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Finding a gun for personal protection is not an easy task. There are so many choices out there, and it’s hard to know which one will work best for you. It can be difficult to find the right handgun that works just as well in your hand as it does on paper. This CZ 97 review will help you decide if this firearm is right for you. 

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We’ve created an article with everything you need to know about this gun so you can make an informed decision before buying it. Our article includes detailed information on its history, a review of its features, and a look at how well the gun performs. Let’s get started.

CZ 97 Price

The CZ 97 is priced somewhere around $750-$900. The price of the firearm reflects its quality, which makes it a good choice for someone who wants to get their hands on top-notch craftsmanship. The CZ 97 is made with careful attention to detail, which means it’s a great investment for anyone. Along with the exceptional quality, it comes with a higher price tag. However, those who purchase it will quickly notice that the craftsmanship and accuracy are worth the extra few dollars.

Features of CZ 97

The CZ 97B is a .45 ACP caliber handgun manufactured by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod in the Czech Republic. It was designed to be durable, accurate, and comfortable to shoot. This firearm has been used worldwide by law enforcement agencies and militaries, including the Czech Army. The CZ 97 is a compact-sized pistol with a double-stack magazine capacity of 10 rounds. It has three-dot combat sights fixed onto the slide and single and double action. The firearm has an external extractor on the slide with internal extractors on each magazine. It weighs 40 ounces unloaded, making it about 11 ounces heavier than some other .45 ACP caliber compact size pistols. But still, it is the perfect handgun for anyone looking for a reliable, accurate firearm that can be easily concealed. It’s great for beginners and experts alike. Check out our comprehensive CZ 97 features analysis to know more about it.

Grip and Textures

The excellent grip frame on this handgun is made of checkered wood that covers the back and bottom of the gun. There are also ridges in the front part of the grip for added security while you hold it. The aggressive grip checking gives you maximum control over your firearm so that you can get great shots every time. The CZ 97 features fixed steel sights that are adjustable for windage. They are also black, so they don’t stand out too much, which is great if you need to carry this firearm discreetly. It has a steel frame and a blued finish. The overall look of this firearm is more understated than some other handguns on the market, which makes it great for people who are looking to stay low-key.

CZ 97 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The CZ 97 is a weapon that is made to be used outdoors. It weighs 40 ounces and has a barrel length of 4.8 inches with a double-action trigger and a single-action trigger. The CZ 97 weighing 40 ounces might be something to consider if you plan on carrying this gun with you all day long. This is one of the heavier handguns, which is expected given the steel frame. The size of this firearm might also be something to consider depending on what you plan to use it for. It’s not as small as some other firearms out there, which means that it may not work well for concealed carry.

CZ 97 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The CZ 97 is powerful enough to stop an assailant in their tracks, but the size of the bullet you’ll need to use might be too big for some people. When it comes to stopping power, this gun has what it takes to take down someone who means harm. Its power allows you to act quickly and decisively when needed. However, it’s important to remember that this gun uses a .45 ACP round. The size of this bullet may be a bit on the larger side for some people looking for something a little more discreet on their hip.

Safety Features

The safety features on this amazing pistol include a magazine disconnect and an ambidextrous manual safety that allows you to act quickly during an emergency. The ambidextrous safeties on this gun are made to give you the options you need to take care of any situation that may come up. This safety feature is great for people who prefer a gun with more than one option for moving it into the “fire” position. This additional safety ensures that there will be no accidental shootings.

CZ 97 Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop and extended magazine release are designed to make it easy for you to go from a firing position to an effective loading position. The design of the CZ 97 makes it a great firearm for anyone who wants a gun that’s going to be quick on its feet. You won’t have any trouble switching between your shots and loading your gun when you need to. The CZ 97 is designed with the average gun owner in mind. It’s great for people of all experience levels because you can easily maintain it at home without too much trouble or expertise.

CZ 97 Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

It has double-action/single-action triggers. Moreover, it is on the heavier side of its awesome trigger mechanisms, which is great for people who don’t want something too complicated. The weight of this firearm’s and adjustable trigger mechanism makes it easier for someone with less gun experience to learn how to shoot properly. It also means that you won’t have to worry about the accidental shooting. The excellent trigger mechanism of the CZ 97 is designed to give you a smooth shot, so you don’t have to worry about misfires or jams. It is another reason for being so great for beginners and experts alike.

CZ 97 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil and muzzle flip on the CZ 97 ensure to give you a smooth shot every time. The low amount of recoil and muzzle flip keeps your shots as accurate as possible without having too much effect on your grip. The CZ 97 is a great option for anyone who wants to get the most out of their firearm experience. Its design makes it easy to hold and fire with minimal negative effects, which means you can spend more time shooting instead of getting used to your weapon.

CZ 97 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of CZ 97

The CZ 97 has many great qualities. We will further explore a few of these qualities to understand better what to expect from this weapon.


The accuracy of this solid pistol is great because it has a minimum amount of recoil and muzzle flip, which makes it easy to stay on target with your shots. It also ensures the softest shooting. The design of the CZ 97 ensures that each time you fire off a shot, you’ll be hitting what you aim at with ease. There won’t be any inconsistencies with your shots, even if you’re firing at longer ranges.


The CZ 97 is a reliable weapon because it has been designed with your safety in mind. You can easily fire off shots without having to stop and reload too often. The CZ 97 is a reliable firearm that’s great for anyone, whether a beginner wants to use it as a home defense pistol or an expert who wants to use it in competitive shooting.

Ease of Use

The design of this weapon makes it easy to grip, aim and fire off shots without too much trouble or expertise. The low recoil, in addition to the minimal design of the safety features, means that this gun is a great option for beginners and experts alike. You can learn how to use your firearm with ease when you have a CZ 97 in your hands. It is an excellent defensive handgun due to its ease of use and ergonomic features.


The CZ 97 is a durable firearm. This weapon is great for shooters who want to get out and use their guns regularly without worrying too much about needing repairs or maintenance. If you’re looking for a firearm that can stand up to regular use, the CZ 97 is an excellent choice.

Disadvantages of CZ 97

Even though the CZ 97 is a great firearm, it does have a few minor drawbacks. Here we will explore some of these possible drawbacks and their significance.

Weight and Bulkiness

The biggest drawback of the CZ 97 is that it weighs more than other weapons on the market today. The weight of this gun makes it harder to carry around when you’re in the field. It is an excellent choice for shooters who want a reliable weapon, but if you plan on using your firearm and bringing it out often, this may not be the one for you.


Another drawback of this gun is that it isn’t priced as competitively as other firearms on the market. While it is a great weapon with many great qualities, those looking for a lower price may be better off choosing another option. Overall considering the accuracy, reliability, durability, and ease of use this gun offers, it’s not surprising that it costs a bit more than other firearms. If you’re looking for a great weapon and don’t mind the price, the CZ 97 is an excellent choice. This gun will give you a smooth shot every time you pull the trigger; it has been designed to keep your safety in mind and makes it easy for anyone to use.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ 97 Review and Price

If you’re using your CZ 97 for home defense, there are a few aftermarket accessories that might make the experience even better.

Flashlight and Sights

The addition of a flashlight is helpful when you’re shooting at night or in low-light conditions. A flashlight will give you more visibility, allowing you to see your target without too much trouble. The addition of new adjustable sights can help you to improve your accuracy even more. New night sights or fiber optic sights will give you an easier time seeing your target clearly and maybe just what you need if you’re having trouble hitting the bullseye.


A silencer is another accessory you can use with the CZ 97 to shoot even more accurately. The addition of a silencer can help you to stop any loud noises from putting your position in danger, making it easier for you to focus on what you need to do.


If you’re looking to use the CZ 97 for hunting or sport shooting, there are a few aftermarket grips that can improve your overall experience. A good comfortable grip ensures optimum performance. You can choose from wood, rubber grips, checkered grips, or thin aluminum grips, depending on what you need and how experienced a shooter you are.


Having a 10 round magazine capacity can be limiting. Aftermarket additional magazines can also be helpful if you’re using your firearm for sport shooting or hunting. The addition of a few extra magazines, and the ability to carry more rounds, will give you an advantage while out in the field. You can also purchase a magazine pouch for your additional magazines.


Having a holster for your CZ 97 is incredibly helpful as well. Holsters will keep your firearm close at hand so you can pull it out easily if necessary. A holster makes the transition from shooting to carrying a part of regular use, offering an easier experience overall. When you’re searching for a holster, consider how quickly you need to be able to access your firearm. If you don’t mind taking a moment to draw your gun from the holster, you can opt for a standard model. However, if you need to access your gun more quickly, look for a holster that offers quickdraw capabilities and will keep it close at hand.

Best Holster for CZ 97

We have handpicked a holster that’s perfect for the CZ 97. It has a durable and sleek design that makes it easy to carry and access your firearm quickly when you need it most.

NCSTAR Drop Leg Tan Universal Holster

The Ncstar drop leg holster is designed to be as lightweight and steady as possible, offering a smooth draw with minimal resistance. This holster also has adjustable leg straps that will keep it secure and in place at all times, meaning you can easily move through rough terrain without worrying about losing your firearm or holster. This holster fits the CZ 97’s shape closely, making the transition from the holster to the hand as smooth as possible. You can draw your firearm easily, and because of this close fit, there is less chance of anything getting in the way.


It is made of nylon, making it durable and lightweight. You won’t have to worry about any discomfort when wearing this holster, even over long periods. It is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain so you can keep it in perfect working order at all times. This holster is a great choice for those who need a quickdraw holster. It is fully adjustable and can fit most sizes, making it a great option for shooters of all shapes and sizes.

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Yes, this gun is a great option for self-defense because it handles. It shoots straight and fast with little recoil, which means you can get back on target easily to make another shot if necessary. Safety also helps prevent accidents when you’re in a stressful situation.

Yes, this gun is suitable for beginners, thanks to its simple design and smooth action. It also has safety which makes it easier to use.

Yes, the CZ 97 is a good firearm for those who hunt as there is no recoil. This can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to shoot at moving targets, and the lack of recoil will make it easier for you to hit your target with every shot.

Yes, you can use a variety of accessories to customize your experience whether you’re at home or in the field. You can add scopes to help you see your target more clearly in low light conditions, lasers that can improve accuracy, and other accessories.

Recommended Holsters for CZ 97


The CZ 97 Compact is a high-quality, reliable handgun. It’s built with features that make it easier to use and maintain than other handguns on the market today. It’s comfortable to hold and shoots effortlessly with low recoil. The controls are simple and easy to manipulate without looking at them but still offer enough customization for those of us who want our handguns tweaked just the way we like them. This gun offers everything you need in an everyday carry pistol, as well as some extras that will help you out in a pinch. Are you interested in this gun? Well, you will get all your answers in this CZ 97 review. We hope this gives you a better understanding of the CZ 97.

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