CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

Specification Comparison and Reviews

CZ 75 Compact


CZ 75 P01

CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The purpose of this article is to convey the differences between the CZ 75 Compact vs P01, two pistols manufactured by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB). The CZ 75 Compact is a full-size pistol chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum. The P01 is the same gun with an accessory rail, slightly smaller dimensions, and chambered for 9x21mm IMI.

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The CZ 75 Compact and P01 are both modern, polymer-framed service pistols intended for law enforcement. Despite their similarities, the two pistols have differences that may affect a potential purchaser’s decision when choosing between them. The P-01 was developed for a military and law enforcement demand for a compact, lightweight, full-capacity pistol with a durable finish. The pistol has several safety features which are designed to stop the gun from firing if dropped immediately.

Features of CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

Grip and Textures

The grip panels on the CZ 75 Compact are made from softer rubber, allowing for a better grip in both wet and dry conditions. In addition, there is no texture on the sides of the grip – this has been criticized for being uncomfortable by shooters with larger hands.

Grip and Textures of CZ 75 Compact

The P-01 does not use grip panels; instead, it uses a rubber grip sleeve to be replaced for customization. The P-01 has a serrated frontstrap and backstrap with a molded texture that aids the user’s grip. It also comes with interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes.

Grip and Textures of CZ 75 P01

Size and Dimensions

The CZ 75 Compact is a full-size pistol, making it larger than the P01. The overall length is 7.36 inches with a standard magazine and 4.7 inches with a flush-fitting magazine. The overall height of 5.27 inches with the standard magazine installed. The width is 1.41 inches, and the unloaded weight is 37.7 oz. The size of the P-01 is a result of a reduction in grip circumference and height. It has an overall length of 7.2 inches with a standard magazine and 4.6 inches with the flush-fitting magazine installed—the overall height of 5.03 inches. The width is 1.38 inches, and the empty weight is 28.1 oz. The size difference between the two pistols is obvious – the CZ 75 Compact and P01 are nearly identical.

Magazine Capacity

The P-01 uses a 13 round magazine with a 14 round option, whereas the Compact uses either 15 round magazine. Depending on which specific model you have, there may be some other minor differences in magazine capacity. The magazine release button is reversible on some models. The P-01 has an automatic firing pin safety which prevents the gun from discharging if dropped, even on a hard surface. This is not the case with the CZ 75 Compact – it does not have this feature.

Magazine Capacity of CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

Trigger Mechanism

The P01 and the CZ 75 Compact come with a double-action/single-action trigger; some models use a selective DA/SA. In addition, they also have external safeties that prevent them from being fired unintentionally. An internal firing pin block safety is one feature absent from the CZ 75 but included in the P-01. This prevents the gun from discharging if dropped, even on a hard surface. Only some of the CZ 75 models have this feature – the Compact being one of them. The CZ 75 Compact has a decocker that can safely lower the hammer without firing the gun while retaining the ability to fire if needed. It is located on the left side of the frame, just above the grip panel, making it accessible for right-handed users.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ 75 Compact

The P01 has a decocking lever that can safely return the hammer to its resting position without firing it but still can fire if needed. The decocker is located at the top of the slide, a few inches from the rear sight. The P-01 is slightly lighter and smaller than the CZ 75 Compact but uses a higher-capacity magazine. While both pistols have polymer frames, the P-01 has been criticized for being uncomfortable to hold by shooters with large hands.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ 75 P01


The CZ 75 Compact does not have an accessory rail, so there are no options for attaching tactical lights or lasers.

Sight of CZ 75 Compact

The P-01 comes standard with a 1913 accessory rail on its dust cover. This allows shooters to attach different illumination tools, depending on their needs. There are also aftermarket options available for attaching lights or lasers.

Sight of CZ 75 P01

Slide and Barrel

Most of the exterior differences between the two pistols are related to their slides. The P01 has a forged steel slide finished with an anti-glare nitrocarburizing treatment (Black Polycoat). In contrast, the CZ 75 Compact has an aluminum alloy nearly identical in color but not quite as durable. The slide’s front is relieved to work with a red dot optic on both pistols, and the top of the slides have a loaded chamber indicator at their rear. The P01 has a standard dovetail cut in which you can install several aftermarket sights. The CZ 75 Compact does not have this feature instead of using fixed Novak style sights. The CZ 75 has a slightly longer barrel which gives it better muzzle velocity and accuracy.

Slide and Barrel of CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

Shooting and Recoil

The P-01 and the CZ 75 Compact are chambered in 9mm Luger, but the recoil of each pistol can vary. The P-01 shoots a little flatter because of its slightly lighter weight, but only marginally so. Both have polymer frames, so they are soft shooters which absorb some of the recoils. A full-sized 75, like the SP-01, has a steel frame that is slightly heavier and absorbs more recoil. The P-01 and CZ 75 Compact both have similar felt recoil, but there will be a slight difference when shooting one after the other. The CZ 75 Compact has a decocking lever, making it easy to lower the cocked hammer on a loaded chamber without firing it. With some training and practice, you can utilize this feature, but it’s recommended you don’t rely on it.


The CZ 75 line of pistols is known for being some of the most reliable on the market when it comes to reliability. With a double/single action trigger and short reset trigger, the CZ 75s will go through thousands of rounds without any malfunctions. The P-01 is no exception either, as thousands upon thousands have been put through both P-01s and 75 Compacts without a single malfunction. The only thing you have to worry about is properly lubricating your pistol like any other firearm. The CZ comes with three different types of safeties, making it safe for even the novice shooter because of its’ simple design. Going to the range and shooting at targets or paper isn’t recommended because of how loud it is, but get some earplugs if you want to shoot at the range without any worry.


Both pistols are extremely durable and made out of quality materials. Their metal parts are coated in a corrosion-resistant finish to protect against the elements so they won’t rust or corrode easily. The 75 Compact is known for its durability, as shooters have put thousands of rounds through it without any malfunctions. Without taking proper care of your pistol like any other firearm, you can expect it to still go through thousands and thousands of rounds with ease. The only difference between the P-01 and the Compact is that it has a loaded chamber indicator which can be felt when you put your gun in the battery.


Both pistols are extremely customizable, but the CZ offers more customization than the P-01 does. Because of how modular they are, users can customize their pistols to fit any need or desire without buying a whole new gun. The P-01 is more streamlined and doesn’t offer as many options for customization, but there are still some to be had. It comes with three different backstraps, which users can switch out, making it customizable to fit any hand size or shape. Both pistols come with threaded barrels (to attach compensators/flash suppressors), but the P-01 has a better design than the 75 Compact.


Users who are looking for a gun to conceal carry will be happy with either one. Both come in different sizes and shapes to make them easier to conceal, but we’ll go over specifics below. Many users like the 75 Compact because of its’ rounded edges and corners, making it better at concealing than the P-01. The P-01 is more of a gun you would use for open carry because of the better sights and the lack of grip safety on both pistols, so keep that in mind when shopping around. Both come in different sizes to fit users’ needs, but some may have trouble concealing either one because of their size or shape.


The CZ 75 Compact is smaller in size, making it easier to conceal. It’s thinner and lighter, which translates to more comfortable wear when carrying around all day long. The 75 is bigger, thicker, and heavier – but still fantastic for concealed carry with the right size holster. If you’re looking for an extremely small gun to pocket carry, the CZ 75 Compact isn’t for you. If you want something easier concealed, check out the CZ P-10 C instead.

After Market Accessories - CZ 75 Compact Vs P01

For the CZ, there are a lot of aftermarket accessories that users can purchase. Grips, sights, and different triggers are just a few of the different things you can do to customize your pistol with ease. The P-01 has a ton of different parts from the factory as well as from other companies. You can find smaller parts to change out, so you don’t have to buy a whole new gun just to fit it with different grips or sights. The only issue is that these parts are near impossible to find in the United States, but they’re still available in Europe because of how popular this gun is overseas. Here are some of the accessories recommended buying for both pistols.


For the CZ 75 Compact, users recommend getting a set of night sights because of their ease of seeing in low-light situations. The P-01 comes with great factory standard sights as well as bright white dots on either side, which helps pick up your target quickly and accurately. There are a ton of aftermarket sights that you can choose from, but we recommend going with fiber optic sights because they’re affordable and accurate.


This is an area where users have a lot of personal preferences. Some like slim grips, which are great for concealability, while others prefer thicker ones with a better grip to control recoil in their pistol. The factory grips come in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs, but most users recommend getting aftermarket grips in whatever feels best in your hand.


The P-01 comes with a rail underneath the barrel to add whatever light or laser you like, but there aren’t any great options to choose from. The CZ 75 Compact comes in different sizes and shapes that users could purchase if they want an easier time at targeting the enemy downrange. The classic CZ 75 Compact doesn’t come with any out-of-the-box, but most users recommend getting one because of its ease at picking up your target.


Both pistols come with a rail underneath the barrel, but the CZ 75 Compact doesn’t have any terrific options for lights or lasers. The P-01 comes with a bright flashlight from the factory, but unfortunately, it’s only available in one size and shape. If you’re looking for an aftermarket accessory, consider checking out Streamlight’s TLR-6.


The P-01 Compact is a small and slim pistol, so it’s easier to conceal in any holster you may choose. The 75 is bigger and bulkier, so users will need a better quality holster to feel the same comfort when carrying around all day long. There are plenty of aftermarket options out there for both, but be sure to check reviews before purchasing. You can choose IWB, OWB, or even belt-less carry when you have the right size holster. There is plenty of fast on/off options out there, with an inside waistband being the most comfortable, in my opinion.

Magazine Pouches

For the CZ 75 Compact, users recommend getting a double magazine holder if you ever need to reload quickly in an emergency. This isn’t something you’ll see many with on their belts when they go shooting with friends or at the range, but it’s still good to have. The P-01 also comes with a double magazine holder, so it’s up to you if you ever need to reload quickly and don’t have time to put one back in your gun before the shooting starts again. The single magazine holster is a little easier to conceal than the double. Still, it doesn’t hold as many bullets for those who want more capacity without carrying around an extra magazine or speed loader in their pockets.

Magazine Loader

If you’re already a shooter, then you know that loading bullets into a magazine can be a real pain in the butt. Since most guns only come with one magazine from the factory, many people choose to purchase an additional speed loader for their gun, so they don’t have to do it manually. Some of these loaders work without interaction, making it easier for users to top off their magazines when they only have a few rounds left. The CZ 75 Compact doesn’t come with an extra magazine or loader, which can make things difficult when you’re trying to reload quickly in the middle of the gun battle.


The P-01 does come with another fitted magazine, but there’s only one loader included helping you put the cartridges into place. Some models don’t require interaction for shooters who are just getting started or need an easier way to load bullets into their guns. Just slip a round in and watch as it pushes itself up into the magazine for you – they’re perfect for beginners and left-handed shooters who have a hard time loading bullets into their magazines.

Cleaning Kit

The CZ 75 Compact doesn’t come with any additional tools to keep the gun clean, but you can find some kits online if you’d like something more than just a few patches and cleaning solvent. The P-01 comes with plenty of oil, so you’ll have to buy a kit if you need anything more.


The Compact has a 15 round magazine, which is pretty standard for most handguns of similar sizes. If you want more than that without making the gun too bulky, you can always purchase an additional magazine, so you have two when you head to the range.

This pistol comes with a manual safety that you can engage or disengage depending on your local gun laws. When safety is engaged, it’s almost impossible to pull the trigger and shoot yourself by accident.

The P-01 is great for close range shooting situations, but you’ll have to stay on your feet if you’re planning on using it as a primary carry option. The best thing about the P-01 is that the trigger pull is short enough for newer shooters to enjoy.

The Compact is great for close range situations, but you’ll want to choose something else if you’re looking for a primary carry firearm. The CZ 75 Compact will do just fine as your backup gun, however.

Absolutely. You can find plenty of stories online about people who have owned their handguns for decades, and they’ve never had any real problems with the gun itself. What you want to make sure is that your handgun is reliable enough for self-defense, not just that it shoots rounds every time you pull the trigger.


The CZ 75 compact is a great handgun for shooters who want something they can easily conceal until the time comes to use it. It’s lightweight and not too big, so most people will be able to put it into their bags or jackets without anyone noticing. While both handguns come with good magazine loaders, neither one fits on the back of the grip. This means that you’ll have to choose between two options – spend time loading bullets into your magazine or spend money buying a loader for each gun.

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