Can parakeets eat bananas?

Bananas are one important fruit to feed your parakeets (sometimes called budgies) because it will generate minerals like potassium, which is a key diet requirement to keep your budgies in good health and happiness. Bananas aren’t the only food that budgies can eat.


You can also feed your parakeets fresh vegetables and fruits like oranges. Leafy foods contain certain vitamins and minerals that will be responsible for the well-being of your budgies.

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Parakeets love to eat bananas every day. Although these birds don’t have fresh bananas as their staple food every day, they sure love to stick their beak into it. Also, to a reasonable degree, fresh bananas are good source of antioxidants for your budgies.

There are many other fresh fruit and vegetables alongside pellet food that have this similar attribute; fruits like oranges, grapes (grapes are wonderful for guinea pigs), blueberries, apples and so on contain antioxidants as well as much vitamin for your birds. But hey! We are talking about parakeets and bananas here.

Can parakeets eat bananas?

Are Bananas Safe For Parakeets?

Bananas are safe for your pet. . You may buy several other expensive diet supplements for your parakeets only to find out you could have saved a lot of money buying fresh bananas.

One more interesting fact about feeding your pet with bananas is that it helps them provide a good source of vitamin that balance their diet, and much unlike other fruit supplements, bananas, when served fresh, do not have as many side effects as other fruits that contain complex and toxic compounds.

Can parakeets eat bananas?

Do you want a parakeet with a strong beak, bones, and feathers? Then, make your parakeets eat bananas as it contains and provide magnesium amidst other vitamin and minerals. Feeding a banana to your bird provide them with 35 mg of magnesium, which is best to alleviate any form of magnesium deficiency, which may result from reduced intake of the mineral from their staple food. Bananas aren’t just safe and best for eating to your feathered friend, they are required.

What Fruits Can Parakeets Eat?

Seeds aren’t the only best source of food for budgies, they also enjoy having fruits as their diet. And as stated much earlier, bananas aren’t the only fruit that parakeets eat. There are many healthy parakeet food you can offer them. You can feed them fruits and vegetables which keep them strong and supply needed vitamin and minerals for growth and development.

Before we take a few of these fruits into consideration, you must know that minerals and certain vitamins are gotten primarily from fruits. Should you run out of banana in their cage, don’t worry! Your feathered friend would also cherish fruits like grapes, oranges, peach, melon as they would supply equal amounts of antioxidants and minerals like vegetables.

All you need to do is to slice a few of the fruits into little bits and feed your bird in their cage. Remember to take out the seed before giving any of the above-named fruits to your birds. If small pets will eat apples, you need to also remove the seed.

What Food Is Toxic For Budgies?

It is better not to feed your pet certain foods to prolong their life . It’s important to consider the toxicity of some diet as you consider the nourishment they bring. As there are nourishing nutrients in fruits and foods , so also are there poisonous substances in the food or fruits .

The degree to which these poisonous substances are contained in food is called toxicity. Here are foods you need to keep out of your budgies diet.


This will result in an increase in the heart rate of your parakeets due to the presence of caffeine and theobromine, recipes for hyperactivity. This may even lead to the death of your budgies, so be sure to keep chocolate from them.


Fruit seed

Don’t make your budgies love to eat seeds even if it sounds like a good idea because it can harm them(If you are unsure of which fruit seeds are toxic for your birds, consult someone with experience on fruit seed toxicity).


It has persin in it (a toxic substance for birds), which may result in weakness like difficulty in breathing, and death.



This plant can destroy the liver of your dear birds. Studies have linked this plant to several liver damages, so stay clear! All of the above-listed food is not recommended for your parakeets because of their high level of toxicity.


Bananas like fruits and vegetables, are a great deal to their diet, and unless they show symptoms of deficiency of certain vitamins, it is advisable to feed them once or twice per week.

Yes Bananas are sure safe to give your budgies as well as fruits like apples to feed on. Amidst all other fruits, it contains a negligible amount of toxic substance.

Yes, the banana peel has sufficient nutrients and antioxidants, as is needed by your birds. Don’t give them stored banana peels as a good number of them are stored with harmful chemicals that contain cyanide.


Now you know that parakeets eat bananas, fruits and vegetables, and the fact that you made your selection from the wild to have a parakeet as a domestic friend shows that you really do care for this little one. However, you cannot feed or treat your parakeet vis-à-vis a wild breed.

There is a possibility of your pet bird eating the same meal with you, but this possibility holds a lot of risks. Your meal may be too toxic for the bird, and you end up harming it, and here is where bananas come in. You must make sure that your budgies are well-fed. Many times you may be required to give quality time to investigate the diet of your parakeets and make proper amendments to whatever wrong food you have been feeding them.

Asides from supplementing their staple food with bananas, you may often need to feed them with some blueberries and sliced strawberries that will as well boost their overall health. Remember, life’s only lived once. This also applies to your birds. Ensure to give them the best they require to grow and live healthily. Parakeets will live long when you take care and nourished them. You can make them eat apples, drink water and lax.

Owning a parakeet doesn’t come with much hassle when you are equipped with the right information. I hope the answers provided here have been useful to you.

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