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The AR-15 is a lightweight, magazine-fed, air-cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long/short stroke piston operation. It has been produced in many different configurations and several calibers from multiple manufacturers. A cheap AR 15 rifle is the same as any other semi-automatic rifle. Most people look for them on sale.


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PSA PA-15 16" Nitride M4 Carbine 5.56 NATO MOE AR-15 Rifle, Black

Buying a AR 15 rifle is a big decision. You want to get the best gun for your money, but you also don’t want to spend more than necessary on it. There are so many options, from types of rifles to styles and colors. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to find the perfect rifle for yourself or someone else on your gift list.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the Cheap AR 15, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Cheap AR 15

The Radical Firearms RF-15 SOCOM RPR AR rifle uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with Radical Firearms 15 RPR free float rail system for increased accuracy keeping your hands cool and giving you plenty of room for accessories. Regardless if its your first or fiftieth a Radical Firearms...
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Simple, clean and no nonsense, this is a working mans rifle that's built to get the job done. State-of-the-art CNC machining and cutting-edge production processes with superior Great Lakes standards ensure that you get one of the best rifles on the market.
- CALIBER 223 Wylde/5.56mm NATO
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PSA PA-15 16" Nitride M4 Carbine 5.56 NATO MOE AR-15 Rifle, Black
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We’ve done all that research for you! Our top five roundups will help make finding the best AR 15 easier than ever before. You’ll never wonder if this is worth it again after reading our honest review of what they’re like in action! Whether you want something with a bit of extra kick or just an entry-level model, we know which ones will work best based on extensive hands-on testing and customer reviews.

4 Best Cheap AR 15 (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Palmetto State Armory PA-15


This is an excellent buy if you’re looking for a dependable, entry-level AR. It features an A2 front post assembly and fixed A2 carry handle rear sight. The upper receiver has been forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and finished with a hard black coat anodize. The 16″ 4150 chrome-moly, M4 profile barrel with 1:4 twist has been finished inside and out with Palmetto State Armory’s high-quality treatment that quickly passes the 150 round break-in mark. The full-auto bolt carrier is adapted for semi-automatic fire, and the A2 flash hider has a nitride finish. The rifle comes with a mid-length gas system for optimal reliability.


This AR 15 game weapon is made with high-quality materials and parts that will hold up to even the most demanding shooters with ease. It has a standard f-marked front sight post and removable M4 carry handle. The rifle’s overall weight is light at only 6.5 pounds; it’s also balanced well for easy handling in any situation. Pair this rifle with the budget-friendly PSAK-47 classic for one of the best possible new gun buys. There’s no doubt that it lives up to its name as far as affordability goes.

Palmetto State Armory PA-15.



2. Radical Firearms AR-15 RPR


For a dependable, long-lasting rifle with the versatility to boot, look no further than the Radical Firearms AR-15 RPR. This is a mid-length rifle with a 16″ Aluminium Socom barrel made of 4140 chrome moly vanadium steel with a melonite finish and a 1:7 twist rate that shoots 5.56mm NATO rounds. The operating system on this rifle uses standard bolt carrier groups that are easily swapped out for high-volume shooting or full auto. It features a 12″ free float keymod rail and 15″ slimline M-Lok handguard that will accept any Picatinny or M-Lok accessories. The lower receiver is forged 7075-T6 aluminum with a Teflon black hard coat anodizing.


This rifle features a Magpul pistol grip and MFT adjustable stock that add to its overall comfort on the range or in the field. The controls are also mil-spec, making the fire selector, magazine catch, and bolt catch easy to manipulate even while wearing gloves. A Radical Firearms free-floating FGS round handguard provides a secure grip while protecting the shooter from barrel heat. On top of all that, you can’t beat that price range. The Radical complete AR-15 RPR is an excellent buy for those looking for a dependable rifle with the flexibility to adapt to almost any situation.



3. Great Lakes Firearms AR-15


Need something a little more compact? The Great Lakes Firearms AR-15 platform is the perfect option for you. This is a highly accurate rifle with a 16″ M4 contour barrel of 416 stainless steel with a 1:8 twist rate, ready to shoot .223 or 5.56mm rounds. The forged flat-top upper receiver comes standard with both front and rear sight complete in one assembly for easy sighting no matter the distance desired. The gas system is mid-length, making it perfect for accuracy and reliability. The bolt carrier group has been high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected for unparalleled quality assurance. This rifle also features a 15″ slimline M-Lok handguard that can accept any Picatinny or M-Lok accessories you want to add on later.


The collapsible stock of the Great Lakes Firearms AR-15 is a cost-effective way to get more of what you want out of your rifle. This rifle comes with a Magpul MOE pistol grip for added comfort during extended shooting sessions. The lower receiver is forged 7075-T6 aluminum and nitride finished to resist corrosion even after years of heavy use. This firearm comes with a threaded muzzle brake to reduce recoil and muzzle flip, making it much more comfortable to use in the field. It’s also equipped with a single-stage mil-spec trigger that breaks crisply at between 5 and 7 pounds of pressure for the kind of accuracy you want in your AR 15 rifle.

Great Lakes Firearms AR-15.



4. Diamondback Firearms DB15


Finally, there’s the Diamondback Firearms DB15. This is a lightweight AR 15 rifle with a 16″ barrel made of chrome moly vanadium steel and topped with a CNC DBSB IV flash suppressor for rapid-fire capability on short-range targets. The overall length of this firearm is 32.75 inches without adding any attachments, making it ideal for target practice or firing at close to medium distances. The Diamondback Firearms DB15 features a Magpul CTR stock and MOE-K2 grip for added stability during rapid fire. It comes with an oversized trigger guard that’s perfect for gloved fingers and is ready to accept any M-Lok accessories you want to add later on. This rifle is chambered in 5.56mm NATO, making it great for targets of all kinds. The aluminum flat-top upper receiver is topped with a full-length Picatinny rail meaning you can add whatever optics or sights work best for your style and level of precision shooting experience.


The lower receiver of this firearm comes equipped with an enlarged magazine well that’s easy to fit and remove magazines in or out of. The overall weight of the Diamondback Firearms DB15 with Magpul CTR stock is just 6.8 pounds making it incredibly lightweight without sacrificing shooter control. The Radical Firearms AR-15 PRS is a high-quality rifle perfect for long-range shooting or tactical training. The bolt carrier group has been high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected for unparalleled quality assurance. This rifle also features a 15″ slimline M-Lok handguard that can accept any Picatinny or M-Lok accessories you want to add on later.



What To Consider While Buying Cheap AR 15 Rifles?

There is no such thing as an ‘absolute best’ rifle. Each rifle has its features and specifications that make it perfect for specific situations or users at the expense of other things. However, here are some essential things you should always keep in mind when shopping for affordable AR 15 parts or rifles.

Barrel Length

While this won’t affect accuracy so much, the length of your barrel will determine how easy to handle it is. More importantly, long barrels are usually needed for accuracy at longer distances – so keep this in mind if you want a rifle that does double duty as both a hunting rifle and home defense gun. For home defense purposes, shorter AR 15 rifles can still be just as effective.

Rifle Length

The rifle’s overall length is also an essential factor to consider since it affects how easy or difficult you’ll have using it in different situations. For example, carbine-length rifles are great for hunting and close-range shooting, but if you plan on carrying this gun around all-day, it might be more challenging to keep it concealed. This is especially important if you live in an area where there are strict gun licensing laws or if you will be traveling with this rifle both domestically and internationally.


The weight of the rifle is another very important consideration since it affects how easy it is to handle the firearm when firing. While lighter-weight rifles can be more accurate and easier to carry, they often sacrifice control when firing at the cost of power.


One thing you’ll need to consider is what ammunition the rifle accepts. This is especially important since a rifle that can accept a wide variety of different calibers is more versatile and can be used for many types of hunting or shooting purposes. However, some rifles only accept one specific caliber, so it’s something to consider if you want to buy multiple rifles for different purposes.


There are many materials that AR 15 rifles can be made out of, some cheaper than others. Some rifle materials are designed to be lighter and easier to carry or use, but they will usually come at the price of durability. Other materials might sacrifice power compared to lighter options, so it’s something you should consider if you want a weapon that can last a long time or if you live in an incredibly humid, rainy, or dusty environment.


Last but not least, you should also think about the design of the rifle. The design will determine how accurate it is at different ranges and what kind of features it has. For example, tactical rifles are usually designed for quick draw purposes to be more minor with shorter barrel lengths – but this means they sacrifice accuracy at longer distances since they are harder to aim. There are many different designs of AR 15 rifles, so it’s something to consider if you have a preference for one over the other.


AR 15 rifles can fire a wide range of calibers, including 5.56, .223, and 300 Blackout. However, some AR 15 rifles only accept one specific caliber, so it’s something to consider if you want a weapon that can last a long time.

AR 15 rifles can be made of many different materials, including steel, aluminum, and polymer. However, most AR 15 rifles are made out of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.

Most cheap AR 15 rifles will fall somewhere in the range of $500 to 1,500. However, some can cost up to $2,500 or more if they have a lot of additional features you might want.

AR 15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle, which is the name of the rifle’s original manufacturer.


The cheap AR 15 rifle is an excellent choice for many different reasons. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for hunting, shooting competitions, or home defense purposes. Plus, they’re easy to handle and shoot – making them ideal for new shooters who want something simple yet effective. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you’re looking for a rifle, make sure to check out our other articles on tactical rifles and accessories. 

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