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Here in this article, we’ll write a review about CZ P09 vs Glock 17. When you are looking for a handgun, the market is full of choices. One of the most popular handguns in the world is Glock 17. Introduced in 1982 by Gaston Glock, it became one of the best handguns ever designed and manufactured. Glock introduced it to meet the requirements of US armed forces that desired a lighter handgun with 12 shots capacity. Currently, it is one of the most important handguns in use by police forces worldwide and many other armed forces.

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CZ P09 was introduced much recently than Glock, and it has been designed and manufactured by Ceská zbrojovka Uherský Brod.  This handgun is among the best handguns in the market and has been designed to meet the requirements of various armed forces. It is mainly used by police forces of various European countries.

Features of CZ P09 Vs Glock 17

Grip and Texture

This is one of the most important parts to consider while buying a handgun. It must be easily held and the grip should not slip from your hand. In this aspect, both handguns farewell as these handguns have a slightly ribbed grip which enhances their hold on your hands.

CZ P09 Grip and Texture

Both handguns have a polymer frame, and hence they are lighter in weight. Both these handguns also come with an adjustable back strap which allows you to change the thickness of the grip according to your choice. This is an advantage as it helps each person hold their handgun according to their needs and requirements.

Glock 17 Grip and Texture

Size and Dimensions

CZ P09 has a length of 8.18 inches, a height of 5.82 inches, and a width of 1.45 inches, with the magazine being inserted in the handgun. Glock 17 has a length of 8.03 inches, a height of 5.47 inches, and a width of 1.26 inches with a magazine inserted in the handgun.

CZ P09 Size and Dimensions

As far as the weight of these handguns is concerned, Glock 17 weights 24.87 ounces with an empty magazine. CZ P09 weights 31.40 ounces with an empty magazine. Both handguns are slightly heavy compared to other handguns in the market, but they are good.

Glock 17 Size and Dimensions


When you fire your handgun, you have to pull the trigger each time. The trigger pull pressure required is important as it must be light enough for comfortable use but heavy enough not to slip off accidentally.

CZ P09 Trigger

These handguns have identical triggers with a 5.5-7 lbs trigger pull, which is advantageous as both are easy to fire. This trigger pull is neither too light nor too heavy and is comfortable to use.

Glock 17 Trigger


Glock 17 has an advantage in terms of safety because it has three built-in systems to make it safe for use. It has the usual trigger safety, which is common in most handguns these days. Moreover, Glock 17 also features a drop safety and firing pin lock, ensuring that the gun cannot be fired unless it is completely safe. These are important safety systems that are missing in CZ P09.


When comparing the capacity of these handguns, Glock 17 has an advantage. It can hold a maximum of 17 rounds and be extended to 33 rounds with an additional magazine. CZ P09 has a maximum capacity of only 19 rounds. This is why Glock 17 is more popular among armed forces and police in many countries because it has a higher capacity and allows you to fire many shots in quick succession without reloading it again and again after every few shots. This is an important factor to consider if you are looking for a handgun to protect yourself and your family against multiple attackers. Having fewer bullets in your handgun can be a matter of concern.


There are three different kinds of handgun sights that you can find in the market – fixed, adjustable, and some, which have both options. In this aspect, Glock 17 s standard front sight is a simple post, while CZ P09 has an adjustable fiber optic. 

CZ P09 Sights

This is advantageous in CZ P09 as it makes it easier for you to aim in daylight, while Glock 17 requires external light to aim properly. Some people believe that fiber optic is not a reliable and mostly useless feature in handguns.

Glock 17 Sights

Slide and Barrel

While you are firing your handgun, the slide moves back and forwards to eject the cartridge. Then, it is pushed forward again by the spring, which causes it to reload another bullet into the barrel of your pistol. Glock 17 has a smaller height but slightly longer barrels for accuracy. On the other hand, CZ P09 has a larger height but a long slide which is helpful for rapid firing. So, if you are planning to shoot rapidly to save yourself from attackers, CZ P09 would be a better choice than Glock 17 because its slide will move back and forward faster than Glock 17 while shooting the same number of rounds. However, some people prefer smaller-sized handguns to be carried conveniently and used with ease, so Glock 17 has an advantage in this case.


As for the price, Glock 17 is much more expensive than CZ P09 because there are many different models available in Glock 17 as compared to CZ P09. So, suppose you are looking for a handgun with the best features and at a reasonable price. In that case, CZ P09 has an advantage over Glock 17 because it is relatively cheaper than Glock 17, and it is also more popular among people around the world who prefer this handgun.


While testing these handguns, experts found Glock 17 to be more reliable than CZ P09 due to the fewer features and smaller size. On the other hand, since there are many different models available in Glock 17, you might find some issues with one model and not with another model, which can be a concern. So, if you are looking for a reliable handgun that will ensure maximum accuracy while shooting under any circumstances, Glock 17 has an advantage over CZ P09.


CZ P09 has an advantage in terms of durability as it is made from polymers and metal alloy. This makes it more durable than the other handguns that are made from high-quality steel or aluminum alloy. However, in Glock 17, you can modify your handgun to increase its performance, and in this case, a steel slide is used, making it more durable than CZ P09. This is an important factor to consider if you like to shoot your handgun daily and want your pistol to last longer.


Glock 17 is smaller in size as compared to CZ P09 and is lighter too. This makes it easier for you to conceal your pistol and carry it with ease wherever you go. Glock 17 also puts on laser and flashlight, which adds to its convenience because it becomes easy for you to locate your target in dark areas and shoot it more easily than other handguns. However, this is also an important factor to consider if you like to carry your pistol only for self-defense and want a lightweight handgun concealed easily.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ P09 Vs Glock 17

Glock 17 has many aftermarket accessories available as it is a widely used handgun, which means that you will find more variety and different types of accessories if you buy Glock 17. At the same time, it is also possible to find many varieties for CZ P09 but not quite as much as with Glock 17. So, if you like to customize your handgun according to your preferences, Glock 17 has an advantage over CZ P09 due to the greater number of accessories available for it. Here are some of the accessories CZ P09 users prefer to buy for their handguns to customize them according to their preferences.


Since more aftermarket accessories are available for Glock 17, it is also possible to find more variety insights than CZ P09. In this case, experts have found that Holographic or red dot sights work best with Glock 17, while fixed sights work best with CZ P09. So, if you prefer a particular type of sight for your handgun, you can make a better choice by considering your preferences.


Experts recommend using a flashlight for Glock 17 as it gives you additional information about your target and allows you to take more accurate shots in low-light conditions. However, CZ P09 also has a rail mount that can be used with an additional flashlight if required, but not quite as much as on the other handguns, which means that in this case, you are better off if you choose Glock 17 for this accessory.

Slide Recoil-Reducing Attachments

These types of accessories work best with handguns that have a mechanism to reduce the recoil when shooting. Since both CZ P09 and Glock 17 have stronger mechanisms in this regard, it is necessary to make sure that the attachment you are using for your handgun is stronger than the mechanism of your pistol. In this case, if you prefer to use this type of accessory, then it is better that you choose Glock 17 because most slide recoil-reducing attachments available in the market are made for Glock 17, making it convenient for you to find one.


Lasers work best for handguns with fixed sights, and these are available for both Glock 17 and CZ P09. However, since there are more aftermarket accessories available for Glock 17 than CZ P09, it is also possible to find more varieties in lasers if you buy this model.

Magazine Pouches

Glock 17 has more magazine pouches available for it as compared to CZ P09 because of a greater number of magazine pouches available on Glock 17, making it easier for you to carry spare magazines if required. However, if you have an appropriate belt, it is also possible to carry spare magazines for CZ P09. So, if you are looking for a particular type of magazine pouch to carry your handgun with the additional ammunition, you should consider Glock 17 because it will be easier for you to find one.

Magazine Extender

Glock 17 can be used with magazine extenders as well but not quite as much as CZ P09. This means that if you are looking for this type of accessory, it is better to choose CZ P09 over Glock 17 because there are more options available to customize your handgun according to your preferences. So, in this case, if you prefer to use this type of accessory, it will be better off for you to choose CZ P09.


CZ P09 has many holsters available for it but not quite as much as with Glock 17. Holsters are also more expensive for some handguns. In this case, a holster for CZ P09 is more expensive than a holster for Glock 17 because of a greater number of features available on some Glock 17 models, i.e., laser and flashlight, which increases the value of Glock 17 as compared to CZ P09 for this kind of accessories.



There are many more similar features in both these handguns, which make them identical in some ways. Both of them are among the best-selling handguns in the market and are equally good at their task. People who want to carry a handgun for self-defense or security purposes can choose any handguns based on various features available in both of them. Glock 17 is slightly better in some aspects, making it easier for you to find accessories if required. So, there are two options available for you- Glock 17 or CZ P09. You can choose either of them based on your preference and budget restrictions because both are equally good for performance.

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