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Canik Mete SFX Review

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The Canik Mete SFX review provides you with an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about this handgun. The Canik Mete SFX is a well-made pistol. It performs well in competitive shooting sports. It’s been tested in many environments that involve extreme weather conditions. The SFX is a good choice for anyone looking to purchase a full-size service handgun who wants accuracy with a power-packed performance at an affordable price point.

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The SFX pistol was designed primarily for competitive shooting sports. However, it’s suitable for home defense and personal protection as well. It’s accurate in close combat and has a long but moderate range. It’s easy to use and then disassemble & reassemble using easy in/easy out push pins. The SFX comes with 18- and 20-round magazines. These steel standard capacity magazines are well constructed, reliable, and durable. Once you’re done using them, they can be safely stored in the handgun case. This handgun is also famous for its budget price which is $574.99 MSRP, which is a good deal on a reliable pistol. 

Features of Canik Mete SFX

Grip and Textures

Canik Mete SFX has a medium grip, which is a little smaller than a full-size service handgun. It makes it easier to carry the handgun and conceal it, if necessary. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in one’s hand. The grip design will give you improved comfort and control, even during extended use. The SFX has a firm grip that will improve your control over the handgun. It features 360° aggressive grip texturing, which means it will not slip from your hands under any circumstances. The new texture design also reduces the impact of gunshot recoil and muzzle rise, so you’ll feel less force pushing back on your hands.


The SFX comes with extra backstraps, so you can customize the grip to your hand and shooting preferences. The backstraps are easy to attach and offer a custom fit for any shooter. This handgun has a unique look because of its high-capacity magazine and aggressive front and rear slide serrations. The front aggressive texturing allows for less slippage while cocking the gun, so you’ll have better control over the handgun during the shooting process. The rear serrations give your finger a great feel for positive-traction handling and for controlling the slide.

Canik Mete SFX Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The SFX is a full-size handgun. It measures 5.75 inches in height, 8.29 inches in length, and 1.41 inches wide. The overall weight of the SFX is 30.08 oz. It means it’s heavy enough to be accurate when you shoot it but not too heavy that you’ll get tired after shooting it for extended periods. The SFX comes in 9mm (9x19mm Parabellum) caliber only. It has two magazines with 18-round capacity and 20-round capacity, respectively. The SFX is suitable for people who want to train with a full-size service handgun that they can rely on for home defense.

Stopping Power

Though the Canik Mete SFX is a service handgun, its stopping power is surprisingly good. It has a 5.2 inch barrel, making the muzzle velocity about 1,509 ft/s (feet per second). The SFX’s stopping power can be attributed to its high-quality ammunition and firing mechanism. The pistol is very accurate as well. The high stopping power enhances your accuracy because it reduces the impact of the gunshot on your hands. Those looking for home defense and personal protection handguns will find SFX’s stopping power beneficial.

Safety Features

The SFX is virtually safe to operate. It comes with a loaded chamber indicator. The loaded chamber indicator is located on the top of the handgun’s slide and is visible to the user. It helps you when your fully-loaded firearm is ready to fire or it needs to be reloaded after shooting all rounds in its magazine. It minimizes accidents that might occur when the firearm cannot fire because of low ammunition. It’s a perfect handgun for new shooters who don’t have much experience with handguns. 

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The SFX has a low-profile ambidextrous slide stop lever. It allows the user to quickly engage or disengage the locking mechanism for easy disassembly. It’s good for tactical reloads because it allows you to prepare your firearm for more shots without releasing the slide back. This feature is useful if you want to take advantage of the SFX’s long-range accuracy.It also prevents accidental discharges and allows for quick reloading, so it’s perfect for those who want to quickly fire multiple rounds at their target. The SFX has a side-reversible magazine catch.


You can choose from the left and right-handed manual releases to suit your needs and preferences. This feature ensures that you will not fumble around when trying to load and/or reload the handgun’s magazines, especially if you’re in a tactical or combat situation. Its ambidextrous design makes it perfect for left-handed shooters, who want to shoot the SFX with their dominant hands. It’s also good for right-handed shooters who are training their left hands. 

Canik Mete SFX Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

This handgun’s trigger guard is ergonomically designed to allow the shooter a better grip on the handgun and activate/deactivate the trigger more easily. It has concave and double-undercut trigger guard, which make it easier for you to place your finger inside the trigger guard without any problems. It adds more comfort when shooting the SFX, which is good for extended training sessions at the range. The SFX has a single-action trigger design that helps you fire the handgun more precisely.


It minimizes the chance of your fingers slipping off the gun’s trigger during live-fire training sessions, which can cause unwanted injuries. Its short reset makes follow-up shots faster and easier because it allows you to recock the handgun more efficiently after every shot without losing your accuracy. This mechanism is suitable for beginners who are new to handguns and don’t have much experience shooting them. 

Canik Mete SFX Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The SFX has very little recoil, which is common among pistols that are chambered in 9mm. The SFX’s lightweight construction also contributes to lesser recoil because it reduces the overall weight of the firearm. This allows you to shoot multiple rounds with much ease and comfort. It also helps you improve accuracy. Its low muzzle rise helps you stay on target during rapid-fire training sessions. The SFX’s low-recoil ammunition and muzzle flip make it a great option when you want to shoot multiple rounds. This feature is good for beginners because it gives them an easier time while handling handguns with less recoil. 

Canik Mete SFX Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The SFX has a black frame and a blued carbon steel slide. The handgun’s polymer grip panels add to the durability of its components and make it look modern and attractive. It comes with smooth, rounded edges that add more comfort to your grip when you’re shooting the pistol. This semi-automatic pistol comes with an integrated accessory rail. It has a stainless finish and matte black metal construction that makes this handgun look sleek and modern. It has an integrated flared magwell, which speeds up the loading and reloading process. This feature is good for competitive shooters who want to increase their shooting speed and accuracy. The SFX’s beavertail is ergonomically designed for easy access. It allows shooters to quickly activate the handgun’s lightweight aluminum trigger without any problems.


The SFX’s beavertail is also good for shooting with your non-dominant hand because it provides better recoil control. The SFX’s front and rear 3-dot white sights are designed for quick acquisition. Their white color makes it easier for shooters to spot the front sight against the background, which is good when shooting in low-light conditions. It also offers swift target acquisition, which is very helpful during tactical training sessions. The SFX’s has an angled rear sight edge, which provides better one-handed control when you need to activate the handgun in a stressful or tactical situation. The SFX’s angled rear sight makes it easier for you to shoot with one hand as it helps you maintain stability during rapid-fire training sessions. 

Canik Mete SFX Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Canik Mete SFX


The SFX is a reliable handgun that doesn’t malfunction under tough conditions. It always goes bang when you need it to and takes down your target without any problems. Its lightweight construction and polymer materials make the SFX durable and corrosion-resistant. The SFX can last for years with proper maintenance, which makes it a good investment for beginners and durable enough for competitive shooters.

Easy to Use

The SFX is easy to use, which is good for beginners. These Canik handguns are easiest to shoot and operate that you can rely on when starting out on your handgun training sessions. The SFX’s fantastic trigger mechanism makes it easier to shoot this pistol accurately without wasting too much ammo.


The SFX is versatile and compact. It’s designed for easy concealment, tactical training, and competitive shooting. This handgun has a streamlined design that makes it easier to carry around in your pocket if you’re looking for something for self-defense. It’s also easy to maneuver when drawing this pistol from your concealment holster because of its snag-free profile. The SFX’s smooth edges won’t catch on your clothes or holster when you’re carrying it around in a tactical situation or combat training.


This handgun has an affordable price and it comes with a lot of technical features. Its user-friendly features and sleek modern design make it a good handgun for beginners.

Disadvantages of Canik Mete SFX

Inaccurate Shots

The SFX is not the most accurate handgun on the market today. Even though it’s easy to use and control, it still requires precision and lots of practice if you want to maximize its potential. Accuracy will come with time as you progress with your handgun training sessions.

Mags are Expensive

The mags for this handgun can be pricey. If you’re on a budget, then focusing your training sessions around the 18-and 20-round magazines that come with this handgun is recommended if you want to save money.

Aftermarket Accessories - Canik Mete SFX Review and Price

In terms of upgrades, there are a lot of aftermarket Canik TP9SFX accessories that can be easily added to your SFX to make it look and perform better. These include


The SFX’s 3-dot sights are okay, but upgrading to a better sight or red dot can significantly improve your accuracy and speed with this handgun. You can upgrade this by adding a fiber optic front sight or a Tritium night sight that will make it easier to shoot during tactical training sessions at dawn and dusk.


The SFX’s grips aren’t the best, but it’s compatible with standard finger grooves and finger-tegular grips that can be added to this pistol for improved control during tactical shooting drills. This makes it easier to draw this handgun from your holster and make accurate shots.

Cleaning Tool Kit

For maintenance, you need a cleaning kit for this handgun. Regularly cleaning the SFX is an important part of ensuring that it performs at its best in different weather conditions and climates.


You can also enhance SFX’s tactical features by adding a laser. Laser sights are great because they’re easy to use in the dark when you need to make quick shots. Lasers help shooters acquire targets faster and make accurate shots in less time.


You can also improve the SFX’s concealability with a holster. Consider adding an outside-the-waistband or inside-the-waistband holster to make it easier for you to carry this handgun around in a tactical situation without compromising your speed and accuracy.

Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster for Canik TP9SFX

It is made from premium cowhide leather which is durable, lightweight, and breathable making it comfortable to carry daily. This leather holster is equipped with a smooth interior lining to protect the surface of your gun’s finish. This IWB Holster features a sturdy, injection-molded strong tempered steel spring belt clip that allows you to securely attach the holster to your belt or waistband for comfortable all-day carry. It has raised back that keeps the gun insulated from your body, resulting in more comfortable carry. This leather holster was built for quick and easy access as well as a dependable concealed carry of the Canik TP9SFX pistol. This holster fits this model perfectly and can be worn in multiple positions, on the waistband, back, and on the hip. It is designed to mount at a certain angle so a proper firing grip can be achieved. This holster comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Yes, this handgun can easily be concealed when paired with a holster or a belly band holster. You can also rely on it for personal protection when you’re out on the streets if you need to defend against multiple attackers.

Yes, it’s a reliable handgun that you can depend on for home defense. It comes with a lot of great features that make it easier to use and carry around in tactical situations when you need it most.

The best accessories you can buy for your SFX include a fiber optic front sight, a Tritium night sight, finger grooves or finger-tegular grips, an outside-the-waistband holster, and an inside-the-waistband holster.

Yes, it is a good gun. It’s one of the best everyday carry handguns you can rely on for home defense because it comes with lots of innovative features to easily handle different tactical situations.

Recommended Holsters for Canik Mete SFX


This Canik Mete SFX review was written to help beginners learn more about this 9mm pistol. It is an excellent handgun with lots of great features designed to make it easier to use and carry around in different tactical situations. It’s a good choice for home defense and concealed carry, but you need to practice shooting with this handgun to maximize its potential and accuracy.

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