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Finding a gun that is suitable for your needs can be difficult. There are so many to choose from, and each one has its benefits. Our CZ P-07 review tells you why CZ P-07  is a great gun for new and experienced shooters. It’s reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Its comfortable grip makes it easy to shoot all day long. This pistol has been used by police officers worldwide for years because of its reliability, accuracy, and durability.

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CZ P-07 is manufactured by Česká zbrojovka a.s., which has been producing high-quality firearms for years.  It is one of the best-selling pistols in the world. Gun enthusiasts love it because of its durability, reliability, ease to use, and accuracy. Its model CZ P-07 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic, single-action/double-action pistol. It is compact in size with a weight of 1.72 pounds which makes it easy to conceal in your hand. The frame is made from high-quality fiberglass-reinforced polymer, while the slide is made from steel alloy coated with the black nitride finish that offers corrosion resistance and durability. If you’re looking for a lightweight polymer-framed 9mm that’s as affordable as it is dependable, then the CZ P-07 may be perfect for you. Read on to learn more about this handgun from our review and price exploration below.

Price of CZ P-07

Prices for the CZ P-07 typically range from $500 to $750. This is a great price point, and it’s definitely within reason. Most other polymer-framed handguns in the same caliber will typically run you over $600. If your goal is to get a reliable 9mm pistol that won’t break the bank, then this gun may be right for you. It’s a popular gun for beginners and has been used by many police officers in the line of duty, so it is trusted in the field. The CZ P-07 is lightweight and accurate that can handle thousands of rounds not only without fail but also without significant wear and tear. Most people who have purchased this combat pistol have been extremely satisfied with it as it offers great features at a great price. The design is compact to be more suitable for small hands. Also, it is a great gun for those with larger hands who want more space to grip.

Features of CZ P-07

The CZ P-07 duty gun performs consistently and reliably under extreme conditions. It’s the perfect concealed carry firearm for law enforcement and citizens alike. This weapon is renowned for its durability, accuracy, and performance even in adverse conditions making it an excellent choice for military personnel or those who operate in challenging environments. Many features make this pistol stand out from the crowd of other firearms. The features below will give you a better idea of what to expect from the CZ P-07 before you purchase it.

Grip and Textures

The pistol’s grip texturing ensures that you have maximum control over it without fear of slipping. This will help you get a better shot when you pull the trigger to enhance your accuracy. This firearm features aggressive slide serrations both on the front and rear another great design feature for comfort. The serrations make the gun easy to handle when trying to load or unload it with one hand in a hurry.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

If you’re looking for a durable polymer frame pistol, consider the CZ P-07. The weight of this gun is 27.7 ounces, making it slightly heavier than many of its counterparts. This is another great design feature that makes this firearm stand out from the crowd. This added weight ensures better control when you are out on the range aiming. Furthermore, most people find that the heft gives them confidence in their skills because they can feel more in control. It has a 3.75-inch barrel that is constructed of cold hammer forged steel. This feature adds to the overall durability and longevity of this handgun.


Whether you are looking for a pistol for concealed carry, home defense, or range shooting, you will not be disappointed with the CZ P-07. This gun is lightweight yet durable, compact while still being ergonomic. It feels great in your hand and has excellent recoil control so that each shot you take is accurate and effective. This gun is completely ambidextrous so that it can be used by both left-handed shooters and right-handed shooters alike.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The CZ P-07 is chambered in 9mm Luger, so you’ll be able to get your hands on ammunition for this firearm no matter where you are or what you’re doing. For range shooting, this weapon can pack a punch and provide extra stopping power over other types of firearms. This semi-automatic handgun is one of the best on the market today, and you’ll be delighted with its features, functions, and overall performance. This firearm comes equipped with an effective fixed white bar-dot combat rear sight. This sighting system is great for quick acquisition on target and enhances accuracy while aiming. If you are looking for an accurate weapon that can perform effectively even in adverse conditions, then you will be pleased to hear that this handgun is also equipped with a tactical machined steel slide.

Safety Features

The safety mechanisms on this weapon are designed to ensure you never accidentally pull the trigger when it is your intention not to do so. You can rest assured that your hands and fingers will be safe, even when de-cocking the handgun after every shot. This pistol also has a decocking hammer lever which completely disengages the sear when activated. This feature is great for safety and security because it prevents the gun from accidentally firing if it falls out of your hand and hits the ground. Another important feature of this gun is a firing pin block safety in addition to the frame-mounted manual safety. This ensures that your firearm will never go off when you don’t want it to, minimizing the risk of accidents while carrying it with you every day.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

This weapon features an extended magazine release button that makes reloading easier. Reloading is not always essential, but there are few feelings more satisfying than being able to shoot with accuracy and speed. The slide stop is also slightly extended,  making it easy for you to release the slide on your CZ P-07. You can do this with a simple flick of your thumb, minimizing the risk of accidentally causing a jam while you are out on the range. The magazine release is slightly extended and made from alloy steel to ensure durability and longevity.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

A trigger is an important feature of any weapon. It is often the difference between a lackluster performance and one that target shooters and regular gun enthusiasts can appreciate. This handgun features a smooth double-action/single-action trigger with a serrated face. This feature increases your accuracy, especially when lining up your shot. In addition to the trigger, this handgun features an external hammer. A hammer is another useful safety feature because it prevents the weapon from firing unless a round is in the chamber and it’s been cocked. The CZ P-07 also has a slide stop that makes racking the slide back easier for you when loading your gun.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

This weapon weighs 27.7 ounces, so it is not too heavy to handle or take out with you on the range. The P-07 has an ergonomic polymer frame grip that feels comfortable in your hand and ensures minimal recoil during use. One reason for this is because this handgun comes equipped with a low bore axis the angle at which the extended barrel meets the grip is lower than other types of firearms. This low bore axis minimizes muzzle rise, resulting in less vertical recoil during use, ensuring accurate shooting. The P-07 also has excellent external controls within easy reach and allows you to shoot without accidentally changing any settings or safeties easily. It is a top handgun that proves you don’t have to break the bank to buy something sturdy, reliable, and accurate. If your priority is performance, then this weapon will not disappoint.

CZ P-07 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of CZ P-07

There are several advantages to the CZ P-07 over other weapons in its class that we  will outline in greater depth below:


This handgun has an overall length of 7.2 inches and a barrel length of 3.75 inches, making it very accurate when shooting from short to medium range. A shorter overall length also means a more compact weapon that will be easy to handle at the range. It is well-made and sturdy, which makes it ideal for people who want a handgun they can count on to work every time they need it.


One of the safety features we love about this weapon is that the firing pin will automatically fall into a safe position if you take out the magazine. This is an important feature on any handgun because it helps prevent accidental firing. The CZ P-07 also has a decocker that you can use to ensure that the hammer will not fall until you are ready for it to do so. It will never go off accidentally, thus minimizing the risk of an accidental shooting.


This handgun is very sturdy and well made, which means it will be reliable for many years to come. With proper care, you can expect it to last a lifetime. If you want to keep this weapon in optimal condition, then simply use a good quality polymer gun cleaner and lubricant before and after every time you take it out for shooting or concealed carry.


The P-07 is a smaller handgun that you can easily conceal. If you’re looking for a weapon that will be easy to take with you wherever you go, then this is the handgun that will best fit your needs. The CZ P-07 is a good option and has several advantages over other weapons in its class, and this means it gives you more bang for your buck. If you’re looking for accuracy and reliability, then we encourage you to include this handgun in your search.

Disadvantages of CZ P-07

As with any product, there are some disadvantages that prospective buyers should consider before purchasing this handgun. They are as follows:

Magazine Capacity and Trigger

The magazine capacity of the CZ P-07 is 15 rounds, which is smaller than other handguns in its class.  If you are looking for a handgun with a larger capacity, this is not the one for you. The trigger pull on this handgun is subpar, making it difficult to hit your target accurately. You’ll have to spend more time practicing with the weapon to get accurate shots.  


This handgun is more expensive than other handguns in its class.  However, it’s well made and has several advantages over models with similar features, so this means you get what you pay for. Although it has some downsides, the P-07 is a great option if you are looking for a reliable weapon that will last you many years. It’s well made and gives you more bang for your buck because of its accuracy, durability, dependability, and reliability.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ P-07 Review and Price

By choosing to purchase an aftermarket accessory or additional product, you can customize this weapon to fit your needs better. However, keep in mind that doing so may make it more expensive by adding the extra cost of these accessories. Several aftermarket accessory options are available for this handgun that you can buy online, including a threaded barrel, a grip extension, a tactical light, a laser sight, an extended magazine release, and an extended slide stop lever.


One of the advantages of this weapon is that you can choose from several different styles and sizes of grips to fit your hand size better. You can purchase rubber grips, flat grips, or curved ones, depending on what feels most comfortable in your grip. If you are looking for more control while shooting, consider purchasing new grips for your handgun. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to improve your accuracy and make it easier for you to hit your target.

Cleaning Kits

To keep your handgun in optimal condition, you need to clean it regularly. The manufacturer recommends that you clean it every 150 rounds or once a month, depending on how often you use it. A cleaning kit will include all the tools you need to maintain this weapon. It typically has a rod, brushes of different sizes, swabs, and an oiler so you can get every part of your handgun clean. Since you will need to clean your handgun regularly, it’s a good idea to purchase a cleaning kit that includes oil and other cleaners. This way, you won’t have to buy these items separately, and the tools in the kit will be useful for taking care of your handgun.


This handgun is compatible with 9m/m ammunition. You can find it at most online retailers or gun shops because 9m/m is the standard bullet size. The specific type of quality ammo you should use with this handgun depends on the unique features of your weapon. Check the manual for detailed compatibility information so you can find out what type will be best for your handgun.


The standard sights on the CZ P – 07 duty gun are 3-dot adjustable, which means a white circle around your target. These 3-dot sights allow you to better see and aim at your target when it’s dark or if you are in poor lighting conditions. If you don’t like this handgun’s sight design, consider replacing it with new aftermarket sights. You may need to practice with your new sight design so you can get used to it before you use it in the field or at the range. Ensure that you know how to adjust it if necessary and try not to bump it accidentally. The difference in sights allows you to hit your target every time accurately. This is especially important when hunting or practicing at the range, so you want sights that will help improve your accuracy.


One of the best features of this handgun is that it comes with an integrated accessory rail, so you can purchase accessories like a laser sight or tactical light to use with your weapon.  The laser sight will improve your accuracy, and the light will help you when it gets dark. Tactical lights can be useful for self-defense purposes because they allow you to temporarily blind an opposing force so you have time to get away or shoot at them before they can shoot at you. An integrated accessory rail makes this weapon even more versatile than other models. Hence, you have a wide range of accessories that can help improve your accuracy and self-defense abilities.


You need a holster that fits your handgun perfectly so you can keep it close to you and easily accessible. Depending on your preference, you may choose an ankle holster or a universal OWB holster for your gun. When you choose a holster, make sure that it is custom-made specifically for the model of your handgun. Otherwise, you may not be able to take your handgun out quickly if an emergency arises, which could put you in a dangerous situation. A holster needs to provide quick access and make it easy for you to grab your handgun from the holster, so consider purchasing one that is made from high-quality materials so it will last longer. You may need to research specific brands that are compatible with your handgun. Not every holster brand will be designed to fit this model perfectly, which means it may slip out or be difficult for you to draw your weapon when you need it.

Best Holster for CZ P-07

If you need a holster for your weapon, consider purchasing one that Comp-Tac makes.

COMP-TAC International OWB Kydex Holster 

This holster fits your specific handgun perfectly, and it’s created with top-quality materials that will hold up well over time. This holster is compatible with other brands and models, so you can easily interchange them if you upgrade your firearm in the future. This holster also comes with an adjustable cant, which allows you to position your gun at the best angle possible. If you need a better holster for your handgun, purchase one compatible with this model, and always make sure to practice drawing it so you can get quick access whenever necessary.

All Kydex OWB Holster - Perfect for use in Competitive Shooting Sports; (3) Mount Options included - Belt Mount, Paddle Mount, Drop Offset Piece; Cant Adjustable; Belt Width Adjustable: 1.5" or 2"; Once belt width is widened to 2" it cannot be changed bac
in stock
COMP-TAC International OWB Modular Mount CZ P07/09 RSC Black Holster...
All Kydex OWB Holster - Perfect for use in Competitive Shooting Sports; (3) Mount Options included - Belt Mount, Paddle Mount, Drop Offset Piece; Cant Adjustable; Belt Width Adjustable: 1.5" or 2"; Once belt width is widened to 2" it cannot be changed bac
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COMP-TAC International OWB Modular Mount CZ P07/09 RSC Black Holster...


Yes, you can purchase aftermarket night sights, fiber optic sights, tritium sights, and IPSC adjustable rear sights for this model.

Yes, the accessory rail is Picatinny compatible. An integrated accessory rail makes attaching accessories like a tactical light or laser sight easy.

If the front part is removable by unscrewing it, you can adjust your sight. However, many sights are factory adjusted and not adjustable.

Recommended Holsters for CZ P-07


CZ P-07 is a high-quality handgun that’s worth the price. Read our in-depth CZ P-07 review to find out what makes it so special and why you should invest in this gun if you’re looking for something reliable. We’ve also provided plenty of photos to show off the beauty of this weapon, as well as some aftermarket accessories that’ll help make shooting more enjoyable. If any questions come up about this firearm or its counterparts, don’t hesitate to contact us – we have all your answers.

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