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Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price 3

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Century Arms NAK9 Review

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This Century Arms NAK9 review presents a detailed analysis of the NAK9, a 9mm AK47 variant. The firearm is made of high-quality material and has a black finish. It is a semi-automatic pistol that can hold up to 33 rounds. Century Arms was founded over 50 years ago and is a leading importer of firearms from around the world. They provide firearm enthusiasts with a wide range of options for customizing, modifying, or adding to their collection by providing all the necessary accessories. The NAK9 features upgrades that will leave older AK variants in the dust.

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This AK variant comes with many improvements over older models like higher grade steel construction and enhanced machining techniques to make sure your weapon lasts longer while also being more accurate at the range when compared to other options on the market. Keep reading to find out more about the NAK9. The NAk9 is a lightweight, easy-to-transport pistol with an 11.14-inch barrel length for enhanced accuracy at range. The shorter the barrel length, the more accurate your shots will be. The compact design and portability of the Century Arms NAK9 make it an excellent choice for use at home and in the range. The retail price of the NAK9 will vary depending on the features that come with it. Some options are more expensive than others but generally range from $600 to $800.

Features of Century Arms NAK9

Grip and Textures

The grip on the NAK9 is made of polymer. This material reduces the weight of the firearm and prevents weather damage. The NAK9’s black polymer grip was designed for comfort and accuracy at range by focusing on the trigger user interface. The NAK9 has different textures on the grip for maximum control. These textured lines allow you to maintain a stable shot while maintaining comfortability. The texture was created using an injection molding technique that makes sure the lines are even and straight. It ensures a high-quality grip that is strong and durable. The NAK9’s handguards are made of high-grade wood that is strong and reliable. The Wooden handguard also enhances the grip on the firearm, allowing for stability when shooting the NAK9 benefits from using quality materials that are aesthetically pleasing and enhance its performance.

Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The NAK9 is small and lightweight. It weighs only 102.08, making it easier to carry through rough terrain or for lengthy periods without tiring. It has a total length of 19.10 inches. It makes it ideal for home defense, self-defense situations, or shooting at the range. The NAK9’s barrel length is 11.14 inches, shorter than standard AK-style rifles. The shorter the barrel length, the more accurate it is at the range due to its enhanced recoil management. The NAK9 shoots 9mm ammunition. It has a 33 round magazine capacity, one of the highest on the market for pistols. You can fire off more rounds without reloading and maintain an advantage over your target with lower chances of missing. The NAK9 comes with a standard Glock compatible magazine. It accepts Glock 17 and 19 style pistol magazine, making aftermarket options easy to find.

Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

With its increased accuracy and large round capacity, the NAK9 has excellent stopping power. It is a powerful firearm that can reach your target from long range due to the precision of its barrel and high-quality materials used for construction. As mentioned earlier, it uses 9mm Luger ammunition which is a common round type with high stopping power, especially for handguns. It can shoot a bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1180 feet per second with an energy of up to 355-foot pounds. This round is commonly used with pistols; you can find it at your local gun store or online.

Safety Features

The NAK9 has many safety features to make handling the firearm easy while keeping you safe. It is equipped with a thumb safety mechanism, allowing you to lock the pistol up when not in use. The safety lever is intuitive and simple to unlock, ideal for home defense situations where speed is essential. The NAK9 has an enlarged magazine release, making it easy to change out your magazine with one hand. You can do this quickly when holding the firearm in self-defense situations or under pressure in a combat situation. A large trigger guard gives you a solid grip on the weapon and protects your fingers from accidentally slipping onto the trigger. It has premium wood handguards which keep your hand away from the heat generated by the barrel, making it ideal for home defense due to its ease of use. You can hold onto your firearm firmly without worrying about slipping or burning your hands.

Bolt and Magazine Adapter Release

The NAK9 has a large bolt that makes it easy to pull back and load. It is an important safety feature for the firearm and prevents weather damage. The NAK9 has an enhanced bolt-hold open mechanism. It keeps your firearm ready to use until you run out of ammunition or choose to switch back. The NAK9 comes with magazine adapters that can release your magazine. You can switch between fast reloads or standard releases depending on what you need for different situations, such as when in combat versus target shooting at the range.

It features a magazine interface that allows using higher capacity magazines with pistols. This  Draco NAK9 9mm AK-based pistol allows carrying extra ammunition. It is Glock compatible pistol and accepts 9mm Glock style magazines which are easy to find, making it ideal for self-defense situations. You can change out your magazine quickly and keep up a high rate of fire without worrying about running out of ammunition.

Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price Bolt and Magazine Adapter Release

Trigger Mechanism

The NAK9 features a military-style curved trigger. It has an enhanced trigger group to give you high-quality and instant feedback. The reduced slack feature of the trigger makes for a crisp release with every pull, giving you accurate shots at range. You can fire off rounds quickly and maintain control of your aim while using less energy. The NAK9 has a non-adjustable two-stage mechanism with nonlinear sear engagement surfaces, which are tough enough to handle high-stress situations where you need to rely on your firearm. Its one-piece hammer and sear creation allows for quick trigger pull with little resistance or wobbling, helping you achieve faster follow-up shots in combat situations when time is of the essence. 

Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The NAK9 has minimal recoil impact on your hand during continuous firing. It is equipped with a precise barrel and flash suppressor, allowing you to shoot with accuracy at range. You can track your shots without worrying about the recoil disrupting your aim or having to readjust for each shot due to the muzzle flip. The NAK9 has less muzzle flip than other pistols on the market making it easier to reacquire the target after you fire a shot.


The NAK9 is equipped with an enhanced corrosion-resistant exterior, which makes your pistol ideal for outdoor use or harsh conditions. It features wooden stock and fore-end, making it look like a rifle. It makes for effective concealment when in the field and is ideal for tactical situations where you need to keep a low profile. The NAK9 is a semi-automatic firearm that features an original Romanian barrel. It is one of the highest quality barrels on the market and has a longer lifespan than other options available. You can rely on your NAK9 to last you for many years under normal conditions. It features a rear sling mount that allows you to attach a sling to your NAK9, allowing you to carry it quickly and easily while also saving time by not having to pick it up off the ground when you need it.


It also has a Picatinny accessory rail for optics and dust cover to keep your NAK9 cocked and ready for immediate use while also protecting it from dust damage. The NAK9 has a stamped receiver cover that is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for continuous use. The NAK9 features adjustable front and rear sights that you can use to take an accurate shot at range or engage multiple targets quickly. Its high visibility front sight makes for easy acquisition if you need to make fast shots, while the rear sight is distance adjustable to meet your needs.

Advantages of Century Arms NAK9


The NAK9 is extremely stable and durable, making it a great choice for situations where you need to rely on your weapon. It also has enhanced safety mechanisms that allow you to take accurate shots while reducing the risk of accidents. The NAK9 features a wooden stock and fore-end that provide a stable platform for shooting. You can take long-range shots with ease on a consistent basis.


The NAK9 is ideal for hunters who need to use their firearm in the field while trying to maintain a low profile. The NAK9 is a perfect choice for hunters who need to stay hidden while they’re tracking prey, especially if they’re in an area where their prey has the ability to hear them coming.


The NAK9 is a single-shot gun that provides a simple way to protect your home. It’s not the ideal choice for action shooters, but it will keep you protected if you’re ever attacked in your own home. It’s also a great option for hunters who need a backup firearm. The NAK9 barrel is designed for accuracy, and it comes with an optics rail that’s ideal for tactical lights and laser sights. 


The NAK9 is a durable firearm that’s designed to last for years under normal conditions. The NAK9 is a simple firearm without any extra features that can malfunction, making it reliable and perfect for those who need a quick shot. It also comes with a Picatinny accessory rail to attach accessories as needed.

Disadvantages of Century Arms NAK9


The NAK9 requires 9mm Luger ammunition to function properly. You can find this ammunition at your local gun store or sporting goods retailer. But the problem is that this Draco pistol is not compatible with any other caliber or cartridge options.


The NAK9 requires you to remove the barrel to get down its inner working components. This process can be time-consuming for new users, but it’s essential if you want to properly clean your firearm or make any repairs.

Aftermarket Accessories - Century Arms NAK9 Review and Price

The NAK9 is a great gun, but it’s a little bit heavy. You can use an aftermarket handgrip or rail system to make this high-performance gun lighter and easier to carry. The type of accessory you choose will depend on what you plan to do with your pistol. Let’s look at the current aftermarket accessories available for this pistol.


The NAK9 AK pistol is the perfect choice for hunters and target shooters, but it can be challenging to aim at targets that are far away. You can use a high-quality scope to make your shots more accurate once you take them.


Century Arms NAK9 is equipped with adjustable front and rear sights to help you aim quickly. But the problem is that these sights are not optimized for low light, making it difficult to take accurate shots in areas with poor lighting. You can install an aftermarket sight system to increase your accuracy under these kinds of conditions.


The NAK9 is not ideal for shooters who cannot easily carry their firearms. You can use a sling or shoulder strap to make your gun easier to carry over long periods.

Laser Sights

Century Arms NAK9 features a Picatinny rail that allows you to attach a tactical light, muzzle device, or laser sight as needed. You can use these accessories to increase your accuracy up close and long distances.


People who like to travel with their weapons need to use Scabbard. They need to affix a scabbard on their body, and they can go out hunting or camping so that they can carry it very easily and comfortably. The NAK9 does not come with a scabbard. But you can use an aftermarket scabbard to carry your firearm or protect it when it’s stored in your safe.

VISM by NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard

It is a multipurpose rifle scabbard for tactical and hunting purposes. The sheath is made of strong cotton webbing. It is well stitched for extra durability. There are no hard areas or corners that can cause discomfort when wearing or carrying the scabbard over long distances. The scabbard is well padded in all the right places for maximum comfort. It ensures that it keeps your gun in good condition when in use. The padding also prevents damage to the rifle when carried over long distances. The scabbard features MOLLE straps. It means that it can be attached to vests and belts.


The straps also allow for secure fastening of various pouches, such as those designed to hold magazines and handguns. It has 4 straps for mounting. The entire unit has a universal design, meaning anyone can use it. It does not discriminate between genders, age groups, and gun sizes. It features a D-ring for easy attachment to belts. The retention strap, which is mounted on the outside of the scabbard, ensures that your rifle remains firmly in place.

Will fit most rifles/carbines with carry handle or optics attached to receiver rails; Six metal D-ring locations for attaching Included padded shoulder sling and for multiple carry options; PALS webbing on both sides of the scabbard with four detachable M
in stock
NCSTAR Tactical Black Rifle Scabbard (CVRSCB2919B)
The NcStar tactical rifle scabbard is designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting. The webbing on both sides with four detachable PALS straps are for ambidextrous use. The six D-ring locations are for attaching the padded shoulder sling for multiple carry options or preferences. It has a...
in stock
NcStar VISM Tactical Rifle Scabbard, Black - CVRSCB2919B


Recommended Holsters for Century Arms NAK9


Century Arms NAK9 is a great choice for hunters and target shooters. Its weight is evenly distributed, and the controls are simple to master. Some people may have difficulty disassembling and reassembling the NAK9, depending on their experience level. But it comes with great features for users who want to improve pistol accuracy. This article provided you with details of the handgun’s pros and cons. If you want to get more information on its accessories or parts, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading out Century Arms NAK9 review and considering our services. 

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