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The Canik Mete SFT review will answer all your queries regarding this firearm. It is a Turkish pistol that sports impressive power and dependability. The Mete SFT is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts looking for robust sidearms at affordable costs. Canik handguns are renowned for their reliability and accuracy; they can easily withstand heavy-duty usage without malfunctioning. This weapon has an appealing appearance and compact size, making it easy to carry. Furthermore, the build quality of the gun ensures that it is durable enough to withstand rough conditions.

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The Mete is a semi-automatic handgun. This particular firearm is designed with ergonomics and accuracy in mind. The sidearm uses 9mm ammunition which is easily available at any gun store. This centerfire handgun has a maximum ammunition capacity of 20+1 rounds. The Canik Mete SFT comes with everything you need to shoot it.  It comes with two standard magazines, a cleaning kit, an extra backstrap for custom fitting, and a reversible holster to carry it inside or outside the waistband. The purchase also packs two optic bases, a magazine loader for faster reloading, and all the tools you need to take the gun apart and maintain it. The price of this firearm varies depending on where you purchase it from and its specifications. You can easily purchase this pistol for approximately $519.99 MSRP. You can order it online or buy it from a local dealer.

Features of Canik Mete SFT

Grip and Texture

This handgun comes with a fully customizable grip and backstrap. This feature makes it easier to access and allows users to carry the weapon more comfortably. It also ensures that the gun is securely held in an individual’s hand, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. The grip of the Mete SFT is highly textured to provide a positive purchase on the sidearm.  The aggressive texture makes it easier for users to access and secure their handguns during use. The textures help prevent the weapon from slipping out of your hands, even when they are wet or sweaty. The front and back straps come with a textured surface that allows you to maneuver the gun securely for better aim.


The firearm features an integrally flared mag-well that makes insertion of magazines easier. The ergonomic shape also helps avoid unintentional dropping of magazines. The Canik Mete SFT has interchangeable backstraps that provide you with a custom fit. The package includes different sized backstraps to allow shooters with smaller or larger hands to use the handgun comfortably. If necessary, you can also purchase other sizes. The Canik Mete SFT has slide serrations on its front and rear, allowing you to manipulate the gun as needed. Serrations are also a very effective technique for gripping your handgun when you need to draw it from an inside-the-waistband holster.

Canik Mete SFT Review and Price Grip and Texture

Size and Weight

The Canik Mete SFT is a semi-automatic handgun. It is compact in size and lightweight. This gun weighs approximately 27.84 ounces, making it easier to carry around during long hours of hunting or target practice. In addition, the lightweight build allows the user to use this weapon for an extended period without feeling any fatigue. The Canik pistols are well-known for being reliable, accurate, and powerful. This handgun has an overall length of 7.56 inches with a barrel length of 4.46 inches. 


The Mete SFT has a height of 5.12 inches with sights while 1.41 inches wide. The handgun comes with three-dot sights for better visibility in low-light conditions. It is chambered with 9mm ammunition, a popular choice among most shooters. The Mete SFT uses metal magazines with a maximum capacity of 20+1 rounds, making it one of the best handguns for target practice and competitions. It also comes with 18 rounds magazine.

Stopping Power

The 9mm cartridge has a stopping power that is significantly higher than most other cartridges used by handguns. It also generates fewer recoil amounts when fired, making it easier for individuals to get better accuracy. A larger caliber round often creates more kickback than smaller rounds, making the Mete SFT comfortable in the hands of shooters with less experience. The Canik Mete SFT uses 9mm ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second. The gun is accurate and can be used for self-defense or hunting small game. It also packs enough stopping power to neutralize threats without any problem due to its high penetration abilities.

Safety Features

The main idea behind the design of the Canik Mete SFT was to ensure that you can use it safely on any occasion without having to worry about accidents. The handgun is equipped with an internal firing pin block that prevents the weapon from discharging when dropped or mishandled. It also prevents dry-firing without using a magazine inserted into the gun. It is also easy to determine whether the firearm is loaded or unloaded. It has a loaded chamber indicator located on its right side, which allows you to see if there is ammunition present in the gun quickly. The Mete SFT shows an orange line when it’s ready for use and red when the weapon is empty. These safety features make it a great choice for individuals with less experience looking for a firearm they can use to practice regularly.

Slide Stop

The gun is well-designed for ambidextrous use, allowing users from both sides to quickly draw the slide and take down targets in a safe manner. The Mete SFT also uses a low-profile ambidextrous slide stop release, allowing you to engage the safety measure without any problem. The slide stop lever makes it easier to lock the slide when you are out of ammunition. It ensures that the pistol is ready to fire again without any delay so you can quickly take down your target.


It also prevents accidental discharges or malfunctions, which produce damaging results for users unfamiliar with firearms. The Mete SFT has a well-positioned magazine release button and can be activated without much effort. It allows you to quickly eject the spent magazine as soon as it’s empty. This feature helps avoid any inconvenience when reloading the gun during a hunting trip or target practice. Reloading can be completed much faster.

Canik Mete SFT Review and Price Slide Stop

Trigger Mechanism

The Canik Mete SFT is well-designed for both right and left-handed shooters. This is because it uses a double undercut trigger guard which can be used to rest your finger properly on the pistol. It also has an enlarged magazine catch which enhances the gun’s safety features, especially during quick draw situations. The Canik Mete SFT uses a short reset single-action trigger mechanism. The single-action mode means that you need to pull the trigger a little bit in order to set the hammer in motion.


Once it’s fired, it returns back to its original position without any problem. The reset action of this pistol is short which allows shooters with less experience to get more accuracy and speed when they shoot targets. This gives them an advantage over their opponents who use other handguns. The trigger pull which you will experience is smooth and crisp, giving you a clean break point. This design allows you to develop consistent accuracy with every shot.

Canik Mete SFT Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

One of the best features found on the Canik Mete SFT is its recoil. The handgun features a low-recoil impulse which makes it easier for shooters with less experience to get comfortable with the weapon. The short reset action reduces overall recoil which gives you more accuracy and allows you to shoot your targets faster. This also enhances the speed of the target acquisition process. Another benefit that shooters will get from the Canik Mete SFT is muzzle flip.


It has a low bore axis which means that it can produce less upward movement when you fire bullets, minimizing the felt recoil and enhancing the speed of follow-up shots. This feature allows you to quickly take down multiple targets before they get away. It also enhances the effects of consecutive shots in self-defense situations where you need to protect yourself against attackers. This greatly reduces recovery time between shots gives you a superior firing rate when compared to other handguns that have higher bore axis.

Canik Mete SFT Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The Canik Mete SFT comes with a durable polymer frame that provides you with an ergonomic grip for control over the firearm. It has aggressive checkering on its front strap which helps prevent your hand from slipping when it gets sweaty after extensive use. The Canik Mete SFT has a unique slide design that is covered with Tungsten-Grey Cerakote-over-Nitride. The high quality material also enhances the performance of the product and gives it a sleek finish. The surface of the slide is durable and does not cause any problems when you handle the pistol.


It has even coating which prevents corrosion, ensuring that it lasts longer. Canik SFT has a unique nickel-plated action components which provides you with smoother operation and greater durability. It has 3-Dot white sights which help you get a good sight alignment. This feature enhances the accuracy of the Mete SFT in fast-paced shooting situations. In addition, this pistol comes with a Picatinny under-barrel rail for adding accessories such as tactical lights and lasers. The rail enhances the versatility of this firearm, allowing you to modify it according to your preference. It has a reversible magazine catch.


You can quickly change it to suit your shooting style or switch sides because you are left-handed. This feature provides you with the convenience that you need when you use this pistol for different purposes, such as self-defense, concealed carry, home defense and competitions. This pistol also comes with slide cuts that allow you to mount red dots and other optics. You can quickly attach your gun sight without any problem during target practice or hunting trips.

Canik Mete SFT Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Canik Mete SFT


The accuracy of the Mete SFT is top-notch. The low bore axis of the firearm allows you to get more precision when firing bullets, giving you an edge over your opponents, especially if they are wearing body armor. The firearm comes with a adjustable rear sight that makes it easier for the user to adjust their handgun during target practice or competitions.


The overall price of the handgun is affordable, making it one of its best qualities. This allows you to save money when buying this product, especially since it is durable enough to withstand heavy use. It has an excellent finish that does not scratch easily.


The Canik Mete SFT has a unique grip design that ensures maximum comfort and control. The palm swell of the firearm fits perfectly in your palms, making it easier for you to take shots quickly. This feature allows you to aim and shoot faster than other handguns with the same features, which is an advantage that you should take advantage of.


The adjustable rear sight of the Mete SFT allows you to make small adjustments when necessary, including making the handgun more accurate and precise during target practice or competitions. It helps improve your accuracy and precision whenever you use it for protection or hunting, especially if you intend to use the handgun at long ranges. The low profile sights of this firearm are an advantage because they provide a clear and unobstructed line of sight, which means that you can easily take shots without anything obstructing your field of view. 

Disadvantages of Canik Mete SFT


The Mete SFT can jam occasionally, especially when the user does not clean it often enough. This problem is caused by a dirty feed ramp that can accumulate dust and debris which, in turn, will cause the gun to jam. It is best to clean your handgun after using it to ensure that you will not encounter this problem in the future.


The heftiness of this firearm is a drawback that you should consider before buying it. It weighs 27.84 oz, which means that it might be too heavy to fit inside your holster, especially if you are not familiar with firearms. If you are looking for a lightweight handgun, then this is not the best option. The weight is an advantage if you want to use it as a home defense firearm because it provides more stopping power than other handguns with lighter weights.

Aftermarket Accessories - Canik Mete SFT Review and Price

Canik Mete SFT is compatible with aftermarket accessories. You can change your Mete SFT according to your preferences, which can improve its accuracy, especially if you intend to use it for competitions or long-term protection.


The grips are the easiest to replace when you want to customize your Mete SFT. You can opt for aftermarket grips that give you more control over your handgun, especially when using it in cold weather conditions.


You can also replace the slides of your Mete SFT, which are available in other colors apart from the standard black color. The slide replacement is an advantage because it allows you to customize your handgun to fit your preferences, including custom finishes that make it stand out compared to other handguns on the market.


The sights of the Mete SFT are also easy to replace. The rifle comes with a standard rear sight and front sight, but they can wear out after heavy use. You might even lose them if you are not careful when using the handgun, which is why it might be better for you to replace them with aftermarket sights.

Lasers and Flashlights

Another advantage of the Mete SFT is that it comes with a Picatinny rail. The Mete SFT is compatible with many lasers and flashlights, making it a useful self-defense tool in dark conditions. This feature also boosts the accuracy of the handgun because you can aim faster in different light conditions. It also makes it a versatile pistol for tactical training and competitions.

Magazine Pouch

You can attach an extra magazine pouch to your belt, which is useful if you intend to buy this handgun for protection or hunting. You might need more than one magazine when engaging in combat or hunting. Attaching a pouch on your waist makes it easier for you to switch magazines during competitions and tactical trainings. 


You can also use aftermarket holsters to customize your Mete SFT. You might want a holster that is easy to conceal or one that you can attach inside your waistband, depending on your preferences and situation. Some holsters are made specifically for the Mete SFT, which makes it easier for you to find a compatible option.

Uncle Mikes Sidekick Hip Holster with Mag Pouch 

This holster can hold gun up to 4.5″ barrels.  It is made of  tough, patented sidekick laminate of Cordura nylon material with soft felt lining to protect the guns finish. It is very durable and should last a long time under heavy usage. The inside lining ensures the safety of the gun by not rubbing against its metal parts or trigger area. The holster’s design also makes it fully ambidextrous. The belt loop is adjustable for both left and right-handed use, so it can fit most people. It has a metal clip that can be removed as needed, so you don’t have to use it if you want the holster only on the belt loop. The velcro retaining strap ensures the magazine is safely secured in the holster by holding it in place firmly.

Fully ambidextrous holster with belt loops on both sides, plus a removable belt clip for use as an inside-pant holster; Velcro retaining strap secures magazine but provides easy access; Simple to convert from right to left; Constructed of tough, patented
in stock
UNCLE MIKES Sidekick Hip Holster with Mag Pouch (7015-0)
Fully ambidextrous holster with belt loops on both sides, plus a removable belt clip for use as an inside-pant holster; Velcro retaining strap secures magazine but provides easy access; Simple to convert from right to left; Constructed of tough, patented
in stock
UNCLE MIKES Sidekick Hip Holster with Mag Pouch (7015-0)


You should not use harsh chemicals to clean your handgun because it might damage the finish or engravings. You should also refrain from using chlorine-based cleaners, which can corrode your gun. Use a soft cloth and only mild soap while cleaning your handgun.

You can add lasers or flashlights to your handgun. You can also customize the grips and attach magazine pouches on your belt when you need more magazines. Slides in different colors are also compatible with this handgun.

Yes, you will receive one holster when you buy Canik Mete SFT Handgun. You can also use aftermarket holsters to personalize your handgun.

Recommended Holsters for Canik Mete SFT


Canik Mete SFT is an all-purpose handgun that receives positive reviews from many consumers because it is reliable and provides high accuracy. It also allows you to customize the handgun according to your preferences. This Canik Mete SFT review was intended to provide you with enough information about the handgun, including its pros and cons. The review also contains important technical data that customers should know before buying this handgun. 

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