CZ P01 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

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CZ P01 Vs Glock 19

Specification Comparison and Reviews

As a new concealed carrier and defensive shooter, you might be on the hunt for your first pistol. Unfortunately, with so many options out there, it’s tough to know which gun is best suited for your needs. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction! In this article, we’ll compare two of the most popular, compact handguns on the market today — the CZ P01 vs Glock 19.

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First of all, what are these pistols? In a nutshell, they’re primarily designed as concealed carry weapons and can be chambered for 9mm Luger ammunition. From here, we’ll take a deeper look into each of their features to help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. The CZ P01, manufactured by Czechoslovakians, is one of the most prolific manufacturers globally, and their P-01 is a great example of their quality craftsmanship. The CZ P01 is a compact variant of the more popular CZ 75 pistol series. The Glock 19 also has an impressive manufacturing history as they’re produced by Gaston Glock GmbH, located in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. The Glock 19 is one of their most popular models, and today, it’s a staple in many holster manufacturers’ lineups.

Features of CZ P01 Vs Glock 19

Grip and Textures

One of the most obvious elements of a handgun is its grip. Both companies have taken extra time and effort to ensure that the grips on their guns are comfortable and allow for a firm grasp when firing. The CZ P01 has an aluminum alloy frame with a satin black, polymer Grip/frame, which provides more comfort than standard plastic. While also features a non-slip stippling pattern to provide maximum comfort with no wear on clothing.

Grip and Textures of CZ P01

On the other hand, The Glock 19 has a grip frame made from high-strength polymer. It’s said to be extremely tough and impact resistant, which provides increased strength overall compared to the P01. Both of these guns have textures applied to their grips so you can get a firmer hold on it in any situation — whether your hands are wet, sweaty, or covered in mud. The textures on the Glock 19 are more aggressive than those on the CZ P01. Some people might even say that they’re a bit too abrasive and can cause chaffing with extended use.

Grip and Textures of Glock 19

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism on the CZ P01 is a decocker type, which was chosen to give it added safety. This allows users to safely carry their weapon with the hammer down and be ready for use by simply dropping the hammer without any other movement. It also features an automatic firing pin block which won’t allow the gun to fire unless the trigger is pulled.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ P01

The Glock 19 features a Double action type of trigger mechanism that first cocks and releases the hammer when firing. The DA part of this gun requires more pressure, and as such, some people might find it harder to pull than the decocker on the CZ P01.

Trigger Mechanism of Glock 19

Safety Mechanism

The CZ P01 and Glock 19 feature a trigger safety that prevents firing if the pistol is dropped. However, there’s also a safety located on both guns’ slides. The CZ P01 has a manual ambidextrous thumb safety that users can engage/disengage from either side of the gun. It’s said to be easy and quick to disengage, which prevents any accidental discharge in a self-defense situation.

Safety Mechanism of CZ P01

You’ll find a Glock-style safety on the Glock 19’s slide, which requires users to press down on it with the thumb of their firing hand before they can get it ready for use. This is extremely helpful for those first getting used to pistols as it prevents them from pulling the trigger if they’re not ready.

Safety Mechanism of Glock 19

Size and Dimensions

The CZ P01 comes in at a length of 7.2 inches with a height of 5.03 inches and a width of 1.38 inches. This makes it an ideal weapon for concealed carry and home defense since you’ll be easily able to control it in any situation. The Glock 19 is an almost the same-sized handgun with 7.36 inches, a height of 5.04 inches, and width of 1.26 inches. It’s small enough to fit in any holster you might have designed for the P01, yet it’ll still feel like a natural extension of your arm when firing.

Ammunition Capacity

The CZ P01 features a 14 round magazine with the option to carry one in the chamber. This gives it a total of 15 rounds on your person — enough for anything you might encounter during your daily adventures. On the other hand, The Glock 19 has a standard capacity of 15 rounds plus one in the chamber. You can also get optional magazines for this gun with higher capacities to carry up to 33 rounds at a time.


WHEN UNLOADED, the CZ P01 weighs in at 28.1 Ounces, while the Glock 19 comes in at under 23.63 ounces. It is slightly easier to carry the P01 around in a concealed holster without sacrificing too much comfort.

Slide and Barrel

The CZ P01’s barrel is 3.75 inches long, while the Glock 19’s is slightly longer at 4.02 inches. The longer barrel on the Glock increases its accuracy when firing, making it a good choice for tactical shooters who care about getting every round dead center in their target. However, The P01 has an edge when it comes to close quarters combat since you’ll be able to fire off rounds faster. The short throw on its trigger makes it much easier to fire off several shots in quick succession without losing accuracy — perfect for when the person next to you just pulled a gun on you, and you need to get them before they get you.

Line of Sight

The CZ P01 has a slightly longer line of sight than the Glock 19, making it perfect for those who want to extend their arms when firing. This provides more stability, ideal for tactical shooters looking to fire at several targets in quick succession without losing accuracy.

Both the P01 and the 19 feature an adjustable rear sight so you can get them perfectly lined up with your eyes before pulling the trigger.

Line of Sights of Glock 19

Shooting and Recoil

When it comes to the recoil on these two handguns, The CZ P01 has a smoother throw which can help reduce muzzle rise. This provides more control over your gun as you’re firing it and allows you to get back on target if needed quickly. The Glock 19 has a heavier trigger pull which causes the handgun to fly up more when fired. This is great for tactical shooters who need to get every shot dead center on their target but can be uncomfortable or difficult for novice shooters.


The CZ P01 and Glock 19 are extremely durable handguns made with strong materials that can stand up against corrosion and shocks of daily use. They’re also well known in the gun community for their longevity and reliability, which is why you’ll find them in use by military and law enforcement officials all over the world. Both handguns have a very simple design which makes it easy to fix and maintain them in case of an emergency — not that you should expect anything to go wrong with either gun as they’re both well known for their durability.


The CZ P01 is a very small handgun, making it one of the best choices for concealed carry. It has a length of only 6.02 inches and a width of 1.37 inches, making it easy to fit into any holster or concealable carrying case you might have lying around. The Glock 19 is also a good option if you’re looking for something you can easily conceal and carry around. It is slightly bulkier than the P01 since it has a handle but is still one of the smaller choices for handguns in its class. Both the CZ P01 and Glock 19 are excellent options for concealed carry, so you can’t go wrong with either gun. However, The CZ P01 edges out its competition when it comes to being easy to carry.

After Market Accessories - CZ P01 Vs Glock 19

Both handguns are compatible with a variety of aftermarket accessories that can help increase their power and accuracy. This includes sights, lasers, extended magazines, and even tactical flashlights that come in handy if you’re forced to defend yourself at night.


The CZ P01 can be fitted with various sights, including red dots, low profile iron sights, and even suppressor height night sights. This means you can tune your gun to whatever situation you might find yourself in should things get messy. There aren’t as many options for aftermarket accessories, but it does have a couple of different types of sights you can add to your gun. Standard iron sights are the most common and give you a good view over your target even in low light conditions.


The CZ P01 is compatible with various lasers that can help you get more accurate shots at longer distances. Most are available in green or red laser wavelengths visible to the human eye, while some use infrared technology for covert attacks. This means you’ll have no problem aiming your gun even when things get dark. The Glock 19 doesn’t have as many options for lasers since this is a relatively new addition to the gun. However, a couple of different aftermarket lasers can help increase your accuracy in low light conditions and give you an edge over your opponent.

Extended Magazines

Both handguns come with standard 15 shot mags, although the Glock 19 does have a slightly bigger 17 shot mag which you can purchase if you need a higher capacity. However, both of these handguns are compatible with extended high capacity mags that contain more ammo and give you room to hold on to your gun while aiming it downrange without running out of bullets.

Tactical Flashlight

Both handguns also come with a rail underneath the muzzle that you can attach a tactical flashlight too. This comes in handy if you need to aim your gun around corners or through dark areas. It’s especially useful for home defense since you never know what could be lurking in the shadows.

Extended Open Slide

The CZ P01 also has a few more options when it comes to accessories that can help increase its usability. One of the better aftermarket accessories you could buy for your CZ P01 is an extended open slide. This allows you to see your entire magazine at a glance without having to point the gun downwards.

Magazine Pouches

Another advantage that the CZ P01 has over the Glock 19 is that it’s compatible with magazine pouches. These are small storage devices that contain spare clips and come in very handy if you’re caught off guard and need to reload during a firefight. The Glock 19 does not have as many options for magazine pouches, but there are a few on the market that you can purchase if you need them.

Magazine Loader

Finally, the CZ P01 is compatible with magazine loaders. These devices help you quickly and safely load your handgun without having to use your fingers or teeth to reload it. Some models come with attached flashlights that make for great tactical accessories and may provide an advantage over your opponent. Unlike other Glocks, the Glock 19 does not come with a wide range of options when it comes to magazine loaders, but there are a few on the market that can help you get more bang for your buck.


The CZ P01 also has many more options when it comes to holsters. It’s compatible with both IWB and OWB holsters that can increase your accuracy or provide you with easy access to your handgun in case of an emergency. The Glock 19 is also compatible with IWB and OWB styles of a holster but doesn’t have as many options on the market. Most holsters are designed for open carry instead of concealment, so you’ll want to make sure whatever holster you buy is compatible with your preferred method of carrying.


CZ pistols are very easy to handle and care for. They’re also more powerful than most other handguns on the market and fire at a faster rate when compared to similar caliber handguns.

Yes, the Glock 19 is slightly smaller than the compact version. It also has an open slide that gives you a glimpse at your entire magazine without having to point it downwards.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which CZ you choose. They’re all very powerful and reliable handguns that can handle a lot of abuse before breaking down under fire.

In general, the Glock 19 is more durable and easier to handle than many other handguns on the market. So, if you’re looking for a handgun that will last a long time and won’t break under pressure, then the Glock 19 may be for you.

It depends on what you want out of your gun. Both the CZ P01 and Glock 19 are powerful handguns that have a lot to offer, so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you.


CZ pistols like the CZ P01 are great handguns to use if you’re looking for something very powerful and easy to care for. They’re also common enough that you’ll be able to find spare parts, accessories, and holsters should anything ever go wrong with your gun. The Glock 19 is also a great handgun that has a lot to offer. It’s durable, reliable, and easy to handle under fire. Plus, it’s compatible with many magazines, holsters, and accessories that can give you an edge over your opponent should the situation ever arise.

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