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Century Arms AP5 Review

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If you are the one who is interested in this semiautomatic rifle, then read this Century Arms AP5 review thoroughly. This rifle’s history, advantages, disadvantages, and specifications will all be covered in this review. This rifle is made in Turkey by a world-renowned manufacturer of firearms. Century Arms imports this rifle from this MKE manufacturing facility and provides it to the global market. 

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The Apparatus Pistol, abbreviated as AP5, is a roller delayed blowback firearm. A roller delayed blowback firearm is a firea\rm that uses a roller-delayed blowback operating system. Century Arms AP5 review states that this semiautomatic rifle has a polymer construction with metal components. An advantage of the AP5 is that it allows easy customization. This firearm model has a Picatinny rail, allowing the user to install multiple gun accessories. The cost of the Century Arms AP5 is $1,999.99 MSRP. This price is affordable to most shooters. The features of this firearm make it a great deal. Let’s check the features in more detail.

Features of Century Arms AP5

Grip and Textures

The grip of the AP5 is made of combat-style ribbed polymer. The grip has a smooth texture for comfortable handling and control during the fire. It means the user will not lose grip on this firearm, even when it becomes wet or sweaty. This black polymer furniture is fixed, but it is adjustable for any shooter. The pistol grip allows comfortable placement of the hand to provide high control over this firearm.

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The length of the AP5 is 13.7 inches, and its weight without a magazine is 73.6 oz. This rifle’s size and weight make it perfect for transport to different locations. Also, the easy-to-handle size and weight allow comfortable handling of this firearm at any shooting location. It has a 5.8-inch barrel length with a detachable muzzle device. The AP5 also has a  1:9.8 inches twist rate. It means that the AP5 can shoot a wide range of ammo types. It is chambered to fire 9mm Luger ammunition, and it comes with a 30 rounds magazine capacity. 

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The AP5 is a high-quality firearm that can stop any threat. You can expect accurate, adequate stopping power from this firearm. You do not need to worry about this firearm’s stopping or penetration power. As mentioned earlier, it uses 9mm Luger ammunition, one of the best ammo types for stopping power. It can shoot a 124-grain full metal jacket bullet at 460 m/s (1,509 feet per second). The muzzle velocity is faster than many other firearms, which is why this firearm has the best stopping power. This rifle can stop any threat with reliable penetration power.

Safety Features

The trigger pack of the AP5 has an integrated fire control group. It has an axle that is connected to a safety lever. The safety lever allows easy selection between safe, single shot, and full-automatic modes. This level allows secure handling, even if the user has sweaty or wet hands. Also, it has an ambidextrous selector switch that allows easy selection of fire modes while shooting. The safety feature of this firearm allows the user to engage the safety with the thumb. The easy-to-reach safety lever has raised, enlarged tabs for quick operation. It means that you can operate it efficiently while handling this rifle in any situation.

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Safety Features

Bolt Carrier and Magazine Assembly

The AP5’s bolt carrier has a matte black finish. The bolt carrier is coated, which resists corrosion and lubricates the movement of this part. Also, it does not allow dirt and debris into the rifle. It increases the reliability and durability of this firearm in harsh conditions. It has a charging handle on the right side, making it easy to access this mechanism. The charging handle allows comfortable operation, even if you have a scope or raised sights installed. You can easily use this firearm in harsh conditions.


The magazine spring of this firearm is heat-treated. It has a chrome silicon wire spring that provides high compression for smooth operation. This heat treatment increases the durability and reliability of the gun in harsh conditions. It also has an anti-tilt follower with a constant curve internal geometry, which allows reliable feeding of cartridges into the chamber. This feature allows it to shoot all types of 9mm Luger ammunition.

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Bolt Carrier and Magazine Assembly

Trigger Mechanism

The AP5 uses a delayed blowback system with a roller-lock mechanism. A delayed blowback system allows reliable function. The roller-lock mechanism does not require any tools to disassemble this firearm. It comes with a quick takedown pin, which the user can quickly operate without using tools. The trigger on the AP5 is a vital safety feature. The easy-to-reach trigger allows perfect control on this firearm, even wearing gloves. It also has a quick reset that speeds up follow-up shots during tactical situations. It means the user can quickly engage close targets without wasting time to recover their sights between shots.

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The AP5 has a hard recoil with a strong muzzle flip. However, it does not affect this rifle’s accuracy potential. The AP5 has a muzzle device that helps reduce the felt recoil and faster follow-up shots. It also reduces dust while shooting in low-light conditions. Plus, the muzzle device boosts the oppressor’s performance to eliminate muzzle flash during night conditions. It also comes with a rubber pad on the buttstock. It provides a cushion to the operator when firing, reducing the recoil and muzzle flip impact. A rubber pad also reduces damage to wooden surfaces in harsh conditions.

Century Arms AP5 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The Century Arms AP5 is a short-barreled, folding stock rifle that operates in semi or fully automatic modes. It comes equipped with an adjustable rear sight and an accessory rail for mounting additional optics; it accepts AR-15 style magazines. It has a black synthetic stock and a black finish that adds to its aesthetic appeal. This firearm’s overall appearance is similar to an AR-15 rifle but with some notable differences. The Century Arms AP5 has a classic fully adjustable rear sight that many shooters prefer. However, the front sight is fixed to the barrel. The AP5 also has a stamped receiver and a matte black finish. A Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver allows shooters to attach tactical accessories such as scopes and flashlights. This feature gives it additional functionality that makes this firearm more versatile. 

Advantages of Century Arms AP5

Top Mounted Optic Rail

The AP5 comes with a Picatinny rail for additional attachments such as scopes and tactical lights. It also allows shooters to attach night optics for better accuracy during low-light conditions.


It is easy to operate and maintain this firearm. You can take apart the AP5 in seconds for cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance procedures. It provides a quick takedown of this firearm action without any tools or disassembly of the trigger group. The quick takedown pin allows the owner to disassemble this firearm quickly; it is an outstanding feature on this firearm. The user does not need any tools to disassemble the firearm.

Ergonomic Charging Handle

The AP5 comes with an ergonomic and large charging handle, which allows the operator to quickly pull the bolt back for ejecting a spent cartridge and inserting a fresh round. The ergonomic design of this charging handle increases comfort when you need to do it frequently. This feature speeds up reloading during tactical situations.


The AP5 is a short-barreled model that allows the user to conceal it easily. It also has a folding stock, making it easy to store in bags. The compact design of this firearm enhances its concealability, making it perfect for shooters who spend most of their time on field assignments or tactical situations.

Disadvantages of Century Arms AP5


The AP5 is a proprietary model that only accepts ammunition within the calibers it can fire. That means you cannot use other cartridges such as .40 S&W or .45 ACP on this firearm. This firearm will not be ideal if you have a stockpile of those cartridges.

Limited Rail Space for Tactical Attachments

The Picatinny rail on the receiver of this firearm has limited space. It cannot accept every accessory available on the market. Moreover, the rail has little space on top of the receiver, which only accepts optics and flashlights, limiting its functionality. A shooter cannot attach large accessories to it.

Aftermarket Accessories - Century Arms AP5 Review and Price


A suppressor significantly reduces noise levels when attached to the firearm’s muzzle. It also reduces muzzle flash and recoils significantly, making this firearm better for tactical purposes.


A scope enhances the magnification and precision of this firearm. With a compact rifle like the AP5, you must attach a scope for greater accuracy and precise targeting. It will be beneficial during long-distance shootings or when firing from elevated locations.


Backup iron sights are always better than optics if your scope or optic gets damaged. The AP5 comes with fixed front and rear sights, but you can enhance it with aftermarket sight upgrades. You can use ghost rings or peep sights for this firearm.


Lasers allow shooters to achieve target acquisition in low-light conditions. A laser increases accuracy and precision, giving you a tactical advantage during night engagements or in tactical situations where light conditions are limited.

Ammo Pouch

You can hang this firearm’s magazine on your belt to speed up reloading during intense gunfights. An ammo pouch also lets you carry additional magazines for quick reloads whenever needed. You can attach this pouch at the back or front of your body armor or tactical vest.


A backpack allows the operator to carry additional magazines and firearms on the field. You can easily transport your AP5 between positions without hassle with a backpack. You can also store it when not in use or during tactical situations when you need systems to improve accuracy during combat situations. You can also protect your AP5 in a rifle case when not in use. A quality rifle case protects the firearm from rain, dust, or other external factors when it’s not loaded. You can attach this rifle case at the back of tactical vests to carry additional gear for tactical purposes.

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This firearm is available in different models and configurations with different prices depending on product specifications. The price varies between $1,799.99 and $2,499.99 for standard AP5 models.

You can purchase the AP5 online or at authorized firearm dealers. Always check the legal status of this firearm before purchasing it to avoid any future issues with local authorities.

You can enhance this firearm by attaching a suppressor, scope, lasers, tactical light, sights, and more. Make sure to attach quality components for better accuracy and precision.

The AP5 comes in different variants with different specifications, depending on user requirements and budget. You can choose from different models with different barrel lengths, optics, and rail space. The best model for you depends on your tactical requirements and budget.

Recommended Holsters for Century Arms AP5


The AP5 is a high-quality firearm with an impressive design and specifications. It is best used as a backup rifle for close-quarters engagements or tactical operations. However, it has limited rail space for tactical attachments, limiting the accessories you can attach to this firearm. Attaching lasers and compact optics is highly recommended to increase accuracy and precision. Hopefully, you enjoyed this Century Arms AP5 review. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more on weapon reviews.

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