CZ P01 Omega Review

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CZ P01 Omega

CZ P01 Omega Review

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In this article, I will discuss CZ P01 Omega Review. CZ has a reputation for making high quality handguns, and the CZ P01 is one of their most well-known products. The CZ P01 is a compact, aluminum-framed 9mm designed for LE and Military duty, but its compact size and the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame make it ideal for discrete carry. Equipped with a decocker, the P01 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer-down carry.

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The P01 is like a steel version of CZ’s poly striker-fired 75 lines with its forged frame. The trigger is the best of any subcompact DA/SA pistol we’ve shot, bar none; it’s easily the best out of the box double action trigger on any striker-fired gun. Though it will likely have more recoil than its aluminum or polymer competitors, that’s true of any steel-framed gun. The P01 is a little wider than the Sig and HK offerings but is still slim for a duty pistol and easy to conceal.

Features of CZ P01 Omega

Grip and Textures

CZ 75 P01 Omega has a grip of black rubber. The surface of the grip is not too coarse, and it has many slight cuts that provide exceptional grip, even in wet conditions. The trigger guard is rounded with an inward cut to allow high hand placement. This would be less of an issue with larger hands, but my small mitts barely wrap around the grip. The front of the trigger guard has a bump to allow for a high purchase when drawing from a holster. The slide stop is large and serrated on my sample, making it easy to operate in any condition.

CZ P01 Omega Grip and Textures


The top of the slide has a Mil-STD-1913 rail that will accommodate a variety of red dot sights. The sights are fixed, three-dot luminous units with a slightly rounded face. Tritium would have been preferable, but the dots are bright in even low light conditions and easy to acquire. The rear sight has an interesting two-piece setup. The rear portion is serrated to cut down on glare, while the sight’s front “blade” portion is only slightly raised above the slide. The slide has a couple of cuts to reduce weight and add style. Three square cut cocking serrations sit at the front of the slide, with the central one being slightly longer to allow for press-checking.

CZ P01 Omega Sights

Size and Ergonomics

CZ 75 P01 Omega is a small gun, but not so small that shooters can’t use it with larger hands. The overall length is 7.24 inches, and the width across the widest point is 1.49″. The height  (from the bottom of the mag well to the top of the sight) is 5.03″. CZ 75 P01 is a small sized handgun built to accommodate most shooters. The decocking lever, slide stop, and magazine release are all fully ambidextrous. The most immediate trait tou notice when you pick up the P01 is how slim it feels in hand.


It is no wider than your typical double stack handgun, but it feels even slimmer because of its tapered slide and grip. CZ 75 P01 Omega has a smooth, rounded profile without any sharp edges. The build material is steel (unlike the aluminum framed SP-01), but the gun is extremely light due to the extensive use of polymers in construction. The weight of CZ 75 P01 Omega is 28.2 oz with an empty magazine, which puts it at about 40% lighter than most other full-sized steel 9mm pistols.

CZ P01 Omega Size and Ergonomics

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger system of CZ 75 P01 Omega has a SA/DA trigger system. The hammer can be de-cocked manually for ease of holstering, but the gun will still fire when dropped on its hammer with an empty magazine in place. The trigger itself is crisp with an exceptionally tactile and short reset.  The break is a bit heavy, but that helps prevent accidental discharge when the pistol is being carried.  Trigger pull has a 5.5 lbs total, including the slack before a noticeable wall is reached and a very short, albeit somewhat mushy, reset. In single-action mode, the P01’s trigger is near perfect for a carry gun.  In double action mode, the break is heavy but smooth with no staging or stacking. The length of pull in double-action mode is long a full 14mm but it has a relatively smooth and consistent feel with a nice tactile and audible reset.

CZ P01 Omega Trigger Mechanism

Safety Mechanism

The CZ 75 P01 has a de-cocking button on the left side of the frame, which allows the cocked hammer to be dropped safely. When pressed, the firing pin will automatically disengage from the hammer notch. The gun can then be safely lowered with the trigger pull or by slowly racking the slide. This safety mechanism works just fine, but it does prevent the gun from being fired should you forget to disengage the safety before firing.


It should be noted that this feature can also be a drawback because if you want to carry cocked and locked, the manual safety must be engaged every time you holster your weapon. The Omega trigger system used on CZ 75 P01 adds a unique safety layer to the equation. The simplified striker decocking lever reduces the number of components and required steps in de-cocking the gun. The lighter, crisper double action pull can be carried safely with the hammer downloaded chamber or cocked and locked.

CZ P01 Omega Safety Mechanism

Magazine Capacity

CZ 75 P01 Omega carries 15 rounds of 9mm for a total loaded capacity of 17+1 rounds.  Also, the gun has a double stack magazine with enough width to accommodate larger hands. The P01 magazines hold 15 rounds of 9mm in either single or double-stacked configuration.  The large magazine release button is located just behind the trigger guard, allowing for quick and easy mag swaps without removing your firing hand from the weapon.

CZ P01 Omega Magazine Capacity


The barrel length of CZ 75 P01 Omega is 3.87 inches with six lands and grooves that twist to the right at a rate of one turn in 19.8 inches. The CZ 75 P01 Omega barrel is cold hammer-forged with a traditional lands-and-grooves bore axis, offering more practical accuracy for both competition and duty use.  The cylinder lock up is very tight, and the barrel locks up well in either position.  The front sight is a simple steel post with a white dot that provides good visibility for accurate shooting, but it lacks the tritium on more expensive guns that glow-in-the-dark.

CZ P01 Omega Barrel

Shooting and Recoil

The shooting experience with CZ 75 P01 Omega is very good.  The ergonomics are great, and the gun points naturally. The low bore axis makes recoil very comfortable, but it also helps to make the pistol a bit snappy when shooting rapidly in double-action mode. In single-action, the trigger pull is extremely smooth and breaks cleanly. The Omega system adds weight, so recoil feels closer to a full-sized gun than it does with the standard CZ 75 P01.  Recoil is very controllable, thanks to relatively low felt recoil. Recovery from muzzle rise after firing is impressive for a subcompact carrying a gun.  This feature tends to make follow up shots faster and more accurate on target.

CZ P01 Omega Shooting and Recoil


CZ 75 P01 Omega is a striker-fired pistol that uses an internal hammer and features a double-action only (DAO) trigger. It does not feature any manual safety: the DAO system replaces the need for one, with the additional benefit of more consistent trigger pull after each shot which requires less training. CZ 75 P01 is a full-sized handgun offering superior ergonomics and features that make it an excellent choice for self defense, home protection, or sport shooting.


CZ handguns are used by more governments, militaries, police, and security agencies than any other pistol in the world. With proper ammunition selection, maintenance, and procedures, this gun is very reliable. The Omega trigger system significantly increases the likelihood of negligent discharges before any drop safety would engage. That might sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t because the gun features an automatic firing pin block that prevents the possibility of the gun firing when dropped on its hammer.


CZ 75 P01 Omega is a durable well made gun, and it is unlikely to break. Its design and build quality are excellent. CZ 75 P01 Omega features a fiber-reinforced polymer frame with an improved steel insert for the front part of the trigger guard bow (which was an issue area in the original CZ 75 design), trigger mechanism housing, chamber area of the frame, and recoil buffer. It also has a new hammer pin that works with the new safety system to prevent any movement of the firing pin without being activated. CZ 75 P01 Omega is more expensive than most guns in its class, but it is worth every penny. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional, and it’s made in Europe, so you know it isn’t just good, but probably the best.


CZ P01 Omega is a subcompact handgun designed for concealed carry; the gun features a decocking safety lever. It does not have any external safeties, so it is 100% ready for action when you need it! Just cock the hammer and pull the trigger to shoot. The CZ P01 Omega is smaller than most subcompact 9mm semiautomatic handguns. It is thin, light, and small enough to fit in any pocket or holster of your choosing. CZ P01 Omega has a grip similar to the hammerless Tanfoglio variant on which it was based. The checkered rubber grip panels are identical to the Tanfoglio Combat grips.  However, they are not interchangeable because of slim frame size and grip angle differences between these two otherwise nearly identical pistols.

Aftermarket Accessories of CZ P01 Omega

CZ P01 Omega supports a wide range of accessories because it shares its basic design with the CZ 75, one of the most customizable handguns on the market. You can customize this gun to suit your needs and taste by buying different grips (wood, aluminum, carbon fiber), lasers or lights, extended magazines,  custom sights, holsters, etc.


CZ P01 Omega can be equipped with a wide range of aftermarket grip panels, which allow for different configurations and better control. The gun is easy to customize and can be easily modified to fit your hands perfectly. CZ P01 Omega can be equipped with original rubber grips, olive drab or black plastic grips, rosewood or aluminum grips, and extended steel/aluminum grip panels.

Laser Sights

CZ P01 Omega is an excellent choice for a laser sight because it comes with pre-drilled holes in the grips that allow you to mount lasers or flashlights. The gun has enough space inside its dust cover to accommodate tiny laser modules, so no problems are finding the perfect accessory.


CZ P01 Omega also has plenty of room inside the dust cover to accommodate tactical flashlights. Several mounting options give you an edge in low-light conditions. CZ P01 Omega can also be mounted with laser and light combinations.


CZ P01 Omega supports a variety of sights to suit your needs. You can choose from adjustable target sights, fixed combat sights, or fiber optic front sight that provides fast target acquisition in all lighting conditions.

Magazine Pouches

CZ P01 Omega supports double-stack magazines so that you can choose from a variety of magazine pouches. You can carry spare ammunition in single or double stack pouches made for the STI/SVI pistols (STX Tactical, Bianchi Accumold Elite) or various M9/Beretta 92 pouches.

Magazine Loader

CZ P01 Omega supports loading with standard speedloaders so that you can save money on special loaders designed for specific pistol models. You can also use universal loaders like the ProMag and Tuff speedloaders to fit most 9mm double-stack guns.

Cleaning Kits

CZ P01 Omega can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. There are plenty of suitable cleaning kits available on the market, such as Otis or Hoppe’s, but you can also use a standard cleaning kit for pistols.

Cleaning Rod

A cleaning rod is important if you want to keep your gun in good working order because it makes it easy to remove grime and dirt from the barrel. You can choose between telescopic rods and those made specifically for CZ P01 Omega.


 CZ P01 Omega can be carried in a holster made to fit the standard CZ 75, Tanfoglio T95, or F (shadow) series of pistols. These holsters are inexpensive and widely available. The gun can also be used with more expensive custom leather holsters that will fit this gun and all CZ 75 variants. CZ P01 Omega is a subcompact version of the CZ 75. It is made for concealed carry, but it can also be used as a backup gun since it’s small enough to fit any holster or pocket. The handgun is accurate and easy to handle to use for competitive shooting as well.


CZ 75 P-01 Omega is not certified to meet NATO or other military standards, but it’s a very rugged and reliable gun that holds up well under extreme conditions.

Yes, CZ 75 P-01 is an excellent handgun that combines power with convenience. It has a smooth double action trigger, and it can be easily modified to fit different needs.

The CZ P01 Omega trigger is a double-action design that allows for a smooth and short pull. It comes with a safety lever, but you can remove it to make the gun DAO (double action only).

The CZ P01 is a compact handgun ideal for concealed carry.  It is relatively light, accurate and it comes with plenty of features for easier customization.


CZ P01 Omega is an awesome gun that is fun to shoot and easy to customize, but the result of your work will be a first-class firearm that will serve you well and provide years of shooting fun. Overall, CZ P01 Omega is an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use handgun. It can be easily customized to suit your needs, so you’ll never have trouble finding the right accessory for it. The gun is lightweight and compact enough to be carried concealed or used. We hope our  CZ P01 Omega Review was helpful. Comment and share your experiences with this weapon, as well as any additional questions you might have about it below! Thank you for reading our CZ P01 Omega Review. Please check out other articles on our website to learn more about guns and accessories.

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