CZ P10C Vs Glock 19

CZ P10C Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

CZ P10C.

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Two of the most popular firearms in service are the CZ P10C and Glock 19. These pistols are both hard to deny, with their reputation for reliability, durability, accuracy, and power. Both pistols have seen used by military and police forces worldwide, putting them in high demand. One of them is great for everyday carry; the other is used primarily by law enforcement officers. Both are chambered in 9mm Luger with similar magazine capacity, weight, and size. There are many factors to consider when comparing CZ P10C vs Glock 19, but some differences make them stand apart from each other.

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Features of CZ P10C Vs Glock 19

Grip and Textures

When it comes to feeling, there are some differences between these two pistols. Glock is known for its simple grip with a large beavertail that makes the gun sit comfortably in your hand. The backstrap also has a hump that lets you rest your thumb on the slide serrations and provides more control over the firearm. CZ P10C, on the other hand, has a more rounded shape with fewer serrations for your thumb to grip onto.

CZ P10c Grip and Textures

The magazine release button can also catch on the inside of your palm if you have large hands. The gun also has interchangeable backstraps, allowing you to customize grip size. Both pistols have a similar texture on the grip, with checkering that provides traction to your hand when firing. The CZ P10C front and rear slide serrations are deeper, making racking the slide easier if you don’t have a strong grip or suffer.

Glock 19 Grip and Textures

Weapon Size and Weight

Both pistols are relatively similar in size, with Glock 19 being slightly smaller and lighter than CZ P10C. The overall length for both guns is 7 inches, with a width of 1.26 inches for Glock 19 and 1.25 inches for CZ P10C.

CZ P10c Weapon Size and Weight

The height of Glock 19 is 5.04 inches and 5.19 inches for CZ P10C, with the difference in weight being 4 pounds more for Glock 19 at 23.63 ounces unloaded compared to 27.51 ounces unloaded for CZ P10C. There is no difference in the maximum range or accuracy of these two pistols. Both guns have a practical shooting range of 75 feet and an effective range of 150-200 feet.

Glock 19 Weapon Size and Weight

Carrying Capacity

Both Glock 19 and CZ P10C have standard 15 round magazines. However, you can purchase extended high capacity 17 to 33 round magazines for Glock 19. CZ P10C also has the option to carry an extra two rounds with a 15+2 magazine extension. Both handguns can carry an extra round in the chamber with a 9mm Luger semi-automatic and 15 rounds of 9mm luger on the magazine.

Trigger Mechanism

Both pistols have three different safeties to ensure you don’t accidentally fire the firearm. Glock has a trigger safety which must be depressed before the trigger can be pulled, drop safety which ensures that if dropped or struck, the firing pin will not contact the primer unless the trigger is pulled fully rearward, and an internal firing pin block that blocks the firing pin from hitting the chambered cartridge unless the trigger is pulled.

CZ P10c Trigger Mechanism

CZ P10C has a similar type of mechanism, with a firing pin block that blocks the firing pin from striking the primer unless the trigger is pulled fully rearward and an automatic drop safety that will not allow you to fire if dropped. The grip also has a manual firing pin block safety, along with an internal slide stop mechanism that blocks the firing pin from hitting the chambered round unless the slide is fully in battery. Trigger pull on both pistols is between 5 to 6 pounds depending on your preference.

Glock 19 Trigger Mechanism

Slide and Barrel

Both Glock 19 and CZ P10C have similar slide release mechanisms, with the only difference being that CZ P10C has wings on both sides. This makes racking the slide easier if you are right handed or left handed. The magazine release button is located directly below the trigger guard for easy access. Both pistols have a cold hammer forged barrel, which is known for its precision and durability. The steel alloy used in the manufacture of these barrels minimizes corrosion and ensures better accuracy.

CZ P10c Slide and Barrel

CZ P10C has a wider ejection port and fully machined internal components, making it easier to clean your pistol thoroughly. The slide rails are also metal on a polymer frame, making them easy for left or right handed users. The gun is designed so that when the slide is pulled back fully, you can load your first round without having to rack the slide again. Glock 19 has a wider range of accessories compatible with these pistols, including holsters, magazines, and lights.

Glock 19 Slide and Barrel

Shooting and Recoil

CZ P10C is a lighter gun, which means that there will be less felt recoil when shooting. The recoil on Glock 19 can be slightly harder due to the wider grip and weight of the gun being more evenly distributed in your hand. Both of these handguns have a similar cartridge size and ammo capacity. The average shooter can easily load a full magazine in under one minute for both guns. The CZ P10C has a slight advantage inaccuracy due to the fact that it is easier to rack the slide. Both pistols are easy to handle for shooters of any skill level.

Line of Sight

The sighting radius on both of these guns is slightly different. On the CZ P10C, you will have a slightly easier time achieving similar sight alignment since the barrel is not as long.

CZ P10c Line of Sight

The Glock 19 has a 4-inch barrel, making it easy to spot your target even in low light situations.

Glock 19 Line of Sight


CZ P10C is a polymer gun that has been tested for firing over 150,000 rounds of ammunition. Glock 19 has similar reliability due to the low maintenance designs of both models. Long term durability is a plus for CZ P10C due to the metal slide and polymer frame. The grip will not be as smooth after long term use, which can affect your accuracy if dirt or debris gets into the crevices of the material. Glock 19 has been tested to sustain around 10,000 rounds before the gun starts to experience malfunctions.


CZ P10C has a major advantage in this category since it comes equipped with a metal slide and frame. These parts will sustain wear and tear better than the polymer components on Glock 19. The only way to damage the slide of CZ P10C is if you use corrosive ammunition, which can damage all types of metal slides. Both gun manufacturers recommend not using +P ammunition due to the fact that it will reduce the life of your gun.


CZ P10C is a very small gun, which makes it easy to conceal if you want to carry this weapon on your person. It is one of the lightest sub-compact handguns on the market, coming in at just over 1 pound. Glock 19 has a slimmer slide design, making it easier to conceal since there are no protruding elements. This gun is around 2 pounds depending on your magazine choice. It also has an accessory rail for mounting your flashlight or laser sight.

Aftermarket Accessories – CZ P10C Vs Glock 19

Glock 19 has a huge range of aftermarket accessories available at multiple online retailers, including holsters, lights, and lasers. Some shooters prefer to use the Gen 4 magazines since the grip is slimmer than previous models. CZ P10C is becoming more popular among shooters, but it does not have as many options for customization as Glock 19. The guns are only available in the original size, not in a compact like Glock 19.


CZ P10C has an undercut rear sight, which makes it easier to acquire your target. There is also a set of tritium night sights available for purchase. The Glock 19 has a cutout in the rear of the gun that lets in more light for a faster sight picture. This gives you a slight advantage when shooting at night or in dimly lit areas. You can choose from various aftermarket sights like tritium night sights, fiber optic, and brass. Tritium night sights offer permanent low light visibility, no matter what time of day. Fiber optic sights are also great for daylight shooting since they capture more ambient light than standard iron sights. Brass night sights have beveled edges that help to prevent fogging when you shoot in humid conditions.


Glock 19 has a built-in rail for mounting your flashlight. You can choose from various flashlights to mount on this accessory, and the lanyard point lets you tether the light, so it doesn’t get lost. CZ P10C does not come with a rail for attaching accessories like lights or lasers. However, many shooters have found aftermarket mounting systems to work on this gun.


Glock 19 has two options for grip attachments. You can choose from the Gen 4 or Gen 5 series to find your perfect fit. You can choose between an arched backstrap, flat backstrap, finger grooves, and no backstrap at all. The Gen 4 has a squarer frame that makes it comfortable but harder to conceal in a holster. The Gen 5 grip is slimmer and better-suited for concealed carry. CZ P10C does not offer adjustable grips or interchangeable backstraps to suit your needs, but it does come with integrated finger grooves along the front of the gun.

Magazine Pouches

Glock 19 has a wider range of aftermarket magazine pouches for carrying extra magazines. You can also adjust the cant of the belt loop to suit your specific preference on how you want to wear your gun on your waistband. CZ P10C with flush fit magazines may not fit in some magazine pouches designed for other guns. You need to measure the width of your gun and check carefully before you purchase a pouch.

Magazine Loaders

A Magazine loader is a great accessory for both your Glock 19 and CZ P10C. You can load more than one magazine in a minute or two with the help of this inexpensive tool. This takes some of the stress out of shooting, so you can focus on improving your accuracy.


Glock 19 has more holster options than CZ P10C, including inside the waistband (IWB) holsters and shoulder rigs. IWB holsters are great for concealment since they can fit behind clothing or underneath your jacket to keep your gun hidden. There is also the possibility of wearing an ankle holster for this gun if you conceal your weapon on your leg. CZ P10C IWB holsters are not very popular due to the gun’s small size. You may have more luck with OWB (outside of waistband) or ankle holster options for this gun.

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Is CZ better than Glock?

Both guns are solid performers for self-defense, but Glock 19 is more popular because a trusted manufacturer makes it with a wide range of accessories available.

Can you conceal carry a CZ P10C?

Yes, you can conceal carry a CZ P10C with the right holster and clothing. However, since it’s such a small gun, it may not be as comfortable as larger models.

Is the Glock 19 worth it?

This gun costs a few hundred dollars more than CZ P10C, but it’s well worth the money because of its reliability and durability.

Is Glock 19 a good first gun?

Yes, Glock 19 is a great gun if you’re just starting to shoot. It’s a safe action trigger system simple and easy to use, so it’s also a good gun for beginners who have never handled a firearm before.

Can a civilian own a Glock 19?

Yes, a civilian can purchase and own a Glock 19. However, it may not be legal to carry in all situations. Check your local laws before you buy this gun.

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Glock 19 is a good gun for both beginners and experienced shooters. It’s also popular with law enforcement officers because of its reliability in the line of duty. CZ P10C is a great gun for shooters looking for a compact 9mm handgun. The CZ P10C offers more concealment, but the Glock 19 is more popular and readily available in holsters and accessories. When choosing between these two handguns, you need to decide what’s most important: size or specs? Both guns have their benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for a gun that’s easy to conceal, choose CZ P10C. If you want more performance, accuracy, and customization options, Glock 19 is the better choice.