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Century Arms BP-12 Review

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Century Arms BP-12 review will brief about the features and the benefits of one of the best shotguns. It will assist you in making a better buying decision.  It’s not too heavy and way lighter than other models on the market. The magazine that comes along with it also contributes to its overall weight, making it a perfect choice for those who need to carry rifles every day.

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This 12 gauge shotgun has a 20-inch barrel with choke tubes. It has a capacity of five shells which is good for beginners. Besides the fact that Century Arms BP-12 is light, it’s also very well-designed, stylish, and functional. The gun is easy to maintain and pretty comfortable to carry. This shotgun comes with amazing features that will surely increase your accuracy rate and range of shots. It comes at a price point that’s hard to beat. It is one of the most inexpensive options on the market for those who want to use their firearm as a home defense gun. The price range of this shotgun varies from $350 to $500, which is already an amazing price. 

Features of Century Arms BP-12

Grip and Textures

This fantastic model is equipped with a pistol grip and a forend made of polymer, making it easy to handle. It has an ergonomic grip that can fit different hand sizes. It is made of rubber which feels nice against the hand and gives you a firm hold on your gun while shooting. The shotgun has a textured surface on top of the grip and forend, which prevents the gun from slipping if your hands get sweaty. The front and back of the grip are also textured to ensure a good and sturdy grip on your shotgun.

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Grip and Texture

Size and Weight

The gun comes in a 20-inch barrel which makes it easy to use. The overall weight of the shotgun is 138.08 oz making it easier for you to carry your shotgun around all day long if you need. The gun is also pretty well balanced to ensure better accuracy. The shotgun has a length of 29.5 inches, making it easily storable in your wardrobe, backpacks. It uses 12 gauge shells, making it one of the most user-friendly shotguns. This fantastic model has a 3-inch chamber. The gun has a capacity of five shells in its mag, which is not too much for beginners and practice shooting. The BP-12 shotgun can also shoot 3/4” and 3” shells interchangeably. 

Stopping Power

It is one of the best shotguns when it comes to stopping power. The pellets in a shotgun spread out when shot which means it has a wider range. In other words, this shotgun minimizes the chances of missing your target. It’s an excellent choice for beginners. The stopping power of this fantastic model is pretty incredible. It can fire 437.5-grain ammo and has a muzzle velocity of 1,560 feet per second, making it perfect for home defense. The muzzle energy is 2,363 ft. lbs. The velocity and energy make it the best choice for self-defense. 

Safety Features

This 12 gauge shotgun has an ambidextrous safety feature that helps you load your gun faster. The safety button is located right above the trigger guard, making it easier for you to use. You can also engage or disengage the safety with just one hand. The safety selector is designed so that you can quickly silence the shotgun. It moves easily and smoothly, an added advantage for this model. The safety switch ensures that the trigger mechanism is disengaged. The safety mechanism is pretty simple and easy to use. You just have to make sure you place it in safe mode when not using your gun. 

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Safety Features

Bolt and Magazine Release

The bolt of Century Arms BP-12 is pretty simple and easy to use. The bolt release lever is located on the top of the receiver, which makes it easier to load your gun. Some users have complained that it makes a weird noise when the bolt goes back and forth. The magazine release button is pretty simple and effective. It has an extended magazine selector switch that helps you get rid of empty shells quickly. Just pull the switch slightly to eject them. The button is located near the trigger guard. It’s quite easy to use, and you can easily switch your shotgun from one mode to another with just one hand. 

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Bolt and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

It is a gas-operated shotgun in which the gas is created from firing a live shell, causing the action to operate. All you have to do is insert a 12 gauge shell into the chamber and pull the trigger. The next shell in the mag will automatically cycle into the chamber, and this process will continue until all the loaded shells have been fired. The bolt is locked in the open position after the last shell has been fired. If you want your shotgun to shoot again, just move the bolt back and forth by pressing down on the upper receiver release button above your hand grip. It will eject all the shells that are in the chamber. After that, simply press the upper receiver release button again and load another round into your gun. 

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

This shotgun has low recoil, making it an excellent model for beginners. Just like the recoil, the muzzle flip is pretty low. You can use this gun even if you haven’t used one before. It doesn’t feel too powerful, so you won’t get tired of shooting after several rounds. This fantastic model has an excellent rubber recoil pad that absorbs some of the shocks when it’s fired. The performance is pretty good, and you won’t feel any discomfort even after shooting numerous rounds. The muzzle of this shotgun is pretty sturdy and well-built. The muzzle boasts a port design that helps to reduce recoil when shooting. It comes with an interchangeable choke system that you can attach to your barrel easily. The 12 gauge bore size gives you an excellent choice for interchangeable choke tubes, including cylinders, modified, and full chokes.

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


This shotgun has a sleek body that makes it look pretty attractive. The design is simple, and you can easily load your shotgun as it doesn’t have too many buttons, levers, or fasteners. This model has a black matte finish which gives it a stylish look. The material used helps to decrease light reflection. It gives you the advantage of remaining undetected when hunting animals. The receiver of this shotgun is made from aluminum, making it sturdy and lightweight. You can easily hold on to your shotgun without getting tired because the gun’s weight is evenly distributed on all sides. Century Arms BP-12 has flip-up sights attached to the receiver. It’s pretty easy and simple to use. You can easily move them up or down as you like, and there is no need for any tools to make the changes. You can easily adjust the rear sight only by using a screwdriver.


This shotgun has a fixed bullpup stock design. It means the ejection port and cocking mechanism are located on top of the gun instead of beneath it, like in most traditional shotguns. It is an excellent feature as you can easily load and eject your shells with just one hand. Since there is no need to move away from a target when loading your gun, you can stay in position and shoot more rounds without wasting too much time. The stock of this shotgun is made from synthetic material. It has a rubber recoil pad attached to it, absorbing some of the shocks when you shoot the gun. The design of the stock allows ambidextrous use, meaning both left-handed and right-handed people can hold it comfortably. 

Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Century Arms BP-12


This shotgun has a sleek and compact design which makes it easy to conceal. You can easily transport this gun to any place without worrying about attracting attention because of its small size. It is especially useful for hikers and hunters who like pit trips and camping. The short length of this shotgun allows you to shoot targets even in small spaces easily. You can easily take your gun and aim it at a target if you think someone is trying to break into your garage.

Less Noise

This shotgun has a ported design which reduces the noise it produces. If you are hunting, this model is an excellent choice as the animals won’t be able to hear your shotgun from a long distance and will end up getting shot without any warning. 


The stock of this shotgun is made from durable synthetic material, which ensures that your gun remains in great condition for a long time. It resists corrosion and scratches, making it look brand new even after years of use. You can rely on this gun to protect you whenever you are hunting or camping because it lasts longer than other shotguns.

Price Range

This shotgun is available at an affordable price. The price is pretty reasonable considering all the features it boasts. For the money, you get one of the most innovative shotguns that have a sturdy build and can be used on multiple occasions.

Disadvantages of Century Arms BP-12

Expensive Ammunition

Century Arms BP-12 uses expensive ammunition. It is difficult to practice with this gun as you will lose a lot of money on the cartridges. You will need to spend more on purchasing shells used in this shotgun. So, if you are planning to become proficient with your shotgun, you will have to choose the ammunition you use carefully.

Longer Reloading Time

This shotgun has a small magazine capacity, making it difficult to shoot multiple rounds without reloading. You can fire only five shots at a time, making the wait for your next turn longer than usual, especially if you are in an urgent situation.

Aftermarket Accessories - Century Arms BP-12 Review and Price


You can find different grip styles for this shotgun. They are available in various finishes and sizes, so you can select the ones that suit your needs best. Foregrips are available for this shotgun to improve your grip while shooting. 


To customize your pistol grip, you can find stocks in different finishes and styles. The adjustable stock allows you to change the length of the gun according to your preferences. You can also find collapsible stocks for this shotgun to improve your overall handling of the weapon.


You can find different front and rear sights on some shotgun models. It has an improved sight radius which helps improve accuracy. You will not need to invest in expensive aftermarket scopes once you use this gun because it is already equipped with efficient sight systems. It makes it easier for you to aim at targets even in dim light conditions, which is an amazing feature for hunters.


There are different styles of scopes available for this shotgun. For instance, you can find more advanced barrel-mounted scopes with laser dot sights. This feature makes the weapon more stable while aiming at targets because of reduced movement during your shot.

Lasers and Flashlights

You can attach lasers and flashlights to the shotgun if you plan to use it outside in low light conditions. These accessories will make targeting much easier in dark areas where you cannot see your target properly. You can also attach lights to different parts of this gun, for instance, at the end of the barrel, making it easier to identify your target before you shoot.

Magazine Pouch

It is necessary to carry additional ammunition if you plan to go on a hunting trip. A magazine pouch can be attached to the shotgun so that you have easy access to your cartridges while out in the woods.


If you plan to go on long hunting trips, then a scabbard can be attached to the shotgun. It protects your shotgun while you are carrying it and allows easy access simultaneously. These scabbards can be used to strap this weapon to your back and take it with you while traveling to different hunting sites.

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Recommended Holsters for Century Arms BP-12


It is a lightweight and affordable shotgun that is suitable for different purposes. However, the small magazine capacity limits its use in urgent situations like home defense. Replacement parts and customization options make the Century Arms BP-12 an amazing option for hunters and shooters who want to add extra features to their guns. Hopefully, you have learned a few things about this shotgun that you didn’t know before.

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