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CZ 75BD Review and Price

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CZ 75BD Review

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We have written a well-researched CZ 75BD review and price guide to help gun enthusiasts in their search for the next best gun to add to their collection. The CZ 75 BD is one of the most popular handguns on the market today. It’s a fantastic weapon that meets all your needs and more. If you’re interested in purchasing this handgun, we’ve got everything you need right here. We’ll take an in-depth look at its features, pros, cons, and pricing information so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for your home defense needs.

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The CZ 75BD is a full-sized handgun. It has a black polycoat finish and features a durable steel frame design with a large capacity double-stack magazine to help you get off more shots faster. The CZ 75BD is a double-action/single-action pistol. It also features a manual safety and an exposed hammer that can be manually cocked for a single-action fire mode. For starters, this firearm comes chambered in 9mm, which is a very effective caliber for defensive purposes.


The CZ 75BD also has a great trigger pull to help you get off more accurate shots. It also has great ergonomics, so it’s comfortable to shoot. Its low bore axis is another feature that allows recoil management and improving accuracy. The CZ 75BD performs very well in terms of durability and reliability, too. It can survive being dropped, bumped, and scraped against hard surfaces. Plus, it doesn’t have any problems with rust or corrosion, so you never have to worry about the elements damaging it.

Price of CZ 75BD

You can purchase the CZ 75BD for an affordable price of around $675. This is a little bit more expensive than some of the other handguns on the market, but it’s worth it. It offers you plenty of great benefits that make it well worth spending a little extra money on. The CZ 75BD performs better than many competing firearms, so spending a little extra money on it is worth it. With its durable frame, it is built to last. This handgun is best suited for home defense and concealed carry purposes.


It can be used for protection in more areas because the 9mm round has great stopping power that will help you take down anything from humans to large animals with ease. The CZ 75BD is a fantastic handgun that people in the market for a new weapon should consider. It’s durable, reliable, and easy to use. It will help you get off more accurate shots when it counts the most, so you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth when you purchase this great pistol.

Features of CZ 75BD

We’ll start with a quick overview of what this gun has to offer. These are the main specifications that every potential customer should know before buying one.

Grip and Textures

The CZ 75BD has a highly textured ergonomic grip that allows you to get a strong grip even if you’re sweaty or wearing gloves. It also features front and back strap serrations to help improve your grip, no matter how it feels in your hand. The comfortable grips on this handgun are fantastic as they work well even in wet conditions. The textured nature of the grip also makes it easy for you to maintain control of your weapon at all times, even when you’re under pressure.

Grip and Textures of CZ 75BD

Size and Weight

The size of the CZ 75BD is slightly longer than that of a simple average handgun, but it’s still compact enough to be easily concealable. The frame material is steel that makes it durable. It also has an unloaded weight of around 34.3 ounces. Its basic design makes it easy to carry this gun with you without worrying about adding too much extra weight to your pocket or purse.

Size and Weight of CZ 75BD

Trigger System

The trigger on the CZ 75BD is crisp and smooth. It makes firing this weapon easy, even if you’re new to using guns. It has a double/single-action fire mode that helps you with accuracy when you need them the most. The trigger system on this handgun is fantastic. You’ll be able to get unparalleled accuracy, even if you’re using this gun for the first time. A crisp trigger pull also helps you handle recoil with ease, so you can fire more rounds without worrying about getting tired too fast.

Trigger System of CZ 75BD

Stopping Power

It uses a 9mm round, which effectively stops even large game like hogs or bears if you need to. This means you’ll be able to protect yourself and your home against almost any threat. The stopping power of this weapon is great. If necessary, you can even use it as a hunting handgun, which makes the CZ 75BD extremely versatile. It’s also very effective for self-defense purposes, so you can always count on it to help you. This handgun meets all of the minimum specs required by government agencies, so you can rest assured that this weapon will get the job done. It’s also designed to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Stopping Power of CZ 75BD

Safety Features

The CZ 75BD has a firing pin block safety feature that helps prevent misfires and jams. It also features a manual safety switch that you can use to reduce the risk of unintentional discharges. This is a great feature for new gun owners who want more control over their weapons at all times. This handgun comes with an extremely reliable safety system that is highly effective in most situations. You can use this gun with a high degree of confidence when you’re in danger, which is something that every potential customer should look for when they’re looking to buy a handgun.

Safety Features of CZ 75BD

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The magazine release system on the CZ 75BD makes it easy to swap out magazines quickly, so you can keep firing even when you’re in the heat of battle. It’s also ambidextrous, which helps make this gun more accessible for people with disabilities or left-handed. This Z 75BD comes with two magazines made from durable material, so you know they are durable enough. The magazines that come with this handgun are very high quality, which you want from a weapon. The more reliable the magazine, the more rounds you can fire before replacing it. Having a spare magazine also helps encourage safe storage practices because if one goes missing or breaks, you still have a spare.


The slide stop and magazine release systems on this handgun are both fully functional, making it easy for you to get off more rounds without worrying about whether you’re going to have a jam or not. The design is also reversible if you shoot left-handed, making the CZ 75BD a great choice for new gun owners with no experience with handguns. This pistol has great slide serrations, too. You’ll be able to manipulate the slide with ease, so reloading should never be an issue.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of CZ 75BD

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

It comes with rubber grips that make it easy to shoot and minimize the recoil this handgun produces. You’ll be able to get off more accurate shots as a result, which makes the CZ 75BD perfect for beginners. The muzzle flip on this handgun is incredibly low since it has such great grip surfaces. This will take the overall recoil and kick you feel to the next level, allowing you to fire more shots without worrying about getting tired. The lack of muzzle flip is great for beginners who want to get accurate shots every time they shoot the CZ 75BD. The rubber grip makes it even easier to shoot this handgun with little trouble, making this model great for new gun owners.


The ergonomic design of the CZ 75BD is outstanding. It feels good in your hands, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to shoot over and over again. Your accuracy will increase due to its excellent ergonomics because you’ll be able to get off even more accurate shots due to the lack of recoil. The only downside of this ergonomics is that it can be difficult for some shooters to reach all the controls on the handgun. This will depend on how big your hands are.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of CZ 75BD

Advantages of CZ 75BD

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, there are many reasons why this particular firearm stands out from the competition. Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages we’ve outlined below to see whether this handgun is right for you. There are many reasons why people choose to purchase this handgun over other options on the market today. We’re going to take a look at some of those advantages below.


This gun is very concealable, especially when you’re making use of a reliable holster. You can wear this weapon in a concealed carry holder, and nobody will know that you have it unless they see it. Although many handguns in its class are easy to conceal, this one does a better job of keeping itself hidden from potential threats without worrying about anything.


One of the biggest advantages this gun offers is reliable firing. When you’re in a heated battle, you want your weapon not to jam upon you, and this one certainly delivers. There’s no doubt that this handgun will fire when you pull the trigger. Another important reason, reliability, is an advantage with this firearm because it decreases the risk of jams and misfires when you’re in the heat of battle. This makes it a great option for people who plan to use their handguns in dangerous situations.


The CZ 75BD is a very durable handgun with an aluminum alloy frame. You can use it in any environment you want without worrying about the weather or other factors damaging this particular weapon. It’s been designed to be used even when it’s raining, so there won’t be any problems when you get caught out in a storm with your concealed carry gun. Modern handguns are known for not holding up well when used in demanding environments, but that’s not the case with this one. It was created to withstand almost any condition you can put it through without suffering damage.

Disadvantages of CZ 75BD

If you’re looking for an affordable 9mm pistol that’s durable and reliable, the CZ 75BD might be your best bet. But there are some things you should know before buying this gun. It has some drawbacks that could be a deal-breaker for some people.


The biggest disadvantage associated with the CZ 75BD is the price. To put it simply, this handgun isn’t cheap by any means, but this fact doesn’t bother some people because they’re more interested in quality than they are in price. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your concealed carry handgun, this isn’t the right choice for you. But for those of you who are willing to pay a bit more to get a firearm that’s both accurate and reliable, then this may be your perfect match.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable handgun that will give you accuracy and reliability without needing much upkeep, then the CZ 75BD is the handgun for you. It’s been designed to be an all-around great gun at a reasonable price, so it makes sense why it’s so popular on the market today.

The price tag of this firearm might turn some people off, but for those of you who are able and willing to spend a bit more money on a concealed carry handgun, this is the perfect option for you.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ 75BD Review and Price

There are many options to consider when looking at aftermarket accessories for your handgun. We’re going to cover a few items you may want with this gun, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll all apply to you. Just because we mention them doesn’t mean they’re right for you, so make sure to research what will work best for your own specific needs.

Belt Clips

When you’re carrying around a concealed weapon, it makes the most sense to use a belt clip so you can keep your gun close and secure. The CZ 75BD review is all about making sure you know what this handgun has to offer and how it could benefit your situation. Two different kinds will work with this handgun when looking for a belt clip. You can choose either an inside the waistband or outside the waistband style of belt clip, but each option has its pros and cons. You’ll have to decide which one works best for your needs before purchasing it.


A holster is another important purchase you should make for your handgun. Without one, it can move around and potentially become damaged if you’re not careful enough with how you store it. You’ll need to find a way to keep it close and secure until you need to use it, and that’s where a great holster comes into play. When looking for a holster of superior materials, you’ll have to decide if you want an IWB or an OWB holster.

Slide Covers

A slide cover is a perfect accessory to add to your handgun if you want to be kept safe and clean. It has holes that allow you to see the serial number on the gun, which makes this an important purchase if you sell or trade your firearm at some point down the line. You’ll have to make sure you order the right style of slide cover for your handgun, but you can find the one that works best for you if you take the time to explore all of your choices.

Recoil Pads

If you plan on using your gun in different environments or shooting it with a lot more force than usual, then it’s important to consider investing in a recoil pad for your handgun. This accessory is designed to add a bit of cushion between your hand and the butt of the gun, so you don’t get as sore or tired when you fire it. Using a recoil pad can make it easier to shoot this handgun, especially if you’re going to be shooting it more than once in a single setting.

Trigger Locks

A trigger lock is another accessory you may want if your gun doesn’t come with one. It’s designed to keep the trigger of your gun locked at all times, so no one can pull it and accidentally fire off a shot. Trigger locks are perfect for safe storage options, especially if you’re out of the house or storing the gun at your place of work. A trigger lock is an accessory that few people even consider when shopping for handguns, but it can easily take your gun to the next level. They’re easy to use and don’t take up much room in your safe or storage area, so they’re well worth investing in.


Aftermarket accessories aren’t complete unless we talk about the aftermarket sights you can get for your handgun. Most handguns come with great adjustable sights, but you can always upgrade to a different style if you want to. There are many sight types you could purchase for your gun, so it helps to know what each one offers compared to the others. If you decide to upgrade your sights, make sure they’ll be compatible with the CZ 75BD. There are a lot of accessories you can purchase to make your handgun even better, but you must not rush into anything without taking the time to do your research first. For the best results, you should only purchase accessories designed for this handgun or ones that are compatible with it.

Best Holster for CZ 75BD

The CZ 75BD is a durable handgun, but it’s not indestructible. If you’re planning on using this gun for self-defense purposes, then you’ll need to make sure that you have some protection for it too. Using right concealed carry holsters is the best way to keep your firearm protected when you intend to cocked carry it around, so you’ll have to choose one carefully. If you want a holster that will attach to your belt, then the Fobus Standard Paddle Holster is what you should go with.

Fobus Standard RH Paddle Holster CZ75 CZ-75/ 75BD/ 85B

This type of holster is designed to attach to your gun belt so you can wear it outside the waistband. It’s a lightweight and durable holster that has a low profile, so no one will be able to spot you carrying this handgun. It’s also one of the best options for comfort purposes. You can keep your firearm in this holster for long periods without having to deal with any discomfort, which means you could walk around wearing this holster all day long without having to worry about your gun falling out of it.

Constructed for maximum comfort; Low profile design for concealment; Lightweight compact design; No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat; Fobus Lifetime Warranty; Fobus passive retention system allows an instinctive and quick draw of the Magazine; The pou
in stock
FOBUS CZ-75,75BD,85,Cadet,75D Compact Right Hand Standard Paddle Holster (CZ75)
Constructed for maximum comfort; Low profile design for concealment; Lightweight compact design; No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat; Fobus Lifetime Warranty; Fobus passive retention system allows an instinctive and quick draw of the Magazine; The pou
in stock
FOBUS CZ-75,75BD,85,Cadet,75D Compact Right Hand Standard Paddle Holster (CZ75)


 If you have a threaded barrel, you can add a suppressor or a muzzle brake to the weapon. You also have the option of adding slide covers, recoil pads, trigger locks, and more.

You can get this gun in black, blued, and stainless steel.

The handgun weighs 34.3 ounces in total, which makes it a fairly hefty pistol that’s not too difficult to manage when you’re carrying it around.

Recommended Holsters for CZ 75BD


The CZ 75BD is a highly sought-after pistol. CZ 75 was designed in 1975, and the design has been improved over time to include a firing pin block safety mechanism and hammer disconnector so that it can be decocked when not being fired by holding down the trigger guard with one hand while pulling on the exposed part of the hammer until it moves back into its original position. This advanced design makes this gun perfect for home defense and concealed carry because you don’t have to worry about accidentally shooting yourself or others. If these features interest you most, go ahead and purchase this product online today. You will not regret doing so. We hope you found our CZ 75BD review helpful in making the right decision.

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