Crow Symbolism

As you might have seen in various movies and TV shows, birds and animals are used as a symbol of something important that is about to occur. Some of the birds that have a deeper meaning that their simple physical presence are the crows that turn up at most crucial points of a story. The crows have a deeper meaning that is derived from what they symbolize.

Apart from movies, human beings have developed the act of using the spirits of animals and birds alike to learn more about themselves. They use the birds and what they symbolize to better understand themselves and be aware of their immediate surroundings. The crows, too, have a unique meaning and can tell us much about ourselves and may be able to provide us with clarification.


Clarification is important at a point in our lives that we are not sure about what we are going through. Similarly, we might need clarity to help us when we are in a dilemma or a transiting life point. The spirit of a bird might appear and offer us the consolation that we need to get through whatever challenges affect our lives.

In the various myths and folks, the crow has been seen to be used for both happy and sad tales. This makes the bird one of the most puzzling spirit animals in the world today.

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The crow, as well as a variety of bird species, can be considered spiritual birds, and whenever they appear in our life, it is usually not by chance. There is always a deeper meaning that makes us encounter a crow in our lives. You may encounter the crow when you are taking a stroll while deep in meditation or even seeing one in your dreams. In whichever situation you encounter one, it usually bears a message about your life.

crow symbolism

The crow is one puzzling bird that makes deciphering its appearance to be rather tricky. The bird looks much like the ravens, and most of the time is taken to bring bad luck. However, that is not always the case as in the modern era, the crows are being embraced because they bring good news with them.

Like the crow, other spirit birds have a deeper meaning whenever they visit you. Take the example of the owl, which is regarded all over the world as one that depicts death or even a point of transition in one’s life. There is also the hummingbird, a cheerful bird that is happy most of the time, pushing you to enjoy what the present bears and leave behind your burdens.

For the crow, it is a bird that acts as a symbol of the magic happenings in our lives as well as the numerous mysteries. Most of the time, some things happen in our lives that we are unable to explain, and these are the various mysteries.

The crow can also bring luck to you at a point in your life. This might be a sign of better days waiting for you in the coming days of your life. If the crow is your totem animal and you spot it during your daily routines, this might mean that there is an opportunity that will transform your life that is imminent.

Unlike what many people presume the crows to be associated with, especially darkness or death, there are groups of people that hold it in high spirits. Some people, such as the Celts, associate the crows to be connected with the creator and also the sun. This is so much that it was a criminal act to kill a crow because of any reason.

The opportunity might even be knocking at your door, but you may be adamant about going for it because of your reservations. The crow depicts that you should not worry but instead take the opportunity and embrace the change. It may also be a sign that shows that you should connect with the magic and mystery that is present in your life in the present day.

The crows appear as a rather rugged bird in their natural habitat, unlike most birds that are quite beautiful and clean most of the time. The crows do not have any colorful and bright appearance but are simply dark without any highlighting feature from their dark feathers. They are also quite earthly and spend most of their time on the ground and do not fly around most of the time.

Unlike other birds that fly in the sky and perch on trees, only to come to the ground when they are coming for food, the crows are always on the ground. Moreover, the crows find their food in the garbage and some specific areas that are not the most pleasant to see.

The Celtic Crow Symbolism

The Celtics depict the crow as having special and embraced symbolism unlike in the old era of time. They see the crow as a sign of individuality, prophetic knowledge, and not paying attention to what others say. It is seen as being adamant and not heeding or sharing the views of what others have.

The Celtic believes that when a crow visits a person, it is usually sent by a prophet or an oracle. They presume this to be an act of clairvoyance, and they believed the crow’s appearance had a deep meaning and a message for them. They also believed that the crows had some secrets in between their feathers that covered their wings.


The Celtics also have a diving perception of the crows as they see them as prominent figures that are associated with the deity of creation as well as the sun. This is another sign that debunks the idea that the crows have a dark symbol when they show up in our lives. One was not allowed to kill a crow for any reason whatsoever because they associated the bird with the creator of everything.

It would be an excellent idea to approach the translation of the appearance of your crow as the Celts do, as a positive sign. This will enable you to get the best out of anything that occurs in your life.

What Crows Symbolize When You Notice Them In Your Life

As indicated above, you might notice any birds or creatures in your life at any point in your life. You might notice them when you are awake, dreaming, or even when you are in meditation. Most of the time, the birds appear at a pint in your life when you are troubled by what is happening to you directly or what is happening in your surroundings.

For the crows, they are a type of bird that have a sharp and relatively powerful vision. This means that they can see more than we can with our naked eyes. As such, symbolically, they can view a situation and decipher a deeper meaning than we can. Most of the time, we can see the obvious things, which might not help in selecting the best action to take in our lives.

If you come across a crow in your life and the first thing that comes to your mind is an adverse occurrence, then this might just occur. However, the results are not limited to only bad things as the crow appearing in your life can provide you with positive news. Many people believe that you are the one who determines whether what happens to you will be negative or positive.

crow symbolism

It is in your hands to tap the energy of the crow’s appearance in your life to be something more useful. You can channel it to mean that your future will be much better than it is currently, or even if you mess up, you can darken your future.

The main thing that the crow symbolizes is a transformation in someone’s life-like changing to a better life or even marking the start of suffering and depression. However, the owl might also represent a change in terms of one’s emotional or spiritual state. The crows give as a clue of what is going to happen to our lives in the coming future, and it is upon us to make the best out of them. For instance, you can decide to refuse to take an opportunity that would have been a breakthrough towards your success.

Ancient Crow Symbolism

The crow has been depicted as a spirited animal for years now, from the ancient periods until now. Some of the ancient communities believed that the crow performed the role of the herald that was meant to guide the souls of the deceased to the afterlife.

In ancient times, the crow was shunned upon just like other birds like the owl because it was thought to be a messenger of bad news. Back then, the belief was that the owl symbolizes bad luck and even death in some cases. However, as it turns out, this is not the way it is in modern times as more and more people are embracing the crow and even the owl.

In the ancient shamanic tradition, the crow was a spirit animal that was embraced by those who wished to have the upper hand in the whole universe. They were also used by those who practiced witchcraft back then.

According to ancient Greek mythology, they were taken to be a symbol depicting prophecy and good fortune. The crows could be seen to occur when a prophecy was fulfilled as you could see them landing at the center stage when something phenomenal that was prophesied long ago comes to happen.

Christianity Crow Symbolism

In the Bible, the word “crow” has not been used in any of the texts, but it can be seen at the moment when the floods had ended. Then it is referred to as a raven that is sent by Noah to see if the floodwaters have settled down. However, the bird does not return.

From the Bible, the crow is associated with occurrences of death in the community, just as in the old era. This is because of their color and also their feeding style, which is not the most pleasant. You see, the crows are not the most attractive birds, and neither do they have the most fashionable colors like most other birds in their natural environment.

Modern Era Crow Symbolism

In the modern age, there is much light and relief when a crow appears to you either in your dream or wide awake. The new era considers that the appearance of the crow shows that you are moving into a new phase of your life, maybe transiting to a new livelihood after securing a better paying job. At this point, what the crow is trying to tell you is that you need to leave you past behind and focus on the opportunities that are ahead of you.

The crow can be said to relieve you from the burden on your shoulders and advocates that you need to keep your chin high. Just like the crow’s perfect sight, you will need to focus your vision on the future and what it has in store for you. Since it is a crow ahead of you, then there surely is something special in store for you-like a job opportunity or a perfect partner.

crow symbolism

Generally, most people in the modern era take the crow to symbolize intelligence, flexibility, and one’s destiny, which is bright. This is due to the ability of the crow itself to persevere through harsh environments and even through threats from its enemies. They might also take the owl to be a symbol of magical and mysterious occurrences in your life.

When you notice an owl when you are walking around, in your dream or in deep meditation, this might have a deeper meaning. The meaning here might be that you are in a stage of your life that is marked with numerous changes. However, you don’t need to worry as the crow is a sign that shows that all those changes are important and transform you into a better person and realize your potential in whatever you do. The changes should also help you be more self-aware as you are on the path of understanding yourself better.

Whatever the crows symbolize, it is in your hands to tap the energy of the appearance of the crow in your life to be something more useful. We can use the symbolism to mean that our future will be much better than it is currently, or even if you mess up, you can darken your own future.

The major factor that the crow symbolizes is a transformation in someone’s life-like changing to a better life or even marking the start of suffering and depression. However, the owl might also represent a change in terms of one’s emotional or spiritual state. The birds provide us with a clue on what is going to happen to our lives in the coming future, and it is upon us to make the best out of them.

Crows in Your Dream

When you notice a crow in your dreams, there are many reasons that you can derive from this. This is because the crow is believed to be amongst the birds that can fly through both the land of the living and of the dead.

The variety of reasons that you can derive from a dream where a crow is spotted depends on what the crow was doing. For instance, if the crow was flying around, this means that there are some issues about your subconscious that will need your attention as soon as possible. Such issues might be what is blocking you from realizing your potential in life. Therefore, dealing with them once and for all will work to relieve you from burdens and enable you to realize the best of what you can become as an individual.

The crow bears a positive type of news when they appear in your dreams. It is just upon you to interpret the dream effectively and use it to command a positive change that will steer your life towards success. For this reason, when the crow is in your dreams, it might be a sign that you are thinking about your life deeply. As in what is the best decision or action to take or even if you have been in deep thoughts about death for quite some time.

Bottom Line

The crow is among the most popular spirit animals that are in the world today, and they usually have a deeper meaning whenever we encounter them at any point in our lives. Another spirit bird is the owl, which depicts a point of change in our life and the hummingbird, which is a cheerful bird that advocates enjoying the present.

Many people are of the idea that the crow is a spirit animal that shows fortune-either bad or good fortune. You need to analyze the way the crow appeared to you so that you have a better understanding of what message it is trying to pass to you.

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