CZ P07 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

CZ P07


Glock 19

CZ P07 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The Glock 19 and CZ P07 are two popular handguns carried by many police forces and civilians worldwide. They’re both chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, the most widely used handgun cartridge.

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However, the Glock 19 is very popular in the United States and globally, while the CZ P07 isn’t as widespread. Comparing CZ P07 vs Glock 19 will contrast their differences to see which one fits others’ needs more.

Features of CZ P07 Vs Glock 19

Grip and Textures

The first thing noticed by those who handle both guns is that the Glock’s grip is very squared and angular, while the CZ P07 grip has more ergonomic curves. Some find it easier to wrap their fingers around a squared grip, while others consider rounded designs better. The texturing on both pistols, however, provides secure handling regardless of the user’s preferences. The Glock 19 has grooves all over the grip for a secure hold, while the CZ P07 has texturing only on grips and not on the front and back strap to improve corrosion resistance. 

CZ P07 Grip and Textures

The Glock’s grip angle is also more ergonomic, with the palm being slightly more parallel to the bore. The CZ P07’s grips have a noticeable upward slope, making it easier for those with smaller hands to grasp and use. However, this will cause discomfort or harder handling to those who prefer a straighter pull line, though the angle is personal and not necessarily a disadvantage.

Glock 19 Grip and Textures


The Glock 19 has fixed sights with white paint on its front sight, while the CZ P07 has dovetailed metal night sights with three dots for quick acquisition of targets. 

CZ P07 Sights

This means that owners of the Glock only have to buy one set of sights for all types of lighting conditions. CZ P07 owners, however, would have to spend extra money on night sight sets to improve low light targeting.

Glock 19 Sights


The Glock 19 has an above five-pound trigger with zero takeup and little pre-travel, while the CZ P07 has a four-pound trigger to more for a double-action first shot. The Glock’s trigger is shorter and has a more consistent feel than the CZ P07, providing an easier and faster way to shoot targets accurately at different distances.

CZ P07 Trigger

Both handguns have a short reset and no overtravel, unlike their counterparts. However, some people may prefer the longer pre-travel of the CZ P07 since it gives the operator more time to identify threats and decide on a shot.

Glock 19 Trigger


The Glock 19 has a two-stage safety activating only when the trigger is pulled completely, while the CZ P07 has a manual safety on both sides of the handgun. The CZ P07’s grip safety activates only when properly gripped and not worn out or excessively lubricated by adding oil to reduce friction. This prevents the handgun from being used when dropped. The Glock’s safety only locks the trigger itself and not the slide, which can be opened even with a cartridge in the chamber. Both handguns are chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, but the CZ P07 is available in other calibers like 9x19mm,  and 380 autos.

Magazine Release

The Glock 19 has a button-style magazine release on the trigger guard, while the CZ P07 uses an American paddle release style. Glock owners only have to move their trigger fingers to eject used magazines, whereas CZ P07 owners have to shift their grip to activate the release. Some find the CZ P07’s implementation better since it can be used easily by anyone with right-handed or left-handed stances. However, the CZ P07’s release also results in slower reloading since users must break their right hand to eject or insert magazines.

Size and Weight

The Glock 19 is lighter than the CZ P07 at 23.63 ounces unloaded, while its competitor weighs about 28.21 ounces unloaded. The Glock 19 has a length of 7.36 inches with a barrel length of 4.02 inches, while the CZ P07 has an overall length of 7.28 inches with its 3.74 inches barrel. The height of the Glock 19 is 5.04 inches with its 0.94 inches grip height, while the CZ P07’s height is 5.39 inches with 1.02 inches grip height. The Glocks widest point is 1.26 inches compared to the CZ P07’s width of about 1.45 inches, while their thin points are about 0.93 inches and 0.84 inches, respectively.

CZ P07 Size and Weight

The Glock 19 is also smaller than the CZ P07’s competitor, making it more difficult for users with large hands to grip and handle. Trigger reach is shorter for the Glock 19 at 2.80 inches than the CZ P07’s 3.06 -inch reach. Buttons and controls are equally sized for both handguns, making them easier to use with gloves, but their size might be too small or large depending on user preference. This translates to less weight for owners to carry in a holster or in their hands when shooting, though this isn’t a big disadvantage since both pistols have enough stopping power between 9x19mm Parabellum and 9x19mm NATO.

Glock 19 Size and Weight

Magazine Capacity

The Glock 19 can carry fifteen rounds of 9mm Luger in its standard flush-fitting magazine that can be extended to 17 rounds with its optional extended magazine base. It can also carry 18 rounds of 9x19mm NATO in the Glock 17 with a standard capacity of 33 rounds.

CZ P07 Magazine Capacity

Meanwhile, the CZ P07 can hold fifteen rounds in its standard flush-fitting steel magazines and eighteen rounds in its extended magazine. It can also carry 15 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum or 15 rounds of 380 auto.

Glock 19 Magazine Capacity

Shooting and Recoil

The Glock 19 and CZ P07 use the same short-recoil operation and locked breech design. This allows both handguns to fire rapidly and shoot accurately without any movement from recoil. This means that either handgun can deliver accurate shots faster than those with a traditional blowback system, especially during a full-auto fire or high rates of continuous firing. The Glock 19 also features a standard rifling twist rate of 1:9.84 inches, while the CZ P07 uses a wider 1:10 inch twist rate to stabilize its heavier bullets. This means that the latter handgun can shoot accurately with 9x19mm Parabellum rounds at extended ranges compared to Glocks which are more effective for short and mid-range combat.


The CZ P07’s grip panels are also made from a more abrasive material than the Glock 19, making it easier to maintain a solid grip, even when users’ hands are sweaty or wet. This can help shooters deliver faster follow-up shots after firing single rounds at targets since they won’t have to re-grip the handgun before shooting again. However, the Glock 19 has a lower bore axis than the CZ P07, which reduces muzzle rise when firing single rounds or in longer bursts of full-auto fire.


This is because its barrel sits closer to the user’s hand inside its slide instead of being mounted high up near the top of its slide. This reduces muzzle rise and allows shooters to deliver accurate shots while aiming at a moving target during a gunfight, even when firing full-auto shots in quick succession. This also makes it easier for users to stay on target after firing their last round in single action or double action mode.


Glock handguns are generally known for their ability to fire under almost any conditions without jamming or misfiring. The Glock 19, in particular, can fire even when submerged in water and mud since it ejects hot cases forward instead of downwards like the CZ P07, which might waste time clearing jams if they get lodged inside the slide. The Glock 19’s simple design makes it easier to maintain, clean, and repair than the CZ P07 since its frame doesn’t need lubricant while its chamber area is protected during normal use.


This can help shooters save time cleaning or maintaining their handguns instead of keeping them lubricated all the time. The CZ P07 also has a hammer that can snag on users’ clothing if they don’t carry it in the right holster or position their hand around its grip without covering it up. This can make drawing and firing the handgun more difficult, especially for novice shooters who are still getting used to handling handguns.


The Glock 19 is considered one of the most reliable handguns on the market today, thanks to its simple design and lack of complex internal mechanisms. It can even survive being submerged in water or mud for some time since it doesn’t require regular lubrication. However, users with larger hands might find that the Glock 19 isn’t ergonomically designed to fit their hands properly. This can make it difficult to shoot accurately since they might grip the handgun too low or high depending on how its grips sit in their hands. The CZ P07, on the other hand, has a larger surface area that fills up users’ palms better and allows them to stand firmly behind the gun when firing shots.


The CZ P07 is smaller than the Glock 19, making it easier to conceal for its users. This makes it better suited for shooters looking for a high-capacity handgun they can use around town or while patrolling their homes with firearms in hand. Its lower bore axis also means less of the handgun’s barrel will be sticking out after it is holstered, making its users feel more secure carrying the handgun on their person.


However, some shooters might find the Glock 19’s grip too bulky for their hands when they’re trying to conceal the handgun under loose clothing while out in public or concealing it on their bodies during daily use like shopping at stores or going on a jog outdoors. This could push users towards buying a smaller handgun that they can carry more easily, especially when they’re just starting with handguns.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ P07 Vs Glock 19

After-market accessories are also cheaper for the Glock 19 since they use less proprietary parts than other handguns. This can encourage users to experiment with more accessories on their own without having to pay a lot of money just to get the look and feel they want on their handgun, which will be especially useful if they’re trying out different things when they’re still new to handguns. Here are some of the accessories that are available for Glock and CZ P07 handguns:


Sights are an important accessory for practically any handgun. They help users get on target more easily while firing at their targets to improve their accuracy, especially when they’re trying to land fast, consecutive shots on moving targets.


Glock handguns can be equipped with different flashlight models and brands through their accessory rail. This is a useful feature for shooters who like to practice night shooting or make their handguns more versatile in various conditions.


The same flashlight accessories attached to Glock handguns can also be used as laser sights that help shooters land accurate shots with their handguns at night. They’re especially useful for users who have to shoot at moving targets in the dark, which can help them save bullets or time spent aiming to maximize their safe usage of limited ammunition.


A case is an accessory every handgun user will need to own since it’s where they store their handguns when they’re not using them and travel with their pistols to and from the target range. Cases can be custom-made for a handgun model like this one that has room for three magazines, its accessories, and even spare parts for quick repairs.

Magazine Pouches

Some handgun users prefer to carry multiple magazines with their handguns, so they have more bullets at the ready if they need them. This can be especially useful for shooters going out into the wilderness or using their handguns for home defense purposes. Magazine pouches also let users secure a spare magazine on their bodies, which can be useful for shooters who need to swap out magazines quickly if their handguns are running low on bullets. However, some users might find it more practical to simply have one spare magazine in a pocket so they can reload their handgun without having to worry about fumbling with loose ammunition magazines. At the same time, there is still gunfire around them.


There are multiple types of holsters available on the market, some of which can be custom-made for a specific handgun brand and model. The best ones are usually the most expensive types, but they also provide solid protection for handguns while still easily carrying on a belt or in a bag. Many handgun shooters like to carry their firearms in pistol compartments on the outside of their clothing. Some choose this practice because it is easier and faster to access the firearm when needed; however, if you use a holster with a retention strap or thumb-break that must be disengaged before drawing your weapon, then time is added to the equation.


Many other shooters prefer the inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry mode, giving better concealment but harder to access in an emergency. One of the best of both worlds approaches is the CZ P07 belt holster, allowing for both IWB and OWB carry. The belt/pants combination makes it very difficult to draw the firearm quickly and more securely. There are several Best Concealed Carry Holsters for both modes of carrying, depending on your specific needs.


CZ handguns are some of the most popular designs on the market due to their good quality, reasonable prices, and ease of use. They’re easy for new shooters to get accustomed to, as well as experienced shooters who want a handgun that is compact enough for concealed carry and powerful enough for long-range shooting.

CZ handguns are generally well-made firearms designed to give users solid firepower in a compact, easy-to-use package. This makes them an excellent choice for consumers who want value for their money when purchasing a handgun.

The best handgun for a user is going to depend on their specific needs. For example, some people might need a reliable handgun that will perform well when practicing night shooting. In contrast, others can afford to spend more money on an accessory-heavy model like the Glock 19, even if they only plan to use it during the day.


The CZ P07 is a good all-around handgun that consumers can use for various purposes. It’s especially useful for users who want a compact handgun that will be easy to carry on their person without too much-added weight or bulk and also want enough firepower to shoot at targets, whether they’re practicing on the target range or trying to hit moving targets in the dark.

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