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The CZ P07 is a successor to the CZ 75 line of pistols. It was designed by Czech firearm manufacturer Česká zbrojovka  (CZ) to improve the highly successful CZ 75 pistol and is aimed at military, police, and self-defense markets. 

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The CZ P07’s improved trigger, ergonomics, and balance make it an excellent choice for military use.  The P07 also fills the role of a personal defense weapon for civilian use. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the CZ P07 review in detail.

Features and Specifications - CZ P07 Review

Grip and Textures

For shooters with larger hands, the grip is slightly wider than most standard handguns. The high undercut has caused some to complain about the sharp corners of the frame digging into their hand, but this may not be an issue for those with smaller hands. The careful aim and positioning ensure that you will have a solid purchase of your firearm during use. The grip is available with rubber, aluminum alloy, or polymer grips were a checkered or stippled surface. Depending on your preference, you can select one of these to ensure that the weapon will fit into your hand properly and reduce slippage during use. The grip also features a built-in beavertail style for safety. The gun does not need to be cocked to field strip it, which reduces the weight of force needed to operate the slide.

Grip And Texture Of CZ P07

Slide and Barrel

The slide is throated to facilitate feeding and ejecting of ammunition. The rear sights are dovetailed into the slide for easy replacement with aftermarket sights, which can be helpful if you plan to use this firearm for competitions or other activities outside of defense. The extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator, allowing you to check to ensure a round in the chamber. The slide features an integrated safety, which blocks the trigger from being moved and the movement of the hammer and firing pin. This makes it nearly impossible for this pistol to go off unintentionally or without manipulation of the safety first.

Slide And Barrel Of CZ P07

Trigger Mechanism

When the hammer is cocked, it can be de-cocked manually by rotating a lever on the left side of the weapon 90 degrees downward. The safety also functions as a decocking mechanism and can safely lower an already cocked hammer without applying force to the firing pin. This is useful for those who want to have their firearm ready to go with one in the chamber but have it be completely “safe” by lowering the hammer without firing. If you are planning to use this gun for competitions or other activities, having a safety that is easily manipulated while still being safe is an advantage.


The manual safety is ambidextrous, advantageous for left-handed or right-handed shooters who want to train with both hands. A grip safety that must be depressed to allow the trigger to move ensures that the firearm will not go off if your hand accidentally slips. The CZ P07 features both a manual decocking safety and a hammer de-cocker, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want a safe and easy firearm to operate.

Trigger Mchanism Of CZ P07

Trigger Weight

The CZ P07 is available in either 9x19mm or 380 auto depending on your preference. However, the standard trigger weight for both models is 4lbs 2oz. With the traditional hammer-fired double-action/single-action (SA/DA) mechanism, shooters can rest assured, knowing that they will have excellent control over the trigger pull. The SA/DA puts weight on the first shot, but subsequent shots have a significantly lighter trigger pull with less take-up and better control during firing. The standard CZ P07 has a 3.5 to 7 lbs trigger weight for both double-action and single-action modes. If you’d like to purchase a P07 with a lighter trigger, CZ Custom offers an optional 3.0 lbs trigger, which is only recommended for competition or expert shooters who know how to use such a weapon safely.

Trigger Weight Of CZ P07

Size and Dimensions

The P07 is a relatively small pistol; this is good for carrying it concealed. It has an unloaded weight of 28.21 ounces and an overall length of 7.28 inches. The barrel measures 3.74 inches long and features six grooves, right-handed rifling with a twist rate of 228 mm (1:9 in). The overall width is only 1.45 inches, which is good for those who want to carry it. The height of the handgun is 5.38 inches; this is slightly taller than most comparable handguns but should not be a problem for those who plan to carry it as long as they position it properly to reduce printing.

Size And Dimension Of CZ P07


The front and rear sights of the CZ P07 are different than most standard handguns. The rear sight is not adjustable, but it boasts two white dots that allow you to aim, especially during low light conditions. The front sight is dovetailed into the slide, making it easy to replace if you add night sights for low light activity. These are standard three-dot night sights on most pistols, but many people complain about them being too small. If you plan to use this pistol in low-light situations, consider purchasing tritium night sights for optimal visibility.

Sights Of CZ P07


The CZ P07 has a standard magazine capacity of 15 to 17 rounds. It is available in 9x19mm, while 380 auto is at 15 rounds. This magazine capacity is especially impressive for a handgun of this size. Although you can use any standard 9x19mm magazines in the firearm, CZ offers a replacement magazine with a 17 round capacity. Since it is a double-action pistol, it does not require the magazine to be removed for the slide to move. However, suppose you want maximum concealability or use this as a backup weapon, such as with security guards. In that case, the CZ P07 includes an ambidextrous magazine release so that right-handed and left-handed shooters can easily reload without switching hands.

Capacity Of CZ P07

Shooting and Recoil

The P07 is a comfortable handgun to fire and boasts one of the softest shooting polymer handguns on the market. The grip has three interchangeable inserts that allow shooters with different hand sizes to adapt their weapons to fit comfortably, no matter how large or small their hands are. It also features a low bore axis, which increases accuracy by reducing muzzle rise. In addition, the recoil spring is located below the barrel, which reduces the weight of the slide and therefore decreases hand fatigue.


The P07 features a match-grade stainless steel barrel that increases accuracy and provides resistance to corrosion. The low bore axis also increases accuracy by reducing muzzle rise. In addition to these features, it has a longer sight radius than most other handguns, which improves accuracy. The overall accuracy of the CZ P07 is rated at about 4 MOA, which is excellent for a service pistol. However, it does come with the cost of increased ammunition use because higher-quality pistols are more likely to miss their target due to shooter error.


The CZ P07 is one of the most reliable service pistols on the market. It has a durable polymer frame that does not wear out too quickly and is strong enough to handle use by both right-handed and left-handed shooters alike. Furthermore, it includes an internal hammer with decocking safety for increased pull resistance.
In addition, it has an integrated safety on the frame and features a firing pin block that increases convenience. Finally, this pistol is designed with large steel parts that are corrosion resistant for increased reliability. You can fire the CZ P07 in cold, humid conditions without worrying about corrosion or mechanical malfunctions ruining your day.


Although it’s not the most durable pistol on the market, the CZ P07 does boast a durable polymer frame and corrosion-resistant steel parts. It has passed military durability standards in extreme conditions and drops with only cosmetic damage. The polymer is molded around an internal metal chassis that is strong enough to use both right-handed and left-handed shooters. It also has a long service life without wearing out too quickly due to heavy use.


One of the biggest advantages of this pistol is that it is small enough to be carried in a concealed holster without printing. It also features a low silhouette and snag-free design, making it a convenient weapon for law enforcement officers and civilians alike. This firearm does have a longer barrel length than most pistols, which may cause printing issues. In this case, it’s recommended that you wear a larger shirt around your waist to cover up the gun and prevent any printing from occurring.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ P07 Review

Many different types of sights, lasers, clips, and other accessories are made for the CZ P07. Also available is a threaded barrel so that you can attach a muzzle brake or suppressor to the gun.


Sights are available in different colors and sizes. Depending on your preference, you can find either adjustable or non-adjustable sights for the P07. Some of the most popular sight choices are tritium night sights, fiber optic front sight, adjustable tritium rear sight for CZ 75 SP01 models, black serrated rear sight, and fiber optic front sight with the black serrated rear sight. Tritium night sights are more expensive, but they provide better visibility in low-light conditions. Fiber optic front sight is one of the cheapest options available and has a bright red plastic on top that speeds up target acquisition. The CZ P07 is compatible with the CZ 75 SP-01 rear sight. If you have a CZ 75 SP-01, this is a great upgrade sight with a tritium front and black serrated rear sight.


Grips are available in rubber, wood, and aluminum. Depending on your preference, you can choose rubber grips that provide good grip even when wearing gloves or synthetic grips for added durability. The standard grip is a black polymer with fixed metal panels on each side. There is also a rubber grip with finger grooves.


There are lasers available in both the red and green spectrum. Each laser grip can be purchased as a set that includes a laser and an activation switch that you attach underneath the trigger guard. There is also a laser that can be installed under the barrel. This laser is convenient because it doesn’t interfere with your grip and allows you to aim at all angles.


The best holster for you will be dependent upon where you plan to carry your gun. If you want a holster that can be used in many different situations, it’s recommended that you look at universal holsters. These are typically made with synthetic materials but are also available with leather or nylon construction. There are even shoulder holsters that you can use in a concealed carry situation. If you plan to wear the holster outside your clothing, there are IWB and OWB holsters available. There are also ankle holsters which are great for subcompact pistols.

Magazine Pouches

There are magazine pouches available in both nylon and leather. These pouches can be used to carry an extra magazine for your gun or even a speedloader. The leather models are typically more durable and hold up better over time. There are also dual magazine holsters that can be attached to your belt. You can also find magazine pouches for subcompact guns along with larger models.

Magazine Loaders

Magazine loaders are available for both double and single-stack magazines. These devices help prevent causing excess wear on your gun’s magazine release. A loader is made of a plastic case that attaches to the top of your magazine, while a rod slides into the case. This device makes loading your magazine much easier by removing all the potential problems that otherwise arise.

Pistol Safes

There are pistol safes that can be mounted under your bed or inside a drawer in your nightstand to help prevent unauthorized access to the weapon. The safe will hold an extra magazine and has a holster for the gun itself, along with space for other accessories such as a laser or flashlight.

Holster Mounting Systems

Some holsters can be attached to a mounting system which allows you to attach the holster and keep it in the same position every day. These mounts typically attach to your bed frame or nightstand but can also attach to other surfaces such as a dashboard or under a table. The safety strap that comes with these holsters helps prevent the gun from falling out of the holster.

Other Accessories

You can find an accessory rail that allows you to attach accessories like a flashlight or laser sight under the barrel of your pistol. There are also more affordable rear sight options available for use with this weapon. The stippled polymer grips provide a better grip than the standard grips. This is because they have small bumps all over the surface. There are also rubber grip sleeves that you can slip over your existing grip to give it a better feel and prevent slipping in your hand.


No, the CZ P-07 is a compact size pistol. It’s small enough to conceal and carry in most situations but has all the features you’d expect from a full sized handgun.

The main difference between these two handguns is that the P-07 has an external safety and a decocker. The P-07 also comes with two magazines, whereas you have to purchase an additional magazine for the P-07 Duty.

The C-Z P-07 is a semi-auto service pistol with an alloy frame, black poly coat finish, manual safety, double/single action trigger, and night sights. It’s chambered in 9mm Luger with a 15+1 capacity.

Yes, the gun is reliable and has less recoil than other subcompact semi-automatic pistols.  The magazine capacity is great for both sub-compact guns and full size handguns. The ergonomic grip design makes it easy to keep the pistol steady for quick, accurate shooting. You can find more information on this gun by searching online.


The CZ P-07 has ergonomic features that make it easy to hold and aim. The capacity makes it great for subcompact guns or full sized handguns. There are plenty of holsters available to keep you concealed. The capacity also makes this gun good for people who want to protect themselves in an emergency. At the same time, there are many accessories available to give you everything you need for this weapon. The CZ P-07 is a reliable gun with great features. The accessory options make it possible to have your individual preferences on your exact gun. This particular model is affordable and won’t disappoint as a concealed carry or home defense pistol. This CZ P07 review was written to give the reader an objective look at various accessories and features that can be found in the CZ P07.

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