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The CZ 75 Compact is a semi-automatic, double-action pistol designed and manufactured by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic. It features an integral 1913 accessory rail on the dust cover for mounting optical sights or laser aiming devices. Here is an in-depth CZ 75 Compact review.

CZ 75 Compact

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CZ 75 Compact

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The Compact variant of the CZ-75 is designed for concealed carry or as a backup weapon. One unique advantage to this model compared to others in the series is its alloy frame, making it much lighter than its counterparts. The second major difference lies in the magazine capacity. The CZ 75 Compact holds 14 or 15 round magazine versions. Any CZ 75 series magazine will work with this weapon. You can easily fire up to 16, 17, 19, and even 20 rounds from a CZ 75 magazine. This feature makes it an ideal backup weapon for military personnel who require a concealed secondary weapon while still stockpiling their primary firearm with plenty of ammunition.

Features and Specifications of CZ 75 Compact


The magwell on the  CZ has no beveled edge to guide the magazine in. This may cause problems for some. If anything, it makes the pistol less bulky when carrying, but it may give issues to those who are used to a magwell guide. The CZ seems to prefer a more traditional, rounded magazine inserted at an angle for best lockup. With some magwells you can use your thumb to guide the magazine into place. Not so with the CZ, you must apply some pressure on the front of the mag for best lockup.

Magazine Release

The magazine release on the CZ 75 Compact is not on the left-hand side of the pistol. This is good news for right-handed shooters, but bad news for southpaws. This makes it more difficult to hit, but less likely that the gun will be unintentionally released while being carried. It is easier to hit than some of its competitors, but compared to other “true” single-stack pistols you would expect it to be better.

The magazine release on the CZ Compact is also metal instead of polymer. This is advantageous because it is unlikely to break. The downside is that the release itself isn’t as easy to reach.

To drop the magazine on the CZ, you must push the button with your thumb while simultaneously gripping the base of the magazine and pulling it down. This can be difficult if you are carrying in a concealed manner or wearing gloves which may make it more difficult to get ahold of the magazine.

CZ 75 Compact Magazine Release

Slide Stop

The original CZ 75’s slide stop, which is the same as on the Compact, was designed to be manipulated by pulling back on it after dropping the magazine with your support hand. There are now aftermarket replacements available that allow you to drop the magazine by releasing the slide stop with your trigger finger instead of using both hands.


The sights on the CZ are great! The rear sight has two contrasting white dots, which are very bright and easy to see. They pop against most backgrounds, offering a lot of contrast for quick target acquisition. Adjustable rear sights are common enough that it’s not a big deal they aren’t a standard-issue on this pistol if you plan to add one.

The next thing that makes the CZ stand out is that it has 3-dot night sights included in the box! Not all pistols of this price range have night sights or include them at all. To top it off, these are metal night sights, not plastic inserts. Even though they have a serrated surface for enhanced sight pictures, the front dot is still large and easy to acquire.

CZ 75 Compact Sights


The CZ is a popular pistol and there are many aftermarket parts and accessories available for it. There are also many holsters and holster companies that make options for this model. Some people claim that they can’t find accessories or holsters made specifically for the CZ, but that is because they haven’t looked hard enough. CZ makes a great pistol and has no problem using the best materials available. This combination produces a steady supply of accessories for those who want them.

CZ 75 Compact

New and Pre Owned
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CZ 75 Compact

Magazine Capacity

The Compact for the 9mm Luger holds 15 rounds of ammunition in each magazine. This makes it competitive with other pistols in its size and price range and is considered the average capacity for a pistol of its size.

At this time, most states allow for private citizens to carry concealed firearms. This has resulted in a huge spike of interest in smaller handguns with high magazine capacities. With so many people carrying concealed daily, their self-defense pistol must meet the demands of the situation if needed. We believe that 15 rounds is the minimum capacity when considering self-defense.

CZ 75 Compact Magazine Capacity


One of the things that makes this gun superior to its peers is that it has a thumb safety. This is a great feature that many people feel is required for their personal or home defense pistol. This safety is not on the left-handed side. When it’s on sale, the user should make sure that their trigger finger is off of the trigger and outside of the guard before holstering or moving around.

To disengage the safety, you must push it all the way forward from right to left. The tension is fairly high so it won’t be disengaged accidentally. It’s also smooth, allowing for quick deployment if needed.

CZ 75 Compact Safety


The most important feature of any firearm is how it shoots. This gun delivers in terms of accuracy, balance, low recoil, and high capacity. The first shot is not difficult to manage; the weight of the slide does most of the work for you.  The second shot is not much harder to manage than the first. After that, all shots are easy to fire rapidly one after another.

The trigger pull is somewhat heavy but not gritty or rough. It doesn’t stack and isn’t overly mushy. This makes it a clean and smooth break every time, with no surprises or out-of-place movements. The grip angle and the low recoil make it easy to fire for a long session. The gun does seem to be best fired from a high, full grip. If you want to go fast, this pistol will meet your demands easily.

CZ 75 Compact Shooting

Aesthetics CZ 75 Compact Review

The CZ75 Compact looks a little boxy and chunky, but it gets the job done. There are no major flaws or shortcomings in its appearance. It doesn’t have any strange features that make it stand out from other polymer-framed guns of this size. The three-dot night sights are common enough they don’t add to its aesthetic value. It also has a slight texture to it, making it easier to grip securely.

CZ 75 Compact Aesthetics CZ 75 Compact Review


The beavertail on this gun is very well-designed. The grip safety is very noticeable, so the user won’t forget to disengage it before firing. It doesn’t look like much but it does its job well. Some pistols in this price range don’t fit with a beavertail or any type of grip protection at all.

Overall Ergonomics

It’s no secret that this gun has great ergonomics. The grip angle fits the hand perfectly, especially with a high grip. The beavertail does its job more effectively than some pistols are designed to allow for. If you are concerned about recoil management, this pistol will suit your needs very well.

The loaded chamber indicator is also a nice feature that seems to be neglected on many other pistols. It’s a tiny button placed right where the ejection port is located. If you load your magazines with it facing up, you can check to see if there is a round in the chamber before firing. This way, you can avoid dry-firing or making noise when clearing your pistol.

The front and back strap are raised to allow for a higher grip, even though this gun has an alloy frame rather than an all-steel one. The sights are also very easy to see. The designers at CZ paid close attention to detail when designing this weapon.

CZ 75 Compact Overall Ergonomics

Maintenance CZ 75 Compact Review

This gun is very easy to maintain. There are a few areas that need oil, but no small items that can easily be misplaced. If you use your CZ regularly anyway, it shouldn’t be too hard to remember which parts of the firearm to lube. 

The most important area is inside the machine where the hammer places tension on the firing pin. This area is also the hardest to get to when you have to clean it. It’s a small amount of effort for a long-term reward though. The slide rails, where the barrel lugs attach, should be oiled between uses too. The barrel nut and spring can also benefit from a quick drop of gun oil.

The CZ Shadow 2 is accurate and reliable with an impressive trigger and smooth action. Also, the grip feels good in the hand. Overall, it has great ergonomics that shooters of all sizes can get behind; this is mostly because it’s got interchangeable backstraps. The CZ Shadow 2 also comes with the smallest backstrap installed.

No doubt, the CZ Shadow 2 lives up to its name and is a worthy addition to anyone’s gun safe and/or holster. No other manufacturer has been able to produce this fine hammer-fired gun for the price.

CZ 75 Compact

New and Pre Owned
CZ 75 Compact’s In Stock

CZ 75 Compact

Advantages of CZ 75 Compact


CZ has developed a solid reputation for making quality firearms. The CZ Compact is no exception to this. Its durability and simple design make it reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain.


The accuracy of the CZ is more than adequate with its 16-round magazine capacity. This allows you to make good use of the target sights and get a good feel for the pistol to get an accurate shot placement.

Easy to Maintain

This gun is easy enough to maintain yourself. There are no proprietary screws or gadgets involved, so you can get replacement parts from almost any hardware store should they be necessary for maintenance or repairs. 


The CZ is very durable, able to handle heavy use and continues to produce excellent results. The slide is all steel with only the front sight being a polymer, but it’s made of a non-glare matte black material that looks great.

Disadvantages of CZ 75 Compact

Heavy Recoil

The recoil on this gun is quite heavy. Accuracy suffers from the heavier recoil, so you have to adjust your aim accordingly. There are no modifications that you can make for this.

Sharp Edges

The slide and barrel on this pistol is very square with sharp edges. These edges can be uncomfortable during use and difficult to hold onto if your hands are wet or sweaty. This doesn’t affect the performance of the gun, but it’s definitely noticeable when you’re taking it out every day for your carry rounds.


The CZ Compact is fairly bulky and heavy compared to other compact pistols. It’s not so large that you can’t conceal it, but it sticks out more than its peers. For people looking for a smaller gun with less bulk, this may not be the perfect model 


While it’s smooth enough, the trigger has a fair amount of slack and stacking before the break. The reset is also quite long and loud.


Yes, you can easily conceal the CZ Compact. It’s fairly small and lightweight so it doesn’t add too much bulk to your overall appearance if you have a sturdy holster for it. Some people don’t feel comfortable carrying this model because of how it sticks out, but you can conceal it if your wardrobe is right.

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You can holster it with one hand, but if you’re doing concealed carry, it’s best to use two hands.

 The CZ Compact has an effective range of about 30 feet. You’ll be able to get shots further than that, but it’s not as accurate and there will likely be a drop in effectiveness after 15 to 20 feet. Overall, you should not expect much more.

Yes, you need to use factory magazines with this pistol. Other brands and styles can jam the slide after a dozen or so rounds and cause the gun to malfunction without proper springs.

The best way to carry this gun is in a sturdy holster with an extra magazine. If you’re doing concealed carry, the CZ Compact pairs very well with appendix carry holsters that sit on your hip. This makes it easy to access and conceal without too much-added bulk.


The CZ Compact has a reliable, accurate design that’s easy to maintain and durable enough for daily use. However, the sharp edges on the slide and barrel can be uncomfortable during use and cause problems if your hands are wet or sweaty. However, the accuracy and durability make up for these shortcomings to a certain extent. This is a reliable compact pistol with a well-rounded performance. If you’re looking for a gun that will provide sharp accuracy without too much bulk, the CZ Compact is a good option. Hope this CZ 75 Compact Review is helpful to you.

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