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How to Choose the Right Tripod for Your Height?

Right Tripod for Your Height

Have you ever purchased a great quality tripod, but found yourself spending countless uncomfortable hours bending while looking through the viewfinder? Not only is this not ideal for your back, but you could be missing on capturing some of your best shots.

The right tripod height should usually go up to your eye height, where your camera is placed at an optimal point. This should allow you to view through the viewfinder from a comfortable position! The table below provides you with a rough estimation for the ideal maximum tripod height according to your height!

Your Height

5’1 ft/155 cm

5’2 ft/157 cm

5’3 ft/160 cm

5’4 ft/163 cm

5’5 ft/165cm

5’6 ft/168 cm

5’7 ft/170 cm

5’8 ft/173 cm

5’9 ft/176 cm

5’10/178 cm

5’11 ft/180 cm

6 ft/183 cm

6’1 ft/185 cm

6’2 ft/188 cm

6’3 ft/191 cm

6’4 ft/193 cm

6’5 ft/195 cm

Tripod Height

46 in/117 cm

47 cm/120 cm

48 cm/122 cm

49 in/125 cm

50 in/127 cm

51 in/130 cm

52 in/132 cm

53 in/135 cm

54 in/137 cm

55 in/140 cm

56 in/142 cm

57 in/145 cm

58 in/147 cm

59 in/150 cm

60 in/152 cm

61 in/155 cm

62 in/157 cm

Again, these are just recommendations. At the bare minimum, these numbers let you know what’s the absolutely minimum height that would allow you to stand up completely straight. You could always go up or down around your ideal tripod height. If you’re really interested in purchasing a tripod, but believe it may be a little on the shorter side for your height recommendation, don’t let this stop you (as long as the maximum height is not drastically too short, you should be fine). This shouldn’t be a problem if the maximum height is too high for you, since you can always adjust it down! You also want to keep in mind that tripods with incredible height can get very heavy (and costly) to carry along. If you do have to lower your height to view properly, the best approach is to kneel down so it doesn’t become too uncomfortable for you and your back. Don’t forget that the tripod head also adds a little bit of height to your tripod.

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