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CZ P-10 F Review and Price

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CZ P-10 F Review

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If you’re looking for an affordable pistol, look no further than the CZ P-10 F. This gun comes with many features to ensure your money isn’t wasted on something cheap and useless. In our detailed CZ P-10 F review, we’ll go over all these features, along with the weapon’s specifications. CZ P-10 F is the best choice for you. It’s lightweight and easy to carry with its slim design, yet it packs enough firepower to take down any attacker. Plus, it’s affordable compared to other handguns on the market today. If you have been searching for a gun like this, look no further because we got your back. We will tell you everything there is to know about this gun, from how much it costs down to the pros and cons.

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CZ P-10 F is sleek and stylish with a polymer frame and striker fire operating system. It’s lightweight at just 28.2 ounces. It also packs quite a punch for its caliber while still being affordable for most gun owners. It comes with a 4.5-inch barrel and has an overall length of 8 inches and a height of 6 inches. CZ P-10 F also has a hollowed-out trigger guard so you can shoot it while wearing gloves, which is very useful if you live in an area where there’s snow all year round or it’s too cold to take off your gloves. You can fire this gun as fast as you can pull the trigger without worrying about the gun jamming.


The controls on this weapon are completely ambidextrous, making it a great choice for anybody looking for a single-handed firearm that they can fire with either hand in case something should happen to their dominant hand.  When it comes to a handgun, you only want the best. And with CZ P-10 F at your side, you’ll never have to worry about putting yourself in danger again. This lightweight semi-automatic weapon has a powerful single-action operating system that makes it easy to fire off several shots without loading. It offers great accuracy, reliability, ergonomics, and ease of use in any situation or environment. You will never want another handgun after using this one.

Price of CZ P-10 F

The CZ P-10 F is perhaps one of the best pistols on the market because it has many features that you would only see in much more expensive guns. For a price of $500-600, you get a gun that is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. Speaking of fitting into your hand, this gun features interchangeable backstraps that will allow you to custom-fit the grip depending on your preference. Several safety features come with this gun to prevent it from being fired unless intentional, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your children or other susceptible people in the household cannot get ahold of the weapon.


These features don’t come cheap, though. But when you think about what you’re getting for your money, CZ P-10 F becomes a bargain that will fit into your budget. Whether this is your first handgun or you’re adding it to your collection, this gun will prove itself time and time again as a reliable pistol for self-defense.

Features of CZ P-10 F

CZ P-10 F is an amazing handgun with many features to ensure you’re always satisfied. This gun has a lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame to keep the weight down but still give you enough strength to operate it. Here we will discuss the features of this weapon, like its magazine capacity and strike force.

Grip and Textures

One of the first things you will notice about this gun is its ergonomic grip. For a handgun, the grip is extremely important. The CZ P-10 F features an ergonomic grip with interchangeable backstraps for better handling and comfort regardless of your hand shape or size. In addition, this weapon also has various textures on the grip to make sure you have maximum control of your gun while shooting it. The three interchangeable backstraps will allow you to customize your grip depending on your preferences, which will help with recoil management. This gun has a unique texture on the frame that allows for better traction in all shooting conditions, so your hands won’t slip during those intense moments.

Grip and Textures of CZ P-10 F

Size and Weight

As we mentioned before, you want a lightweight handgun that is easy to carry around. This gun weighs in at 28.2 ounces and has a total length of 8 inches and a barrel length of 4.5 inches. It’s a medium to a large-sized handgun, but its ergonomic grip and slim profile will make it easy to handle. It comes with a fiber optic front sight adjustable for windage and elevation. The black rear sight has a vertical serration on the face of the sight, so you know exactly where the weapon is aiming.

Size and Weight of CZ P-10 F

Stopping Power

An important feature of a good handgun is stopping power. If your gun can’t stop an attacker, then it’s not worth keeping. The CZ P-10 F has a single-action trigger mechanism that allows you to get off multiple shots quickly without having to put your gun in half-cocked mode. It also features a loaded chamber indicator that makes it easy for you to know when another round is ready to be fired. This will help you adjust depending on your target and how many rounds you have left in the chamber. This handgun comes with a standard 19 round magazine so you can fire away right when you get it. It has a metal frame and polymer grip, making it a durable yet lightweight gun that is easy to carry around without worrying about the strain it may cause.

Safety Features

A semi-automatic handgun is not complete without several safety features. However, the CZ P-10 F has some additional safety features to protect you and anyone around you when you’re handling or carrying your gun. The ambidextrous thumb safety will help ensure the pistol won’t fire unless intentional. It also has a firing pin safety to ensure the projectile doesn’t leave the barrel unless it’s meant to. The CZ P-10 F has a trigger safety, manual safety lever (on both sides of the weapon), and firing pin block for extra protection. This means no matter how unintentional it may be. The gun won’t fire unless you want it to.

Safety Features of CZ P-10 F

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

One of the best features of this handgun is its slide stop and magazine release. The CZ P-10 F lets you control your weapon easily by giving you easy access to both parts of the gun. The slide stop will let you quickly lock the gun before you holster it so that nothing happens while it’s in your pants or purse. The magazine release is right next to the slide stop, making it easy for you to eject your old mag and put in a new one without looking down or fumbling through your pockets. Its disassembly latch makes it easy for you to clean your gun when needed by allowing the slide to be easily removed from the frame. You can also adjust your rear sight or add a laser without hassle.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release Of CZ P-10 F

Trigger Mechanism

The single-action trigger mechanism on this weapon allows for quick, smooth shooting without the danger of an accidental discharge. The single-action means that the first pull of the trigger will cock the gun and allow it to be fired. This gives you more control over your shots so that you can handle your weapon with ease. Plus, this feature is perfect for those who want to quickly unload their gun on an assailant without having to worry about putting their weapon in half-cocked mode. This is a great feature if you’re an avid shooter who likes to use their handgun for target practice. CZ P10 F packs a powerful punch with its short reset match trigger and serrated grip panels to provide increased control during rapid-fire, making it one of the best new handguns on the market.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ P-10 F

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

This pistol is chambered with 9mm Luger ammunition and has a reversible magazine release. It comes with fully textured polymer grip panels to increase comfort and control. It also has a fully adjustable rear sight and integrated trigger safety. One of the best features of this gun is its low-felt recoil. The CZ P-10 F allows the shooter to fire multiple rounds with minimal muzzle flip thanks to its low bore axis, contributing to its accuracy and allowing for faster follow-up shots.


The CZ P-10 F has a low bore axis, meaning the barrel is placed close to your hand. This will make it easier to control your gun and keep it from skipping during recoil. It has a muzzle climb compensation feature to help ease the muzzle rise caused by recoil. The knurled barrel provides better handling and is corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about letting your gun get wet or dirty without cleaning it.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of CZ P-10 F

Advantages of CZ P-10 F

It has superior ergonomics that comfort people with small or large hands. This handgun is also lightweight and will make it easy for you to bring your gun on the go. It has a lot of advantages over other guns on the market today. Here we will go over a few:


The CZ P-10 F is a lightweight handgun that makes it easy for the shooter to maintain control and accuracy during rapid fire. This weapon has an integrated trigger safety, manual safety levers, and a firing pin block to prevent unintentional discharges. It has a low bore axis to keep the gun stable during continuous, rapid-fire sessions without leaving you with an aching wrist when you’re done shooting.


The CZ P-10 F has a manual decocking lever and a hammer that will stay in place when the gun is cocked. This prevents firing accidents caused by decocking actions and helps make this weapon one of the safest on the market. The magazine follower ensures smooth magazine insertion. It also comes with an ergonomic magazine release that is both recessed and serrated for you to use with ease. All these features combine to make the CZ P-10 F one of the most reliable handguns on the market today.


The CZ P-10 F is made with a lightweight alloy frame. This allows the pistol to stay strong and durable without adding too much weight. The gun has an integrated hammer decocking safety, which ensures that it can be fired only when it is cocked. These two features together make this handgun one of the most durable on the market today. Plus, it has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel slide and barrel that can stand up to almost anything, so you don’t have to worry about the gun not lasting.

Disadvantages of CZ P-10 F

While the CZ P-10 F  offers many advantages over other handguns on the market, it does have some disadvantages:

External Safety

The only drawback of the CZ P-10 F is that it does not have an external safety. However, a half cock notch will allow you to carry this weapon with a round chambered and the safety off without having to worry about it firing accidentally. Simply pull the slide to the rear and release it when ready to shoot. This handgun comes with both thumb safety levers and magazine releases recessed into the frame to prevent accidental discharges. Plus, this weapon comes with a serrated, extended magazine release. This lets you drop the mag easily with your thumb while keeping your fingers away from your gun’s muzzle. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for those who want a highly accurate and reliable weapon. Overall, the CZ P-10 F has many advantages over other pistols on the market today. It is lightweight, easy to use, durable, reliable, accurate, and comfortable for shooters of different sizes to handle.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ P-10 F Review and Price

There are many different types of accessories available for purchase on the market today, and the CZ P-10 F is no exception. While this gun comes with many great features that will enhance your shooting experience, you can purchase some accessories to make it even better. However, you can purchase all these accessories easily through online retailers such as Amazon. When looking on Amazon, you can find accessories such as trigger shoes, mag base plates, magazine floor plates, and more that will allow your gun to suit your needs. Here we go over a few:


You should invest in a quality holster to protect your weapon and add more functionality for you. Plus, carrying a gun in a holster allows for better concealment when carrying the CZ P-10 F on your person. As with most handguns of this type, there are a lot of holsters available for purchase on the market today, like you can get an appendix holster, belt holster, duty holster. This allows you to find a holster that suits your needs and preferences easily. You can purchase a holster that you can attach to your belt or carry in a bag. This will help keep the gun safe when you are out and about. It may also make it easier for you to draw from the holster if you need to use it for self-defense purposes.

Magazine and Magazine Holders

You can also purchase extra magazines for your handgun. This will allow you to have more ammo at your disposal, which can come in handy if you are shooting at the range or out hunting. The magazine release is also accessible to allow you to slip it free from the gun when necessary easily. You can also purchase magazine holders, which will allow you to keep an extra mag on your person so in case the one in the gun gets in need of a replacement or if yours ends up malfunctioning, you will have it on hand.


Some people may not like the factory sights that come on the CZ P-10 F. There are many types of sights available on the market today. Some of these include fiber-optic front and adjustable rear sights, tritium night sights, and more that will allow you to get a better aim when shooting your handgun easily. Night sights are very useful if you aim your gun clearly in dark or low-light conditions. These come with tritium inserts on the front and back sights so you can easily aim at any type of terrain during your favorite hunting expeditions or on the range.


If you want accuracy over long distances, you may want to invest in scope for your handgun. This will allow you to aim better and shoot over long distances easily. A scope can be attached to your gun so you can transition from up close and long-range shooting in an instant. There are many types of scopes available on the market today, and most come with multiple features such as adjustable zoom levels and different reticles. The type of scope you purchase will depend on your personal preference and the types of shooting you enjoy most.


The CZ P-10 F comes with a recoil spring assembly, but this may still end up slowing down your shots when firing at targets repeatedly in quick succession or if you are out at the range practicing or competing. You can purchase a compensator that will work to counteract some of this recoil and allow for faster shots at your target. This can help with accurate shooting and ease of firing your handgun.

Trigger Shoes

Some people may benefit from using trigger shoes to allow you to rest your finger on the trigger easier. You can customize this to fit your preference, which is useful if you are not familiar with handguns or have larger hands. Trigger shoes are usually made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. There are many options available for trigger shoes for your handgun. It is best to check out all the specs and features of each one to see which will work best with your firearm and your personal preferences in making a purchase decision.

Magazine Base Plates

A simple magazine plate for your handgun can give you more grip on the gun for better handling and ease of use. These come in many different styles, so you can easily find one that will fit on your gun properly. When shopping online, make sure to compare prices across retailers beforehand to get the best deal at any given time. There are also sales often available to allow you to get even more out of your purchase. And if spending a lot is not something you are okay with, then look for coupons or promo codes to help bring down your purchase price.

Best Holster for CZ P-10 F

If you are looking for a holster to purchase for your CZ P-10 F, make sure you read reviews and check out the rating of each one. There are many types of holsters available, and different ones will fit your body differently. Here we have selected one holster for our CZ P-10 F review. We hope you will find this useful.

1791 GUNLEATHER Tactical IWB Kydex CZ P10 RH Black Holster

This CZ P-10 F holster by 1791 GUNLEATHER has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is made of .08″ Kydex material for the exterior and comes with a black powder coat interior finish to make it rugged, lightweight, and durable. The metal spring clip on this holster allows you to attach it to your belt, waistband, pocket, or any other type of belt for an easy way to carry your handgun with you. This holster has a sweat shield to allow you to wear this product on the inside of your pants without worrying about discomfort or rubbing. You can also choose between different barrel/slide combos so that it fits your CZ P-10 F. This model features a fully adjustable retention screw, which secures your firearm in place until you are ready to draw it. It also comes with belt slots that allow you to adjust the level of the holster’s drop to your preference. Find out more about this product on Amazon.

1791 Tactical Kydex IWB holsters represent a comfortable and dependable solution for everyday concealed carry. Designed for the following firearm models: 1911 CZ P10C Glock 43 Glock Sig P320 Sig P365 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Springfield XDS Mfg: 1791 Gunleather
in stock
1791 Gunleather Kydex Holsters Iwb


The CZ P-10 F has an overall length of 8″ and a weight of 28.2 ounces. It is equipped with front and rear dovetail sights that are adjustable for windage and elevation. The night sights on this model allow you to aim in low light conditions.

The CZ P-10 F handgun is a popular choice among shooters for many reasons. Some of the things that make this gun unique include having an ambidextrous slide catch and release, reversible magazine release, and interchangeable backstraps so you can customize your firearm to fit your hand size.

Many accessories can be purchased for your CZ P-10 F. Make sure to compare prices across retailers online before making a purchase decision. You can find things like holsters, speed loaders, small parts, and tools for maintenance, as well as extra magazines and sights.

The CZ P-10 F is available in black or flat dark earth. You can also find additional camo variations online if you search for them to fit your preferences.

Recommended Holsters for CZ P-10 F


CZ P-10 F is one of the most sought-after pistols on the market. It’s compact, lightweight, accurate, and reliable while still packing a punch at an affordable price point. Some features that make this gun stand out are its adjustable grip sizes, interchangeable backstraps for different hand shapes and finger lengths, and three safety mechanisms to keep it safe in any environment or circumstance. If you’re looking for some more information about our favorite pistol (and maybe want to get your hands on one), check out our review here. We also have tons of other reviews if you’re interested in something else, too – just take a look around. You can tell us what review you want to read next in the comments section, and we will get on it ASAP. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for checking our CZ P-10 F review.

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