Century Arms PSL 54 Review and Price

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Century Arms PSL 54 Review and Price

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Century Arms PSL 54 Review

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The Century Arms PSL 54 review discusses the rifle’s features in detail. It includes its accuracy, weight, muzzle velocity, price, and more. The PSL 54 is a top-class sniper rifle produced in Romania. It was created for military use but can be purchased by private buyers in many countries worldwide. It has been in service since 1974.

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This 7.62x54rr-chambered semi-automatic rifle comes with a 10-round detachable box magazine. The PSL has an effective range of 800 meters, and it can likely extend to 1000 meters. This gun’s accuracy at long-range is as impressive. From the rifle’s skeleton stock to its muzzle brake, this firearm is an aesthetic wonder. The PSL 54 is not just about its looks, however. The retail price for the PSL is $2,699.99. This military rifle comes equipped with an NPZ PO4x24 magnification scope, which means it’s ready to hit the shooting range as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Let’s take a closer look at the features and specs of this rifle.

Features of the Century Arms PSL 54

Grip and Textures

PSL bolt-action sniper rifles have a skeletonized buttstock and a thumb-hole grip. It gives the PSL more stability and support, allowing it to shoot with greater accuracy and precision. A rubber grip covers the entirety of this rifle’s skeletonized buttstock. The rubber is textured to provide a firm and steady grip on the weapon, even in unfavorable or dynamic conditions. It gives shooters more control over the PSL 54 while hunting or during action-packed scenarios. Another feature that makes this Romanian-made semi-automatic precision rifle unique and versatile is its forend and heavy gas piston. The forend is not just for looks either; it aids in support during long shooting periods. Its surface also helps shooters grip the rifle firmly and steadily.

Grip and Textures of Century Arms PSL 54

Size and Weight

The PSL weighs in at 9.5 pounds, making it a heavy rifle but not too heavy. It can take down small to medium-sized games. This gun’s weight also makes it less sensitive to rough conditions and environments, which is an ideal feature for shooters who use their PSL as a hunting weapon rather than as a sniper. The PSL has a length of 45.30 inches. The 24.5-inch barrel is not just for looks either. This weapon has a long and heavy barrel to ensure accuracy and precision. The gun’s long barrel also ensures that this rifle’s muzzle velocity is quite high, giving it greater power, range, and force on impact too. This rifle’s size makes it an accurate firearm, which hunters will appreciate. The dimensions are ideal for precision shooting at great distances, which is the goal of most people buying this machine gun.

Size and Weight of Century Arms PSL 54

Stopping Power

This military rifle can effectively handle high-caliber bullets. The PSL is known for its amazing stopping power. Most rifles can only handle up to 150-grain weight bullets without significant damage or accuracy loss. The PSL is different in this regard, however. This rifle can easily handle higher grain thanks to its sturdy build and design. It can shoot a 181-grain bullet of 7.62×54mmR, which is a powerful cartridge with enough force to penetrate thick walls and barriers on impact. That feature has made the PSL 54 a preferred rifle for military applications. The military rifle is also equipped with a gas tube to launch bullets with increased speed and power. The rifle’s muzzle velocity is an impressive 2640 ft/s, which makes it a formidable weapon when fighting in close quarters. Overall, this is one of the best sniper rifles regarding the accuracy and stopping power. Its design, structure, firepower, and features are some of the best reasons to buy this bolt gun today.

Stopping Power of Century Arms PSL 54

Safety Features

The PSL 54 has a few safety features that help prevent any accidents. It comes equipped with a manual thumb safety located on the right side of the receiver; turn this safety lever off for the semi-auto precision rifle to fire. The stock is designed to lock the bolt when in a closed position. The lock is located at the end of the stock. This safety feature ensures that the bolt does not move under any circumstances. The PSL 54 has no issues with firing when dropped either; its design prevents accidental discharges if the rifle falls to the ground or bumps against objects. The rifle has a well-built metal trigger, not moving unless the “ready to fire” safety feature is turned off. This rifle is equipped with a safety sear feature. The gun’s bolt and trigger assembly design prevent accidental discharges or jams. Overall, the PSL 54’s basic design and structure make it one of the most reliable and safe sniper rifles ever made.

Safety Features of Century Arms PSL 54

Bolt and Magazine Release

The PSL 54’s bolt is a single-piece design. This one-part bolt is a unique feature of this rifle. The bolt does not have any springs or pins, making it easy to clean and maintain. This single-piece design makes the PSL 54 more accurate as well. It also ensures greater reliability because no additional components can break, jam, or malfunction when in use. This semi-auto precision rifle comes equipped with a magazine release just before the trigger. The magazine release is made of metal and can switch magazines quickly when needed. The release does not get accidentally pushed during use, making it an excellent addition to this weapon.

Bolt and Magazine Release of Century Arms PSL 54

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism of the PSL 54 is excellent. This rifle’s trigger is adjustable to enable shooters to change weight and distance for optimum performance. The PSL 54 has a crisp and smooth pull as well. It is very easy for novice shooters because of its adjustable trigger weight and design. This marksman rifle is semi-automatic. Sharpshooters prefer semi-automatic rifles because they do not require much effort to fire repeatedly on target. They produce less fatigue than bolt action or pump action rifles, making them great weapons for competitions and long-range shooting. The PSL 54’s gas-operated system is reliable and enables the semi-auto precision rifle to be fired repeatedly without requiring as much effort on the shooter’s part compared to other rifles. The gas piston is located below the barrel of the PSL 54. It is accessible through the handguard slot on this rifle, enabling users to quickly remove it for cleaning, maintenance, and replacement if necessary.

Trigger Mechanism of Century Arms PSL 54

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Overall, recoil is not a big issue with the PSL 54. It has two gas cylinders that reduce recoil and allow the rifle to fire repeatedly without causing fatigue on impact. This rifle’s unique design also helps significantly reduce felt recoil. Muzzle rise isn’t something to worry about with the Century Arms PSL 54. There is a bit of lift at the muzzle, but not much to be concerned over. It has a muzzle brake, which reduces felt recoil. In total, the PSL 54 has a well-designed structure and components that make it easy to control when in use.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Century Arms PSL 54


The PSL 54 is also aesthetically pleasing. This beautiful rifle is made of wood and meta. The stock is made of high-quality wood for a premium look and feel. The rifle also has adjustable components that allow shooters to change this weapon’s structure to their liking. The trunnion for this weapon is bulged to increase the rifle’s durability. This feature makes it easy to use in harsh conditions without worrying about damage or potential malfunctions. The bulged trunnion also increases resistance against corrosion. This rifle has an optic included, which is the NPZ PO 4X24.


It has an illuminated reticle for accurate target shooting. This optic is made of high-quality components that are durable and reliable enough to be used during heavy usage. The PSL 54 is compatible with a 10 round magazine. It comes pre-loaded with 10 rounds but can be emptied when fired repeatedly. This rifle has an original 24.5″ chrome-lined barrel, unique to Century’s rifles. It also helps the rifle resist corrosion and adds bonus durability that resists wear, tear, and damage while being used.

Advantages of Century Arms PSL 54


The PSL 54 is a semi-automatic rifle, so it is very easy to use. It does not require as much effort to fire at targets repeatedly, which allows novice shooters and sharpshooters to easily achieve their goals. This rifle is very easy to control at different angles. The gas-operated system and the PSL 54’s unique design enable impressive accuracy even when firing from a wide range of positions. It makes this weapon suitable for competitions, hunting, and other shooting sports.


Many exceptional features make this rifle very reliable and durable even in extreme conditions, such as low temperatures or climates with high humidity. It also comes with a cleaning kit making maintenance much easier. The RAK-1 trigger system enhances the PSL 54’s capabilities even further. These features make this weapon very reliable and easy to use while allowing its users to have an even more enjoyable time firing it.

Low Maintenance

The PSL 54 is a very low-maintenance weapon. It does not require as much effort to clean and maintain it as other rifles. The rifle’s design enables it to be easily dismantled and reassembled for maintenance purposes. This weapon can be used in different climates, from cool or cold weather to high humidity without the user worrying about its performance or durability.

Shooting range

The PSL 54 has a maximum shooting range of up to 800 meters. The rifle’s accuracy at different angles makes it great for use in various situations, including hunting and competitions.

Disadvantages of Century Arms PSL 54


One major downside that prospective owners of this rifle should consider is its relatively high priced, which can be a deterrent for some training centers and shooters planning on purchasing the PSL 54.


Another downside to the PSL 54 is that it is a relatively heavy weapon for its size. It weighs about 152 oz when unloaded. It may cause difficulties for novice shooters to carry the rifle at all times if they intend to use it for long periods.

Aftermarket Accessories - Century Arms PSL 54 Review and Price

The PSL 54 benefits greatly from several aftermarket accessories since it has a steel accessory rail. These include a scope, laser pointer, flashlights, and more. The rifle’s compatibility with different optics is yet another advantage that users can consider when planning to purchase this rifle.


The best feature is the compatibility of this rifle with scope. The scope rail is compatible with the widest variety of scopes. It enables the PSL 54 to reach greater distances and increase its accuracy. Scopes can be bought at just about any gun store, but they are not always compatible with every type of rifle available on the market.


A flashlight can also be attached to this rifle for additional purposes. The optics rail of PSL 54 is compatible with different optics, making it easy to attach them to the barrel and transform the weapon into a long-range machine, especially when combined with night vision equipment or scopes. A flashlight can also be used as a tactical advantage for personal safety if the user encounters an intruder at night or in low-light settings. It can also be used as a hunting aid by making the target visible from far away, even in dim light conditions.

Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is another accessory attached to this rifle for additional benefit. The laser pointer enables users to aim at their targets more easily against bright backgrounds, which can be advantageous. This accessory is very useful for shooters needing extra assistance in sighting their targets accurately and would come in handy during competitions and hunting expeditions.

Magazine Pouch

A magazine pouch can also be purchased for this rifle for convenience purposes. The pouch provides a safe place for the magazine to rest while not in use, eliminating the risk of losing it during certain activities, such as training exercises or a hunting trip. It also enables users to carry more magazines without worrying about where they will store them.


A carrying sling is another accessory for the PSL 54. A sling enables users to carry their rifles more easily and comes in handy during hunting expeditions or any other activity requiring the use of both hands. The sling distributes the weapon’s weight evenly and makes it easier for its user to hold and aim at his target.


A scabbard is another accessory for this rifle that can make the user’s life much easier. A scabbard enables users to store their rifles safely and carry them over their backs, making it easier to transport the weapon during long journeys or outdoor activities. They are much better than carrying cases, as they do not require additional equipment like straps or handles.

Allen Company Daytona Soft Rifle Case

This rifle case is made of high-quality materials that will protect your rifle from the elements. It is available in several sizes, allowing the user to choose how big or small they want it to be, depending on their rifle. The exterior is made of a rugged endura fabric that offers abrasion and weather resistance in addition to the self-healing zippers. These four heavy-duty zippers of the case are added for consolidation and security. The padding in this rifle case is good because it has thick, soft foam that will protect your rifle from any hit or bump you might get on the way to the field. In addition to the main compartment, this rifle case has four external storage compartments. You can store essential items such as ammunition or ear protection in these compartments. You can also keep your magazines handy in one of them for quick access when you’re on the field.


This Allen Company Daytona Soft Rifle Case is durable, protective, and easy to use. In this rifle case, the lining is easy to clean. If you spill something or get dirt all over it, you can always wipe it away without too much trouble. It makes it a suitable choice if you’re going to the field after work and don’t have time for a deep clean. All in all, this is a good rifle case. It’s secure and sturdy, so you can have peace of mind when using it, and it’s easy to use with the adjustable sling. If you want a sturdy rifle case that will last, consider this one from Allen Company.

Four external accessory pockets; Rugged Endura exterior fabric; Easy clean lining; Adjustable sling; Green/Tan Finish
in stock
ALLEN Daytona 46in Green/Tan Scoped Gun Case (99546)


The PSL excels at hunting and is one of the most efficient guns available on the market due to its compatibility with several types of optics and accessories that streamline the overall shooting process. The targets are easier to spot from long distances, increasing the user’s success rate and accuracy.

No, the PSL is very easy to clean and maintain. The rifle’s design makes it easy for users to access its main components without hassle or struggle. It lets them thoroughly clean the weapon with a simple wipe-down after use, leaving little room for dirt and other materials to stick to the rifle’s surface.

The PSL has an excellent rate of fire and can be used to hit targets accurately at up to 1 KM, depending on certain attributes. It makes it a very versatile bolt gun that can serve many purposes.

Yes, the PSL is a very good gun. It can be used for many purposes and has several benefits over other rifles on the market due to its unique features and compatibility with several types of optics.


The PSL 54 is a high-quality rifle that is feasible for multiple purposes. It has several benefits over other rifles, and the unique features make it compatible with different types of optics. The tactical accessories available for purchase also streamline the shooting process, which is an excellent advantage for shooters dealing with targets at long distances. This Century Arms PSL 54 review was a thorough and detailed look at the rifle and its features. It discusses several unique benefits that make this bolt gun stand out from the rest. Thank you for reading.

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