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Canik TP9DA Review
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Canik TP9DA Review is a detailed review of the semi-automatic handgun produced by Canik. Canik is an up-and-coming firearms manufacturer from Turkey whose goal is to provide handguns at affordable prices without compromising quality or reliability. Canik TP9DA is a modern handgun with upgraded features. The ergonomics and mechanics of the gun make it one of the best handguns available in its price range. Unsurprisingly, Canik has been making waves in the defensive firearms industry as more people have realized that they can get a top-notch gun for an impossible-to-beat price. The Canik TP9DA, a 9mm handgun, is a prime example.

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Overall, the TP9DA is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to purchase a reliable and high-quality gun. It is rare to find anyone who has purchased TP9DA and isn’t satisfied with its feel and function. Besides, it’s popularly used as a duty pistol and for personal protection. The price of the gun makes it an excellent choice for someone looking to save money and still purchase a handgun that will serve them well. The average retail price of the gun is around $390.99 to $449.99, which is a steal considering its performance and quality.

Features of Canik TP9DA

Grip and Textures

The grips on the TP9DA are made using high-quality polymer and allow for a very firm and comfortable grip. The grip is well-textured to ensure a solid hold and features a small bump on the front strap to promote a deeper and more comfortable grip against your palm. The Canik TP9DA comes with a textured polymer frame that allows for a grip in all weather conditions. The gun’s front and back strap feature aggressive stippling that allows for a solid grip even in wet conditions, unlike many other handguns on the market, which tend to slide when they get wet. The grips are fully interchangeable. Its replaceable backstraps allow users to customize the grip to their preference, especially for people with larger hands or those looking for a more comfortable hold.

Canik TP9DA Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

Canik TP9DA is a full-sized handgun. It measures 7.16″ in overall length, 5.7″ of height and weighs 27.84oz when unloaded. It makes it a relatively large handgun but not too heavy to carry around daily for protection or duty use. The overall width of this handgun is 1.3-inches and 4.07-inches barrel. Although it is a bit larger than many other handguns available in its category, the TP9DA’s vertical cocking serrations help to minimize any discomfort caused by its size. Its heavy slide also helps alleviate any issues when trying to rack the slide. It uses a 9mm Luger as its cartridge and can hold a maximum of 18+1 rounds in its double-stack magazine.

Stopping Power

Canik TP9DA is designed to be a duty pistol that can perform under any condition. It can deliver stopping power on par with most modern handguns. It is also compatible with a suppressor, making it a good choice for people who want extra protection from being heard when they shoot their gun. The gun comes chambered in 9mm, which is not considered an overly powerful round but is commonly regarded as the bare minimum of handgun calibers. For comparison, the 9mm Luger has journeyed farther down the power scale than most cartridges used in handguns. The Canik TP9DA comes standard with an 18-round magazine equipped with a polymer bumper pad. It provides additional comfort while shooting and helps push the magazine into your hand to ensure a secure grip.

Safety Features

Canik TP9DA is designed with safety in mind. The safety catch on the Canik TP9DA allows it to be put on and off depending on what kind of situation you’re in at the time. It also prevents the gun from firing when there’s no magazine inside it. The safety catch is designed to be easily accessed by right-handed or left-handed shooters, and it’s easy to turn the gun off and on with just one hand. The safety catch is easy to access whether you are in a tactical situation or just practicing at the range, making it a good choice for anyone looking to use their handgun for personal protection. The loaded chamber indicator on the Canik TP9DA allows for quick confirmation that there is another round in your gun. It acts as a safety feature because it’s difficult to tell whether or not you have fired all of your rounds, which can lead to an accidental shooting

Canik TP9DA Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Canik TP9DA has a slide stop to keep the gun from firing after the magazine is empty. It’s designed to let the user know when they’re out of ammo before making any mistakes like letting an empty chamber stay open and present a safety hazard. It also helps prevent your handgun from getting jammed, which could otherwise put you in a dangerous situation. The TP9DA features an enlarged magazine release button easily accessible even with gloves on. The magazine itself is also designed to be easy to grip, so you won’t have any problems racking it against your palm when reloading under pressure. This handgun comes with interchangeable magazine release buttons, which can be used on either side of the gun and in multiple locations, allowing the user to decide where they’re most comfortable having their button placed.

Canik TP9DA Review Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

Canik TP9DA’s trigger mechanism is designed to help you release the bullets smoothly and accurately every time. The double-action/single-action (DA/SA) design feature provides for a lighter trigger pull in single-fire mode than it does in full-auto. The Canik TP9DA’s double-action trigger design features a long but smooth pull before releasing completely. It has an audible and tactile reset that lets you know when the gun is ready to fire after each trigger pull. It means you can release quickly and decisively while remaining safe. 


The pull in the single-action trigger mode is slightly heavier than in double-action mode, but there’s little noticeable difference when firing consecutively. When the handgun doesn’t have any bullets left, it automatically switches to decock mode and releases the hammer without firing more rounds. It is a good trigger safety feature if you just want to keep the gun on your nightstand, and it acts as a cocking mechanism when there’s no magazine inside of it. When you have bullets in its chamber, the trigger pull feels heavy but smooth. Between shots, the pull is short but slightly stiff. The trigger reset is smooth and quick, allowing you to make follow-up shots rapidly.

Canik TP9DA Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil of the Canik TP9DA is very manageable, even in rapid-fire. There’s only a slight increase in the felt recoil between firing consecutively with single-action versus double-action mode. Recoil is a big factor for most shooters because it can cause them to get tired after shooting for long periods. The recoil in the Canik pistol is lower than in most other handguns in its class, making it easier to handle when firing rapidly. The muzzle flip in the Canik TP9DA is a lot less than in many other handguns, which makes it easier for you to fire quickly and accurately. The gun’s low profile gives it a flat base when you’re firing from different angles, making the recoil more consistent over time. It will allow you to take better shots consistently since the gun won’t be moving as much between shots.

Canik TP9DA Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The Canik TP9DA has a sleek design that integrates modern functionality with user comfort. The internals have been treated with nickel to provide a smooth pull when firing the gun and better interaction amongst internal parts. The paint job styles come either in Nitride or an extra coating of Burnt Bronze Cerakote, which protects against rusting and maximum durability. The TP9DA sights are raised and serrated to allow quick target acquisition and accuracy even in low light conditions. The Warren Tactical  rear sight is designed with angled surfaces that help guide the shooter’s eye through the sight picture without causing any distortion or discomfort, allowing for rapid engagement of targets.


For those who prefer a more basic sight, the TP9DA also comes with a fiber-optic front sight green in color. The front is designed to provide maximum visibility under all lighting conditions and can easily be swapped out for other colors like red or orange, giving you the freedom to choose which color works best for your individual preferences. It has a large trigger guard that allows easy access even while wearing heavy gloves. The TP9DA also comes with an upgraded metal magazine base plate that can withstand high-impact shocks without bending or breaking. It has a stippled grip that gives you maximum traction even in wet conditions, allowing for better handling and accuracy.

Canik TP9DA Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Canik TP9DA


The TP9DA has an upgraded metal magazine base plate that can withstand high impact shocks. The frame is also lightweight but durable, able to be used in daily carry situations without causing you any discomfort or difficulty when carrying it around throughout the day. It has nickel-plated internals that provide a smooth trigger pull and a better interaction between the slide and internals, which gives it greater reliability. It has an upgraded magazine that allows easier access to your ammunition in high-stress situations when you need to reload quickly.

Price Range

It is easily attainable with a price range of around $399.99, making it an affordable handgun for everyone. If you are looking to get into shooting or you want a reliable piece without spending too much money, the Canik TP9DA offers a good deal for its price.

Ease of Use

Canik TP9DA comes with an accessory rail included which makes it easy to add on laser pointers/sights and flashlights to use it during low-light situations. The price point makes it easy to add additional items such as laser sights for more accuracy and flashlights if you need to use your weapon in the dark. The TP9DA can be comfortably used by both right-handers and left handers because of its ambidextrous safety switches and magazine release. It comes with two magazines, making this ideal for home defense.


The TP9DA has a compact size that’s ideal for concealed carry. It is under 7.16″inches long, making it an easy weapon to take with you when you’re out and about. The TP9DA is small enough to be concealed while still providing you with a smooth trigger pull. You can carry it around throughout the day without noticing any discomfort while still having the peace of mind that you have a highly reliable handgun for protection either at your home or out in public.

Disadvantages of Canik TP9DA


Although the TP9DA has good durability and ease of use, it is not useful in high precision situations. The TP9DA is not the most accurate handgun, especially when fired rapidly. If you’re in a high stress situation and need to pull your weapon out quickly, its lack of accuracy can be an issue. If you need a faster rate of fire for more protection or accuracy, this may not be the handgun for you.


If you’re used to a handgun that comes with three safeties, the lack of a third safety on the Canik TP9DA may cause some confusion. It only has two safeties, which can be difficult for those who are not familiar with using a handgun. This is something to consider if you have never handled a gun before and don’t know all the safety features it may come with. If you are looking for a handgun that is more accurate, has better concealability, or comes with three safeties, the Canik TP9DA may not be the best choice.

Aftermarket Accessories for Canik TP9DA

The Canik TP9DA comes with a holster that you can use for a concealed carry, allowing you to responsibly take this firearm with you when necessary. The Canik TP9DA comes with two magazines and an additional back strap that can change the size of the grip. This is useful if you have bigger or smaller hands than the average person so that it’s more comfortable for everyone who wants to use it. Aftermarket accessories for the TP9DA range from suppressors and extended magazine clips to custom grip panels and slides. If you want to transform your handgun into a more efficient weapon, there are plenty of accessories for you to choose from.


Many aftermarket grips are available if you’re looking for a better grip on your handgun. This is something to consider before buying the TP9DA because you may have difficulty holding it with sweaty hands or gloves on, making it less accurate and more difficult to use.


The TP9DA comes with a set of three-dot contrast sights ideal for low-light situations. However, if you want something more precise, there are plenty of sight accessories available for the TP9DA.


Many lasers are available for the TP9DA, ranging from green laser pointers to red laser sights. It is an ideal accessory if you need something to help you stay accurate in low-light situations.


If you want to use your handgun in the dark, flashlights are available for the TP9DA that help highlight potential targets. It is useful to protect yourself in the dark and see your surroundings. Different lights are available depending on your preferences, including light pressure switches that can be weapon-mounted or attached to a rail system.


The TP9DA comes with a holster that allows you to carry it on your side when necessary. There are also numerous holster options available, depending on your preferences. Some are designed for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry, while others are designed for outside-the-waistband (OWB). There are also shoulder holsters available.

Universal OWB 4″ Compact to 5″ Full-Size Pistols Holster

It is made of military polymer material, which makes it strong and reliable. The holster also has a reversible belt loop and clip-on system, allowing easy adjustment for maximum comfort and ideal positioning.  This holster is compatible with most handguns that have a barrel length ranging from 4-5 inches. The holster is compatible with both small frame and large frame pistols. The Universal OWB 4″ Compact to 5″ Full-Size Pistol Holster is made with the highest quality material, which will ensure that your firearm stays secure. It comes with level II retention, which is the highest retention level.


The holster also comes with a thumb-snap locking system, which offers a quick and easy way to release your firearm from its holster while keeping it safe at the same time. It also comes with a paddle attachment for maximum comfort. The omni directional rotation of the paddle allows users to position the holster in the ideal location. It is extremely convenient for users that plan on wearing their holster at different positions or angles.


Is the Canik TP9DA a good gun?

This handgun has good durability and ease of use, but it’s inaccurate and lacks safety features. If you prefer something easier for new gun owners, the TP9DA may be right for you.

Can the holster for this gun be made ambidextrous?

If you need an ambidextrous option, there are a few available that have extra loops to help with carrying it on your left or right side.

Is the Canik TP9DA better than other handguns?

The TP9DA’s frame is made of high-quality material and metallic components that are better than other handguns on the market. It is easy to handle and durable, but many handguns come with more safety and accuracy.

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We hope you have enjoyed this Canik TP9DA review. It has a smooth firing action and is a steal at the offered price. It is highly recommended that anybody shopping for a 9mm handgun consider the Canik TP9SA. It’s a reliable handgun that will last you for the years to come.

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