigger guard. It has a light trigger pull that you can easily adjust, making it great for any type of shooting. You can use it in competitions, target practice, home defense situations, and more. The versatility of this handgun makes it a very attractive option, especially when you know that you will be using different types of ammunition. Many competitive shooters want to have a trigger they can adjust for their needs, and the CZ Shadow 2 gives them that opportunity.


You can easily change the trigger pull weight to get the most out of your pistol. If you plan on using different types of ammunition, you don’t have to worry about the CZ Shadow 2’s trigger being able to adjust for your needs. You can use light, standard, or heavy ammunition without changing the gun. The design of the trigger is impressive, and it’s one of the main reasons people are in love with this handgun. It lets them get the most out of their gun, no matter the situation.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ Shadow 2

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil of this competition pistol is surprisingly pleasant. Many people expect the recoil to be harsh and difficult to adjust, but that’s not true with the CZ Shadow 2. It has a low bore axis which reduces the felt recoil, making it easier to hit your target. This handgun isn’t too powerful, so you don’t have to worry about your hand being unable to hold onto the gun after each shot. If you are ever in a competitive shooting situation, it’s important that your handgun feels comfortable. The CZ Shadow 2 makes the recoil easy to manage, ensuring your shots will be on target.


Muzzle flip can be an issue for many handguns, but it isn’t for this one. The low bore axis and grip tape ensure that the muzzle flip is reduced, allowing you to get back on target quickly. This is another reason why so many shooters are drawn to this handgun since they know it won’t be a hassle when it comes time to take a shot. This gun’s recoil and muzzle flip make it more pleasant for shooters. It lets them focus more on hitting their target than struggling to keep the gun stable when they pull the trigger.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of CZ Shadow 2

Advantages of CZ Shadow 2

When it comes to something as complicated as handguns, this gun by a Czech manufacturer is impressive with its technical features. It’s easy to see why so many people are interested in this gun. If you are looking for a competition pistol, then this one is perfect for you as it offers manifold advantages like:


Accuracy is an important aspect of any firearm, and this handgun does a great job ensuring you can hit your target. The impressive design makes it comfortable to hold while also giving the gun a lightweight advantage for shooters. Many guns tend to be bulky and heavy, making them difficult for younger users or people new to using a gun. However, the lightweight nature of this gun makes it a great option for shooters of all ages and experience levels. When you invest in a handgun specifically designed to be accurate, you know your shots will be on target. Whether you are using the CZ Shadow 2 for competitions or home defense situations, it’s easy to see why this handgun is viewed as one of the best on the market today.


The reliability of this handgun is unrivaled. It holds up to the most challenging conditions and performs just as great as other options on the market. If you need a gun that can perform in outdoor conditions, then you know you can count on this particular firearm to get the job done. Many handguns have issues with getting jammed during usage, but the CZ Shadow 2 is designed to prevent this from happening. The reliability of this handgun makes it a great choice for enthusiasts who are looking for something more challenging than the average pistol on the market. That is the reason why so many people have their eyes on this handgun because it can handle anything you throw at it without getting in the way.


Longevity is an important aspect of any gun, but this handgun delivers on that front better than most other options on the market. The fact that it’s made from high-grade steel means you can use it for a long time without worrying about how it will hold up. Accidental drops are no problem either, thanks to their tough nature. You won’t have to worry about the lifespan of this handgun when you make it your own. It is designed to handle whatever challenge you throw at it, and since it’s made from high-grade steel, this means it will be in your possession for a long time.


While this handgun is impressive in its own right, it can be concealed easily is a huge advantage. This makes it easy to bring daily and ensures you will never have an issue if you need to use it in self-defense situations. There are few handguns on the market that are as good for concealability, but learning more about this handgun makes it clear why so many people are interested in the CZ Shadow 2. There are many advantages to investing in a handgun like this one for your collection. This is especially true if you plan on using the gun for some type of competition or activity that requires accuracy. The CZ Shadow 2 is designed to deliver on that front and ensures you can hit your target with ease.

Disadvantages of CZ Shadow 2

There are many great things about the CZ Shadow 2, but it isn’t perfect by any means. Let’s take a look at some of its disadvantages.


Price is one of the main disadvantages of this handgun. While you are getting a great quality gun, it can be expensive for some users to make this type of purchase. However, if you can afford it, there is no reason not to invest in this handgun for your collection. The price tag associated with this handgun may be a lot for some people to handle. While the CZ Shadow 2 is certainly expensive, it has many features that make it worth its asking price and ensure you will enjoy using it for many years to come. To conclude, the advantages of investing in something like the CZ Shadow 2 far outweigh any disadvantages that might hold some people back from purchasing this handgun. That is why many shooters choose it as their own, and you are sure to love this handgun once you make it yours. It is a handgun designed to win over the loyalty of enthusiasts on the market. Whether you are using it for competitions or simply want something powerful on hand at home, this gun is certainly worth your consideration.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ Shadow 2 Review and Price

There are many aftermarket accessories that you can use to enhance your firearm further, and a few of them include a replacement barrel, rear sight, front adjustable sight, holsters, aftermarket magazines, grips, etc. You will have to invest in these items separately from the handgun itself, but they are well worth the money if they help you enjoy the CZ Shadow 2 even more. Here we will explore some aftermarket options to choose from.


If you want your handgun to shine, then investing in a replacement sight is the best way to go about it. There are many options to choose from, like a fiber-optic sight, but the most important thing is making sure they fit correctly. Some manufacturers have created their front or rear sights that will not fit if you do not get them directly from the company that makes this handgun. Getting replacement sights for your CZ Shadow 2 is an easy way to ensure you are using a firearm in excellent condition. This handgun makes it easy to upgrade for a more customized experience, and you can find these types of accessories from many different companies online and at your local sporting goods store.

Replacement Barrels

Using a replacement barrel with your CZ Shadow 2 provides you with the ability to take full advantage of all of its features. The standard barrel that comes with this handgun is designed to hold up when you use it for competitions, but it can also help you improve your accuracy in other situations. If you are using the gun for hunting or another activity, investing in a new barrel ensures that you get the best results possible. Finding replacement barrels for your CZ Shadow 2 is an optimum way to enhance your handgun further. This accessory allows you to enjoy your gun from different aspects and understand how it works with different accessories to improve its overall performance.


If you plan to use this handgun for competitions, investing in a holster will give you the best results. While there are many great holsters to choose from, you must invest in one that can firmly hold up your handgun when you need it to do so. If the holster is flimsy, then the gun may fall out, or its frame finish may get damaged because of it, so you will have to spend a bit more money on a holster that is designed to hold up the gun by itself. Carrying a handgun with a belt and shoulder strap can also help you use your firearm more effectively. There are many options available for these accessories, but if you want your gun to be held up for a long period, you will have to invest in the right product.


Aftermarket grips for this handgun are available from a few different companies, and they can be attached to your gun fairly easily. Most grips will fit on the majority of CZ Shadow 2 handguns, but it is important to check the company’s website before you purchase to ensure it will work with yours. Investing in high-quality grips for your CZ Shadow 2 is a great way to ensure you are using a handgun that functions as well as it should. These accessories allow you to grip the firearm more effectively and improve its overall performance whenever you use it for different purposes.

Cleaning Kits

If you want to enjoy this Single, Double-action competition pistol for many years, investing in a cleaning kit is the best way. These kits are designed to give you more control over how you clean this handgun, and they also allow you to maintain its overall function so it stays powerful for an extended period. While maintaining your gun with a cleaning kit may seem like a lot of work, it is well worth it to make sure your gun is ready for anything. This accessory makes cleaning a lot easier, and it also allows you to understand how this handgun works from different angles to get the best results possible.

Best Holster for CZ Shadow 2

While you can use any holster with your competition gun, you must invest in a holster made to hold your firearm up for a long time. If the holster isn’t sturdy, then it won’t be able to hold your gun properly, and this will allow it to fall out and get damaged over time. Finding a good holster for this firearm is essential if you plan on using it for competitions or hunting. These holsters are made to hold your gun up even when you move around a lot, so using one is the best way to get the most out of your CZ Shadow 2. we have picked one such holster for this CZ Shadow 2 gun.

BLACKHAWK Tactical Holster Platform

This tactical holster platform can hold up your handgun firmly and securely, and it allows you to release and draw out the gun without any trouble. You can use this product from various positions, so it is versatile enough for many different types of activities that require you to have a firearm on hand. Another reason why this is a popular holster platform is because you can use it with several types of handguns, including the CZ Shadow 2. This universal product also comes with two adjustable retention straps that secure your gun and keep it from falling out when you need it to function properly.

$64.71 1 used from $53.31 24 new from $52.95
in stock
BLACKHAWK 432000PBK Tactical Holster Platform, Black


No, it is quite easy to clean and maintain for many years. Find a cleaning kit designed specifically for the CZ Shadow 2, so you can extend its overall lifespan and understand how it functions from different angles.

You can add replacement barrels or other grips to make the handgun more accurate. It is important to invest in a holster, grips, replacement barrels, cleaning kit, and other accessories so that you can have the best experience possible with your gun.

The handgun’s accuracy is due to its excellent construction and design.

This gun is designed to work with many of the most popular holsters on the market, so you will have no problem finding one that fits your handgun perfectly.

Recommended Holsters for CZ Shadow 2


The CZ Shadow 2 review confirms that it is a significant upgrade from the original, with an improved trigger and ergonomic grip. But what sets this pistol apart from its predecessors is how easy it is to customize for your individual needs, with aftermarket accessories like extended magazines, laser sights, or red dot optics available at reasonable prices on Amazon or elsewhere online. The CZ Shadow 2 is a fantastic handgun with great accuracy, good recoil management, and deep conceal-ability. We hope our review has helped you make an informed decision about this firearm, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts after reading it. Please leave us a comment below if there’s anything else you want to know about the CZ Shadow 2 pistol.

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