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CZ P10c Review

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Here in this article, you will find a CZ P10c review from the perspective of a Concealed Carry Weapon.

The CZ P10c is produced by Ceska Zbrojovka of the Czech Republic, also known as CZ.  CZ pistols are well known for their excellent value; reliable guns that come in many different styles.  CZ manufactures handguns that armed professionals and civilians use all over the world for many different purposes.

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The CZ P10c is a polymer-framed, striker fired semi automatic pistol chambered in 9mm Luger.  The CZ P10c is an excellent option for home defense due to its low cost and easy concealability.  It is also an excellent option for concealed carry due to its compact size and limited weight.

Features of CZ P10c

Grip and Textures

The CZ P10c grip is molded out of textured polymer.  The texture on the grip is very coarse, which creates a secure surface for firing at different angles.  The pistol also comes with interchangeable backstraps to accommodate people of all hand sizes.  I found that the gun fits well in my hand, with the medium backstrap installed. The P10c has a trigger guard that is also textured for extra grip, making it very easy to engage the trigger in nearly any situation or position.  The grip angle of the gun feels natural when aiming at a target, which helps reduce any awkward handling by the shooter while maintaining easy control of the gun.  The P10c grip is very aggressive and feels great in my hand when shooting the gun.

CZ P10c Grip and Textures


The CZ P10c has excellent sights for accurate shots at close range. The gun comes with three-dot style steel sight inserts, which provide a clear sight picture of the target. The front sight can be adjusted left and right for windage from the factory by using a small set screw located on the top of the slide. The steel sights are also very durable and will last a long time with proper care.

CZ P10c Sights


The CZ P10c comes with two metal 15 or 17 round magazines for a 9×19 cartridge and a 9×21 and a 380 auto adapter. The standard magazine release button is located on the frame of the grip vertically behind the trigger guard. Still, it can be switched to either side of the gun with included parts, so left-handed users don’t have to worry about using their non-dominant hand for releasing their magazines.


The magazines are easy to load by inserting rounds at an angle into the front of the magazine. The magazines are also very easy to clean due to their open-top design, making it easier to scrub off any dirt and debris. The magazines also drop freely when the magazine release is engaged, so there is no fumbling in an emergency to clear a malfunction during reloads.

CZ P10c Magazine


The trigger is SFDA  double action only with a short reset after releasing the trigger. The double-action pull is smooth but feels a little bit on the heavy side for me.  However, it’s not too heavy to make shooting accurately difficult as long as you manage your recoil properly. The trigger pull on the CZ P10c has a smooth tactile feel with about 5lbs of resistance, making it easy to engage the trigger quickly.  The take up on the trigger is minimal, and after breaking through that first wall of resistance, the gun slightly “rolls” into the hammer for a clean break.

CZ P10c Trigger

Safety Mechanism

The CZ P10c trigger cannot be pulled unless internal safety is engaged. This can be done with the hammer in either the forward (safety off) or fully back (hammer cocked) position. There are passive safeties that block the trigger and an intercepting safety that will not allow the gun to fire unless the magazine is fully seated in the gun. It also comes with a firing pin block that prevents it from moving forward unless the trigger has been pulled to the rear.  The CZ P10c also comes with a threaded barrel for attaching accessories such as a suppressor or compensator.

CZ P10c Safety Mechanism

Size and Dimensions

The CZ P10c has a length of  7.36 in, a height of 5.2 in, and a width of 1.25in. The gun weighs 26.10 oz (empty magazine) unloaded, making it easy to carry around for long periods without sacrificing performance or accuracy. The CZ P10c grip angle is almost identical to the Glock series of pistols, making it an excellent choice for shooters familiar with that grip style.  This similarity also helps new shooters transition from other popular gun models to this one since they will already be very comfortable with how it feels in their hands.


The P10c is slightly smaller than similar weapons because it lacks a backstrap, making the grip shorter for shooters who are either new to carrying concealed or would like an easier conceal weapon. The lack of a backstrap also makes the pistol more comfortable while shooting without putting pressure on the webbing of your hand between your thumb and trigger finger. 

CZ P10c Size and Dimensions

Slide and Barrel Length

The slide on the CZ P10c is very sleek and streamlined with an aggressive serrated rib design that enhances the aggressive aesthetic.  It also has cocking serrations at the front of it for racking the gun if necessary. However, these are not sharp enough to chew up your hands while firing but are still helpful for racking the slide. The gun also has an accessory rail under the barrel for attaching lights or lasers if desired. Slide design on CZ P10c is unique with no frame serrations to catch on clothing during concealed carry but does have forward cocking serrations to help rack the slide.


It also has a lightened slide which helps reduce the weight of the slide to make cycling the gun easier. The CZ P10c’s barrel is cold hammer forged and sports polygonal rifling for increased accuracy, longer wear resistance, and higher muzzle velocity versus conventional rifling. This creates a truly unique look to the barrel and is aesthetically pleasing. It also comes with a threaded barrel which makes adding accessories like suppressors and compensators very easy.

Shooting and Recoil

The CZ P10c has low felt recoil due to the low bore axis, similar to Glock pistols.  This, along with the ergonomics of the grip angle and lightened slide, makes it an excellent firearm for new shooters. The CZ P10c magazine release is similar to the Glock series but has a more traditional button than Glock’s upturned button.  The takedown lever and slide stop are similar to those found on the Glock, making it simple for shooters already familiar with those weapons systems.


The CZ P10c is one of the most reliable guns on the market. It has a few internal parts that create simplicity. Since it has very few tolerances, whatever tolerance it may have will be able to hide within other tolerances until perfection is achieved. It can also be easily disassembled for cleaning. The polymer used in the gun’s design is stronger than steel and resists cracking, which reduces malfunctions. The trigger reset is also very short, which allows for quick follow-up shots. Overall, the CZ P10c is an extremely reliable firearm with few parts that can malfunction or break under normal conditions. However, it would not be recommended to use the gun in harsh, sandy environments since it does not have any form of corrosion resistance. 


The CZ P10c is made out of polymer and has stainless steel inserts for added durability. It also has a cold hammer forged barrel which increases the strength and durability of the firearm. While this gun will not rust in normal conditions, it is very susceptible to damage due to its polymer and lighter slide material. Overall, the CZ P10c is durable enough to be carried daily and used under normal circumstances without breaking or malfunctioning.


The CZ P10c is larger than many common compact pistols but its ergonomics and ability to be concealed without a backstrap make it a perfect choice for those who want to carry concealed daily. This gun has a very slim frame which makes it well suited for IWB or pocket holster carry, but maybe too large for some users to use this method. The slide is very slim, which makes it easy to lose in the waistband of your pants if you are not careful and makes concealing easier.  It does protrude slightly from the bottom of the grip, unlike many other pistols on the market, allowing better concealment. Attackers would have to be very close to the carrier even to notice the grip, which is a huge benefit for those wanting protection in small areas.

Aftermarket Accessories of CZ P10c

Many aftermarket products are available for the CZ P10c, including holsters, magazines, sights, suppressors, and more. It is important to note that not all parts will fit properly on this gun due to its size difference between compact models and the CZ P10c.  


The CZ P10c does not have many upgrade options for its factory sights, but aftermarket sights can be swapped out easily.  It is recommended to purchase tritium night sights to replace the standard 3 dot style, commonly found on polymer pistols.


This gun has an unusually thick grip that makes it difficult to find replacement grips.  It can be modified by adding grip tape or sanding some material, but users should only do this with experience working on firearms.

Aftermarket Magazines

The CZ P10c has a proprietary design which makes finding aftermarket magazines difficult.  However, these can be found on gun brokers and other online marketplaces.  It is recommended to purchase eight round magazines for use in states that require them and ten round magazines for recreational shooting. 

Magazine Pouches

The P10c is not compatible with many traditional magazine pouches since its magazines are wider and shorter.  It can be carried in a double pouch designed for Glock magazines, which would result in the rear magazine falling out when the front one was removed.

Magazine Loader

The CZ P10c is a relatively large pistol that may be difficult to reload quickly, making a magazine loader a viable aftermarket accessory.  These are typically designed for Glocks and would not fit correctly on this gun.


As of this time, there are no known sling options for attaching to this gun. However, users have reported success with special clips designed to fit around the magazine.


The CZ P10c has a standard thread pitch, which is compatible with many factory threaded suppressors and silencers.  However, smaller accessories may appear bulky on the P10c due to their larger size.


The CZ P10c is compatible with the many Glock holsters on the market, including those designed for subcompact Glocks.  However, not all Glock accessories will fit this model due to its odd features, so it is important to consider purchasing a holster specifically made for this gun.

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The CZ P-10 c is the largest pistol manufactured by CZ.  However, it is still very small compared to other guns on the market and can easily be concealed in a holster or inside the waistband.

The CZ P-10 c is a gun that everyday people commonly use for concealed carry. It has a rugged design and a good feature set, making it a reliable option for anyone looking to purchase a pistol for self-defense or recreational shooting purposes.

The CZ P-10 c is a very small gun that can easily be concealed in a holster or inside the waistband. It has a low profile and does not print through clothing while carrying it due to its slim design.

These two guns are very similar in terms of quality, and many people would go with whichever is more affordable.  CZ tends to have a better aftermarket support system due to its long history as a firearm manufacturer, but Glock accessories can be modified to fit the P-10 c if necessary.

The CZ P-10 c is a good gun for concealed carry but may be too large for some users. It can also be safely used in IDPA shooting events if it meets the requirements of the division you are shooting in.


The CZ P10c is a good gun for concealed carry.  Its standard 17 round magazine size makes it more suitable for recreational shooting due to the low recoil associated with 9mm cartridges. In contrast, its small size allows it to be easily hidden in clothing. However, some users may find that its larger grip makes this gun uncomfortable to shoot, while its proprietary magazine design limits aftermarket options.

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