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CZ is known for making some really good firearms, and the CZ P10F was no exception. The pistol was designed to replace the CZ 75, used by various military and police forces worldwide since 1975. The CZ75 is the world’s second-most copied handgun, behind only the Colt 1911. Here’s a detailed CZ P10F Review.


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CZ has stepped up its game with the CZ P10F. While it may look a lot like its older brother, don’t be fooled because it improves from an ergonomics perspective. This new handgun maintains many of its predecessor’s features but includes upgrades that make it more attractive to military personnel and civilians alike. These include an improved grip, higher magazine capacity, better sights, enhanced recoil control, ambidextrous controls, interchangeable backstraps for different hand sizes, and compatibility with aftermarket parts like laser aiming systems or suppressors.

The CZ P10F is a high-quality firearm that proves reliable, accurate, and versatile. It also has an affordable price tag making it perfect for those beginning shooters looking for their first handgun. As well as those who already have experience with firearms and need a reliable gun they can use for target practice or tactical purposes.

Features and Specifications - CZ P10F Review


The grip and ergonomics of the CZ P10F are improved over the original CZ P-10. The grips are interchangeable backstraps in three different sizes and textures to accommodate shooters with different hand sizes. This improves the pistol’s ergonomics and therefore shoot ability since it is more accommodating for a wider range of people. There is also a full-length accessory rail for mounting accessories.

While there is no beavertail on the CZ P10F there is a very deep tang for the web of your hand. That deep tang combined with the angle and ergonomics of the grip force your hand very high up on the gun’s grip, which combined with its already low bore axis makes it feel much more controllable in rapid-fire situations.

Grip Of CZ P10F

Magazine Release

The CZ P10F holds 19 rounds of 9mm in its flush fit format. It features a reversible magazine release that can be changed to either side depending on the handedness of the shooter. This is beneficial because it means that shooters who are left-handed or switch between hands don’t have to change their grip and will immediately be used to the location of where the mag release is for that hand.

While this is a good feature that many users will appreciate, it also has slight drawbacks—for example, using the gun for home defense where speed and access to your firearm could be crucial. A reversible mag release could lead to unnecessary delays in accessing your gun if you have the mag release located on the side with which you aren’t holding the firearm.

Magazine Release Of CZ P10F

Slide Stop

The slide stop is extremely minimal, with less than 1/10th of an inch sticking out past the rest of the gun. The slide stop on the CZ P10F is located on the left side of the gun instead of traditionally being located at the top right. This makes it much easier for both left-handed and right-handed users to engage and disengage the slide.

The CZ P10F has a slide stop designed to be used as a “slide release” so the shooter doesn’t have to pull back on the slide to chamber another round. This is beneficial because you don’t have to change your grip every time you want to load or unload your firearm.

This feature could also be seen as a drawback to some shooters. Since there is no external safety on the CZ P10F and the slide stop serves as one of the safeties, it can take more time and practice to get used to than other firearms that have an extra form of safety like grip safety or trigger safety.

Slide Stop Of CZ P10F


The front sight of the CZ P10F is a TruGlo TFO night sight with an orange ring around the tritium-filled front post. This is beneficial for rapid target acquisition in dimly lit indoor and bright outdoor areas thanks to its bright color and brightness at all times since it uses tritium gas instead of relying on a phosphor.

The rear sight is a blackout square notch with no dots or lines to assist the user with lining up their shots. This is beneficial because it was designed to be used along with the front tritium night sight and won’t get in the way of quickly lining up your shot.

At the same time, you can choose from various front sight options. These include fixed 3 dot tritium sights and conventional 3 dot non-tritium sights.

Sights Of CZ P10F


The trigger pull of the CZ P10F is smooth and shorter than most handguns. It isn’t as light as a standard double-action revolver but is one of the lighter triggers out of pistols on the market today. This makes it easier to shoot, reduces wear on internal parts, and helps with accuracy while also having the same weight and feel as a double-action revolver to allow for practice with one if desired.

The trigger pull is consistent because it has an internal firing pin block like other striker-fired pistols like the GLOCK. But it isn’t excessively long like other striker-fired pistols that feature multiple safety blocks (which can increase trigger pull weight). The overall trigger pull has a very crisp and consistent break. It isn’t as long as a revolver’s trigger pull because it isn’t necessary for the user to fully cock the hammer before firing, which can slow down target acquisition in certain situations since there is no external safety on the CZ P10F.

The trigger reset makes it much shorter than other handguns on the market. This may not seem like a benefit since you have to find the reset every time you take a shot, but if you are pulling back on the trigger until it resets, then your finger will be completely off the trigger before it fires. This makes it easier to fire shots faster since the user only has to worry about keeping their finger on the trigger during each shot, not preventing their finger from moving too far off of the trigger.

Trigger Of CZ P10F


The CZ P10F has a black polycoat finish, and the slide and all the internal parts are made of stainless steel. Those features give it a more rugged look that many pistols don’t have. It also doesn’t have an external safety or decocker, common for modern handguns. But could be seen as a drawback for some people who are used to the standard 1911 that has a grip safety on the back of the grip and a manual decocking lever on the left side of the firearm.

CZ P10F also doesn’t have any over embellishments like serrations, checkering, or front strap checkering, which can give it an overall more plain look. It is also quite similar to the CZ 75. Still, it has a fiber optic front sight instead of 2 dot fixed sights and longer grip dimensions for higher capacity magazines that are more readily available on the market. Many people will compare it to it.

Aesthetic Of CZ P10F


The CZ P10F has an internal firing pin block that prevents the firearm from discharging unless the trigger is pulled. This helps prevent accidental discharges but takes away the user’s option to manually lower the hammer without pulling the trigger, which can be beneficial in some situations.

Also, it doesn’t have any external safety unless you count the trigger safety as an external safety. The internal firing pin block also prevents accidental discharges when the hammer isn’t being cocked. Still, some people have features like manual decocking levers, a rotating safety switch, or grip safety. This makes it easier to conceal carry but can also lead to increased time from target acquisition and firing your first shot due to the lack of external safeties that may be more familiar with those used to other firearms on the market.


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Shooting CZ P10F Review

Shooting the CZ P10F is enjoyable because it isn’t too heavy to hold but has a smooth trigger pull. The grip’s texture feels natural to hold and has just enough texture to prevent you from accidentally dropping it while also not being too rough on your hands. It’s none too large either, so it’s easy for people with small hands to handle, but still large enough that it fits well in your hand when firing.

The trigger pull is very consistent because of the striker nature of the CZ P10F, there are no unnecessary safety blocks, and its reset is short, so you can get back on target faster than other handguns. There are also no external safeties which may take time at first since you have to get used to it, but after you get the feel of what the trigger pull feels like when it is ready to fire, then you can adjust and adapt your technique to take full advantage of that.

Aftermarket CZ P10F Review

The CZ P10F is compatible with various accessories, including sights from Trijicon and TruGlo. This gun’s range of sight options makes it even more useful in tactical or defensive situations, mitigating some drawbacks from the smaller magazine capacity.

Numerous holsters are available for the CZ P10F thanks to its standard accessory rail, which can accommodate flashlights or suppressors. This is a great benefit since holsters that fit other popular handguns with similar trigger guards may not work with this gun.

The aftermarket parts available for the CZ P10F are very numerous and include parts like extended controls, sharper triggers, adjustable sights, threaded barrels- even decorative grips. This leads to many options for aftermarket customization of this firearm, whether you want the gun to be more formal or tactical or just want something that stands out with different colored grip panels or a custom laser system.

The CZ P10F is a versatile handgun with unique features that make it stand out from other handguns currently on the market. It has a smooth, lighter trigger pull than most pistols without sacrificing the reliability of a double/single-action system, as well as better ergonomics and increased aftermarket options.

Overall Ergonomics

It has better ergonomics than most handguns currently on the market because of the grip angle that makes it easy to handle, even when firing quickly in succession. It also has a very smooth trigger pull with an audible reset since it doesn’t have any unnecessary safety blocks.

The ergonomics are better because of its weight distribution and smooth trigger that stacks slightly throughout the whole pull. It makes the gun feel like an extension of your hand and makes it easier to manipulate.

Advantages - CZ P10F Review


The CZ P10F has an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to hold and shoot.


The smooth trigger pull, ergonomic grip angle, and adjustable sights provide better accuracy than most handguns on the market.


High-quality parts with many aftermarket options for customization make this gun very useful in various situations.

Disadvantages - CZ P10F Review

Trigger Pull

The trigger pull is slightly heavier than most handguns, but it has an audible reset, making the gun more accurate for follow-up shots.

Magazine Capacity

Small magazine capacity can be a disadvantage in some tactical or defensive applications, but extended magazines allow for a higher ammunition capacity in a compact weapon.

Trigger Pull

The trigger pull on this gun is heavier than most handguns, but it is very smooth and stacks slightly throughout the pull, making it easier to fire in quick succession.


The markings on the sights are nice and clear, but they can be adjusted for windage/elevation if necessary, which is not an option with some sight systems.


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It has a very smooth and consistent trigger pull that stacks slightly throughout the pull, making it easier to fire in quick succession.

Double major in Engineering and Geology at the University of Minnesota. Experienced shooter & hunter for over 15 years. Certified NRA officer for over 10 years working as a writer at .

This gun has more felt recoil than other handguns that utilize a Browning design but less than many other striker-fired pistols. It has relatively little muzzle rise compared to most subcompact pistols.

This gun is reliable and durable due to its tough polymer frame and steel slide. It is reliable in many situations and is very durable because of its tough polymer frame.

There are many sight options available for this gun. It has standard 3-dot sights, but it also has the option of fiber optic front and tritium rear sights. Plus, aftermarket “night sights” have tritium inserts in the front and back. Some tritium-illuminated sights are not available for windage/elevation adjustment, so you need to be sure they are zeroed properly.

There are many holsters available for this gun because it has a standard accessory rail on the dust cover that can accommodate flashlights or suppressors. This is not an option with some handguns that have accessory rails, where you need to buy aftermarket parts to fit those accessories.


The CZ P10F has better ergonomics than most handguns currently on the market because of the grip angle, weight distribution, and smooth trigger pull that stacks slightly throughout the whole pull. It provides better accuracy than most handguns with those characteristics, plus customizable parts and an accessory rail on the dust cover also make this gun very useful in various situations. Hope this CZ P10F Review helps to decide if you should buy this gun or not!

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