Can Racoons See Red Light?

Racoons hunting is a fun thing to do, but while preparing to embark on it, it’s advisable to use a suitable light that can ease and enhance your chances of making a catch. 

It is a known fact that the best and most suitable time to go racoon hunting is at night because racoons are nocturnal. They are most active at night because they spend most of their time sleeping during the day.

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Having known that at night is the best time to go racoon hunting, it is also very important to know the type of light to move on this adventure with. In this article, we shall address in detail the different lights you may be needing but before then let’s find out if Racoons can see red lights

can raccoons see red light

Can Racoons See Red Lights?

Racoons do not get scared of red lights, unlike other lights that scare and make them run for safety. The red light calms the Racoons because they do not see the light. These red lights are also good for a Racoon hunter because it doesn’t have much straining effect on the eyes. This allows the hunter to do more hunting at longer hours.

can raccoons see red lights

While getting the best lights for your racoon hunting, there are some factors that cannot be neglected. These factors help you in choosing the best lamp when you have decided the color of light to use for your racoon hunting.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Right Light For Racoon Hunting

Choose a less cumbersome light

Hunting requires no inconvenience, it requires concentration for the best possible outcome. Distractions may result in losing a game. To avoid this, while choosing a light, go for a lightweight light that won’t be cumbersome to carry.

can raccoons see red lights

When a light is heavy, if it’s fixed on your weapon, the weight will be dragging down your weapon. You won’t be able to swiftly carry your weapon as much as you would have wanted to. You can’t afford to be dragging the positioning of your weapon with your light because it’s a heavyweight light.

Naturally, a heavy object on the head causes your head to ache. Imagine fixing and carrying a heavy light on your head in the course of your hunting. The weight will affect your mood as well as your performance while hunting. Choose a light that is lightweight, a light that, when fixed on your head or weapon, will make no difference.

Consider battery life

Do not make the mistake of just buying a light because it is fanciful or because it appeals to your sense of fancy. Battery capacity is a very important factor to consider while choosing a hunting light. You will need a light with a large battery capacity to serve you throughout the hours you will be out hunting.

Racoon hunting will require you to walk into the woods in search of a game. The woods could be a dangerous place to be within a light. For your safety and a good chance of making a catch, your battery needs to last you for the hours you will be out in the woods.

Go for a long-distance light

 Long-distance lights allow you to have a long-distance view. This long-distance view is needed for your racoon hunting because a short distance view light will require you to be nearby before you can see. Being nearby might scare the animals away and you will end up with no catch.

Brightness is the key

If you have considered the above factors and excluded the brightest of your light, you’d need to have a rethink. A blurry light is as good as no light. You need a light whose brightness is top-notch and also has a button where the light can be adjusted in case you need to make the light low while waiting for your game to appear.

can raccoons see red light

Additional Tips About Racoons

Racoons are extremely neat animals and that’s why they like living close to a stream. As neat as these animals could be, they go as far as washing their food in a nearby stream before eating. When they are not close to the stream, they rub the debris off their food before eating.

can raccoons see red lights

They feed on fruits such as berries, wild grapes, watermelon etc. They also feed on animals such as crayfish, insects, rodents, and a list of others. During winter, they do more sleeping, thus, their body uses up the fat they have stored overtime before winter. This is why they tend to lose weight during winter. They do not hibernate exactly, but they sleep a lot more during this period.


The color of light that most animals cannot see is the red light. This is because of the high wavelength. Some animals cannot see a green light also while some can see and be scared by the flash of green light.

Red lights are suitable for racoon hunting as well as green lights. Red lights are good but they do not see as far as a green light. Green lights go farther than red lights so with green lights you are capable of seeing at a long distance while with red, you need to come closer to see. Whichever one you choose, they are both suitable for racoon hunting.

Racoons cannot see red. That’s why racoon hunters use red lights while hunting. Red lights do not have any effect on racoons and they tend to be calm and not get spooked when flashed.


Racoons are very intelligent and curious animals. Their curiosity makes them destructive because they always want to know the content of something. In areas where humans live, they can get into the trashcan and scatter whatever the contents.

They are very adaptive animals. In whatever environment and climatic condition they find themselves in, they can easily adapt and live there. Originally, they live in dens, trees, or caves.

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